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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.
Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.
2,533 backers pledged $362,324 to help bring this project to life.

"Delta Green: Control Group" PDF to be FREE to all backers!

Posted by Arc Dream Publishing (Creator)

Thank you for supporting Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Over the weekend we hit $190K, which unlocks Dennis Detwiller's story of The King in Yellow, "The Last Show." We'll send it to all backers this afternoon. Watch your inbox.

Now we're closing in on the next few goals: 

"Redacted: Fusion Centers," a set of write-ups on organizations that come up in many Delta Green games. 

"Wormwood Arena," a scenario by Greg Stolze that requires Delta Green agents to go undercover in what may be a very dangerous cult.

And Delta Green: Control Group, Greg Stolze's massive campaign of introductory adventures. Control Group is built not only to build suspense and horror but to teach Delta Green's rules and setting to newcomers, one piece at a time. It will be available for playtesting in January. (Maybe sooner, but after this Kickstarter project we'll all have a lot on our plate!)

And that brings us to the big news.

Control Group PDF free for all backers

If Delta Green: Control Group gets funded, every single backer will get it in PDF, free. 

You can still order its hardback edition for $50, of course. But if you're a backer you'll get the PDF.

So here's the message to take to all the gamers you know: 

If you're interested in playing Delta Green but don't have a budget for one of the big tiers, you can back us at the AGENT'S PDF level for $20 and get:

  • Delta Green: Agent's Handbook in PDF, all the rules you need to play.
  • The Delta Green quickstart guide in PDF with pregenerated characters and the scenario "Last Things Last."
  • "Kali Ghati" in PDF, a scenario with pregenerated characters.
  • Delta Green: Control Group in PDF, a campaign of five scenarios with pregenerated characters, at least 256 pages long.
  • "The Children of Atlach-Nacha" in PDF, a new threat to confront your agents.
  • "Down in the Delta" in PDF, a short story.
  • "Protocols: The Unripened Fruit" in PDF, a feature about the challenges of agents dealing with corpses.
  • "Making Horror Scenarios" in PDF, a guide to creating your own terrors.
  • In the Court of the Yellow King in PDF, a short play.
  • "I Have Seen the Yellow Sign" in PDF, a feature about the perils posed by the King in Yellow in the Information Age.
  • "The Last Show" in PDF, a short story.

That's enough material for many months of game-play for only $20.

We hope this will entice gamers who were on the fence. We hope it will entice so many that we'll hit Control Group soon and Deep State before we're done. 

You can spread the word and help us make that happen.

Be seeing you.


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