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Beat out your fellow Emu Ranchers in toe-to-toe competition with this all-new adaptation of the classic Decktet card game.
Beat out your fellow Emu Ranchers in toe-to-toe competition with this all-new adaptation of the classic Decktet card game.
310 backers pledged $9,328 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      Ernest, according to our records, you order was delivered on 12/23. I'll send you an email directly with more information.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ernest Chong on

      Have decks to Canada been shipped? I still haven't received mine.

    3. Missing avatar

      HvanDeutekom on

      There are only 2 rancher cards that allow for interaction; Hank who steals a card, and Darleen who might get you a specific card from your opponent. All the others rancher cards do something with your own pens. 2 possible cards that only give you 1 moment of interaction is not that much. You are still taking turns in adding emus to your own pens.

      Maybe if there would be cards within the pile of emus that allow you to tease other players, and you could possibly defend your pen with other cards, that might add to the interaction.
      Not sure you are familiar with this game: (I did not name that game ;) ) Which has all kind of attack and defend cards.

      So I wish to get more out of it...
      what about...
      1. not building a pen in a colour already present in other peoples pens (like in Bohnanza
      2. being able to add an emu to an opponents pen, thereby blocking it, or giving it negative numbers. i.e. it should be exactly the same number as the last card played, but the color is not the color of the pen itself, however the color must be present on wildcards or emu cards within the pen.

      I do love the cards, the artwork is really really nice!! So I hope to invent some kind of interaction rules so I will get the cards out of the box more often...

    4. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      @HvanDeutekom - Have you tried the rancher cards yet?

    5. Missing avatar

      HvanDeutekom on

      So we played the game, and I think it is lovely for playing with kids.. however, as two adults who play a lot of games, we miss the interaction between the players. Did anyone come up with new rules to increase the interaction??

    6. John Shepherd on

      Deck arrived safely in the UK -- thanks guys!

    7. Missing avatar

      Nova Clarke

      Thanks got my cards and stickers and they look great - I am looking forward to playing the game.

    8. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      @Sielty - International packages begin shipping this week.

      @Nova Clarke - I've sent you an email with information about your package.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nova Clarke

      Just curious I had a deck and stickers and still haven't gotten mine.

    10. Sielty on

      I haven't received mine yet. I am in Australia. I only ordered a deck. Should I have received mine by now?

    11. Joshua Reilly on

      I received my decks and t-shirt in Colorado. Great work guys! Now I just need find me a rancher to play with.

    12. Christopher Frazier on

      HvanDeutekom - All domestic packages that are being shipped (we have a number that we're hand-delivering) have been shipped and international shipping will begin this week.

    13. Missing avatar

      HvanDeutekom on

      Another month passed by...
      are all the pledges shipped?? I'm almost away on a two week holiday, and I would love to take this game along. I am a bit afraid for the package arriving within those two weeks...

    14. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      Shadus Tain - We're sending shipments out in batches: first the deck-only packages and then packages with t-shirts and stickers. T-shirt and sticker packages should start going out this week. We're unable to give ship dates or estimates at this time. Thanks for your patience.

    15. Shadus Tain

      Anyone in Wisconsin receive theirs yet?...still no news.

    16. The Knightess on

      i received mine. Haven't opened it yet as it is destined to go into a muchkin's stocking this Christmas. thank you!

    17. Christopher Frazier on

      Jeff, your was sent out on the 15th, so it should be showing up before too long.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeff Warrender on

      Hasn't shown up in upstate NY yet...

    19. Lance Hawvermale on

      I received the game. Thank you!

    20. The Knightess on

      I wasn't worried, just wondering if they had starting arriving yet. I look forward to mine, and am caught between wanting to share it immediately with my 7yo or save it for Christmas stocking stuffers.
      decisions, decisions.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rob Duke on

      Package received in very good condition. The cards look wonderful!

      Thank you!

    22. Robert Ahlers

      I received my emus in the mail today in western Virginia. I've been playing Emu Ranchers with the Decktet while I was waiting and my wife and I enjoy the game. Playing with the great artwork on the Emu Ranchers deck will be a great pleasure.

    23. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      Justin - thank you for the awesome review! And yes, once we get a real page together for the game, we'd love a quote.

    24. Justin

      Almost forgot, if ever you get a link somewhere where we can post a review lets us know. I know I would jump on real quick and pass the good word.

    25. Justin

      Just came in today (Monday) in SoCal.

      The card quality is fantastic! Great thickness, great finish. Thank you so much for not skimping on card quality. I've gotten a few KS game projects that are now complete crap due to horrible card quality.

      The artwork on the cards is just amazing.

      You mention this game being a labor of love and it shows!

    26. TeamTJ on

      Got my deck in the mail today! Cards look great and can't wait to play with my kids!

    27. Justin

      Nothing here yet. Backer 141.

