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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.
Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.
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    1. Chris Halliday

      Excellent news!

    2. Missing avatar

      hobbesgoblin on

      @Rich Radgoski, here's a link to Mr Cogswells recent tweet re layout of the Case Officer/DG:RPG book.

      No one has a copy of it yet. If you backed to receive a copy when its done, you have access to the "almost there" rough pdf that was made available a month or two back. I've been playing with the Agent's Handbook, and all my older DG and CoC material for just over a year now, but still waiting on a finished Case Officer/DG:RPG book, like everyone else.

      It'll be ready when its ready, that's always been the Delta Green way. Currently it looks like layout is on track for the PDF release in a few months (as projected in the previous update).

      From the rough version we've seen, its going to be a fantastic 500-ish page book.

      I've said it before, and I'll take the flak for saying it again - this isn't a budget pre-order service, we funded the writing and printing of a series of books (9-10 hardbacks, iirc) plus supporting materials (scenarios, etc). That's an awful lot of work the Arc Dream team are staring at.

      They'll get it done, it will be fantastic. We just have to hang in there.

      Get hold of the advance Case Officer/DG:RPG pdf and get playing, you won't be disappointed.

    3. Rich Radgoski on

      My patience is wearing thin. I don't understand why the Case officers handbook is taking so much longer. Folks are playing Delta Green with the new book and I'm still without. My money has been invested since March of 2016 and I'm beginning to become unhappy.

    4. Mark A. Siefert

      Yay! Another Agent's Handbook! It's always nice to have those handy.

      Also, thanks so much for keeping us in mind when you made this decision. Asking for more money to cover shipping costs this late in the game would be a jerk-move.

    5. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @Michael: If you preordered the Case Officers Hbk, you get the slipcase with both books.

    6. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @Kent: Most of those notes will go in the Handlers Guide as GM tips.

    7. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @Nix: The Agents Hbk will ship with the slipcase in one package, the Handlers Guide in another. All will ship after we get the slipcases and Handlers Guides from the printer. That's how we keep the delivery costs under control.

    8. Nix on

      Will we be getting the Agent's Handbooks any time soon, or will it all wait for the case officer handbook to be completed?

    9. Kent Johan on

      That's pretty cool. The extra rules tips that were in the agent's portion of the big book, will they be in the Handler's guide now, or will this Agent's handbook be different from the previous one?

    10. Michael Shawn Pose on

      What about if we preordered the case officers handbook on backerkit? Will we get the slipcase with both books?

    11. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @heath: Correct.

    12. Missing avatar

      heath delashmit on

      just so i understand because im slow sometimes :) i pledged at teh agents handbook and added extra for the case handlers book. what this new update means for me and im guessing those that already ordered the agents handbook, is that we will get another agents handbook and case handlers book in a slip case?

    13. Stygian Fox Publishing

      I <3 slipcases! Let me know if you need a few quid towards postage. Happy (and able) to take the hit so you don't have to.


    14. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @Michael: Yes, we'll set that up.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ken Ringwald on

      This option just makes sense. While I was curious about how monolithic the 500+ page book would be, the two slimmer books will be much easier to actually use and haul around.

      Thanks again for the GenCon sketch! It was awesome to talk to you all at the booth.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Tree

      Can you make an option to pre-order the Handlers Guide and Slipcase together, for those of us who already have the Agents Handbook.

    17. Thomas Nelson on

      Perfect! Thanks for the quick response, ADP.

    18. Chris Parker on

      Wow, this is absolutely fantastic news! I bought an Agent book via Amazon a couple weeks ago because I was jonesing to have my hands on some DG material to prepare for a game that I've been working on off and on for about half a year, and this is going to make it much smoother (and cuter with that slipcase).

    19. Oliver Korpilla

      It's a good choice. The original setup with what is in the Case Officer and what in the Agent book was confusing to boot.

    20. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @Thomas: I'll check into an upgrade from PDF to print. It's come up before, but IIRC we held off on implementing it while things were still being sorted out. I'll see about setting up, say, a discount option based on the amount you paid to get just the PDF.

    21. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @MikeN: I'll set up an option to pre-order just the Handler's Guide soon.

    22. Missing avatar

      MikeN on

      Splitting the book into the two volumes of Agent & Player seems to make the most sense. Will it be possible to pre-order just the Handler's Guide on its own?

    23. Thomas Nelson on

      Wow! So is there any chance that backers who chose the pdf route can get a good price on upgrading to the slipcase version?

      I felt funny getting the books originally because it felt funny getting two books with much of the same content. THIS makes much more sense to me. I would love another opportunity to order the hardbacks in addition to the already ordered pdf.

    24. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @Karl: Ops instructs me that the Deep One option is NOT acceptable, per PUZZLEBOX protocols. Please contact your case officer ASAP.

    25. Karl on

      It was a pleasure to meet you and Shane! I managed to get two Delta Green sessions in, ... got my head bitten off by a dinosaur in one, and survived the other- but as a deep one!

    26. Arc Dream Publishing 12-time creator on

      @Tom: Great question. Yes, NEW AGE backers wind up with two Agents Handbooks. More to share at the table!

    27. Missing avatar

      Tom Forest on

      Sounds good to me, glad GenCon went well!

      One quick question, if you've pledged for THE NEW AGE or similar, does that mean you'll wind up with two copies of the Agent's Handbook? (the one that was sent out last year, plus the one that's part of the slipcase set?) Not a problem at all, would just be good to know.