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Everything in Your Pocket Stays Dry, 30m/100ft underwater! Be ready for any Adventure. Magnetic-Tech. 9+ features
Everything in Your Pocket Stays Dry, 30m/100ft underwater! Be ready for any Adventure. Magnetic-Tech. 9+ features
Everything in Your Pocket Stays Dry, 30m/100ft underwater! Be ready for any Adventure. Magnetic-Tech. 9+ features
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ruairi Mcloughlin 12 minutes ago

      Can I get size 30?? Unable to fill survey

    2. Missing avatar

      Vladislav Paseka about 2 hours ago

      Mr. Rishi Thornhill,

      I am extremely dissatisfied with the sudden secret change in your stance regarding the shipping to EU. When I backed this Project the relevant parts of the Terms you published were:

      1) that you are located in "London, UK",
      2) your sentence "International order may be subject to import taxes",
      3) your price is in GBP.

      From this it's crystal clear that orders from the UK are not international. There is no other way how to interpret it and nowhere in your Terms (the whole Project page) is stated otherwise. Since UK is an EU member state the citizens of other EU countries must be treated as if they were domestic (i.e. UK located), that is the law that you must abide by. This automatically implies that all EU orders are not international and thus can not and will not be subjected to import taxes.

      However only recently (on August 3, 2018), long after I backed this Project with my money based on your published legally binding Terms as described above, you now all of a sudden mentioned here in the comments section (which is not part of the Terms and is not legally binding) that you are in fact shipping from the USA and the orders to the EU may or may not be subject to taxes depending on whether you may or may not find a way how to ship from inside EU (and no, sending from outside EU as a gift would not work if the sender is a company).

      The above referred remark of yours would imply that now suddenly you consider all non-USA orders as international but this extremely crucial information is nowhere mentioned in the Terms at all and is absolutely non-intuitive, there is no indication anywhere on the Project page that this would be the case and it's definitely not the part of the legally binding conditions under which I backed this Project and paid my money, it's the very opposite of the Terms in fact. What anybody could have ever possibly assumed was that UK, and therefore EU, orders are not international, not the other way around.

      You cannot unilaterally change the Terms that both parties bilaterally agreed upon, such a change would be illegal, and furthermore have the audacity to mention it in a "by the way" style as if nothing happened, that's not how legal contracts work and that's not how serious and responsible people behave.

      I would like to remind you a few parts of the Kickstarter's Terms of Use:

      1) "When a creator posts a project on Kickstarter, they’re inviting other people to form a contract with them. Anyone who backs a project is accepting the creator’s offer, and forming that contract. Kickstarter is not a part of this contract — the contract is a direct legal agreement between creators and their backers."

      2) "The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers."

      Kickstarter project is not a game. By backing your Project with my own money I entered into a legal agreement with you under the Terms that you published on the Project page. There is a certain risk I have willingly taken for when your business venture wouldn't work out and in that case, under certain conditions, I accept that I might lose my money. But this is not that case. This is simply a case when you violated your own Terms upon which I formed a legal contract with you and I have all legal rights to hold you legally responsible for that.

      Either make a very, extremely clear statement about the shipping to the EU and the absence of any import taxes and then stick to it as any adult person would, or I will have to regretfully ask you to cancel my order and return my money. It's not about those few extra bucks but about your attitude and how you conduct your business. If you do neither then my order will be either sent back by the customs office or destroyed and in that case, in full compliance with the Kickstarter Terms of Use, I will be forced to take legal actions to recover my money (report a fraudulent transaction to my bank, file a criminal complaint against your person and other actions). Please do not force me to go that route.

    3. Missing avatar

      about 2 hours ago

      Hi Rishi,

      It looks like the men's sizing has jumped to 30 in the XS, whereas, it used to be 28. Is there no longer sizing below 30? If so, I will need to cancel my order as I am a 28 and really do not want something that will be too big. thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cornelissen about 2 hours ago

      Hey Rishi thank you for the reply back. I am looking forward to getting them and I hope you have a great week. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Mathias Märker about 6 hours ago

      can you update the update with metric measurement as well please.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brändön Stückërt about 6 hours ago

      I wear size 34 jeans, and I think I selected Large for the size, so it sounds like I should change my size down to a medium, correct?

