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ARC-One 3D Printer: Smarter, Larger, More Affordable

The ARC-one is a large format, next-generation 3D printer with smarter tech, Find out more @

ARC-One 3D Printer: Smarter, Larger, More Affordable

The ARC-one is a large format, next-generation 3D printer with smarter tech, Find out more @

pledged of $300,000pledged of $300,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, January 6 2016 6:17 PM UTC +00:00


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We Are EXCITED about the future of the ARC-one! and hope to see you follow us on our journey.

To Meet the Needs of The Future Makers and Creators, We Designed and Engineered the Perfect 3D Printing Tool: The ARC-one

Now We Need Your Help to Bring It to Life! 

It has always been our goal to create a printer utilizing the newest technologies at a price that is actually affordable. 3D printers with high-grade specs often cost upwards of $5k-$10k, and are out of the price-range for the majority of consumers. This limits creatives, artists, inventors, students, and designers to inferior-quality printers. 

Our plan to undercut these prices, while making a better machine than the rest, was a driving motivator in our quest to make the ARC-one.  

We wanted to make a printer we would want to buy ourselves, and that has informed our entire process. 

We’ve learned a great deal from the mistakes of others and have improved upon design flaws that exist in other machines. For example, our bed is rigid, quality metal machined parts throughout, our nozzles are easy flowing and allow for faster printing speeds, and our electronics are cutting edge, and the innovative built-in application handles all the hard work.

Printing is as easy as obtaining a 3D model either via USB drive or SD-card or you can download directly on the printer's intuitive 5-inch display... and telling it to print! 

Filament-based 3D printing will be relied upon for many years to come as a cost-effective solution for quick design and manufacture. It enables economical and rapid iterative design that is easy on the both the budget and timetable. 

3D printing filament is less expensive and better than resin-based printing material in many different ways, including being cleaner and easier to manipulate. You even get to use a wider range of materials.

Now, with this next-generation 3D printer, you can prototype, test, and refine your bigger projects without ever leaving your work-space and without having to glue your smaller pieces together. This exceptional large-scale 3D printer makes these projects easier than ever. 

The ARC-one Is Affordable - In fact, our price per CM3 is $0.02 and we can compare this too

  • Makerbot Z18 price per $0.15/cm3
  • Makerbot Replicator $0.38/cm3
  • Ultimaker 2 $0.23/cm3
  • Zortrax $0.30/cm3
  • AirWolf AW3 HDX $0.19/cm3

Print bigger for less - You don’t need to buy a machine that will cost you nearly $10,000 when this printer can handle any of your project needs; the ARC-one is a revolutionary machine that is multiple times more affordable than the leading competitors’ printers.

The ARC-one costs only $1399.

This means that you can afford to tackle huge, exciting printing project without having to mortgage your house to do it. 

The ARC-one is perfect for beginners and experts alike, allowing you to print big right from the start. You can simply download/create models and print them without any issues.

We have not compromised on quality for any aspect of this printer. If it could be made better with a certain function, then we’ve already integrated it, from high temp sensors to bed leveling and much more. 

The ARC-one was designed with everyone in mind, so anyone can use it. 

Ideas are cheap because bringing them to life is so damn expensive! 

Now, with the ARC-one, you can turn your wildest ideas into tangible realities, you can further your learning, and most importantly, make anything you want. 

Even if you just wanted to print the "Elephant by LeFabShop" (thing:257911)
Even if you just wanted to print the "Elephant by LeFabShop" (thing:257911)

(For more pictures of prints please check out our Instagram: @arcadian3d)

