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A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Tyler Daughtry about 7 hours ago

      Just curious whether there is an update coming this month. Is everything still on track

    2. shannow777 on November 13

      Where is the healing potion add on? LoL

    3. Arcane Goods Creator on November 4

      @Arthur whatever response you put on the survey is what you will get. If you want to change anything, let us know. The address you provided in the survey will be able to be updated until we start shipping. Check Kickstarter's FAQs on how to update addresses. Shipping for U.S. orders was already included in price and shipping for international orders would have been added at checkout. Thanks!

    4. Arthur Tiberius 2.0, King of the Apes on October 21

      So whatever the survey said that’s what we’re getting? How about address and shipping? How/when do we pay this?

    5. Arcane Goods Creator on October 20

      @Arthur there was not. We are using the pure Kickstarter experience for our first project. If you have any issues or suggested changes, let us know :)

    6. Arthur Tiberius 2.0, King of the Apes on October 18

      So there was no pledge manager?

    7. Arcane Goods Creator on October 9

      @Art Steventon We didn't use BackerKit for this campaign. You should have received a survey link from Kickstarter.

      @Devon Cox We are expecting to receive most of the big shipments by the end of October and will use November to assemble the products then hopefully December and January for shipping :)

    8. Devon Cox on October 8

      All the images if product I've seen you guys post looks great, I'm very excited. Is January still looking good for receiving our pledges?

    9. Art Steventon on September 30

      Hi Guys,

      I'm suddenly hit with a worry that I didn't get a Backerkit... I can't find an email to do with it nor can I recall completing one!

      Of course, this could be completely wrong, but how do I get access to the Backerkit to check?



    10. Arcane Goods Creator on August 22

      @Chris Olandese We will follow up with you in a message. If anybody else is interested, feel free to reach out via KS message or

    11. Chris Olandese on August 22

      +1 to Donovan's question...

    12. Donovan Jeska on August 22

      Hi there - is it possible to order a zipper pouch after the Kickstarter? I meant to add one to my pledge and never got around to it.

    13. Arcane Goods Creator on August 18

      @Carl Agner yes! We will be posting an update next week with news about where we are at. We've started production on some pieces and have samples on the way for others. Also secured the warehouse space and are finishing up artwork designs to pass off to r-n-w. Follow our Twitter @ArcaneGoods for smaller updates.

    14. Missing avatar

      Carl Agner on August 18

      Hello! Haven't seen an update from you guys lately. Any news on production?

    15. Daniel Wingham on August 2

      @Arcana Note will I be able to type in the pdf before printing or will it just be a pdf to print. Sorry if this has already been answered

    16. Arcane Goods Creator on August 2

      @Garret Really good question and the answer is yes. The r-n-w designs will be available on both our website and hers so you can always change your mind later. The option for both is only applicable if you ordered multiple notebooks, that is correct. Thanks for asking since I am sure others had the same questions.

    17. Garret on August 2

      I just took the backer survey today, and selected the classic design over r-n-w, because, as cool as her stuff is, I think the thinner, lighter lines will make my book feel less cluttered when it has a ton of writing in it. But now I'm worried that the r-n-w designs are a kickstarter-exclusive thing that I will miss out on... Will those be available in the store along with the classic page refills after the product releases? Also, I noticed that there was an option to select both. How does that work? Is that only applicable if you ordered more than one notebook, and wanted the classic design in some and the r-n-w design in the others?

    18. Arcane Goods Creator on July 31

      @Simo Suutala We had issues finding the SRD with metric values and ordering an international version of the PHB is expensive. What kind of conversions and rounding do they use for the metric version? We can certainly add the values where applicable. From what we saw, each square becomes 1.5m?

      @Kenneth Hickey At this point Kickstarter won't let you change your pledge. We will shoot you a message though!

    19. Missing avatar

      Simo Suutala on July 31

      I'm guessing it isn't possible to get the journal in metric instead of imperial? Would greatly help us Europeans use it effortlessly ;/

    20. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Hickey on July 30

      Congrats! I'm looking forward to my kit. Before I complete my survey, can I get in on the Add-ons even though I've already pledged?

    21. Arcane Goods Creator on July 30

      @Marco Isopi We may have to work out something outside of Kickstarter. We will shoot you a message.

      @Nnpatel87 All stretch goals were unlocked! Kickstarter wouldn't let us update the image after the project ended so its stuck like that :P See our latest update regarding the art styles.

      @Carl Agner we will send you a message!

    22. Marco Isopi on July 30

      I need to change shipping country (from US to Italy) and not sure what to do


    23. Missing avatar

      Nnpatel87 on July 29

      I found the sheets but I'm still curious about the stretch goals.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nnpatel87 on July 29

      I had a couple quick questions, before i fill out the response details. First did we unlock the last two stretch goals, because we hit the amount but the goals weren't checked off? Second is there anywhere to see a side by side of the two different styles for the pages?

    25. Missing avatar

      Carl Agner on July 29

      Hello! Big congrats on the successful campaign and I cannot wait see the journal in person. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the DM screen as seen in Stretch goal #3? I've picked to get the default pages but I absolutely love the look of that screen.

    26. Arcane Goods Creator on July 28

      @Balsamatonic the Default art PDFs will be available to everyone. The r-n-w PDFs will be available at and our store but may have a small one time cost. Details are still being worked out. See current prices for what to expect.

    27. Balsamatomic
      on July 28

      Will we get PDFs for refills in both styles of pages, or only in the style that we choose on the survey?

    28. Arcane Goods Creator on July 28

      @Leandro Costa this is a great question. Unfortunately, r-n-w is awaiting our final designs before she works on hers. She did create some mock ups that are available on the project page and you can also go to to see some examples of her work. Then I recommend completing your survey with your current preference and shooting us a message if you change your mind once we release the final designs.