    7. Benjamin RH Bremmer
      about 7 hours ago

      Hi Rishi,

      I usually wear size 38 jeans for the best fit, but need a belt as my waist leans more towards a 36. Would it be best for me to change my size for the shorts to L (36)?

    8. Missing avatar

      Reyheller about 7 hours ago

      Hi Rishi,

      From the picture of the survey it seems there is an update of the design. I.e. a flap to cover the snap pocket? Would it be possible to provide some more insight?


    9. Rishi Thornhill Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Doug, the shorts do have the ability to become smaller with the snaps, and they also have the ability to stretch and fit better, with the 4 way stretch, but the sizes in the chart should be the best fit!

    10. Missing avatar

      about 8 hours ago

      Rishi, before I change my size. does the shorts still have the ability to become smaller with snaps on the sides? if so how many sizes does it reduce the size down to?

    11. Rishi Thornhill Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Samuel I must of missed that you were Backerclub :-) I have issued the 15% discount now. Cheers Rishi

    12. Rishi Thornhill Creator about 8 hours ago

      Hey @Chris,
      Yes It looks like the production itself will only take 3 weeks, and we are just waiting for the materials to be approved as they are stuck at customs at the moment. The shorts should be ready before the end of September, but I know how the Swedish customs can be, So I hope they arrive before your holiday.

    13. Rishi Thornhill Creator about 8 hours ago

      Hey @Steffen @Paul @Debector :-)
      I have released an update to help clear up the sizing issues, and will probably say that most likely you will be better off with reducing the size by one. Check the charts and let me know if you need any help !

    14. Samuel Chee
      2 days ago

      Hi, its end of the campaign, i still havent get the 15% off money back, as I mentioned that time im backerclub member. I remember you noted of it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cornelissen 6 days ago

      I hope your week is going well.
      I know ye have been set back but I am
      Planning on going on holidays in the beginning of October and that is why I bought the shorts because I will be going snorkeling and free diving. Here in Sweden the postal delivery can get delayed when packages come from
      Abroad. Do you think the shorts will be delivered before the end of September?
      I hope you have a good day and I am really looking forward to getting them.

    16. Missing avatar

      Steffen on

      I have the same problem as Paul van der Haar just below. I have 34/34 in all my jeans. Now I read you can go with small or medium, but when i take the size in cm's I need XL and I ordered XL also. Please advise.

    17. Paul van der Haar

      Hello Rishi, I'm confused about ordering the ride size. My hip is 39,37in(100cm), my waist is 37,00in(94cm), and in jeans(G-star, Tommy etc) I have size 33/34. Now I put in the survey XL. But wondering after reading all the comments if this is to big? Can you advise?

    18. Missing avatar

      Debector on

      Thank for your answer Rishi.
      I was talking about Sundek shorts not trousers 😉
      32 is almost 45 cms from left to right at the extrem top of the short (my belt circumference is 92 cms).
      A circumference grid would have been helpful for us, could the manufacturer give you the different sizes informations (inches or centimeters)?

    19. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      @Debector, and @Lars, it is hard to say as the jean sizes vary from country to country and brand to brand. But if you are actually size 32 where you wear your jeans, then a size small would fit you much better.
      and an actual size 34 I would probably go for a small as well, if you prefer a tailored fit, or Medium if you want a looser fit. This is going of your actual measurements rather then jean sizes, which vary

    20. Missing avatar

      Lars Gummich on

      What size do you suggest a man who‘s wearing 34/34 in jeans?

    21. Missing avatar

      Avinash on

      Thank you Rishi

    22. Missing avatar

      Debector on

      Hello Rishi, sorry to ask but your last message concerning the right size give le doubts about my choice.
      As a man wearing usually size 32, do you think my choice (M) is correct or should i take under?
      Thank you

    23. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Hi Avinash, the link to change your survey is and I would recommend size XS.

    24. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Hi Sophie, the factory has not began the tailoring, and they will start on the 17th of August when the fabric arrives. I will publish the updated women's updated sizes today with the hips and waist so you have plenty of time to make any changes if needed.

    25. Missing avatar


      Hi creator
      Thanks for the update.
      Nevertheless I can’t understand how your factory is beginning the tailoring without you not being able to share the women full measures table (hips and waist included). Sorry but this is quite confusing :-)
      Please find a way with them in order they provide it to you...

