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A whole detailed sector for use with Savage Worlds and the Science Fiction Companion. Includes a full Plot Point Campaign.
A whole detailed sector for use with Savage Worlds and the Science Fiction Companion. Includes a full Plot Point Campaign.
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Savage Worlds Sector Asgard Kappa



Sector Asgard Kappa. Containing thirty six inhabitable planets with a wide variety of cultures, aliens and secrets. It is ripe for exploration and adventure! 

You will need both the Savage Worlds  core book and the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion to use this book. The book is expected to be around 100-120 pages when completed.

All thirty six worlds in the Asgard Kappa sector will be detailed in the final product, however here we present three of those on offer. Full world data in the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion format will be provided in the final product, as well as details of important creatures and NPCs.

The Planet Larraintzar
The Planet Larraintzar

Larraintzar is located in the Ingunn system. Living under a police state, its inhabitants cluster together for safety inside its grey housing blocks, which are found among the unique crystal formations which make up a lot of the planet's bizarre geology. These formations are what cause the 'shard storms' which, when triggered by seismic activity can strip the flesh from the bones of a man in seconds. It does, however have great natural beauty and has a dedicated visitors centre for off-world visitors.

Bergljot is most notable for its vast spaceyard, which is itself a living alien relic - the out of commission ships that reside there are used as food by the ancient relic. The inhabitants follow rigid religious sanctions which honor that relic

Manderiaga is a desert world, whose colonists live in fortified settlements to protect themselves both from the sandstorms, dangerous local predators and the vastly superior numbers of the native alien race.

The World of Manderiaga
The World of Manderiaga

 These are of course only samples of the interesting places we have in store for you in this book.

The characters are hired to investigate the activities of a group known as the Brotherhood of Logic and, once their evil plot is uncovered it becomes a race against time to stop them from succeeding and plunging the whole sector into all out war! This will be a Plot Point Campaign of fifteen adventures, with story seeds to take the characters on even more adventures in-between the scripted parts of the campaign.

  • A whole detailed sector with thirty six worlds to explore
  • The Plot Point Campaign
  • A set of nine pre-generated characters to use in the adventure yourselves or as Wildcard NPCs
  • A ship; Crowfoots Venture

This is a large starship built for exploration, with a mass driver and laser cannons for defense. 

Crowfoots Venture
Crowfoots Venture

 Full Savage Worlds statistics will be included and it will be built using the Science Fiction Companion.

In the week we run, if we raise more than our funding goal we will bring you more Sectors to use in your Savage Science Fiction games. 

UNLOCKED! Sector Avalon Psi

Another sector containing another 30+ worlds will be unlocked. This will connect to Sector Asgard Kappa and will include its own Plot Point Campaign.

£2,500 Sector Sector Avalon Lambda

Adds another sector. This will connect to the previous two and also include its own Plot Point campaign.

Physical Books. By backing this Kickstarter, you are eligible to order physical copies of the Core Setting book and ALL of the unlocked Stretch Goals. These will be in the form of an 'at cost' print on demand voucher from RPGNow, meaning all you will have to pay is the eventual cost of printing and shipping the book to yourselves when they become available. All you have to do in order to qualify for ALL of these vouchers is to increase your pledge by an additional £15.

 This project has a small team who are dedicated to completing the work.

Ian Liddle A has been a gamer since about 1985, and a publisher since 2004. In the last four years he has worked with FASA, Battlefield Press, Rogue Blade Games, and Utherwald Press, among others - providing layout, editing, writing, playtesting and system conversions

Darren Pearce He’s one of the Savage Mojo Family and wrote the Set Rising setting for Suzerain. He’s also a regular at the UK Games Expo. His work on the Core Box 11 for the Doctor Who RPG won him a Gold Ennie in 2013. He won an Epic E-Book Award 2011 (Best Anthology) for his anthology work on Bad A$$ Faeries 3.

Janina Joves has been drawing ever since she was an anklebiter running around pretending she was Space Sheriff Shaider. She currently lives in Australia and still uses Photoshop CS2

This project is part of the Kickstarter All in 1 initiative for March, and as part of that we are offering: 1s and 0s Go binary: offer digital rewards only and 1-Hit Wonder Offer a single reward tier.

Risks and challenges

The major challenge we have is of course writing and artwork. This take time to produce, and while we have factored in a decent amount of time for production, real life sometimes gets in the way. However, in the unlikely event of any delays, backers will be kept up to date with developments.

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