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The patent-pending Aquapaw combines your water sprayer and bath scrubber into an innovative pet bathing tool.
The patent-pending Aquapaw combines your water sprayer and bath scrubber into an innovative pet bathing tool.
The patent-pending Aquapaw combines your water sprayer and bath scrubber into an innovative pet bathing tool.
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    1. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi Shanker, sorry to hear that! It must have been lost in the maill as you're located in India.

      I send you a message to confirm your address to re-send your order.

      Thanks for backing!

    2. Shanker Menon

      Hi there.. This is to confirm that I haven't received the product as yet.. Will you be able to look into this

    3. James Parker

      @creator I have backed a significant number of kickstarters and my experience has been very mixed. I’m one of those guys that rarely comments when a product impressed me but I am seriously impressed! I would say is that the product you’ve supplied is probably the best products I’ve backed on Kickstarter!! I have used this a few times with my Labrador now and it is amazing! What was once a job I hated is not something I can get over and done in 10mins! I won’t pretend it’s changed my life but it certainly has changed the way I groom my dog! Not only did it clean but it also removed all his malting hairs!

      Congratulations on such a revolutionary product in the pet care arena!

    4. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hey Samson,
      Thanks for letting me know. Something must have happened when shipping internationally. We will make another attempt...i'll message you directly to confirm your address.

    5. Samson

      Still haven't receive mine, what is happening?

    6. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi Ken,
      So sorry to hear that. There must have been an issue with international shipping. I've sent you a personal e-mail to confirm your address so that we can re-send and get you all sorted. Please keep an eye out for that and thanks for backing!

    7. Ken Pierre on

      i still havent received mine

    8. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi Amanda! Sorry you're having trouble. We've had a couple people experience the same issue and if it's what I think it is then all you need to do is press the quick connect in until it clicks a second time and is totally engaged. I will send you an e-mail with some images. Let me know if you experience any further issues!

    9. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      I tried to connect my aquapaw to my shower and it sprays out through the quick connect portion of the splitter. It clicks in and the threaded portion is water tight but the spray is so bad that I cannot use it. Have tried to reinstall and use multiple times to no avail.

    10. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi James,
      Sorry about that! For some reason our fulfillment center missed it and I will ship it to you personally today. I will forward tracking info as soon as I have it.

    11. James Parker

      I haven’t received mine - I’ve sent you a private message.

    12. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi sunrinda, you're right. We asked for $30(aquapaw including shipping) and now you can buy it for the same price ($25 + $5) through our website and Uncommon Goods. At the time of the campaign we thought that the retail price would be higher (~$28) and USPS quoted us more the $5 for shipping. You're not the first person to bring this up and we were thinking that offering a 25% off coupon to all kickstarter backers for a future purchase on our website might be a good solution, what do you think?

    13. Missing avatar

      surinder narula on

      Congratulations on getting funded and shipping your product. It looks great. Only issue I have is the you told the early backers at $30 they were getting a 20% discount on the retail price. But you are selling them for $25 on your website? $5-$10 is not a big deal to me but it still feels like false advertising. Not to mention at $20-$25 you would have gotten a lot more backers. Good luck.

    14. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi Christine,

      Send me your paypal address at and I'll reimburse you for those fees.

      Thanks for backing!

    15. Missing avatar

      Christine D on

      Pretty upset, got a customs charge on this (over £7) which when customs hasn't been paid royal mail slap on a handling fee (£8), so ended up paying almost £50 for this.

    16. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi Pedro,

      Your aquapaw was shipped but there was an issue during shipment. I've sent you a personal message regarding its status. Please respond as we need some more details from you.


    17. Pedro Quintana on

      Hello! Backer from Spain, was the Aquapaw shipped already? Thanks!

    18. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi Lawrence, glad you like the product and thanks for the feedback! We will definitely take that into consideration. In the future we're even considering a few variations depending on pet size and type of fur. Please stay in touch!

    19. Lawrence Chan on

      So went and give my 2 dogs a bath using the new Aquapaw and it was pretty good. I was able to add the stop the water if needed while shampooing my dogs without reaching for the garden hose. The nubs on the Aquapaw allowed for a gentle massage for my dog and they seem to like it.

      If theres one thing I have to criticize about it, its the size. I find the paw a bit smaller than what im used to. If the Aquapaw is larger, I can cover a larger surface area while washing my dogs and my finger tips can further provide better "massaging" power. I guess you guys could look into making a bigger size for larger dog owners.

    20. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Please let us know how it goes when you've had a chance to try it out!

    21. Lawrence Chan on

      Just got the paw. Cant wait to try it out this weekend on my 2 dogs

    22. Patrice Hart-Schubert on

      Excited to try the Aquapaw on my senior golden retriever this fall! He's getting too old and anxious for the groomers and hoping this will be a soothing solution for all!

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott R. on

      So - How's it goin?

    24. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      YES, a lot has happened in the past month! We're currently finalizing design details with our manufacturer and hope to kick off tooling very soon! I will put together a more thorough update and send it out in the next few days.

    25. Missing avatar

      Scott R. on

      Any updates on progress?

    26. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Fantastic news!! Congrats and thank you!!!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Kyla Kessler Rowe on

      Congratulations! I can't wait for my aquapaws!

    28. Missing avatar

      Dori Bennett-Lentz on

      Yeah!!!!!!!! So excited to see your project come to life!!!!
      Love, Dori

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Stanford

      It looks like such an awesome product though. Happy we made it. Will say I honestly didn't think we were going to make it, but never been so happy to be wrong :)

    30. Michael Pratuch on


    31. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Thanks Michelle, your pup will love you!

    32. Missing avatar

      Michelle Dohm on

      This looks like a great product and we've ordered 2 for our 1 dog! Hope it is a go!!

    33. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Denny Hamill at iFetch is a great guy, thanks for the support Trevor!

    34. Trevor Bossert on

      iFetch team sent out an email about you. Thats how I found you.

    35. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hi Micheal,

      We were covered by a few smaller sites but none of the bigger pet sites have covered us.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Stanford

      So quiet for such a long campaign, you get any stories out on pet sites anywhere?

    37. Peter S. on

      I'm in regardless!

    38. Daniel Lentz Creator on

      Hey Peter, Although we haven't tried to connect to a gardena hose system specifically, the quick connect that we're using is the standard size and it appears that it would work judging by images of the gardena connnector I'm finding online. Hope you will support!

    39. Peter S. on

      Great product. Will it work with Gardena hose system or only he special adapter?