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The Pennypult is a toy trebuchet with a unique design. It's small, powered by pennies, and effortless to construct.
The Pennypult is a toy trebuchet with a unique design. It's small, powered by pennies, and effortless to construct.
The Pennypult is a toy trebuchet with a unique design. It's small, powered by pennies, and effortless to construct.
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    1. Apptivus Creator on

      @Perry -- Our records indicate that your package was shipped out on 11/23/2015 and was delivered a few days later. If you have yet to receive your package, please contact us at, and we can provide you with your shipment details and any assistance that we can.

    2. Apptivus Creator on

      @Brian -- As mentioned in our direct response, your package was not mailed out due to your survey response being submitted long after our requested deadline that was announced back in September. Please contact us as outlined and we'll be able to get your kit out to you asap!

    3. Apptivus Creator on

      @Matthew -- Our records indicate that your package was shipped out on 11/23/2015 and was delivered a few days later. If you have yet to receive your package, please contact us at, and we can provide you with your shipment details and any assistance that we can.

    4. Missing avatar

      Perry Lindsay on

      Haven't received mine either

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Ramming on

      Backer still waiting to receive kit! Help!

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Ramming on

      yeah so still waiting to receive my reward (a trebuchet) from supporting this kickstarter. What's up with that?

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Logan Wade on

      I haven't received my reward yet. Can anybody help me locate where it has gone?

    8. Lee Chee Chau on

      Hi, I wanted to assemble mine today and I found that it didn't have any of the connector pieces (chain, bands, clear plastic sticks etc.) as shown in the pictures. Can you send those to me? Thanks.

    9. Tim on

      @Robert: Split Shot Fishing weights in the neon colors.

    10. Robert Wojciechowski on

      Got mine a bit ago and just recently got around to putting it together. I like it a lot! It is a fun little conversation piece and when constructed is very strong. The only thing I did not care much about was the projectiles included. They are small and accurate to something that would be used but I lost them soooooooooo fast. I will be going to like hobby lobby or something to pick up large red or neon beads or something for future uses. Other than this small gripe it is a fun piece and 100% worth the money! Thank you!

    11. Tim on

      @jeff, then click on penny pult up top and it will say instructions

    12. Jeff Newfeld on

      I am giving this as a gift to my engineering student daughter. I assumed that I'd be able to find instructions online (nothing seems to have been included with the kit) but I don't see anything. Where should I point her for instructions? Is there a Youtube video at least?

    13. Missing avatar

      Markus Harms on

      Sorry! My mistake. Found it!

    14. Missing avatar

      Markus Harms on

      Backed two kits. Today I received a parcel including three bags: 2 with wooden parts, but only one with bearings, ribbons, a chain and acrylic parts. Is there one bag missing? Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      Shannon Goan on

      Wow!!! I guess I made a $30 click error. I meant to click the the $30 kit option. Not the cheap shirt option and then spend another $7.00 on shipping. Well, I guess I just threw away $37.00!

    16. Apptivus Creator on

      @Shannon -- If you look closely at the reward level you backed, you had selected the $30 Deluxe Supporter option which does not include a trebuchet kit. The trebuchet kit is available with either the $30 Backer option or the $50 Deluxe Backer option (which includes a t-shirt AND kit). If you have any further questions, please submit a customer support ticket at:

    17. Missing avatar

      Shannon Goan on

      Could you please confirm if my Trebuchet has shipped?

      Thank you!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mirisola on

      Got mine yesterday. Built and firing in no time. Cool design and happy I backed the project.
      To whoever had the idea for the split-shot fishing weights, thanks for the idea!

    19. Mike Reiber on

      Bought two kits,one is working great wanted to assemble the second one but no rubber o-rings in the hardware pack,help thanks Mike

    20. Aaron Morris on

      Just assembled my Pennypult and test fired it. Other than a small piece of tape needed to keep the face piece on the arm (it was slipping off during launch), it works as advertised. I'll enjoy having it on my desk as a conversation piece.

    21. Lindsey Davis on

      This thing is AWESOME!

    22. Missing avatar

      Shannon Goan on

      I received my shirt but not the Trebuchet. I thought that these have been shipped. I live in California, if that helps.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      Chris thats How it is unfortunately, usually there's a limit, in Denmark where I live it's £8 everything valued higher gets import tax.. Think I payed around £5 and £16 in handling fee.

    24. Tim on

      @Chris packages shipping internationally can be tough with customs. PM the creator using the Contact Me by clicking on their logo here.

    25. Chris Wharton on

      Why am I having to pay an extra £12 for customs charges on top of the 20$ postage?

