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Greed Monger Crafting Focused Sandbox PC/MAC/Linux MMORPG Featuring Player Owned Non-Instanced Housing, PVE, PVP and More.

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Nov 30 Final Update: We have Reached Over $100,000

Nov 27 Update: Increased Parcel Sizes from 20 x20 Meters to 40 x 40 and are making Player Owned Land a 4th of the total land mass!!!

Nov 25 Update: Total Pledges (inc Paypal) over $80,000, 75k Mini Stretch Reached! Islands with Castles are SOLD OUT!

Nov 21 Update: Mini Stretch Reward Added for $75,000

Nov 19 Update: $60,000 Goal - Desert Lands - REACHED

Nov 19 Update: Hired 2 More Full Time Programmers

Nov 19 Update: Credit Card Limits of $3,000 and Paypal

Nov 18: $2,500 Package Updated with Fortress Walls

All Kickstarter Backers are getting their own War Horse for meeting the minimum funding goal prior to Jason Appleton's 35th Birthday!

Greed Monger #1 on
Greed Monger #1 on

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Greed Monger is a 3D Free To Play MMORPG with a focus on crafting, economics and politics.

Inspired by the likes of Ultima Online, Greed Monger will bring back elements of true MMORPG Gaming since been lost in the corporate watering down of this formerly exciting genre, which many of us have been missing for years such as Non-Instanced Player Housing, Rares Dealing, Sand Box Style Skill Variety and much more.

Though Free To Play, Greed Monger will be financially supported by means of a Land Ownership System whereby players will be able to purchase Land Parcels for a price of $20 each for a maximum of 4 parcels per player (Parcel Limit Not Enforced During Kickstarter Campaign Only). These parcels of land will be used by players to build their housing which they will decorate with items they craft themselves. *(Land Parcel Ownership Conditions) If a player ever decides to leave Greed Monger, they will be able to sell their Estates through our Estate Auction Service of which we will take 15% of the final sale to transfer ownership rights to another player.

Greed Monger Housing
Greed Monger Housing

Housing/Crafting Features

  • Launch Day - (Nothing in the world but Land, Animals, Monsters and Nature. You will build the world around you.)
  • Non Instanced Player Owned Housing (You buy the land from us, you then build whatever will fit on it.)
  • Decorate Your House However You'd Like
  • Every Finished Item In Greed Monger Is Player Crafted (Everything!)
  • The More Land Parcels You Own, The Bigger House You Can Build
  • Greed Monger Is Free To Play
  • No Global Chat, Only Person To Person Above Head Chat (It's time to bring back the sense of real community MMO's used to have!)
  • Player Vs. Environment Combat
  • Player Vs. Player Combat
  • Fast Map Travel System (Find a map on the ground left by another player and you will fast travel to their home or shop, provided you have enough food in your pack.)
  • Raid Monsters (Some controlled by the Devs)
  • Full Player Driven Economy (Auction system will only be used for Estate Sales. Weapons, Armor and other items will be sold person to person only.)
  • Player Written Lore Based On Adventures (Amazing tales will be told and submitted by players and guilds alike. These stories may be selected as part of the official Greed Monger Cannon)

Other Game Features

  • Community Events
  • Regularly Added Recipes and Plans For New Item Types
  • Charge Players Rent To Access Your Land (For Hunting/Harvesting Rares)
  • Ages Of Time and Technology will evolve with Population and Economic Growth (Evolve into the space age as a population and you may discover a means to settle new planets! All you will be allowed to take with you is what you started the game with and that's all you'll be allowed to bring back.)
  • Ever Growing Housing Style Options For Each Climate.
  • Multiple Climates/Landscapes Will Be Available At Launch
  • Resell Your Estate For Real Money In Our Estate Auction House
  • No Micro-Transactions (GM Fully Supported From Land and Estate Sales)
  • No Pre-Defined Skills Trees (Learn all the skills you'd like, but you'll only be able to use a selection of combat skills at any given time.)
  • Animals/Monsters Only Drop Materials To Craft Items, Not Finished Items.

Why are we doing this?

