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A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
A tough leather journal and adventure kit that contains supplies to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Lissa Browning 1 minute ago

      Hi. Mine arrived last week and it's neat. However, I noticed that the side of my bag had split. The seams inside had frayed so much the stitching was coming undone. Pretty bummed as I was going to bring it to our gaming session tomorrow to show our DM. Here are pictures of what I mean:

    2. Missing avatar

      JD about 9 hours ago

      @Pablo - that stinks. I guess they didn’t get as many out as they thought they would. If we aren’t at ~100 shipped by now then I think deliveries will probably leak into April.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pablo Krause about 11 hours ago

      Backer #85... no news yet, single notebook

    4. Missing avatar

      Alec 3 days ago

      Backer #59, just got the Arcana Note in the mail. Fantastic feel, the leather is nice, the book itself is more of a A5 binder, but it's still nice. There are slots in the back for the cards, and slots in the front for extra sheets or papers. I tried all the included spell and item cards into the plastic holders, but ended up having extra plastic holders. You can't really fit EVERYTHING into the notebook at once, like I tried, but it fits a decent amount, at least enough for you to be set for quite a while.
      My Arcana Note came with R-N-W artwork (I've actually bought her work in the past, she's a fantastic designer), and while I would like to continue using her artwork for this book, I can't see a way to download/purchase her art, only the original arcana note art. Hopefully you all offer her designs later!
      The status and reference cards will be an absolute help during sessions, and I'm excited to pass out item cards to my players. The ruler doesn't lock into the rings as it does 'snap' on, making it easily removable from the binder at a moments notice, but overfilling the book causes it to pop off more readily, but otherwise it's a fine, clear ruler. The screen is tiny, obviously, but it has an odd cut to it, so when it unfolds, it sort of 'leans' towards the one behind the screen, and makes the information a little difficult to read if you're on the tall side at a decent sized table- I found myself having to crane my neck down or just tilt the screen away from me to be able to read the information. That being said, the information presented on the screen is a million times more useful than the original gm screen that Wizards released, and as a result, I will definitely be having this thing out in front of me as much as possible- maybe not to obscure my rolls, because the screen is tiny, but the actual usefulness of the screen is impressive.
      The dice tray is nice and has a plush feel to it, and I can see myself using it extensively in the future. The creases are clean and it's apparent how to make it snap together. Fitting it into the notebook is easy, as the back side has a big enough slot to house it comfortably without taking up excessive space.
      Ultimately, this was a fantastic project to back, and I'm proud to own what feels like a one-of-a-kind, exceptional piece of gaming hardware! Useful and beautiful! (That being said- Arcane Goods! Are we going to get the r-n-w artwork for download or purchase at any time?)

    5. LaTia B. 3 days ago

      Mine arrived safe and sound in Chicago today (Backer #34)

      I did a very shoddy unboxing here:

    6. Missing avatar

      JD 4 days ago

      @Austin and Art, eagerly awaiting mine as well. According to recent updates I assume around ~100 have already shipped out. They claim they should be able to ramp up to 100-200 shipments a week, but I don't think we have received a timeline on when that will happen. So the question is will they have shipped out ~150 or ~200 after this coming weekend.

    7. Austin Nickell 4 days ago

      @Art Steventon, I am #149 and haven't received any shipment news yet.

    8. Devon Cox 4 days ago

      Oh sorry, I guess you guys aren't the same people then? I reread my comment, and without context it seems like I'm talking shit, lol

      Mysterious package company is a cool site. I just ordered an "experience" from them for my girlfriend and they already had all my shipping info thanks to this kickstarter campaign somehow, so I assumed it was run by you guys as well... my bad, lol

    9. Art Steventon 5 days ago

      Argh, the wait is killing me! Guess I’m not far off as #344 though?

    10. Arcane Goods Creator on February 10

      @Lissa Browning I am guessing his was a single notebook and yours was a companion/party pack. The group packs are a few days behind since we ordered the wrong box sizes. Yours will be out by EOD Monday!

    11. Missing avatar

      Lissa Browning on February 10

      My backer number is 45 and I haven't received any confirmation of shipping. My husband is backer #49 and has already received his. Is there a way to find out when mine will be shipped, please?

    12. Arcane Goods Creator on February 9

      @Micah Miller sorry for the confusion. We had to skip a few of the early backers and jump to next in line due to the fact that the packaging we ordered for the companion/party packs wasn't working out. The new packaging will be here soon and we will get those skipped orders out then continue on in backer order.

