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pledged of $6,653 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Rishi Thornhill
pledged of $6,653 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Stefan Vitz
      about 4 hours ago

      I really do hope they still are within their planned time line.
      But this is Kickstarter. So there always is the risk of delays and failure.
      So you should really be aware of the possibilty that you receive your shorts later then expected.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel ELTON about 7 hours ago


      I don’t need another update. I just need the shorts. Are we all still on for August delivery? I hope it is the beginning of August and not the end of summer will be over.



    3. Missing avatar

      Mikael Jonsson about 11 hours ago

      Heyoo! Will there be color options on the pocket? I'm really not liking the neon green one. And, there should be more a lot more color options on the shorts. Black and dark blue looks like the color options left in a men's store after a sale.

    4. Liam Taylor about 11 hours ago

      Will the greenish color that is in the campaign page right above the stretch goals be available. I think that color is great. It is very oceany.

    5. Rishi Thornhill Creator about 13 hours ago

      Hi Lewis , the magnets are completely safe with phones and credit cards. And as hotel swipe cars use different encryption meant to be easily wiped, we suggest using the specially designed back zippered pocket for them!

    6. Rishi Thornhill Creator about 13 hours ago

      Hi Stefan , there all offer the same shorts. The lower price is only a promotional pricing for the same shorts. So if you see them you will save even more

    7. Missing avatar

      Lewis Laing
      about 15 hours ago

      Do the nano-magnets effect the magnetic stripe on credit cards or magnetic access cards (eg hotel rooms)?

    8. Stefan Vitz
      about 20 hours ago

      Especially if i look to the 96, 115 and 135 levels. 2 shorts but the sold out early birds cost more then the still open 96er level.

      Could you clarify the differences?

    9. Stefan Vitz
      about 20 hours ago

      I dont quite get those pledge levels..
      You keep switching between "adventure shorts" "ultimate adventure shorts" and just "ultimate shorts" in lots of different price categories...

      Eversthing the same or a hidden "catch" there?

    10. Rishi Thornhill Creator 3 days ago

      Hey Linus!
      I am not going to change the fit completely of the larger sizes, I am just increasing the leg opening slightly as the sizes go up in proportion . Due to the stretch nature of the fabric I hope this will also fit the power lifters and also not look baggy. The last thing I want to do is create a baggy pair of shorts!! !
      It is hard to accommodate for all shapes and sizes perfectly but I will make sure to take this into account

    11. Missing avatar

      Linus Morlinghaus 3 days ago

      Hey Rishi, as I read in an earlier comment, you’re not planning to keep the slim fit with bigger sizes? I’m quite tall (1,94 cm) so would probably need XL for my (90-93 cm) waist, but I got just normal legs, such a big leg opening would sadly look ridiculous on me. A slight increase with the sizes I would understand.
      But if I got you right, the bigger sizes are basically only for big, not tall people.

      I just hope I can actually wear them. Not everyone here is a power lifter :D I got max 22-23 inch top and 16-17 above the knee.

    12. Rishi Thornhill Creator 3 days ago

      Hi Dean,
      Washing and detergent is completely fine for the waterproof pocket, as they are very resilient. However the coating on the shorts fabric which gives it the hydrophobic property can get dissolved by using to many chemicals and Hugh temperatures. So we recommend low temp less chemicals to prolong the life of the hydrophobic coating!

    13. Rishi Thornhill Creator 3 days ago

      Hi Stephen ,
      Yes for sure . I will be keeping it slim fit for small medium and large sizes on the leg, and will be only increasing the xl and Xxl to have wider leg openings!

    14. Rishi Thornhill Creator 3 days ago

      Hey Sara, I’ll see what I can do . But I need to get another female version made up with the new updated design first.

