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A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
1,041 backers pledged $76,002 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam Beliveau about 1 hour ago

      From the last update: "but we should have up to backer #500 shipped by end of March with the rest out in the first two weeks of April." Yikes!

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Lohsträter about 7 hours ago

      Got my shipping notification today (backer #760).
      I live in germany so let's see how long it takes :D. I am so excited.

    3. Demithyle the Exalted about 10 hours ago

      Heck - you're even using my display name (well my old one anyway) as the addressee instead of the full name I provided in the survey...what the heck =/

    4. Demithyle the Exalted about 10 hours ago

      So I just got my shipping notice and I have a problem...the address you're listing in the email isn't the full address I've provided in my survey. Let's hope I get my note regardless, otherwise I'm sod out of luck -.-

    5. Missing avatar

      Zayne Hilsberg 1 day ago

      Unfortunately pledge number doesn't seem to be very related to shipping order, since there's a super backer from a few days ago in the *300s* who still hasn't received shipping info. Given that they anticipated shipping everything out by this weekend in their last update, it would be really nice to see another update from the team. (I'm in the 1000s so I'm not real surprised mine hasn't sent out, but at least one person with a pledge number higher than me has received their shipping info)

    6. Brittany Luttrell 1 day ago

      In lieu of official updates and to help give some idea of where shipping is it, I am pledge number 720 and have received no shipping notice.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles 1 day ago

      Received mine yesterday. Leather was a little stiff and dry. Pulled everything out and hit it with some mink oil to soften and condition the leather. It looks great, but would have been even better if it had gotten here in time for my campaign...

    8. Demithyle the Exalted 2 days ago

      Backer 902 - still no updates =S

    9. Ellen T 2 days ago

      I sent an email to the team@arcanegoods but I thought I would copy it here as well just in case!

      "I have a minor request for the PDF character sheet refills if that's alright! The pages we receive in the journal have a front page with your ArcanaNote wizard emblem, which acts as the first "front" page. Therefore the "main" page is spaced for holes on the right side, making it a "back" page. However, in the refills, there is no wizard emblem page. This means that the first page "main" is actually a "back" page and throws off the printing.

      My simple solution is for the wizard emblem to be included in the PDF refills (which will make printed refills the same as the ones we originally received in the journal). Alternatively, you could flip which side of the pages has space for holes so that the "main" page has the spacing on the left, and so on.

      I know it seems a small detail, but I would really appreciate the small adjustment of including the logo page to keep everything consistent!"

      I'm about to use my journal for Tomb of Annihilation tonight! Wish me luck :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin Lohsträter 3 days ago

      Bäcker 760. Nothing yet.

    11. Timothy Dyck 3 days ago

      Backer 998. Still waiting.

    12. Meghan Cross 3 days ago

      Backer #926, just received shipping notification.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alan Purdy 4 days ago

      Backer #820. Just received shipment notification.

    14. Arthur Tiberius 2.0, King of the Apes 4 days ago

      I’m in Texas. Any idea how long it may take for those of you who received notification and then later the product? I’m traveling in 2 weeks and I would love to take this with me!!

    15. Arthur Tiberius 2.0, King of the Apes 4 days ago

      Backer #1119. Just received shipment notification.

    16. Mike Bielinski 4 days ago

      Backer 1102 and just received my notification

    17. Missing avatar

      Ryan Perkins 4 days ago

      Backer 885, just got my package notification. I posted the other day about it taking too long but I guess I spoke too soon! hope the rest of y'all get yours shortly

    18. Kimberly T
      4 days ago

      Backer 1,120, here, no word and no information either way. :/

    19. Sarah Irani 4 days ago

      Backer #915. No word on shipping yet...

    20. Meghan Cross 4 days ago

      @Alan - I know that feeling. I backed this for a homebrew campaign that started in Feb and am still waiting for it.

    21. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles 4 days ago

      Backer #1,138, got my shipping notification last night... two months into the campaign that I wanted to use this for.

    22. Meghan Cross 4 days ago

      Backer #926 here.
      Still no word, but I've seen some folks in the 1,000s who have already received theirs, so I don't really know how to predict this.

    23. Demithyle the Exalted 4 days ago

      Well by maths there should be around 100 of us who still haven't heard anything. Problem is, the comments section is a bad place for gauging if that's the actual situation because a lot of the backers are silent. I guess we'll have a reason to rage if we don't have our shipping notices within the next two weeks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Tom 5 days ago

      Backer #883 here -- No notices so far. :(

    25. Lord llama (The one true Philip) 5 days ago

      Any update on shipping? :/ #914 here

    26. Missing avatar

      Ryan Perkins 5 days ago

      Backer 885. It's nice that the product is of good quality (according to the people that have already gotten theirs), but these shipping issues are getting out of hand. You're consistently missing your estimates by months. No notice or packages for me yet either.

    27. David Marion
      5 days ago

      Backer 373. No notice, no packages. So who knows what is going on.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles 6 days ago

      With how inflated their shipping estimates have been so far, I'm willing bet that with the next update they are going to tell us that 110% of the orders have shipped.

