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Help Prof. Cat's research in mazing machines, by helping fund this quirky motion based iOS puzzle game.

Update #2:

With only a week left we have two big announcements!

One: we wanted to show off the design for the T-shirt (because it’s aMazing!*)

And two: we are announcing a new reward tier at $20!

What you will get for a pledge of $20, or more, is a drawing of Prof. Cat by Caldwell wearing a hat of your choosing. This drawing will then be sent to you along with your stickers.

 If you’ve already pledged over $20, it’s being added to the list of things you are already getting.

If you’ve already pledged, but it’s under $20, you can still change your pledge and get in on this aMazing** opportunity to own an actual physical drawing of Prof. Cat by Caldwell!

*Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

**I couldn’t help myself again…


I realized that I didn't really have any video of the game's gameplay, so I figured I would correct that problem by making a video where I show some. I also show off some other aspects of the game like menus, and other mildly boring things.

Prof. Cat’s Mazing Machine is an iOS puzzle game being made by Arcade Tale Studio, with art by Caldwell Tanner. The game is simple enough, you move a ball through a maze by tilting your iPhone or iPad. But it becomes more of a puzzle game over time as you begin to encounter new obstacles and devices in the maze. This will not only make the mazes trickier to navigate, but also change your understanding of how you are going to traverse the mazes.

The Plan—

The plan is for the game to launch on both the iPad and iPhone as a “plus” app (basically meaning that there won’t be separate iPad and iPhone versions of the game.) Also in the plan is for there to be at least 150 levels in the game at the launch, with more coming as free downloadable content afterwards.

Here are some examples of what sorts of puzzles players will be in store for:

-Navigate a single ball through a maze.

-Navigate two balls through a maze simultaneously to different exits.

-Navigate a ball through a maze with blocks that move as you tilt the device.

-Navigate two balls through a series of locked doors, where one ball stays on an unlock button while the other moves through the door.

-Navigate a ball through a series of teleporters.

-And much more.

Screenshots (still a work in progress & updated 3/15)—

The Last Bit—

The game is in Alpha/early-Beta, and so we are looking for your support to help us fund the end of the game’s development. Most of the major stuff is done it’s mainly a matter of making all the levels, programming some of the gameplay elements, and creating the art and extras for the game.

If you have any questions about the game or whatnot, there is a FAQ below this where your question might be answered, or if not you can ask a question there.


  • I would like to release the game for Android at some point, but it is certainly not high on the priority list right now. One of the problems being that I don't have an Android phone to test the game on, and another being that I don't know which phones it will work on and which it won't.

    However if the game is successful enough on iOS I'll definitely look into doing an Android port.

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    A copy of the game, 2 exclusive wallpapers (both mobile and desktop sizes,) and access to a development blog where backers can give feedback both before and after the launch.

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    The previous rewards, stickers of Prof. Cat and other characters, and a special thanks mention in the game's credits.

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    The previous rewards, and a unique physical drawing of Prof. Cat by Caldwell wearing the hat of your choosing.

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    The previous rewards, and a special exclusive Prof. Cat T-shirt design.

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    The previous rewards, an Executive Producer credit in the game's credits, and backers will help to determine the next game developed by Arcade Tale.

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    The previous rewards, and these backers will get to suggest extra rewards players will be able to unlock in the game, and they will also be able to name a set of levels for a future DLC release.

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    Lunch or dinner with Michael Moore (the game designer,) and Caldwell Tanner (the game's artist) in NYC (you'll have to get to NYC yourself, but we'll pick up the check for the meal.) And everything in the $75 reward tier as well.

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