    28. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      Hey all! The decks are going out in in batches (I just delivered a bin of 50 to the post office this morning), so yours might not have shipped yet. That said, we do have confirmed deliveries coming in from across the country.

    29. Missing avatar

      Rob Duke on

      No package here in Kansas yet.

    30. The Knightess on

      anyone get theirs yet? just wondering

    31. Justin

      I live one city away from them. I'll know the next day after they ship. I'll report as soon as I get mine.

    32. The Knightess on

      Thank you thank you thank you for starting to SHIP!

      very excited now to play this with my 7yo. starting them young to learn strategy and hand management.

    33. Missing avatar

      Rob Duke on

      I have to agree with everything that Jenney said.

      I think that the biggest problem I have is the lack of communication while until the current problem has been resolved. I suspect (no...I know from other projects) that the Backers are more likely to be understanding when they are informed, be it good or bad news.

      If you guys do decide to hold another kickstarter, please take this advice to heart. I suspect you have alienated most of your backers here (including myself) because of this lack of communication.

    34. Drimacus on

      Hmm. Does anyone else feel cheated? In reading the "pledge to our supports" - I tend to feel that they aren't providing updates, and aren't really interested in the supporters anymore. They have already missed the estimated ship date by 6 months.

    35. Lance Hawvermale on

      App Sauce Lab Guy #1: Wow. Look at all these boxes of Emu Ranchers we need to ship.
      App Sauce Lab Guy #2: Yep. Been here in my garage for a month now.
      ASLG#1: A month? So why aren’t we shipping?
      ASLG#2: T-shirts.
      ASLG#1: What about them?
      ASLG#2: Some of the Kickstarter backers ordered shirts. We hit a snag with the shirt people. So we’re not shipping yet.
      ASLG#1: Ah, makes sense. What about those other backers?
      ASLG#2: What other backers?
      ASLG#1: The ones who didn’t order shirts. There’s a lot of them, right? Why aren’t we sending the game out to those people, like, right now?
      ASLG#2: I’d rather ship them all at once.
      ASLG#1: Oh. Does that make sense?
      ASLG#2: You want to get some lunch?
      ASLG#1: Sure. Uh . . . you positive we shouldn’t do something with all of these boxes?
      ASLG#2: They’re fine right where they are. Trust me. Now here’s a more important issue: pizza or burgers?
      ASLG#1: Uh . . . (Looks back at all the pristine copies of Emu Ranchers, waiting in the dark) . . . pizza, I guess.

    36. Justin

      I have to agree with Jenney. I work for a distribution company and this makes zero sense.

    37. The Knightess on

      not really understanding why everything needs shipped together. I have been part of fullfillment parties of packing up backer pledges and shipping them. almost nothing ever goes out at the same time.

      that being said. there are possibly up to 100 backers with NO SHIRTS that you are just sitting on the games because it is convenient? You thought you would fulfill back in March 2014, and now you are saying that you have to ship by the end of the year.

      I get delays. i get problems. I get disaster strikes.

      but holding all shipments until you get t-shirts which the vast majority of backers probably did not get, seems almost lazy. this is disappointing. I for one most likely won't back another project by you guys. it's one thing to face and conquer challenges, it a complete other thing to just sit there and do nothing. I mean, you've had the games for almost a month. that is ridiculous!

      all i can say is wow.

    38. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      Hi Rob, Greg et al: we're really sorry for the delay. Our T-shirt vendor bailed on us, and we finally secured the services of another one. We realize that not all of you ordered T-shirts, but it is more cost effective for us to ship them all at once.

      Having said that, we MUST ship by the end of the year. Of course, we are aiming for earlier than that! If the shirt printing goes well, we can ship by October. I hope this clarifies things a bit. Thanks!

    39. Missing avatar

      Rob Duke on

      Over a month now since the games arrived from the manufacturer. Please show us a little bit of respect and give us an update on why hunt for shipping materials is taking so long.

      It would be greatly appreciated!

    40. Justin

      Another week has gone by....

    41. Gregory A. Swarthout on

      Precision not needed. A rough estimate (end of November, just after the New Year, etc) would be appreciated.

    42. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      Hi Gregory. We are getting the shipping materials together and hunting down backers who haven't given us their addresses. Unfortunately, we can't put a precise ETA on it yet, but it will be fairly soon. Thanks so much for your patience!

    43. Gregory A. Swarthout on

      When can we expect this game to arrive at our homes?

    44. Justin

      I'm right next to you, can I just come knock on your door and pick it up?

    45. Gregory A. Swarthout on

      But when is the game coming?

    46. App Sauce Labs, LLC 2-time creator on

      Justin: it's coming :)

    47. Justin

      I'm not seeing an update between 5 days ago and today???

    48. Missing avatar

      Yajin on

      Glad to hear it! Can't wait to play!

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