    29. Jesse Laflair 6 days ago

      June 4th they say "another large wave out this weekend that will get us to around 90% shipped", but the weekend has come and gone and no shipping update (backer 772). Out of the 1000+ I would have assumed that 772 was within 90% of that

    30. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles on June 11

      Backer #1,138 and still nothing...

    31. Missing avatar

      Stefán Óli Long on June 10

      Backer 779 here not heard anything.

    32. Missing avatar

      Juan Figueroa
      on June 8

      FedEx found and delivered my party. Time to put it to use this weekend.

    33. Edric Leggett on June 8

      Never mind; found the answer in the comments. I'll try to delete my previous comment (and this one!)

    34. Edric Leggett on June 8

      Got mine; it's amazing. Quick question, though:

      Do backers get the refill PDFs for free? And if so, do we get the r-n-w refill PDFs for free or a discount?

    35. Demithyle the Exalted on June 7

      FedEx is handling the delivery on this? Oh dear lord...

    36. Missing avatar

      Juan Figueroa
      on June 5

      Backer 624 Party Pack... Shipping notice last week. Scheduled delivery yesterday, delayed to today. I've been home since 4pm FedEx says they delivered at 7pm. Funny thing is my dogs go crazy when anyone comes to the door and they never barked... looks like I'll be filing a claim in a few days and waiting again... sorry for the rant.

    37. Joshua Borlase
      on June 5

      Thanks Josh

    38. Arcane Goods Creator on June 4

      Hi All,

      We we're going to post an update but decided against it since there is no easy way for us to filter out the people that received theirs already. Since we don't want send an irrelevant update to 75% of the backers, we will post here instead. We realize this isn't ideal but the people that want info can come here and the people that are content waiting or have theirs won't get an email blast.

      That being said, we should have another large wave out this weekend that will get us to around 90% shipped with the last 10% the week or two after that. So hopefully you won't need to be checking anywhere for updates other than your shipment's tracking page :)

      Some of the higher backers received theirs earlier than they would have since we had overprepped some of the Default single order packages. Rather than waste time redistributing them we just sent them out. We will be mostly back to our normal order for the wave going out this week. Other reasons may be that international packages take a bit longer for us to fulfill as we double check the customs info, verify addresses and check multiple carriers for rates so those go out a bit more slowly.

      Thanks for all the wonderful comments from people that received theirs! As you start to really use it and put it to the test, feel free to send any feedback to so we can make improvements.

    39. Jesse Laflair on June 4

      Very discouraging that backers in the 1000+ have received theirs already and others (like myself at 772) have yet to even receive a shipping confirmation).

    40. Demithyle the Exalted on June 4

      Searching through the comments*

    41. Demithyle the Exalted on June 4

      Could we please get an update on shipping progress? Searching they the comments is rather annoying and looking at various shout outs the progress is kind of all over the place with earlier backers still not having their Notes while some of the later one are already enjoying theirs.

    42. Missing avatar

      Randy Fisher on June 3

      #671 still waiting... :)

    43. Scruffy
      on June 2

      I got my notebook a week or two ago and i am curious as to what size hole punch is compatible with this book?

    44. Sean on May 31

      #592 got my Note in today.The tracking email is from Arcana LLC via, received the email on the 25th, was sent to USPS on the 29th. Everything came in good order, with no damage from travel. check either my instagram @phatmage or tumblr @encyclopediainsanica. Both have the same set of photo's up for everything,
      I went with the r-n-w artwork, and everything I need fits inside the note. Still have extra card sheets, item and spell cards, and dot matrix paper as well. Now I can start printing up the original art pages as well, now that I have the Note, and a place to put them.

      For those that have received a shipping notice email with tracking number, and have not seen it move from preshipment, to shipment, it is more than likely a matter of them printing up a batch of the shipping labels, then sending everything out once that batch is packaged, labeled, and ready to head to the post office. Believe me when I say I feel you tension, anxiety, and impatience with waiting for the Arcana Note to arrive, and be placed in your hands.

      Thankfully, and finally, it has arrived, and this can finally be put to rest as "delivered". I'll be sure to post in use photo's as everything starts to get filled in, as I both play and DM different games and this will be used frequently and often.

    45. Missing avatar

      Zach Dominguez on May 31

      I received an email that my order was ready to ship on the 26th but it's still showing as not going out yet. Is this just an issue with the postal service not updating tracking numbers?

    46. Cody L Nevel on May 31

      A friend of mine was #1150, and has received his. Interesting that there seems to be no order to the shipping.

    47. Meghan Cross on May 31

      #926 and still no word. Though based on these comments I'm feeling really hopeful that it should be shipping sometime soon! Fingers crossed.

    48. Cody L Nevel on May 31

      Never mind! Found it. #1146... damn :’(

    49. Cody L Nevel on May 31

      Other than the original backer email, is there some other way to check to see what my backer number is? I know I pledged late, but any update would be nice.

    50. MrPlucky
      on May 31

      #764 Checking in. @Takodo & @Rualwicke no email about shipment here either, eagerly anticipation it though.

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