    15. Dean
      4 days ago

      These shorts look incredible! Can't wait to enjoy the towns, beaches and reefs of Thailand in them. Just curious about washing -- hand washing with regular (or mild) laundry detergent won't harm the WP pocket/seal? Thanks, Rishi & Team.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephen Taylor 4 days ago

      Oops, sorry spell check, I mean Rishi, best of luck,

    17. Missing avatar

      Stephen Taylor 4 days ago

      Hi Rishton,
      Best of luck!
      Please, please I am a small waist 30" and was sold due to how narrow and cool the design of the shorts looked on the video. Please keep the narrow leg version, even if it's just one for myself!! 😃 many thanks, steve

    18. Missing avatar

      Sarah Chan 5 days ago

      Is it possible to get a female model wearing the shorts? I don’t mean to sound creepy but I do want to see how the shorts are supposed to look on a female body, especially where the shorts are supposed to fit on the waist/hips since I don’t usually go for anything that aren’t hipsters

    19. Rishi Thornhill Creator 6 days ago

      @ANNET G there are 2 leg leths for womens shorts :) short and long

    20. Missing avatar

      Annet G 6 days ago

      The ones you have in your size table for women have such short legs, maybe you guys think it’s sexy, but it’s also uncomfortable..can you make some with a bit longer legs or must I go to the boys sizes...

    21. Missing avatar

      Annet G 6 days ago

      Hello Rishi,
      Are the shorts only a boys-thing?
      If you make them a bit wider on the legs and put a string in the elastic waistband , we can also wear them....

    22. Rishi Thornhill Creator 6 days ago

      I will be confirming the sizing next week as I am updated it to make the larger sizes more roomy .
      I haven’t planned any live streams yet but it could be a good idea to do!
      Feel free to message me your leg measurement and I can take it into account while updating the sizes.

    23. Rishi Thornhill Creator 6 days ago

      @Kyle and @jimmy
      The pocket dimensions are 22.5 cm by 14cm
      Which gives plenty of room for very large phones and other items.

    24. Rishi Thornhill Creator 6 days ago

      Hi Brandon , on our sizing you will be taking an XL which is 37/38 inch waist . The leg opening is actually quite narrow at the moment, coming in at 23 inch . But as I said I am getting that adjusted and will be posting the updated sizes with all the details next week and the leg opening for XL will be increasing to 26 inch .
      Plus as you pointed out the material has stretch .

    25. Grayson King
      6 days ago

      I’m in a similar position as Brandon S, my legs are chunky. Every time I buy shorts or pants or trousers or jeans I end up having to get a waist size much larger than my own just for the legs and ass space combo haha


      My waist is usually 31 inch ish (depending on the brand and style or format of clothing I guess) but my legs/ass feel better in clothes built for 34... and I get way too much waist slack as a result

      They’re expensive for shorts and I bought Frank Anthony shorts before and they ended up very tight around the waist and legs.

      I’m sure they’re stretchy and I’m hopeful they’re all around what they seem. Are there any live-streams planned?

    26. Nastacia Lee 7 days ago

      Thank you for responding about the "up to " question. However, I am at the top of the waist measurements so I need to know how these are going to fit my waist before the campaign ends :(

    27. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Wu
      on May 18

      Can you give dimensions for the pocket. I have a large phone and want to make sure it fits

    28. Missing avatar

      Kyle McBride
      on May 17

      What are the pocket dimensions?

    29. Missing avatar

      Brandon S on May 17

      I just backed and hopefully we can get that sizing information before the campaign ends. I am a power lifter who has 26" legs so I need to know the leg opening and I wear 36 or 38 waist jeans depending on the style and make. Looking forward to more sizing information. These shorts are pretty bad ass and happy to be part of it. Thanks

    30. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 17

      @Nastacia Lee Hi, Please ignore the 'up to' part on the sizing charts. I will be updating the charts with the new sizes completely adding more sized and and adjusting the current sizes based on the new tailored waistband which will be more adjustable. I will make sure there is a clear and accurate fit before you pick your size on the backer survey. I will be updating the sizing chart when I get the new samples back from the manufacture , hopefully next week!


    31. Nastacia Lee on May 17

      I am confused about the sizing charts. What does the "up to" part under the waist measurements mean?

    32. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 17

      hahah, yes the adjustable waistband will remain, I am working out if it is better to also ad the drawstring - it is internal so don't worry it will not be visible ;)

    33. zephyrsaidwhat
      on May 17

      Are the originals with a fastening closure remaining as an option? I personally think drawstrings look like we don’t know how to dress ourselves, a tad juvenile perhaps.

    34. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 17

      @DC Hi DC, I am working on prototyping them both and will be posting the results before the end of the campaign, but so far I am more drawn to the drawsting, especially the premium elasticated versions, as it is much more easier customisable!