I have been an avid gamer since my mother worked out a payment plan at a yard sale for my first computer, an SX64. The days when games like Maniac Mansion were inspiring and exciting, though challenging. My first days in Ultima Online were spent in absolute awe. The possibilities, the way so many people could play together at once. I remember how exciting it was dealing in real estate in the game and buying and selling rare items and being able to display them in my house. The sense of community in the game and how hanging out at the bank was like a daily family cook out by the grill as people did their business. Not since those days have I been truly captured by a game because since then, nothing like it has came about. In my 34 years (35 in November, erg), I've met with success in several fields. I've published magazines, managed bands, owned a record label with some national success, founded an MMA fight promotion where I started from scratch and turned nothing into a mid 6 figure a year company broadcasting on live national television and so on, and of all I've done, none of it has been my passion. Just, things I found I could do well, so I did them. Gaming is my passion and has been since I was 10 years old running around with graph paper creating pixel characters and back stories for them wishing to be able to bring them to life. I was a loner and I didn't mind it, I found many ways to occupy my time.

Like the music business where popular artists set the trend for what other labels are willing to sign and market until you have 5 or more on the radio, the corporate gaming world is very similar. There may be passion and love for the game in those designing them, but more often than not their bosses are reporting to share holders holding them over a fire unless they come up with something like "name previous success here that turned a profit" and figure out how to make it more profitable. This generally means stripping away all innovation and leaving only whats necessary to classify it as what it's supposed to be because innovating anything means having to spend time and money on something that MAY not be successful. 

I have formed a team of people who share my passion for gaming and seek to destroy the notions that an independent team can't create an innovative and inspiring MMORPG or that there isn't a market for more than just clones of games that have generated 7 or 8 figures in revenue monthly.  I have prepared to fund the entire project myself if necessary, because I want to create the game I've been waiting for for years and have yet to see. Our hope however, is that through this KickStarter campaign, we are shown that we are not alone and that those of you out there who hear us, will support our efforts. We won't let you down.

Every penny of the funds obtained through this KickStarter effort will be used in the development of Greed Monger.

NEW: Community Stretch Goals For All Backers!

Due to such a progressive first day, we have initiated our first set of Community Stretch Goals to Honor our First Backer and our First $2,000 Backer. Once we have met these milestones, ALL Backers will receive these very rares, Kickstarter Backer Only Rewards.

More To Come As We Make Further Progress!

Community Stretch Goals
Community Stretch Goals


$20: An Additional Parcel Of Land (No Limit)

$25: For those of you who chose to have an NPC Modeled after yourself or significant other, we will create a high rez wall paper featuring your NPC to share with the world.

$50: Your own pet cat or dog that will hang out in your homeand never leave and can never be killed.

$100: The materials to craft a Round Shield displaying your guild logo (must fit Greed Monger Theme)and the Recipe for you to craft more.

$500- We will work with you to divide your land parcels as you see fit amongst the Climates at Launch instead of them all being combined together.

$500 - We will create a Weapon named after you and designed to your specs, within reason and give you the materials to craft the first one!

$1,000 - Feeling Generous? We will help you divide your land amongst your friends, assigning them to each of their accounts and place them anywhere you'd like.

$1,000 - We will model a suit of armor named after you and modeled with your design guidelines (within reason) and give you the materials to craft the first set. Helm, Chest, Legs and Feet.

$1,500 - We will model an NPC after you and named after you or your significant other. Send us 2 clear photos of the frontal and portrait face view, tell us the body type and style of outfit and BAM! It's Weird Science!

Pledge Rewards
Pledge Rewards


What is Greed Monger?

Greed Monger is a crafting focused, free to play MMORPG where every finished item in the world is crafted by a player. Monsters won’t drop swords, gold pieces or armor, but when harvested after a kill, they will drop materials used in crafting items, weapons, armor and the like.

Will Greed Monger have Instanced or Non-Instanced Housing?

Housing in Greed Monger will be Non-Instanced and built by you on land you own from materials you've gathered, harvested or mined.

What do you mean, "Land I own?"

Greed Monger is free to play for all who wish to adventure, buy and sell materials and items, craft, etc but if you would like to really prove your prestige and open a shop of your own, you'll need to purchase land to build on. Each parcel of land will fit a small house with some yardage and will cost $20 each.

Can I purchase more than one parcel of land to build a bigger house?

Absolutely, you can purchase up to 4 Land Parcels per player. (Limits not enforced during Kickstarter Campign)

Can I decorate my house any way I like?

