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Beat out your fellow Emu Ranchers in toe-to-toe competition with this all-new adaptation of the classic Decktet card game.
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More Emus...a lot more Emus

Posted by App Sauce Labs, LLC (Creator)

We've been working with Daniel to create nearly three times the original number of illustrations at no additional cost. Daniel believes so much in this project that he wanted to expand the Emu Ranchers Universe to include individual breeds with their own unique looks and personalities, with brand new artwork on every single card! The result is an Emu Ranchers deck with even more character and fun. We’re excited about all of the new artwork and we want to give you a sneak peak of the range of emus created.

Emus at a Glance
Emus at a Glance

We’ve been working hard to integrate these emus, complete with a new background, into our card designs. The added art breathes new life into the cards, and we’re loving it! Here’s a quick look at what we have so far:

All this has pushed back our dates for delivery by about a month. However, we won’t know the exact delivery dates until we get our production artwork to the printer and receive a delivery date from them. We’re deep into the deck production process and will have more updates on delivery dates over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience!

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    1. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      Thanks to everyone for your feedback! This is our first Kickstarter project and we're still discovering the balance between selling "finished" games on Kickstarter vs a working product that involves the community's feedback in the final design. Thanks for taking a moment to tell us what you think.

    2. Mike on

      As much as I love the new Emu's, I really would have liked the deck to be 'as promised', without, as another commenter said, "feature creep" The time involved is no big deal, just for me, the consistency of the original deck was appealing.

    3. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      P.D., good catch. Yes, in our haste to generate those previews, we accidentally rendered out all the cards with the same symbol! Each color will continue to have its own symbol and the filled vs empty symbols of the same shape will still indicate affinity.

    4. P.D. Magnus on

      Looks great.

      (Even though cards in the mock-up picture have open squares for every color, I hope the final decks will have a different shape for every color. I assume that's just because it's a mockup to show off the emus.)

    5. David W. Carr on

      Great to see and really worth the wait. Thanks for the update.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Watson on

      I appreciate the more varied and imaginative art. For me, it's worth the slip in schedule. I can appreciate that others would have preferred to get their decks earlier.

    7. Missing avatar

      Josh Hunsaker on

      I'm not very happy that the dates are getting pushed back a month to accommodate feature creep. I was planning on giving this as a gift in April.

    8. Rose the Hedgehog on

      Definitely worth the extra month!

    9. Pat Gagnon on

      Wow that's going to be a great looking deck. Definitely going to sleeve these so they last a long time.

    10. Justin

      Looking more and more awesome!

    11. Joshua Reilly on

      I love the editions of some other little creates on some them, like the mouse, koala, and the baby emus!