    35. DC
      on May 16

      My vote is for a drawstring please, not another fastener. Drawstring is more accurate because people wear their shorts at different places on the waist.

    36. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 14

      @ Robert , thanks for the comment .

      For a chart of atm to kg pressure check here:

      Yes this is true. The pocket will protect against water , and we have tested several phone at 30 meters. But it is important to always refer back to the manufactures physical pressure durability as , but the pocket will provide protection from water. Not from from physical force.

    37. Missing avatar

      Róbert Lukáč on May 14

      Btw, 30m below water level the pressure on the watch is actually 4 ATM. That would be a rough equivalent of placing a 300kg brick over the face of an average phone on the ground. If the phone can withstand that kind of pressure you are good to dive in the advertised depth.

    38. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 13

      @doc No belt loops on this version. I went to it more in depth on an earlier comment but in short, the labour cost was a big jump and also it would mean poetically having 3 different methods of tightening , adjustable waistbands belt loops and side fasteners .
      I will however be making sure they have a perfect fit , so decided to either add another side faster or add a premium-stretch drawstring.

    39. Doc Johnson
      on May 13

      @Creator, what was the result of the belt loops we requested a while back?

    40. Doc Johnson
      on May 13

      @Creator. Alright, happy I joined back and got my early bird again. Lol. Hope that was a lesson learned in business that wasn't too pricey. Looks like you're doing good still, so moving along. =)

    41. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 13

      @doc Johnson , I appreciate that :-)

      Vineeta is no longer involved with this project at all.
      My opinion on the methods used while I was away, were that they were misleading at best and very unnecessary, I dont mind negative comments, as I feel there is some truth to every opinion which can be learnt from and used to improve yourself. So while I understand that Vineeta was trying to do her best.l my method is always to be transparent and realise issue hat come up can be a blessing in disguise, as they often point to a place where there is room for improvement !!
      Vineeta is someone I personally know but never actually worked for aquanautia, just offered to help out while I was away, and is no longer involved with the business !

      I hope that cleared up some of your questions :-)
      Thanks again for jumping back on board - it truly means a lot to me


    42. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 13

      @ Alex ,
      Yes the new costing from the manufacturer had been approved now, and I will be placing orders for materials before the Kickstarter ends. Everything looks on track for August! :-)

    43. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 13

      @cgibson002 please send me a private message on Kickstarter ,

    44. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 13

      Thanks @ken , I’ll check them out :)

    45. Doc Johnson
      on May 13

      @Creator, I'm going to give you a second chance since the earlier comments were not your own while you were on retreat.

      However, I have a few questions. Is that person still with your company in any way (Vineeta)? In what position did they hold before/after these altercations? And lastly what is your take on him/her using bribed (admitted and acknowledged) comments to distract from "impacting sales"?

    46. Missing avatar

      Alex on May 12

      Hey there! I'm curious what is the estimated delivery at the moment in your opinion, still in August? Thanks

    47. Missing avatar
      on May 12

      My email is, I received an email that I will get a 2nd pair free?

    48. Ken Lau on May 12

      I actually don’t have any tips - but the most impressive KS project that I have had so far is with Bluffworks - they have the production and distribution so well planned everything was right on schedule.

    49. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 12

      Hey @Ken Lau :) SO glad you game back in !!!

      Yes it is very exciting, but for me the more exciting and important thing is not if I get to 150, or 200k+ it is making sure the delivery is quick and quality is amazing, so we can build a community that has a positive Kickstarter experience and an awesome pair of shorts.
      As I said in the last comment, I am currently sorting out the production in Turkey and might even be flying out there before the campaign ends to get the production lines rolling :)
      You are right, how the campaign ends, with distribution is much more important that the actual campaign, it is the lasting impression people get of your brand, and determines whether or not you have fans for life! It is my main priory and am going posting the progress and journey as it happens. Let me know if you have any tips for this.


    50. Rishi Thornhill Creator on May 12

      Hey @Andre Brown. I am making it my mission right now to get the manufacturing sorted out for a good delivery date. I am flying out to Turkey to get the manufacturing started before the campaign ends, possibly in a few weeks. I will be personally overseeing a small batch run to test quality and also placing orders for Fabric, Zips, Waterproof Pockets and Labels. ASAP.
      I will do my best to get it to you before your holiday :)

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