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Robotic Hexapod kit. Cute, cheap, easy and fun intro to advanced robots. Arduino-powered, and all Open Hardware/Software.
Fully articulating, open source robotic Hexapod kit with 19 servos, powered by Arduino. Explore advanced robotics, kinematics, and programming.
Fully articulating, open source robotic Hexapod kit with 19 servos, powered by Arduino. Explore advanced robotics, kinematics, and programming.
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    1. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @Eric: Yes, can you please email us your current address and phone number to We can send you a new leg free as a replacement.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric Martel on

      Hi guys! Is there a way to order spare parts? I'm finally building mine (got very busy with work), and a leg doesn't seem to be cut properly, doesn't fit in nicely and doesn't "grip" to the servo :( Thanks

    3. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @Michel: Yes, alive and kicking! Please see our email response with the next steps to help you with the package.

    4. Michel on

      Still not received and no answer from!!! Are you alive?

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Hi Joseph,
      picked my Hexy up from customs in Berlin today evening. Thanks !

      @Markus: I had the same problem. USPS did not update the online shipping status since 19. April.
      Just wait a few more days. (DHL and customs needed a lot of time (4-5 business days) to forward the parcel to the customs bureau, where a normal parcel arrives the next day.)

    6. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @Markus: There should be a note at the bottom of your shipping email explaining how tracking on First Class International mail does and doesn't work.

    7. Missing avatar

      Markus Harms on

      Could you please check my shipping status? Since 4/18/2013 it says ”shipping info received“. Nothing more.

    8. Missing avatar

      edwin casey

      Hexy arrived in Taiwan


    9. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @Michel: please email so we can get this sorted out

    10. Michel on

      Not arrived in Paris while theoretically sent on February 1, 2013 (Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received. The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified on February 1, 2013 to expect this package for mailing. This message does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Please be advised tracking is not available for this product. No further information is available for this item. Additional information for this item is stored in files offline.)
      Not at the post office, not at the customs.
      In general the USPS packages are delivered in around 2 weeks.

    11. Pasha on

      Hexy arrived in Tokyo!

      (a while ago actually)

    12. Missing avatar

      Matthias Stolt on

      Yes, Hexy arrived in Germany (despite the fact that USPS says the package is still in the US)!
      Allready build it. Only two parts where missing in the spare foot. Software and Haedware works. The calibration is not that good. One leg is totally not in line and gets worse (maybe a broken Servo).

    13. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @MJP: No problem, I'll make a note.

    14. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @Marcelo: You can get an update on when your order is shipping by emailing

    15. mike smith on

      And ... just arrived. Location Canberra, Australia. So to other international orderers I'd say they are coming

    16. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Moretti Fioroni on

      Dear friends. I would like to know about the Hexy shipments. My pledge was collected almost a year ago. Just let me know what is your schedule. I live in Brazil. Thanks.

    17. MJP on

      No worries, Joseph - just have to make sure to be a little careful :p I know my Dance Party hasn't shipped yet - but, would it be possible to request that it not be shipped til April? Preferably arriving the 16th (to ease the tax burden, haha).

    18. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @Sang,Franck: You can get an update on when your order is shipping by emailing

    19. Missing avatar

      Franck Bettinger on

      Same here, still waiting. An update on your progress in shipping would be welcome.

    20. SangYong Han on

      Where is my hexabot?
      I'm waiting right now..

    21. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @MJP: Yes, we decided against doing that, as supplies of the gears are limited.

    22. MJP on

      I see the Wiki page was updated to remove the mention of replacement gears after I made my comment...

    23. Jessi on

      I received my Hexy today. Thank you! Will be putting him together this weekend :)

    24. MJP on

      On your note in the Wiki, you mentioned you'd be including some replacement gears in each outgoing Hexy shipment - have you started doing that yet?

    25. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @Phil: You can get an update on when your order is shipping by emailing

      @Jeff: Glad to hear! Have fun!

      @Dion: is working for everyone else, I'm not sure why its not working for you.

    26. Missing avatar

      phil on

      My friends are starting to make fun of me, partly because i haven't received my hexy, also because i backed a light bulb, but that's neither here nor there, when will you have finished shipping out all the rewards? I see a fellow UKer got theirs a couple of weeks ago.

    27. Jeff Narucki on

      Received mine yesterday. Thanks! I'm rebuilding my workshop, but this is right near the top of my list to work on.