Of course! If you can craft it, you can place it in your house for all to see.

What if I play Greed Monger for a year or two and decide I want to sell my land with my house and everything in it?

You will be able to sell your land through our Estate Auction system. Yes, you will be able to sell your estate for real US currency. We only take 15% of the amount paid to transfer property rights to the new owner. This helps us keep the candles burning!

What’s to stop people who aren’t even interested in playing Greed Monger from buying parcels of land just to flip them later?

Nothing. We expect it to happen honestly as parcels will be in limited supply and highly sought after, especially after launch. However, it will balance out eventually once the land speculation and wind down.

Will there be upkeep costs on my house?

No upkeep costs are planned for Greed Monger be it real money or game currency. We are expecting our commission on Estate Auctions should keep us funded enough for future development. The purchase of vacant parcels are just paying for the development of the game and the reselling of Estates are what will be helping with future patches and additions.

What if all of the land is bought up in a given Climate, what’s to stop you from just adding more land/parcels lowering everyone’s value?

Nothing could stop us, but we have no plans on doing that. If the popularity of the game were such that we needed to expand the land significantly then we would simply add a new climate altogether. We will be observing the numbers closely to ensure that property values remain high while players wanting them will have a place to call home. We don’t want property values to be low, remember? It would cost us money too!

Can I have NPC vendors selling my wares in my house or shop?

Yup! But the number you can have will be based on your Merchant skill.

How will people be able to find my house to buy my items?

Through our fast travel map system you will be able to mark a map you've crafted with the location of your property and drop it in town square for others to pick up. Once picked up, players will be able to fast travel to the x on the map, provided they have enough food in their pack for the journey.

What's this I'm hearing about Dev Controlled Monsters?

Well, let's just say that every once in a while, you may find yourself chatting it up with someone that may not be what they seem. If they happen to morph into a giant demon or monster and attack everyone around you, killing it may just fill the pockets of everyone around...but it wont be easy to kill any one of the Gods of Greed Monger.

God's of Greed Monger? But I thought there was no story!

Oh, there is a story, you just don't know what it is yet. Bits of the story will unfold over time as the population further develops and revelations are applicable. :)

What do NPC's do in Greed Monger?

NPC’s will begin to spawn in player villages and cities as the population within a radius grows with players. Some will tell you stories of the past, others may tell you riddles that lead you to possible rare materials and adventure.

Does the game begin with any buildings?

No. Day one launch will be you, other players and what nature has established for you to explore. As towns, villages and even cities begin to take shape, it will be because you, the players organized and built them over time.

Will there be PVP?

Yes, there will be zones that are completely open for PVP though only in such zones will people be free to attack other players. These zones however will also be rich with rare monsters and materials, so we expect competition in these areas to be quite heavy.

What if I own land that animals, monsters or harvest-able plant life spawn on?

You have two options. Either one, you can charge a gold fee for people to be able to access your land and what’s on it or you can keep it all to yourself. Just because a species of animal spawns on your land doesn’t mean you’ll get the rare materials from it every time you kill it.

What happens if the world gets full of players houses?

The world will be somewhat restricted in terms of what parcels are own-able and build-able by players. By the time a planet is full a new age of time will have opened up and well, we will keep this a secret for now. Let's just say we are planning for the "future" and distant locations.

Will there be levels? Skills?

There will be no levels in Greed Monger, but there will be skills, lots and lots of skills. We will be adding skills constantly for players to master. There will be level caps on skills but once maxed out, you will be able to de-level skills you no longer need while leveling new ones that you do!

What kind of Chat System will Greed Monger have?

We feel strongly that MMORPG games of today have stripped the sense of community out of MMO's. The global chat channels and auction houses have stripped the personal connection from players leaving the world feeling empty, even if full of people. Greed Monger will be utilizing the Above The Head Text Display only. No global chat, no global shouting.

So, is Greed Monger like Ultima Online or what?

All of us building Greed Monger loved and admired Ultima Online and it would be a lie to say it isn't a strong inspiration in our goals for Greed Monger, but it's in no way connected to or related to Greed Monger. Ultima Online was a master piece that to this day has never been emulated successfully in all of it’s magic.

Is there any kind of story or Lore to Greed Monger?