Printer Specs

  • From single small objects to mass-produced multiples or large prototypes, the 400x 400x 400mm capacity (16”), heated platform will suit yours needs with it’s dual nozzle, high speed (150mm/s-300mm/s), Automated bed leveling and high print resolution capabilities.  
  • Cruise around the menus on the 5 inch (full colour, full touch) LCD and the Encoder/button, or simply connect a mouse and keyboard and a HDMI monitor 
  • Print from the Internet, Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, USB, SD Card or from your PC Windows, Mac and Linux support 
  • Compatible with all open-source and on-the-market host programs (repetier, makerware, printerOS, simplify3d) for model prep & printing 
  • On board software (see below) for model downloading, slicing and more 
  • Custom electronic controller (see below) 
  • Print in a minimum layer height of 50 microns and a feature position of 12 micron (depending on chosen nozzle size) 
  • The super-compactness of the Arc-One means you can have a large build volume in a smaller than ever printer size of 600x 600x 600mm which is a record of space efficiency in this type of printer
  • Choice of single or double extruders 
  • Internal LED lighting 
  • Multi material support (see below) 
  • Open-spool support (spools can fit with printed adapters - Max spool width 300mm) 
  • (240/110v) 650w Silicon heatbed 
  • Filament sensors for end of filament or slippage. 

Software/ Electronics  

We’ve utilized Real-time 32-bit processors on our controller board, In turn allowing for faster printing. Also, we’ve added an upgradeable Genuine Raspberry-pi computer processor that runs independently, and sends information back to the dedicated real-time printer processors, and a choice of many different peripherals (stepper drivers, usb, servos, led’s) as well as the basic printer outputs/inputs (all these functions on the same board)  

Having a dedicated processor means you can do a lot more in the background (than just running your 3D printer), you can browse the internet and download models directly to the printer from libraries such as Thingiverse or Youmagine, all from a few taps on the touchscreen. (For more accessibility and a more complete experience, simply connect your mouse, keyboard, and an HDMI monitor.)  

The ARC-one allows for classic USB connection with your PC or over Wi-Fi, is Social, (it will send you tweets, and push messages for any notices you want), and queues print jobs, multiplies the model for mass prototyping and tracks 3D printing data. 

You will be able to download and use different “Filament profiles”, which include automatically set parameters depending on the brand and material you choose. Alternatively you can set your own parameters and save/export these profiles.

And, we can’t forget to mention the ability to add a USB camera (for remote monitoring, print selfies and sharing), our pause, continue & print recovery modes, and our low filament detection features.    

With our open API we invite software companies to make applications for the ARC-one, its users, and the users who use the electronics on other 3D printing systems. The ARC-one's software is accessible and usable by users of any experience level. Apart from our version, the software you can also download and use other software including Astroprint, Octoprint, PrinterOS and more.

All this, and the on-board memory, makes the ARC-one an ultimate “All-In-One" machine.

We will provide on-board software for various applications, such as slicing, model repair and more, by leveraging the power of the cloud network - while still allowing for classic computer model preparation.

Specs of our Controller:

  • Software controlled stepper motor outputs 
  • Both Thermocouple + Thermistor input for Regular and High-temperature readings 
  • USB points with extra USB points pinned out on the PCB 
  • Lots of Servo motor outputs for future use 
  • Many LED light channels 
  • Supports PCB heat bed 
  • Supports silicone heater 
  • Raspberry Pi computer. 
  • Lots of fan outputs. 
  • Lots of sensor inputs. 
  • Supports an external HD display 
  • Audio inputs and outputs 
  • E-switch circuit 
  • FSR Input and support. 
  • Digital support for SSR/PID controller
We need this funding to finalize the design and start manufacturing it; the electronics are designed by the same designer who brought the Melzi, Sanguinololu, Stepstick to the RepRap Community.

This is the next step towards a fantastic 3D printing experience. 

For Beginners and Pros: 3D printers in general, have a reputation for being complex and error-prone for beginners who are working on a learning curve. We eliminated that learning curve by making a superior machine that caters to both novices and professionals. 

Repeatable-Reliability: Along with this was the notion that we wanted repeat-reliability for this printer. There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for a new build to be completed, only to find flaws afterward. We made repeat-reliability a core principle in our design.

Filament/Material Support

You can use many different filaments in the ARC-one, including PLA, ABS and Nylon in 1.75 mm (plus many more materials) 

There are 2 embedded spool holders for 2 spools, allowing you to hold 2 spools for dual printing, or you can use it as storage if you are only printing with 1 material.

How did the ARC-one come about?

The ARC-one was researched and developed over the last 18 months.

