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A full-length, 10-adventure campaign for BETTER ANGELS, the tabletop RPG of demon-possessed supervillainy. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 22, 2014.

A full-length, 10-adventure campaign for BETTER ANGELS, the tabletop RPG of demon-possessed supervillainy.

About this project

Victory Is Ours!

Thanks to our amazing backers (and the blessings of Capitalos the Endlessly Demanding—may he reclaim his investment only tenfold) No Soul Left Behind will be published in December 2014 in PDF and in February 2015 in print!

To thank you for your support, we have put online scans of the actual character sheets of the Fiendish Four, the player characters from the 13-episode Role Playing Public Radio playtest of No Soul Left Behind. Join us in squinting as we try to decipher Ross' penmanship!

On top of all that, thanks to the One-Roll Engine Bundle we have already raised some of the cash needed to switch from a black-and-white paperback to a full-color hardback. (The Bundle ends on July 31, 2014, so seize your chance to get a ton of awesome games.)

And because of that, we're adding bonus content to No Soul Left Behind that we had originally planned for stretch goals. 

  • In the book: An appendix full of new powers, aspects, and Devilish Devices from the campaign and from the Arc Dream blog
  • In the book: Campaign report card handouts to track your supervillains' performance across the school year. 
  • In the book: The Fiendish Four, properly laid out and illustrated with commentary.


Stretch Goal Achieved!

STRANGE FATE: Thanks to our backers, we'll produce a downloadable conversion guide to run No Soul Left Behind with the Strange Fate rules from The Kerberos Club (Fate Edition) and Base Raiders!

Upcoming Stretch Goals

AT $10,000: TONS OF SCENARIO SEEDS. An appendix with new Scenario Seeds to continue the campaign beyond the main scenarios of No Soul Left Behind.

AT $12,000: FULL COLOR HARDBACK! Every backer who picked a print copy as a reward gets a color hardback instead of a black-and-white paperback. 

BEYOND THAT: New scenarios, new villains and heroes, conversions for Mutants and Masterminds, Wild Talents, Savage Worlds, and more.

There's no end to our EEEVIL!

About No Soul Left Behind

Better Angels is a tabletop roleplaying game where you play a supervillain who got powers from being possessed by a demon — and you play the demon who’s possessing the supervillain of the player to your right. 

As a supervillain, you use your superpowers to do ... well, whatever you want. You’re a supervillain. As the other player’s demon, you tempt that supervillain with more power in exchange for greater and greater acts of evil. But beware! If you’re TOO evil, your demon can drag you kicking and screaming right to Hell. It’s sort of like the Legion of Doom crossed with the Lucifer-centric parts of Sandman. (And maybe The Exorcist if you're not careful.)

Better Angels was published in 2013 after a great Kickstarter campaign. A standalone adventure is available, too, plus a ton of free online resources

Now we have the first full-size campaign book for it: No Soul Left Behind.

EEEEVIL for a Cause

Written by Caleb Stokes (No Security), No Soul Left Behind features ten adventures covering an action-packed (and demon-packed) year at a charter school in a troubled neighborhood. The player characters start off as ordinary teachers or students just trying to get by. When things go really wrong for the previous batch of supervillains, these non-villainous normals inherit their demons.

Time for a thought exercise. Let's say you’re a more-or-less good sort who suddenly has superpowers — and you have a demon that constantly demands ridiculous acts of crime. What do you do? How about you commit those over-the-top superpowered crimes — and you try to save the world along the way. Or at least the city. Or maybe just the school. I mean, you do what you can, right? 

No Soul Left Behind works as a perfect introduction to Better Angels, because it lets you introduce everything to the players at the same time as their characters. And if you’re a Better Angels veteran looking for new adventures and villainy, how do you like the sound of TWO HUNDRED PAGES of new adventures and villainy? Yeah. We like the sound of it, too.

No Soul Left Behind is completely written and playtested but it needs cash for art, page design, and printing. We thought about invoking our own patron demon, Capitalos the Endlessly Demanding, for aid, but first we’re turning to you. 

If we hit our main goal, we’ll produce No Soul Left Behind as a 200-page black-and-white paperback book, loaded with art by Brett Barkley and Kurt Komoda (the illustrators of Better Angels itself).

Beyond the main goal, we’ll have stretch goals for new chapters in the book covering supervillain powers, devilish devices, printable tools to help with play, bonus characters, and so on.

And if we get enough stretch goals, we go FULL COLOR HARDBACK.

And then we start adding conversion kits for Fate and Wild Talents and Mutants & Masterminds and Savage Worlds and — and who knows what!

The Power of Dice Compels You!

Still not convinced?

How about you listen to ALL of No Soul Left Behind run by the author, Caleb Stokes, in 13 episodes.

Or listen to the Better Angels scenario “The Good, the Bad, and the Hunky.”

Or listen to a Better Angels game run by the author, Greg Stolze.

Or — no! You need no further tempting. Capitalos the Endlessly Demanding has already insinuated himself into your heart. Your mind burns to read this book. Your fingers itch to hold it, paperback or hardback. Your eyes ache to see it — and not just in black and white but in glorious color. These infernal hungers can be sated only by pledging! 

Pledge now! And bring your friends, all your fellow gamers, to make certain that there truly is No Soul Left Behind.


Your base pledge gets you the book and maybe one of the high-end rewards, depending on how much you pledge and which reward you pick. Those are all listed to the right. 

On top of that, you can add additional money to your pledge to get other books that we’ve done. Because it’s part of the Kickstarter project, it contributes toward hitting the goals. And because it's part of the project, the prices are down sharply. When the campaign is over, we'll send a form that you can fill out to tell us what all you want and where to send it. Here's a pricing worksheet so you can determine your total pledge.

 Follow these links for information on those books:

Pledge Now!

Risks and challenges

Since NO SOUL LEFT BEHIND is written, the next stages are illustration, editing, page design, proofing, printing, and delivery. We have a veteran team handling all those tasks. We're working with professional artists, editors, and designers who have done great work for us before and proven themselves reliable: Shane Ivey and James Knevitt editing, Simeon Cogswell on page design, and illustrations by Brett Barkley and Kurt Komoda. We know plenty of other great freelancers who can step in if some unforeseen problem afflicts one of the team.

We're printing with the same plant that manufactured BETTER ANGELS, which turned out beautifully and was delivered on time. And we're building enough time into the estimated delivery dates to account for the hard work our warehouse will have to do when they get a large shipment of NO SOUL LEFT BEHIND and instructions to send books to several hundred backers all at once.

If we do hit a snag, it could mean a delay. It won't mean a difference in the quality of NO SOUL LEFT BEHIND.

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