To be quite honest, what kind of Lore can be written about an empty landscape yet untouched by players? The lore of Greed Monger will be written by the players in submitted fan fiction that is submitted to us and adopted into the Greed Monger Cannon. Not even the planet has a name until the community has selected one. Some may look at this as being lazy on our end but we feel differently. The idea of Greed Monger is for all players to have a long term vested interest in the world we create. Everyone will contribute in their own way be it the yin or the yang. We are building the world from which the player will thrive and we will document it as such.

I hate the name? Can’t you change it?

We thought about this long and hard and frankly, it grew on us as we think it will grow on you. Once you have delved into the world of Greed Monger we feel strongly that it will be more suitable than you think.

Stretch Goals

Each stretch goal represents a new climate a.ka. "zone" that we will develop as part of Greed Monger, each with their own landscapes, wild life, monsters and natural resources indigenous to that particular climate.

$30,000 Goal Grass Land - REACHED!
$30,000 Goal Grass Land - REACHED!
$60,000 Goal - Desert Lands - REACHED
$60,000 Goal - Desert Lands - REACHED
$90,000 Goal - Arctic Lands - REACHED
$90,000 Goal - Arctic Lands - REACHED
$120,000 Goal - Tropical Lands
$120,000 Goal - Tropical Lands
Forum Badges
Forum Badges

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The biggest risk is finishing the project and nobody is interested. We have seen on some forums, comments on the potential for failure based on previous MMORPG's on Kickstarter and their lack of success. There are a lot of differences between Greed Monger and other efforts that give us the confidence that we will not only complete the game but deliver something that surpasses the expectations of our supporters.

#1. Big gaming studios need significantly larger budgets to complete a title because like in any other business, name and reputation may increase demand for developers but with it, increases the cost to hire the individual. We are a team of people who have decades of experience in 3D Modeling, Animation, AI Programming, Network Programming, Design, Business Management, Marketing and the like. Our team members may not have been part of the biggest titles on the market, but they are just as talented and ambitious and without the high price tag of those "veterans".

#2. It's not a question of whether we will finish Greed Monger into a launch-able state, it's a question of what all will be included when we do. Our funding efforts here aren't just about obtaining the funds necessary to develop the game, as Appleton has already committed to providing the financial resources for the project, however, this campaign is more of a gauge of interest in what we consider a niche title. It will help us plan the scale and necessary sizes of the individual Climates etc.

#3. The technology available today far surpasses that of even 5 years ago that ultimately removes the ceiling of limitations on what is possible without having to either license a half a million dollar engine or code one entirely from scratch, not to mention the availability of the infrastructure options available. We are developing Greed Monger using the Unity 3D Engine and the UnityPark Suite including uLink, uGameDB, uStream and uZone as well as PikkoServer. All of these tools combined are empowering us to deliver a title utilizing AAA technology with an Indie license resulting in a zone-less, load balanced experience.

In summary, we will of course experience many ups and downs in our developmental process but are very confident in the experience of our growing team and our ability to complete a title that will inspire and impress our player base.


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    A, B and C: You will receive ultra rare materials to craft your own Settlers Hat while receiving a skill boost in the process. Also, your own single parcel of land to call your home from which to build on. (Also, a 2nd map fragment in game that when combined with the others will reveal a single location for a weekly rare spawn.) Forum Badge.

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    MEDIUM GUILD PACK: All of the above, however your land will be considered a small city and be referred to as "Guild City" on the map instead of Village. A large parcel of land equal in size to 26 Parcels. Your Guild leaders REAL FACE will also be modeled into a stone statue and placed in your city. (Beta Access For Up To 35 Members) Forum Badge.

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    KING GUILD LEADER PACKAGE: All of the perks of Pack B including YOUR OWN CASTLE, Owned by Your Guilds Leader and Attached To Your Parcels Of Land as an addition. If ever sold, it will need to be sold as one unit, detached from the city parcels adjacent to it.. Your castle will count as multiple land parcels.

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    60 Parcels Of Land On an Island Of Your Very Own.There is no telling what will spawn on your very own island but we know it will be all yours...(Beta Access For Up To 65 Members) Forum Badge For All Guild Members. ALL $1,000 and up pledges will be immortalized on a stone wall in game naming the members of your guild as "The Faithful Few".

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