Based on our understanding of the major issues with current 3D filament printers, we started with an idea of making a few bucks by building and selling kits, but we quickly saw problems with the basic design of the printer and decided to think bigger. 

We questioned industry methods and redirected our goals, choosing to salvage the information we needed, and started afresh. This gave us a chance for a new start and a new methodology. Thus, the ARC-one was born. 

This cutting-edge printer has been built on new industry foundations and has changed the way we think about technology. 

As Einstein once said,"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." 

We have been able to develop the ARC-one with the best specifications in mind because we are working with the best in the industry. As you can imagine, we are quite proud of the progress we have made in such a short time and are excited to share our achievement with the world. 

We’ve worked hard so our users don’t have to. 

Open Source

Our team was developed from an open-source community and would love to remain dedicated to providing for the open-source community. 

Being funded on Kickstarter will ensure that all of our new innovations are released as open-source.

Who are we?

We are Arcadian 3D, a tech startup from Australia. 

Our team is divided between our two headquarters in Australia and the United States, and is made up of experienced professionals specializing in engineering, a range of kinematics, product design, electronics development, coding, enterprise development, business management, logistics, accounting, manufacturing and manufacturing process development. We have all the elements in place to disrupt this industry in a major way.

We know what both the good and bad sides of business looks like, which is something that stumps many startups. They simply don’t know what lies ahead. We know what to expect in the future and already have a network of dedicated mentors who can help us through any situation. 

We’ve planned for success by taking every aspect of development into consideration from Day 1. Arcadian 3D has secured the very same designer of the renowned Melzi, Sanguinololu, and Step-stick, and he has been a valuable and constant asset to this project. 

His innovations have enabled tens of thousands of users to experience 3D printing technology, and we are thrilled to have his passionate input. 

Together with other team members, he will prepare our electronics, software and documentation for the users of the ARC-one.

Why is the ARC-one priced so low? 

You have probably already noticed that comparable printers to the ARC-one can cost anywhere up to $10,000, and sometimes more, so you might be wondering how or why we priced ours so low.

It’s an interesting story: 

  • We want to represent a positive change in the way that businesses interact with users. We wanted to make a better world, so we simply removed the greed from everything we did. The price allows for the healthy growth of our company and will help keep consumers happy. 
  • We knew that to keep something open-source and promote the growth of this technology, we needed to make the printer accessible, both in price and ease of use. 
  • We developed this printer in our spare time from money in our own pockets. If we couldn’t back our own project, then we knew that no one else would. Sure, we could have accepted seed capital, and would have likely raised millions of dollars. Maybe we would have gotten lucky with angel investors, but how many printers would we have to sell (and at what price?) to repay that investment capital? 

Design & Assembly

The ARC-one has been created by designers and engineers who hold 3D printing close in their lives, and it has been designed in such a way that even a child could assemble and use it, you will simply unpack from the box, bolt the bulk pre-assembled parts together at the base and top, and plug it in. The motion platforms will be all tested and quality checked in advance.

Our end goal is to assemble and produce ARC-one 3D printers in Australia or The United States, primarily using local parts and labor, as we want to support growth in the employment of skilled workers. 

But for our initial order, we will use parts sourced from world leading manufacturers, all over the world, the very same parts you can find in the very best, and very expensive, high-end 3D printers, using assembly services that are on the same level. 

All manufacturing will be monitored daily using our own team members, until a time when we can move all manufacturing in-house. 

Your Support Means An Earlier Delivery

Once we are successfully funded, we will start ordering parts and commissioning the production of our ARC-one printers. 

We’ve narrowed down our manufacturing partners, as well as our suppliers, and the agreements are signed. We’re ready to go! 

By supporting us in this Kickstarter campaign, you will get the very first ARC-one printers we manufacture. 

It is important to note that you may be giving us this money to create this printer, but we have always recognized that this money isn’t ours. It’s your money and you’ve worked very hard for it. Our ultimate goal is to provide our supporters with the printers they ordered. This money isn’t going to make us rich or successful, but it is a means of starting on our path. 

We want to create and share the best technology available and make it affordable for as many people as possible. 

