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We stimulate a child's mind by challenging them to want to learn and problem solve while capturing their attention and imagination.

We stimulate a child's mind by challenging them to want to learn and problem solve while capturing their attention and imagination. Read More
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The Adventures of Bert and Clare™ is a new, fully animated children’s television series designed to break all the rules of traditional entertainment programming for kids aged six to eleven. The audience will be presented with an action-packed, funny, educational series, filled with lovable and memorable characters. Using the already familiar characters of the Be Alert Bert series, plus an unlimited host of fresh new ones, this new television series promises to set a new standard in the area of edu-tainment. The producers believe that the audience is probably already using computers, reading at various levels as well as writing.

 The series will build on these skills. Children will be encouraged to send in suggestions and stories via the internet. They may even provide the answers to questions that stump the main characters, Bert and Clare. The series will take the viewing audience on adventures that will not only stimulate their young minds, but also challenge them to want to learn and to problem-solve. 

 The thematic focus of the entire series is the idea and need for tolerance. Children will witness, through the animated bug world, an unmistakable parallel to all the problems and challenges they may face in the real world. 

Bert and Clare, in a search for their lost parents, will meet and interact with bees, bugs, animals, and sometimes even humans from all around the world. They make new friends wherever they go and learn new things in the process. Tolerance for every living creature will be the focus, accompanied with some good old-fashioned understanding and respect for the differences that exist between all forms of life, no matter what meadow or country they come from. With these ideals in mind, the series is intended to do more than entertain and teach children, it will empower them. 

 In order to teach children, you must first capture their attention and imagination. To do this, The Adventures of Bert and Clare™ will rely heavily on a zany, sophisticated, and often highly physical comedy that will appeal to all ages. With this approach, parents will be encouraged to sit and watch this program with their children and discuss the importance of each message. 

With the support of the Kickstarter community, we plan to utilize the funds to fast track the Adventure series by having a professional pitch bible created and designed as well as  prototypes for toys, kids apparel, and plush characters.  Our All-In-One pitch design provides studios with a complete 360 view of the entire scope of the series as well as merchandising created so we can put together a very fun and engaging pitch meeting. 

  We have the Characters, the Story Line, The Scripts, Demo Reel and an amazing team of individuals ready to bring this series into every household once we join forces with a Premier CGI Studio that also shares our enthusiasm and dedication.   

The Kickstarter funding revolves around polishing up the current materials and making the necessary marketing updates to shop the series to a CGI ANIMATION Firm to be picked up. In it's current state a small amount of funds are required to bring this to the next level and produce a new Children's 3D Adventure Series.

The keys to success for The Adventures of Bert & Clare, are: 

 ß To update but maintain a strong affiliation and association with the existing Bert brand.

ß To broaden the appeal of the characters and situations to suit an older demographic by updating the characters and featuring more action and adventure themes.

ß To showcase the various gadgets, characters and concepts featured in the new series to drive licensing opportunities.

ß To integrate with and drive traffic to an online presence.

Project Requirements

The trailer will be approximately 3 minutes in length and will feature all of the principal characters, props, locations and concepts for the show.

Phase I – Teaser animation In Scope:

 ß Concept design of Bert to be approved by BABH, from which designs for Clare and Uncle Buzz will be based upon.

 ß Scratch board sequence

 ß Textured character models for Bert, Clare and Uncle Buzz.

 ß Textured Location model of hive front step and interior

 ß Textured model of Digit and Internectar departure/arrival portal. 

 ß Low detail background for Internectar arrival point (ie pyramids/desert shot).

 ß 30-45 second animation featuring high-speed, fast-paced flying by Bert as he heads to his hive. He lands at the doorstep, enters to reveal Clare, Uncle Buzz and Digit, standing next to the Internectar portal. Bert grabs Clare as the portal powers up and they dive through, making a splashy entrance from the portal in a foreign land, most likely Egypt.

ß Character or location model revisions.

 ß Animation revisions. 

 ß Sound, including music, voice animation or foley.

Risks and challenges

We have identified key areas where there could be competitive companies that could potentially take market share from us. Exhaustive searches on the Internet produced very little evidence that this market has been oversold. An outside organization familiar with reviewing and recommending Apps to Parents was able to only produce a handful of mediocre Apps/Programs from Apple’s App Store. Searches conducted on Apple’s iTunes Library also produced an insignifant amount of properties that were connected with or dedicated to the theme of Bert an Adventure Bee, a 3D Animated Series, which continues to allow The Adventures of Bert and Clare to stand out, dedicated to presenting Science, Geography and Computer Science in a FUN way! The executives of PS2 Media have played critical roles in the Bert Series by creating, designing, producing, distributing and owning all rights and licenses for The Be Alert Bert Series, Characters, Books, Songs and future projects involving the 3D Animated Series, Scripts, Episodes, Interactive Books and Games.

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