      @Jason Dolley I believe at one point we did some tests on similar sized paper and it worked out fine. Most PDF viewers and printers are able to do some scaling automatically for you as well.

    13. Missing avatar

      JD on February 9

      Question for Arcane Goods or anyone that has received their Arcane Note... I know it was designed for A5 paper, but would the dimensions of the Note fit 5.5"x8.5" paper? I know A5 is wider, but if the Note is tall enough I assume it may still fit. I ask mainly because 5.5"x8.5" paper and stuff is easier to fine in the US.

    14. Missing avatar

      Micah Miller on February 9

      Just for a bit of clarification, are you prioritizing sending out all the big party packs first? Or did you just mean you were prioritizing the party packs of the first wave?

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim Maier on February 9

      As a backer with a number of 1000+ I guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer. Thanks for the updates!

    16. Missing avatar

      JD on February 8

      Thanks for the prompt communication and update! Looking forward to receiving mine!

    17. Arcane Goods Creator on February 8

      Regarding the shipping order, we are going in backer order but for the first wave we didn't have the proper shipping materials to ship some of the party/companion packs out. Those bigger boxes will arrive today or tomorrow and we will prioritize getting those out so we can go back to backer order.

      We are getting around 40-50 out per week at the moment but as we work out our fulfillment process and smooth things out, we will easily be up to 100+ per week with a goal of 200+ per week. Even with practicing a few dry runs of assembly before all the supplies arrived, we still found a few ways to improve assembly and make sure nothing gets missed :) By Sunday we should have up to backer number 100 out the door just to give you some transparency on where we are at. With the above estimations, if you are one of the last backers it may be until March before you receive yours but we are hoping sooner. We really appreciate the patience and hope it is well worth the wait!

      @Krzysztof Bzdyk glad you found it! Moving it to the front is a good suggestion and we will make that the default layout going forward since that is typically how we have had ours arranged anyways :)

    18. Missing avatar

      JD on February 8

      Based on the update on 1/30 it looks like they were only expecting to get 30-50 out the weekend of 2/3 (last weekend) and a "steady flow" after that. Hopefully they'll pop on here and give us a better expectation of what that means now that it seems some are shipping/delivering. I am curious if they are shipping in backer order and hope that multi-pack orders (companion and party packs) aren't held off till the later shipments.

      One of the backers on twitter posted some pics and it looks nice so that's a good sign.

    19. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Bzdyk
      on February 8

      Never mind! There is one in the back, I just moved it to the front :D

    20. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Bzdyk
      on February 8

      Just got mine, it is awesome! Well worth the wait.

      A point of improvement for the future though would be to include a hard plastic cover on the inside to make writing on the back of the first few pages easier. Great job!

    21. Missing avatar

      Phil Pelletier on February 8

      I second this motion. My wife and I cannot wait to get our journals!!

    22. Lord llama (The one true Philip) on February 8

      Would also like to know! Can't wait for this

    23. Missing avatar

      Tyler Daughtry on February 8

      Is there any chance we could get a shipping update as to how many have shipped so far and how many are left?

    24. Arcane Goods Creator on February 5

      @Jason Dolley great feedback! We will be cleaning some of this up in the next updates. Also, we want to provide additional size/layout options as part of our updates. With the first release we wanted to make sure it was as easy as possible for folks to print off replacements which is why we offset the margins for binder holes. We want to take this even a step further and have a PDF with two sheets on a single letter size sheet so you can cut and punch holes without needing to buy A5 paper. We may do a centered version after that as well but our main goal now is to make it easy to print at home :)

      @Jeff Gatlin thanks! We will continue to improve them when we can. Should be more updates coming in the near future.

      @Devon Cox everyone should get an email ahead of time when theirs ships out so it won't be mysterious :(

    25. Missing avatar

      JD on February 4

      IMO the forms still need work in regards to the form-fillable portion. Right now it appears the font is set for 10 which is fine except for some of the fields were more typing need to be done. Also, since "scroll long text" option is enabled in the form anything past the field will not be seen when printed. I tried auto font, but depending on how much you put in there it got too small. I think I'll just put the description/info text at Font 8 instead of 10 and disable scrolling text.