You can help us start the journey! 

We’ll keep you up to date with all of our exciting progress, In the meantime, don't forget to share with your friends on social media.

After Kickstarter

Our focus after this Kickstarter campaign will be to deliver the promised printer to all of our backers. 

If you miss out because you were too late to support the project, if you’re in a country where our shipping doesn’t currently support, or if you cannot back us for financial or business reasons, we are also opening up pre-orders via our website. 

These printers will be sent directly after the Kickstarter orders. However, to ensure that you get your printer as soon as possible, simply back this project. We will honor all Kickstarter pledges, and we will give first priority to our Kickstarter backers. 

What's Included in my Pledge?

The best way to reward your support is to give you all printers! You will all receive ARC-one printers, along with the necessary instructions, USB cables, country-specific power units and software. This is in addition to any other stretch goal items and extras that we choose to include. 

If you add $70 to your pledge you will receive an ARC-one with a dual extruder.

Why we need you:

We’ve come this far by ourselves, along with the help of family, friends, investors and mentors; but with your support; we can finalize the product and send it out into the world. 

Your support is necessary to bring the ARC-one to life and push it forward into the spotlight. We are eager for that final validation, to show that all of our hard work has contributed to the greater good and to play a major role in such an important and exciting industry. 


The ARC-one ships in a semi-assembled form. Our current flat rate shipping price is approximately $110 USD, which covers our supported countries (please add to pledge after we send you the backer survey).

  • US/Canada 
  • Australia/New Zealand 
  • Mexico 
  • The United Kingdom 
  • European Union 
  • Netherlands, Sweden & Denmark

Price covers all posting fees, packing charges, associated selling costs, and packaging price. 

GST,Tax/Duties and VAT (if applicable) are the responsibilities of the backer. 

Production Timeline:

This Project is HUGE and we haven’t underestimated any complexities or details. If anything, we have added an extra buffer to all of our timeline milestones. We don't want anybody to worry, we will keep everyone up to date on our progress via regular updates.

How we would manage unforeseen delays, should they occur:

  • Our timeline includes buffers, which likely means that we will be able to get your printer into your hands sooner than expected 
  • Our timeline includes a short design revision and manufacturer optimization period 
  • Calculated based on a larger quantity order than needed 
  • Our business model is confirmed as scalable
  • Our fulfillment process is thoroughly planned out in advance to be able to anticipate and avoid delays

A Special Thanks:

We’d like to thank everyone involved. 

Many thanks to our supporters, families, team members, advisers and everyone who has pitched in to make this possible. 

We send out a huge thanks to all our mentors, who have supported us in so many different ways. 

Finally, for all you backers, thank you for whatever support you can give, whether in the form of a pledge or by sharing our project with your friends and family. Thanks for Your Support! 

Risks and challenges

As with any technology project, we face several key risks and challenges. The primary risks include:

Injection Molding:

The longest part of the process is making the injection molds; therefore, it is our largest risk. To solve this possible issue (the fact that it will take 60+ days), we will prepare the molds as soon the necessary funding is met.

Injection molding requires a huge capital expense; thus, we can only commission the production of the mold once we know that the project is successful.

Supply Chain and Logistics:

Before working to bring our idea to life, we studied the stumbles and failures of other projects, as well as the shortcomings of competing printer makers.

That’s why we have all of our suppliers in signed agreements, and we have back-up plans for all our plans. We’ve tested all parts and have chosen the parts that are the best quality. The first pieces to be ordered are the many expensive injection moulds for the shell frame.
The designs have been finalised and the designs have been CNC machined into its current form. They are as close to the production as you’ll ever get.

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    Our current approximate flat rate shipping price is $110, which covers our supported countries-
    ● US/Canada
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    Our current approximate flat rate shipping price is $110, which covers our supported countries
    ● US/Canada
    ● Australia/New Zealand
    ● Mexico
    ● The United Kingdom
    ● Europe Union
    ● Netherlands, Sweden & Denmark

    But this shipping/packing/handling price may slightly vary (Please wait until the final survey to pay for final shipping price)

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