    26. Missing avatar

      Avinash on

      Hi Rishi, what’s the link to the survey so I can change my size?

    27. Ken Lau on

      Thanks Rishi - updated my survey on crowdox already :-)

      Again, good luck!

    28. Missing avatar

      Avinash on

      Hi Rishi, I am not sure about the size as of the last survey- measurement belly button came a lot higher than my natural waistline. My natural waist line for jeans is 29-30. What size should I be taking? The last survey stated I should take an M, which did not sound right? Should I be an XS? I don’t want to go through the hassle of returning the shorts

    29. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Hi Magnus,
      I am looking at a way to ship the Europe orders as gifts to save you on duty, but with a fulfilment company . My current fulfilment company is based in USA , so I might need to ship the Europe orders myself, unless I find a good company here. If anyone knows any send me a message

    30. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Hi Ken,
      You should be getting a S for sure .

    31. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Hi Pete I would actually recommend a XS . It will fit you well and have a nice tailored look. The S will be a lot more looser and baggy fit

    32. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Hey everyone sorry for the delay in writing a response, I’ll be posting an updating today with details of manufacturing, sizing , surveys and shipping .

    33. Missing avatar

      James on

      Hi Rishi, an update on delivery would be really appreciated as we are now in August. I think I remember you saying delivery was this month in an earlier update, is this still the case ? I’m excited to try mine out on holiday 😀

    34. Missing avatar

      Ruairi Mcloughlin on

      Just wondering when delivery will be as I move country very soon

    35. Missing avatar

      Magnus Bjarnevik on

      And how about customs?
      I'm in EU, must I pay tax or have you fixed so we won't need that?

    36. Ken Lau on

      @Rishi - I am so sorry for coming back late. We spoke about possibility of exchange if size won’t fit but then, I guess none of us wanna go through the hassle!

      My jeans/pants/shorts normally labeled as 30 - but I measured most of them yesterday, the true size ranges from 31-32.

      I ordered M - is that alright? Or I should trade down to S?

    37. Missing avatar

      Noemi Macedo da Cunha on

      Hi! Any idea about the expected shipping date?


    38. Missing avatar

      Pete on

      Sorry I am coming a bit late to the survey. I'm uncertain on the sizing as measuring at the belly button I get about 28", but around 31-32" at natural waistline and about 34" measuring 4.5" lower. Scanning the previous comments I see you said for a 30" waist possibly either XS or S work, but I think I would be better off with S, do you agree? Thanks and sorry for both delay and another sizing question!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Currinn on

      Any idea when the expected receive date of these would be?

    40. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Sophie I am still waiting to hear back as they are still scaling the sizes for the women’s version at the moment. The deadline is only for the colours, as The factory has to order the dyes for the colours today , so you will be getting the colours that you have selected and can change the size when the new table come out .

    41. Missing avatar


      PS d I WANT the aqua blue color BUT I can’t fulfill the survey without the women complete sizing table including hips+waist - please answer ASAP as I do not want to miss the 24h timeframe....

    42. Missing avatar


      Hi creator
      Any news about the hips sizing you (and us) are waiting for / for girls version? Can you please share the sizing table with the hips and waist measurements? I am still waiting for it to finalize my survey :-) thanks!!

    43. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Hi Matt , did you follow the new link?
      Alternatively email to get your login details

    44. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Michael , yes the pocket has a flap that can be used to cover it for a more discrete mode or alternatively can been left exposed.
      I’ll make sure to include some more pictures of it.

    45. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Jon if you measure where your shorts normally sit , your natural waistline use this measurement.


    46. Rishi Thornhill Creator on

      Ben you should definitely get a size small

    47. Matt Rochelle on

      It wont let me log in to change the colour to one of the new ones

    48. Michael Schütze on

      The pocket on the new colored shorts looks different than your prototype. I find the same difference in the images of the long inseam version. Rishi, can you elaborate on the design change?

    49. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      I wear size 30 in everything, so I had originally picked Small. But the measurements are making me nervous so I put both of my shorts up to Medium. Ahhhh, hope they fit.

    50. Missing avatar

      Johnathan Yeung

      Rishi, would you mind helping me out with sizing please? Should I be measuring at my natural waistline, my belly button, or 4.5 inches under my belly button?

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