    28. Missing avatar

      dion on

      No robot, no shipping notifications & emails to are getting bounced back.


    29. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      Hi Mike,

      What exactly are you trying to do? We have a pretty active support community, and are always receptive to any emails for help. Perhaps contact us first?

    30. Mike Estope on

      Not happy at all!!!!!
      all i would like todo is see this thing move. maybe hexy is way over my head. dont know a thing about robots. but i was hoping to learn a thing or two. Not happy with the program instructions. anyone can put this robot togather. but it would be nice to have a little help..... just to get the robot up and running. just to see it work and then start learning how the whole programing thing works. when i was looking into hexy the one thing i rember was how little you had to know about robots. well at lest thats what the kickstarter intro said. but when you got the robot buit and started to look into the programing. OMG ...... thats it. no videos ... no base set up. no help at all. all im saying is they put a lot of work into the bulding of hexy but not that much work into the help on the programing. i know i cant be the only one that got this robot and didnt know a thing about the workings of robots.

    31. Missing avatar

      Thomas Ashley on

      It rained all day today in Hertfordshire, UK, so I built my Hexy! Hardware done, now it is evening I will get into the software fresh on another day as it is the bit I have absolutely no idea about, and looking quite an undertaking.

      In the instructions it made no mention of doing software stuff first, but on the Wiki & forum I discovered after finishing up that it might have been better to update the board's firmware and test the servos before assembling the robot.

      The screw holes were too big in build step 17 - solved with a gluegun. The instructions dont mention wiring the head or what to do with the bluetooth module, but it looks like those are covered seperately online.

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin King on

      Yay it arrived! I know what I'm doing this Saturday!

    33. Jamie Glass on

      How far through the shipping are you?

    34. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      Hi Evaristo, if you're looking for an update on your shipping progress, you can email:

    35. Evaristo Ramos on

      whats the word bird? :)

    36. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      @Victor and Eric: You can get an update on the shipping progress of your order by emailing:

    37. Victor Bourdon on

      I would appreciate it if you would tell me when to expect the hexapod.

    38. Missing avatar

      Eric Chan on

      I still haven't received my Hexapod!!! What's going on?

    39. DeltaLima

      and after an inventory it appears i have a 7th leg and a few extra plastic parts :-). Instructions on Make seem quite good so far

    40. DeltaLima

      Got my kit today, wonderful. Packaged well, not even a torn bag. cant wait to put aside some time this week to assemble :-) only bummed its not the cool retail box i saw in the instruction guide.. lol
      I found the instructions, for assembly quickly and the details needed to updated the firmware and all of the software stuff was nicely laid out. I haven't actually started anything, but so far very well done.

    41. Arnold A Sitorus on

      @ Peter Lum. Thanks.

    42. Peter Lum on

      Sorry, I meant BT Low Energy

    43. Peter Lum on

      Hi Arnold

      Yes, as explained by Arcbotics, Apple 'official' support for BT 4.0 is only if you participate in their programme.
      If the BT module supplied with Hexy supports BT 2.1, there is a way to go around it. But alas, it is not. :-)

    44. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Well, I see. So, I guess the reason is not technical then.
      Thanks Joseph.

    45. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      IOS only allows for bluetooth with built-in encryption. Up until bluetooth 4.0, the only way to do it in an apple-approved way was to go through their very expensive and closed MFI program. Bluetooth 4.0 has built-in encryption, so now you can do an open-hardware project that works with apple products without having to go through their program.

      You can do the headphone audio port way of doing it, and if we had reached that reach goal, we would have, but it requires additional hardware to do so.

    46. Arnold A Sitorus on

      @Peter Lum & @Andreas.
      Why is that BT 2.1 make the use of iOS app imposible? What's make BT LE any different?
      I thought if you can use headphone/audio port of iPhone to control a robot, it would be possible to control it by BT 2.1 protocol or maybe by using BT only to 'inject' programmed movement to Hexy memory.
      I'm not a programmer, so pardon my bare of knowledge in this matter.

    47. Andreas

      Yes, there is no possibility. Right now I'm looking into using a wifly module instead.

    48. Peter Lum on

      If it is bluetooth 2.1, then the possibility of building an iOS app is very slim....

    49. ArcBotics 3-time creator on

      No, its just bluetooth 2.1

    50. Peter Lum on


      I wonder if the Bluetooth module included in the package supports Bluetooth low energy communications?

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