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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.
Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ken Ringwald 4 days ago

      @Craig Bickford: Control Group was discussed on the GenCon panel, now posted on Unspeakable.

      It sounds like Control Group is set for next spring.

    2. Craig Bickford on

      I'm very interested in finding out more about the Control group release schedule also. Can we at least find out if you guys will be addressing it with an update sometime soon, with details to follow on the timeline? Maybe you can't give a hard date yet, but an estimate in a future update?

    3. John Lavery on

      Hi guys, congrats on your Ennies, well deserved for what is an excellent system.

      One quick question, do you have an ETA on the pdf of Control Group yet?
      I was looking over some older updates and noticed you were confident of a May 2018 pdf release. So eager to get running the scenarios with my group.

    4. Missing avatar

      hobbesgoblin on

      Congrats on all those ENnies guys!

    5. Arc Dream Publishing 11-time creator on

      Thank you!

    6. Oliver Korpilla on

      Thank you for the explanation. I'm looking forward to PISCES, especially. I appreciate the amount of work that went into the Handler's Guide, I'm a third in and it's a masterpiece. I'm also looking forward to the Labyrinth material.

    7. Arc Dream Publishing 11-time creator on

      @Oliver: Totally understandable! Shane Ivey here. We decided to move ahead on the Labyrinth (and its stretch goals) because the timing lined up. John and Caleb were not working on anything from the 2015 campaign (this one). Dennis will soon be finished with the main writing on Impossible Landscapes and was not committed to any other writing (he prefers to be juggle writing and illustrations). I could pretty safely volunteer to do a couple of scenarios, but I did not want to commit to anything larger because I'm still working on books from this KS. So there won't be any conflicts on the production side.

      As for limiting factors on this campaign's rewards, the big one was taking plenty of time to get the Handler's Guide right. All the other books had to wait for it to be finalized. Now it's out, Dennis is far along in Impossible Landscapes, the PISCES team is working hard on PISCES, I'm working on Deep State, and so on.

    8. Oliver Korpilla on

      I'm concerned... The new KS promises four new hardbacks. Which I am very interested in. But...

      Out of the 8 hardbacks I have pledged for from this KS I have received 3 (plus 1 as a duplicate due to the whole slipcase thing). Out of the other 5 hardbacks, 1 is editing, 3 are in development, and 1 has no status so far. Seeing what else is in editing status, PDFs and smaller releases seem to have been given priority. I also see that at least one hardback in the new KS is written by Dennis Detwiller who at the same time seems to not have finished his hardback in this KS (in development). He also illustrates even more books in both...

      This is after making a significant investment of hundreds of dollars, and 2 1/4 years after the original promised delivery date.

      Make no mistake, I'm very pleased with the core game hardbacks, especially the Handler's Guide. The quality is very good.

      I am however concerned with the rate of delivery. I can understand that there is a better business case for the core books and that the more sellable products are produced, the better for Arc Dream. But at this rate I don't see how I will have received my rewards in 2019 and I would like to know what the limiting factor is? Are key people stretched too thin? Was there an over-commitment from this KS? Was parallelizing work not possible?

    9. Pandarian

      One day left for Delta Green: the Labyrinth Kickstarter....currently at 120K pledged...several hardback books already funded, several more scenarios, and several handout kits.

      If you haven’t backed yet, please take a look to see if it interests you.

    10. Arc Dream Publishing 11-time creator on

      @andy: IIRC, I sent that out to backers only by dropbox to save time.

    11. Andy L. on

      Did anyone get a drivetrhu pdf code for Music From a Darkened Room?
      Only got the normal dropbox link in the backer rewards. But no link to the store.

    12. Stygian Fox Publishing

      Looking forward to recieving the rest of my books. It's been a long wait but I currently have the fall of delta green, agents handbook, the slipcase and books, need to know, and game screen. I'm a sucker for hard copies so ive been buying the modules from drivethru (though this means there's no real reason to buy the collected edition).

      What have I missed info wise? What's next to be released from the $300 pledge?


    13. Pandarian

      Major campaign book announced for Delta Green: Labyrinth.

      Kickstarter ends 31JUL18.

    14. Missing avatar

      hobbesgoblin on

      @Pandarian - I just listened to it whilst working, and it is great - gives a clear impression of what to expect from DG:The Labyrinth - sounds right up my alley, glad I have been able to scrape some funds together to back it!

    15. Pandarian

      If anyone is interested RPPR did a pretty good interview with Tynes about Delta Green: the Labyrinth. Tynes discusses some of the project and some of the stretch goals that have been reached. Hints at way more. Could be a good opportunity to expand DG universe material.

    16. Pandarian

      @hobbesgoblin....You are correct sir...

      They will have to back Delta Green: The for the next 12 days or so.

      Two new source books and two new scenarios...and maybe some props.


    17. Missing avatar

      hobbesgoblin on

      @Pandarian - uh, sure, but only if folks go over and back DG:The Labyrinth. We wont get those books from this KS.

