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A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
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    1. Arthur Tiberius 2.0, King of the Apes on

      I have everything up to date, but I had trouble opening the files. Everything downloaded quickly and I was able to access the zip folder, however, nothing opens even after a long while.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jimmy C Little Jr

      Greetings. I noticed a slight error on the statistics page of the PDF. The two circles by the skills appear to be overlapping. Both the check boxes are there its just the circles are overlapped under one of the check boxes. i have v0.6 of the sheets.

    3. Daniel Minton on

      Could we please get an update on how shipping is coming?

    4. Edric Leggett on

      Hello! Any more updates on shipping? Eagerly awaiting delivery! :)

    5. Tyler Bowman on

      I'm just wondering how the updates to the form fillables are coming. I've gotten the most recent version and in the "Complete" one it seems to just be a pdf folder of single pages you can't save. And if the single sheets are combined into a single document many of the sections are linked. Other wise they look amazing.

    6. Arcane Goods 2-time creator on

      @Glen Daniel you will receive a shipping notification email once the shipping label is created. If you haven't received that email by the time you move please send us a message and we can update your address to the new one :)

    7. Glen Daniel on

      I will be moving to another state in about one month. Is there any way to find out if you will be shipping to me before then?

    8. Arcane Goods 2-time creator on

      @Alan Wiles Once we have a bit more time to focus on the PDFs, we will try to make it easier to print them by having multiple formats such as standard letter size and combined PDFs.

      @Daniel Fiander Great printing tips for anybody looking to print them.

      @Christopher Knapp We appreciate the support :) Looking forward to getting the first set out this weekend even if it's a small batch!

    9. Christopher Knapp on

      Hey, don't sweat the delivery estimate too much - you were pretty close to your target, and you were up-front and communicated with backers, which a lot of successful campaigns seem to forget. :/ The PDFs look great, and I'm looking forward to receiving my notebook!

    10. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles on

      Right, but the PDF's you have provided are all one page. Following the instructions you give would allow me to, essentially, print 4 pages per full sheet of paper. All the PDF's (other than the complete character sheet) are 1 page. So for example if I wanted to print the Actions reference sheet, I could either print it once in A5 format OR 4 times per full sized sheet of paper. What I want to know is how I would go about printing (again for example) Action, Armor, Combat, and Gear in the booklet format so that all 4 pdf's would take up the 4 possible spots on a single A4 sized sheet.

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Fiander on

      Alan Wiles- in Acrobat reader look at the "Booklet Print" option in the print dialogue. This splits the a4 pages into an a5 booklet

      If your printer doesn't support double sided printing, you can select Odd numbered pages, then put paper back in the printer in the right order and then print Even numbered pages.

      It prints them out of order in a way you can just fold the a4 pages in half and every page will be in the right order as a booklet.

      If you're wanting to cut them up, select the Multiple option to print them in order.

    12. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles on

      In the future versions of the PDF's are you going to combine the front and back pages into one PDF? Also, does anyone know how to go about printing the pages in A5 format on A4 paper without wasting a bunch of sheets? Basically, does anyone know how I can print multiple single sheet PDF's on one sheet of paper since I should be able to print 4 of these pages on 1 standard sheet.

    13. Arcane Goods 2-time creator on

      Hi All,

      Really appreciate the great feedback so far. Bear with us while we work out some of the bugs with the form fillable portions of the PDFs :) We will have a new version out in a week or two after we collect all the feedback. We will mention that in the next update (when we ship) so you can download the new set.


    14. Clayton Thomson on

      Awesome. I just downloaded the PDFs and am looking forward to kicking the tires.

    15. Missing avatar

      Milo Alejo on

      Thanks for the latest updates. Next update, I hope it's about shipping them out. Photos are highly appreciated.

    16. Jon Bruckman on

      Just wanted to give you a head's up: Looking through the PDFs, I noticed that the Charisma skills aren't "form fillable" like the others. Also, I'm not sure what the stars next to the radio buttons are for?

      Everything else is looking beautiful so far. I love it and can't wait for the leather bound notebook to arrive!

    17. Arcane Goods 2-time creator on

      @Mike Gonzalez us too! We love the result and will have some photos up on our social media this week. And we fully intend to iterate and improve so it will only get better :)

    18. Mike Gonzalez

      So freaking excited. Can't wait.