    26. Adam Petersen on

      I had the same problem, missing everything but the wood parts in the box. Sent a message this weekend, hoping to hear back soon so I can get the parts and try it out!

    27. Christopher Cooper on

      What an excellent design! I was able to set it up in minutes using the directions on the website. I was soon launching projectiles across the room. The distance surprised me. Great design! I'll be ordering more for the rest of the office!

    28. Tim on

      @Charles split shot fishing weights will work

    29. Missing avatar

      Charles Coward

      I'd like to order extra projectiles, tried launching one and think it is in low earth orbit now.

    30. Tim on

      It comes with 3 sizes. They are basically equivalent to split shot fishing weights. But lighter. I plan on buying split shots that are heavier.

    31. Centipede on

      What size are the projectiles? I'd like to order some silicon beads to use as spares.

    32. Tim on

      @DrDevice, Click on their logo here on KS, then Contact Me. Send them a DM about your issue.

    33. DrDevice on

      One of the kits i have received is missing the chain, hook wire and U-Wire

      How do i request these be sent to me?

    34. Steven Nijstad on

      My Pennypult just arrived! Too bad I had to pay €18,90 import taxes to the delivery guy... :( This thing better sling very well ;)

    35. Roderick King on

      Kinda concerned that it didn't come in a box, plus no printed instructions as others had mentioned. I assumed our support would make a product viable for commercial sale. Not a one-off batch only packaged in Priority Mail boxes.

    36. Tim on

      @Christopher Just go to and click on the 3 lines (on mobile). Click on Pennypult then Instructions. On desktop, hover your mouse over Pennypult and click on Instructions. Make sure you have ad-blockers turned off and Adobe updated.

    37. Christopher Gerding on

      Got my kit but the instruction link is not working. Please post the instructions so my son and I can build it. Honestly pretty cheap to not include printed instructions guys.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeff Mirisola on

      @creator - yup, went back and re-read the description. Completely my bad. Lesson learned. Sent a message via your website.

    39. Graeme White on

      Got mine in Australia,

    40. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      Got my kit. You guys are super cool. Thanks for the very cool x-mass gift.

    41. Dennis Palmer on

      My 7-year-old daughter loved putting our pennypult together. I didn't show her the completed image or video first, so it was fun to see her discover what it was as we built it. She was complaining about the burnt wood smell and I noticed that we were getting black soot on our hands. After it was finished and we were launching projectiles across the house, she said that the fun was worth the bad smell. It's the funnest thing we've done in a long time. She and her little sister set up a block castle and tried to hit it. The only thing that stopped them was bed time. Great work!

      The 3-year-old now calls it "the money launcher."

    42. Tim on

      @doug it was never advertised as being metal...if you couldn't tell from the pictures it was wood and plastic then you shouldn't have backed it. I assembled mine in about 45 minutes and it is solid once put together. The pieces are tough particle board. It's not going anywhere. No piece has any kind of stress except for a little on the largest acrylic rod. Overall a GREAT KS campaign. Very happy with this.

    43. Ry Wilson on


      Ok, I guess I misread the email. Thanks man!

    44. Marcus Spears

      i like this its nice for what i payed for though i do have one complaint it is kinda tough to put together if you have big hands

    45. Missing avatar

      Doug King on

      HORRIBLE !
      I got a super cheap wood or pressed cardboard ( not the metal model I ordered)
      NO instructions
      looks like maybe 100 or so tiny parts.
      I want the METAL model I ordered or a complete refund.
      I would not have paid $2 for this , no kidding

    46. Missing avatar

      mwalimu on

      Just got mine in the mail and put it together in around an hour. Very nice design. Throws a lot farther than I expected, even 1 penny short. Can't wait to show my physics students tomorrow! Any rough idea of what the efficiency is (or are you going to make me measure it myself)?

    47. Tim on

      @Ry, there is no tracking info.

      Just got mine in the mail! Have to wait till tonight to assemble it.

    48. Ry Wilson on

      I received the email saying you were shipping but not an email confirmation saying mine was being shipped. Any thoughts. (Checked junk/spam and haven't received anything by mail).

    49. Missing avatar

      Gregory Sonnenberg

      Jeff Mirisola - you are not alone - I made the exact same mistake (and wonder if the other 31 supporters in this reward option did also) Next time I will read more closely. My wife does like the t-shirt though

    50. RnGRRnGR

      Received in Ontario, Canada. :)

      Great product, easy to follow online instructions and works well. I've made some of my own ammo.

      Thanks for the fantastic trebuchet!

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