    18. Pandarian

      Add two more books from the Labyrinth Kickstarter too...

      That’s a whole lotta story material coming our way...

    19. Shane Jackson

      That's how I read it. :)

    20. Bud's RPG review on

      You should be getting Impossible Landscapes, Control Group, PISCES, Deep State and Falling Towers. Did I miss anything?

    21. Shane Jackson

      I count 5 more for my backer level. I had no idea I would be getting so many! It's a really good time to be a gamer!

    22. Shane Jackson

      Which hardbacks are still coming for those who backed at THE NEW AGE? I've already received FALL OF DELTA GREEN as well as the core rulebooks. It's a good time to be a gamer. :)

    23. Eric Christian Berg on

      There was mention a while back of providing an option for those of us who opted for PDF only to upgrade to the hardcover with the slipcase. Was that still on the table?

    24. Karl on

      Yay it arrived and is glorious.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on

      @Karl, shipping with ParcelForce from UK to Canada would have cost Arc Dream an additional £30 (about $50 CAD). Considering the Kickstarter was done under an assumption that we'd need to pay additional shipping costs as shipping prices will rise, and they have done an amazing job of not charging us, I'm more than happy paying the $22 in duties and taxes instead of being charged an additional $50 just to have it sent by another service that may (may) avoid as much duties. At least it wasn't FedEx or (sanity roll) UPS.

    26. Missing avatar

      Wouter Palsterman

      Did I misinterpret update 110? I have been watching the skies and Kickstarter updates but nothing new on The Labyrinth... Was update 111 silenced for some reason? Did it become part of The Mission? 🙂

      Anyways, thx for delivering the beautiful monolith slipcase! Good times to be a DG handler.

    27. Claymore Nash on

      A black monolith with a green triangle arrived today...

    28. Karl on

      Mine is due for delivery tomorrow in Quebec, but I got stung for customs charges (EVERY TIME WITH DHL! EVERY TIME!!! please use another courier for Canada). Highly annnoying!

    29. tannjew on

      I am still waiting for my delivery here in Germany. I already dropped Shane a line with my details (contact details; correct address in backerkit) and hope that he is the correct recipient for my request.

    30. Andy L. on

      @ADP: Awesome, somehow missed that one! Thank you! :)))
      Just to check, we don't then get a drivethrurpg link for "MfaDR" one?

    31. Missing avatar

      David Bagdan on

      Ben W Bell, Arc Dream, thanks for the timely intel on that! International shipping is the real blasphemous horror.

    32. Arc Dream Publishing 11-time creator on

      @Logan Waterman: You can order The Fall of Delta Green at

    33. Arc Dream Publishing 11-time creator on

      @Andy L: Check Update #88.

    34. Neal Dalton

      Has the backer rewards page on the DG website been updated recently? I wanted to check on the status of the remaining items.

    35. Andy L. on

      After going through the "Delta Green: The RPG Kickstarter rewards report" I was wondering about the Music From a Darkened Room? Is it supposed to be included in the "Rising Threats" backer level?

    36. Rufus Glyn on

      Cant wait to throw more money at you all for The Labyrinth...

    37. Logan Waterman on

      Got my Case Officer's slip case. Great looking books. Can we pre-order the Fall of DG hardback? Link to where?
      Looking forward to Labyrinth

    38. Frankie

      Got it all a few days ago in New Zealand.
      Just wanted to say this was definitely worth it!
      A beautiful set of books, with great art.
      Looking forward to running some games!

    39. Arc Dream Publishing 11-time creator on

      @Darren: I'm checking with the warehouse. Please log in to BackerKit and make sure your delivery address is correct. Thanks.

    40. Darren

      Fall of DG arrived some time ago but no word on the slipcase here in Brisbane. Tracking available at all?

    41. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Brown on

      Phew. Package marked as arrived but nothing waiting for me at home. Freaked out a little but then looked next door and saw the box had been left on my neighbor's doorstep despite our houses being clearly numbered. Great job, DHL Australia!

      Amazing books.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on

      @David In all fairness I did a check between using ParcelForce (the UK parcel arm of the post office) and DHL (which it was shipped with) and DHL was less than half the price to ship. £24.27 vs £54.70. And that's not counting business discounts.

    43. Harold Berube on

      Package safely delivered to Quebec. Excellent job A-Cell.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ian Jenkinson on

      Nothing yet for me in the U.K. Anyone else still waiting?

    45. Arc Dream Publishing 11-time creator on

      @David Bagdam: Sorry for the trouble. Per our fulfillment agent: "Canada has a maximum package weight of 2kg for all postal items (including books). It's what we'd use by default for anything under 2kg, but over that our hands are tied."

    46. Missing avatar

      David Bagdan on

      DHL notice in Canada today. Similar customs clearance fee Ben mentions though. ARC DREAM, any chance you can change from courier to post office in the future? I signed up for every book in print, I'd rather not pay $20+ for each one in the future. Starts to cut into the operations budget.

    47. Bellmoore

      My books were delivered today, very nice slipcase. Greetings from Finland!

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