      The other issue I have is that the margins of the pages are skewed. For example, the Main page has more margin on the right than on the left. I assume this was done since some pages will be printed on the backs of others. However, I don't know what page would go on the front of the Character - Main page and IMO I really think they should all just be centered so we can pick and choose what goes where.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeff Gatlin on February 2

      The forms are spot-on. You guys rock.

    27. Devon Cox on February 1


    28. Arcane Goods Creator on January 30

      @Lord llama (The one true Philip) slower than anticipated but should have between 30-50 of them out the door this weekend with a steady flow after that :)

      @Josie Raley we will work on adding the fonts in a future update. Great suggestion!

      @Jeff Gatlin added to the list of fixes. Not sure what happened as they seem to work when we tested across computer but probably something we did on our end.

      @Pablo Krause this won't make it into the final but will add to list of updates to make for next version :)

    29. Lord llama (The one true Philip) on January 29

      How goes the shipping process?

    30. Missing avatar

      Josie Raley on January 27

      Question for those of use who are using the R-N-W styled pages, she has a font that can be used in PDFs from her site, and was curious if we would be able to use that for these PDFs.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeff Gatlin on January 21

      Two items to note -
      1) Campaign folder - Party (Front) - Only has the top row set for form fillable. The next four rows are missing the form fillable setting.
      2) Character folder - Complete - Most pages are missing the form fillable setting.

      On the other hand, I really like the flow and the different pages you have set up.

    32. Missing avatar

      Pablo Krause on January 21

      Feedback: On the "Combat" reference sheet, Melee/Ranged section: you might want to specify "Thrown" weapons, that can use STR or DEX depending on the weapon.

    33. Arcane Goods Creator on January 18

      Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delayed response. There is a lot going on with both the project and our personal lives so it has been a bit crazy. The only component we are waiting on at this point is the initiative card tents and those should be done printing by this weekend then it will take a few days for us to receive. Believe us when we say we are not only excited to get these to your tables but also to have some space and free time back :P We really appreciate the patience and should have a real update posted this weekend with some links to PDFs.

      Thanks as always!

    34. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles on January 18

      So... about that update...

    35. Lord llama (The one true Philip) on January 18

      Any updates on this O.o the waiting is driving me crazy, can't wait to use this!

    36. Chris Olandese on January 17

      Completely agree! Can’t wait to show up to my game night with this!

    37. Cindy Holkan on January 16

      I don't know why but waiting on this one... it hurts a little. It's not even that it's late it's just that I *want it now*!

    38. Arcane Goods Creator on January 7

      @Alan Wiles should be coming this week. Looking forward to the feedback :)

      @Jeremiah Philip Abad last set of initiative card samples arrive on Wednesday then we will place final order. The samples we have so far work fine but we are looking to improve durability since our initial printer didn't live up to expectations.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah Philip Abad on January 6

      Any updates on the project?

    40. Missing avatar

      Alan Wiles on January 4

      Just curious, when are the PDF's for the pages going to get posted?

    41. Arcane Goods Creator on December 23

      @Theresa Young we will be shipping out in backer order with the first orders going out in January :)

    42. Theresa Young on December 19

      How will orders be shipped out? By backer #, alphabetically, etc., or just randomly packaged and mailed?

    43. Arcane Goods Creator on December 12

      @Nick and @Scott Niklos, you can view your survey responses on the Kickstarter website. If you haven't completed the survey you should still be able to. If you completed and wanted to change any responses, feel free to message us directly.


    44. Missing avatar

      Nick on December 12

      Yeah I'm also worried, did I miss the survey?

    45. Scott Nicklos on November 29

      I don’t recall seeing shipping information, so you have it for backers? Or did I miss a survey??

    46. Arcane Goods Creator on November 21

      @Tyler Daughtry update coming this weekend :) Everything is on track for the first shipments going out mid-December!

      @shannow777 it would have been such a cool add on if we had the idea sooner!

    47. Missing avatar

      Tyler Daughtry on November 21

      Just curious whether there is an update coming this month. Is everything still on track

    48. shannow777 on November 13

      Where is the healing potion add on? LoL

    49. Arcane Goods Creator on November 4

      @Arthur whatever response you put on the survey is what you will get. If you want to change anything, let us know. The address you provided in the survey will be able to be updated until we start shipping. Check Kickstarter's FAQs on how to update addresses. Shipping for U.S. orders was already included in price and shipping for international orders would have been added at checkout. Thanks!

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