    29. Missing avatar

      Leandro Costa on July 28

      I just got the Response email for the kickstarter and I was wondering if there is any side by side comparison between the default style and the Art & Styling by one before I choose one of them.

      I got in on the late hours of the project and didn't see any talk about the different style.

    30. Arcane Goods Creator on July 28

      @Lukas Rosenberger Due to the minimum quantities on the print runs and keeping the costs low, we don't think this will be possible but we will see what the color breakdown is like then make a decision.

      @shannow777 We will post a character sheet update in about a week or two along with some other updates :) And the scotch tape method works amazingly so thanks for that!

    31. Lukas Rosenberger
      on July 28

      Congrats on the great campaign,
      I'm just wondering, are the cardbacks/dm screen, etc. adjusted to the color of the dice tray, or will they always be blue?

    32. shannow777 on July 28

      G'day. Congratulations on a great campaign. I was just wondering what final changes were made to the Character sheets? Will you be posting another link to an updated file?

      @Aaron Graham...and anyone else who is interested...A handy tip is to lay some Scotch tape over the heavy eraser areas of the character know...hit points and such. It takes pencil beautifully and erases just as well and it keeps the sheet, well, sweet. :-) It's easy to remove and put a new bit on too. I've been doing it for years.

    33. Arcane Goods Creator on July 28

      @Jori we will be sending out surveys to find out exactly how much we will need of each color for things like dice trays and add-ons. We will then be able to put in final requests with our suppliers and begin production :) We will post updates on Kickstarter along the way.

      @Jennifer Butcher thanks! we are too :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Butcher on July 27

      love it! I am super excited! I cant wait to have mine in hand!! Thank you!

    35. Missing avatar

      Jori on July 27

      Love what you've done so far it seems like a handy thing to have! But whats next?

    36. Arcane Goods Creator on July 27

      @Jessica Lynn Thanks for kinds words and story behind your pledge. The original idea for the notebook started in a situation very similar to yours :) Everybody that backed will get all the stretch goals! With the exception of the Accessories Pack, they will get everything except the extra card pages and cards.

      @Branden Wright If we don't end up offering see through pages ourselves then we will be testing a few out and will post results so you know which ones will work.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jessica Lynn on July 27

      For those of who backed up later then wanted to do we get the stretch goals that hadn’t been unlocked yet or it doesn’t matter and all stretch goals are included no matter how late we backed?

    38. Missing avatar

      Branden Wright on July 27

      Is it possible to look into plastic see through pages or maybe as an add on so people don't have to refill pages or print new if they want, instead they can put the plastic page in (ex: over a character sheet) and write with a wet erase vis-a-vis and not write on the paper page itself?

    39. Missing avatar

      Jessica Lynn on July 27

      I am so excited for this! I truly am. I have never played dnd till this year nor did I understand it. Now my friends play it and are vets at the game so I felt quite unprepared for it. They all had these big binders with notes and character designs. And I wanted to do that too but I didn’t want just any old binder. I didn’t think any old binder would do for my first dnd adventure I wanted to go all out and find something that embodied the game and that’s when your arcana note came into play. This will be my tree topper for the game that I enjoy more than video games.

    40. Arcane Goods Creator on July 26

      @Kyle Cantrell the bottom smallest part when in tray mode is 5.5 x 2.75 inches so you were close :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Kyle Cantrell on July 26

      I know we're counting down the final few hours of the campaign, but I'm curious and couldn't dig up the answer: what are the dimensions of the dice tray when in use? 3" x 6"? Thanks!

    42. Arcane Goods Creator on July 26

      @Ryan Arrh no worries at all. It's a good question and I am sure others had the same one so its worth answering again here :) As you saw, we will offer refills on our store. The condition cards have one copy of each condition. Thanks for checking!

    43. Ryan Arrh on July 26

      just read the FAQ, and saw you will be offering refills. sorry!

    44. Ryan Arrh on July 26

      Are there multiple copies of the condition cards (ex. 2x copies of blindness)? or is it just one for each? I was just curious, as I saw the add-on for additional condition cards, and was a bit confused.

      After the campaign, will we be able to order more sheets for the notebook? This might be posted somewhere, but I may have missed it. I saw that PDFs will be offered, but I was curious if we can just order new sheets when we go through what we have.

    45. Arcane Goods Creator on July 26

      @Miguel A Torres Nope! We will focus the rest of the funds on making sure the pieces of the notebook are all the best quality we can get. Good question though :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Miguel A Torres on July 26

      Will there be a surprise stretch goal for potentially hitting $70k?

    47. Arcane Goods Creator on July 25

      @David Marion that's a good question and you're correct the photos are a bit misleading. The dice will be marbled and the colors shown in the add-on section are the correct colors.

      @Bruce P I have bee eyeing those myself for so long. They are so cool. I am not sure if we would be able to pull anything nearly as nice since our focus is making it fit nicely within the notebook.

    48. David Marion
      on July 25

      The add-on dice: The listing says they are matching colors, which means they match the dice tray. The picture of the dice trays in the stretch goals shows solid color dice, but the picture of the add-on dice shows marbled dice. This is confusing: are the add-on dice solid or marbled in color?

    49. BruceP - Chameleon Prime
      on July 25

      @Jason Bennett and Arcane Goods,

      Speaking of acrylic spell templates, have you seen what ArcKnight has available? They're pretty cool.…

    50. Arcane Goods Creator on July 25

      @Daniel yes they are!

      @Pedro Barrenechea we aren't using BackerKit for this campaign. To pick up a notebook after the project ends, you will need to wait until they go up in our online store :)

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