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A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
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Mid-Campaign Update: New Stretch Goals!

Posted by Arcane Goods (Creator)

Hello Adventurers,

Sorry about the brief silence! One of the benefits of hitting our goal so quickly is that we could start working on things early. We have been heads down in hopes we can move up our timeline or at least prevent any major roadblocks.

We hit a few stretch goals so we will be adding extra pages and initiative tents to the package. Thanks to everyone that suggested those as stretch goals. They will definitely be well used. 

We have added some new stretch goals as well!

At $50k we will include some rubber health/condition rings with the notebook. We won't try to sugarcoat it, these are essentially rubber bands that we are having sized to fit the standard 25mm miniature base. That being said, we are pleased with the way this simple addition can improve your tabletop experience without taking up too much notebook real estate. As a GM, you have probably been in the situation where you have many identical creatures that are attacking the party. This often leads to you writing down Orc A took 7 damage, Orc B took 12 damage, etc. Then you forget which mini is Orc A and which is Orc B. Or the party will ask which ones already took damage and how much? Skip all of that my just putting the rings on or over the miniature and rounding the damage. You and the party can then see which creatures are damaged and how much without even having to write or track a thing. It speeds up combat immensely. 

At $60k, we will be including a decorative drawstring gift bag with the notebook. This will help protect your Arcana Note during transport or allow you to carry some additional loose items with it. Alternatively, if you have a ton of dice you could turn it into a giant dice bag. Design is being worked out but we want it to have a premium feel to match the notebook. 

We got a lot of requests for extra pages as stretch goals. We are listening to that feedback and taking it into consideration when finalizing the design and quantities of the final pages. We will also likely be adding form-fillable functionality to the final base PDFs for those that requested it. 

We are just over half way through the campaign and we are blown away by the support. Thank you to everyone who has backed so far and to all the great feedback we have been getting. Just thinking about the notebooks being filled with characters and ideas makes us so happy. Thanks again for making this a reality!


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    1. AJ Pickett on

      That bag will also be handy for carrying miniatures.
      Excellent to hear you plan to add form fillable functionality to the PDFs!

    2. Arcane Goods 2-time creator on

      @sabata2 I agree with what you said. The rings we are including are similar to what you mentioned and will easily drape over any size mini and rest along the base. The plastic bottle rings are a classic, thrifty way to achieve the same result :)

    3. sabata2 on

      Something to consider regarding the rubber footies.
      Hero Forge allows you to make bases hexagonal, circular, or square. To which players simply pick what they want. And if you decide to Hero Forge your BBEG (or already did) you may be SOL if these footies are strictly circular.

      One idea to consider that's similar, that people I know have used:
      The little circle rings below screw on tops for drinks like Gatorade. We've used them to indicate Invisibility, Bloodied, Poisoned, all kinds of ailments.
      If not a footie, maybe just "a loose band" that come in about 20 count per color.
      Another popular use was hair ties. They're just big enough to drape over minis like the drink rings.

    4. Arcane Goods 2-time creator on

      @Gary Hite that is a good point. Even just one more additional color would probably help at least show they are affected in some way. We will add one more color to the rings to make this possible. Probably a blue or black. Thanks for the feedback!

    5. Missing avatar

      Gary hite on

      As an additional so stretch goal could we possible get additio so colors maybe 2 or 3 as if you use them for health it can get kind of tricky with using them as condition rings as well.