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Secrets. Betrayal. Desperate choices. Glimpses of infinity, then more than glimpses. The award-winning fiction of DELTA GREEN returns.
Secrets. Betrayal. Desperate choices. Glimpses of infinity, then more than glimpses. The award-winning fiction of DELTA GREEN returns.
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    1. Dave Sokolowski
      on March 2, 2012

      Anyone else still waiting for their copy??? Feeling a bit frustrated now that it's March....

    2. John OConnor on December 19, 2011

      Book here and read. It is as good as the other Delta Green novels. Nicely done!!

    3. Dumon on December 13, 2011

      Arrived yesterday.
      Thank you for your quick reaction!

    4. Dumon on December 9, 2011

      It is now the December 9, and so far my hardcopy has yet to arrive. Has anyone in Europe already gotten his copy yet???

    5. Chris Glazener on September 2, 2011

      I understand the hold up on the printed material. Things happen, but what's the excuse for the PDF version to be so far behind schedule? The worst thing is you guys are just keeping us in the dark. What's the deal with no updates?

    6. Missing avatar

      Ethan Novak on July 29, 2011

      Can we get an updated ETA on the .pdf please?

      Thanks and keep up the great work.

    7. Surfmonkey01 on July 27, 2011

      Is all still kinda on track? I'd thought we were to receive our ebooks by now...

    8. Rodolphe on June 17, 2011

      Congratulations !
      The conspiracy goes on. Long live Delta Green !

    9. Sean Campbell on June 17, 2011

      The Excerpt is amazing.... Now that the project is backed, I cannot wait to get my copy!!

    10. David Farnell on June 5, 2011

      14 days to go and about 80% of the way there! Spread the word!

    11. HPLustcraft
      on May 20, 2011

      You might want to consider doing the Podcast 'circuit'...The only reason I know about Kickstarter is from hearing about it on Role Playing Public Radio. The host (Ross) is a Cthulhu fanatic (you may know of him *GRIN*), and would likely welcome a guest interview promoting this...Same for Bear Swarm, the Jennisodes, Yog-Sothoth Radio, etc. It might be worth it to check those out!

    12. James Haughton on May 5, 2011

      PS Neither Arkham Bazaar nor the Tynes Cowan/Pagan Publishing website lists/links to this site. They should.

    13. James Haughton on May 5, 2011

      The big pledges are gone, great, but the others seems to have slowed to a trickle. Of course, there's plenty of time to go.
      Could I suggest some other intermediate pledge options? As this novel is a sequel to "The Rules of Engagement", selling a package of this one and "The rules of Engagement" might tempt people who haven't read Rules. Similarly a "Detwiller package" including "Denied to the Enemy", or a "package deal" of Rules, Denied, Dark Theaters and this one might appeal.
      Just my two cents, would hate not to see this get published.