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Greed Monger Crafting Focused Sandbox PC/MAC/Linux MMORPG Featuring Player Owned Non-Instanced Housing, PVE, PVP and More.
667 backers pledged $90,132 to help bring this project to life.
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      Matt on

      Zempa cancelled. Coins are now worthless. Jason = Zempa on here:…

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      Frank Baumgartner on



      Backer 646

      shirt still missing ;)

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      Benji Wimer on

      Hey I still have my shirt so,.... there's that.

    4. Jason M. Appleton (F&AM) 2-time creator on

      When I started GM, it was an absolute passion project. Something I've always wanted to do. The technology was such that I was made to believe it was finally possible. A goal within reach. I never hid myself from the public. I didnt hide behind a company name or PR person, etc. I came to you all bold and open from day one. I ask is, in all of your conspiracy minds, is that something someone would do with the intent to "scam" people? Here we are years later, the dust had settled, nary a whisper of GM in a while and I embark on a new project and think, I think I can make GM right with people and move on without that dismal failure on my mind anymore. I decide to come here and intentially gave very simple and to the point instructions. Setup a wallet, send me your address and wait. My goal was to launch and market my token sale while developing a series of websites that will utilizie the token through an ecommerce plugin we create and slowly build up the demand and value for the coin. Get the coin listed on a couple of exchanges and then release the coins to everyone when their value was up. I also didnt want the coin to be dumped on the DEX while we are generating funds for our ecommerce plugin and marketing. I gain NOTHING by doing this for you guys other than peace of mind. I dont own or have anything to do with the WAVES Dex. Having you all get wallets on the blockchain I'm using to launch our coin is simply that, getting you prepared to receive what I'm giving to you. There is no conspiracy. My post below was made after battling with a spammer on a new account posting links to my FB as often as he could as I deleted them for 15 minutes before I just locked up my FB from the public altogether. Something I really shouldn't have to do, but sadly, one of you has more time than I do and I had to lock everything up. Look guys/gals, I really am trying to do something to help all of you. I will start sending the coins out this week and let you all hold them yourselves. If you try to dump them before they have any value, it wont do you any favors. I would suggest sitting on them a while and let us get things going. It may take 3 months or more before things go up, though I planned to deposit the coins the end of this month anyway.

      Overall, just relax. I saw a post about taking advantage of the community, "yet again"...? Really? Things like this just boggle my any case, be well, chill out and please be patient. Things will look up in time if you dont burn the house down again while we are trying to build it.

    5. Jason M. Appleton (F&AM) 2-time creator on

      Oh my God will you people calm your shit already? Jesus. lol Someone of course is posting this to my facebook account and I started reading it to find all the conspiracy nuts having a field day yet again at my expense. NO, I haven't sent the coins out yet. Why? Because I'm an evil scammer!!! Or, because the campaign for the coins JUST STARTED TODAY and I dont want the exchange flooded with people trying to dump their coins right now while things are just getting started..My God you guys need to slow your roll. This is going to be a long process. Its not going to happen over night. This isn't a scam, or a ploy. I didn't have to do this at all. I didn't this to help my efforts in Crypto. I didn't tell you guys to do anything but setup a wallet so I could send your coins. The fact that so many conspiracies can pop up by so many people in a short period of time is truly remarkable. You guys may not see coins pop into your wallet until Late November which I thought I made clear. Seriously folks, I started doing this for all of you to help you get something back. Please dont ruin it all for yourselves already. I know, its your way to apparently tear things down while they are being built, but if you want to gain anything out of this, its time to tone down the bullshit and be patient.

    6. Rolan Storm on

      *pity :D I meant.

    7. Rolan Storm on

      Pretty much what was expected of him. Babblemouth with no ability or credibility whatsoever. But he still got our money. Me - I lost almost nothing. Especially compared to other guys. Puty no one holds people like this responsiblefor their actions.

      @Matt Most people on that team are Russians. Which explains a lot.

    8. Richard Arnold on

      I can't be bothered to waste more time, but if someone(s) wanted to paint the internet with horrible reviews of the Wavelite App, that might balance out whatever was attempted here.

      Don't even have to be dishonest. Just say that a spokesperson attached to Wavelite promised currency in exchange for making an account, then never followed through. Post a link to this update or a screenshot of it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dylan on

      It looks like he's used his position as "Marketing/Business Development" to increase hits on the platform. I wonder, was it to show investors an increase in activity? Or some other purpose? It looks pretty unethical to me, some of the gaming sites should do a piece on this, and see if they can do some digging.

      What an absolute stain of a person you are Jason.

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      Christopher Alonso on

      As an afterthought, it's even more shady when you consider the fact this could've just been a ploy to boost Waves wallet user numbers.

      Radio silence yet again though, so there's no way to dispel that possibility.

      I'd have been the first to comment here and spread the word about Jason "making good" with this community which was so clearly screwed from all angles. This is just rubbing salt in the wound though.

    11. Missing avatar

      Christopher Alonso on

      I don't know why I was expecting anything out of this. Y'know, this might be the only thing Jason could've done that could effectively damage his already near-ruined reputation.
      Stop promising people things you cannot or are unwilling to deliver! Christ man.

      I'm not all that surprised, I'm just disgusted at the way this community gets taken advantage of again and again.

      It's downright ridiculous.

    12. Missing avatar

      Billy on

      No surprise at all that this "effort" is every bit as well-organized and thought out as the rest of the venture. I considered making an account, but realized that just taking the time to decide was more effort than the thing was worth.

      Actually I'm not sure why I'm wasting even more time on this comment, so I'll shut up now.

    13. Missing avatar

      Benji Wimer on

      Glad I am not the only one that didn't get what he was expecting...

    14. Richard Arnold on

      Maybe I'm a cynic, but the reason for the delay could be that WAVES cost less (USD) then they did at the time of the Update/Announcement.

      He could be waiting for another spike, like in June or early September, before handing it out.

      Or it was a scam to get the Wave Client user numbers up by a couple hundred.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christopher Alonso on

      At the very least, an update explaining the delay, would be appreciated.


    16. Missing avatar

      Christopher Alonso on

      "You have until September 30th to follow these instructions at which point all deposits will be made and will be final with no exceptions."

      So... How about those deposits eh?

    17. Tyler Flickinger on

      Funny @Richard Arnold, I expected the exact same thing. The only reason I did it was because there was no risk involved on our end, because there was no personal information involved.

    18. Richard Arnold on

      @ Tyler

      Looks like that might be the case. I'll hope to be pleasantly surprised, but I was expecting this gesture to fizzle, much like the project did.

    19. Tyler Flickinger on

      SOOOOOOOO Not following through then?

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      Kyndi on



      Backer 508

    21. George Shirk IV on


    22. Andrew on

      Backer # 648

      Thanks Jason.

    23. Andrew on

      Backer # 648

      Thanks Jason.

    24. Fonjo on

      Waves address:

      Pledge: $25

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      Wes Hackett on

      Back Number: 686

    26. Aurum on

      Backer number: 531

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      Stefan Schmidbauer on

      Backer 516

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      David E on


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      Matt on

      $1,300 ($1,000 original pledge + $300 in crafting stations, etc. from Electric Crow website)
      Backer 162

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      Sean Watson on

      Backer 218

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      Michael Foley on

      Backer #530

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      Sheldon Bergner on

      Backer #305

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      Erik Fuchs on

      Backer #416

    34. Richard Arnold on


    35. whiteonion on



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      Christopher Alonso on


      Backer # 274


      I Equally backed a second time (when you did your 2nd round of crowdfunding) one of the crafting stations which was $50.
      I can provide a transaction id/copy of the email/screencap of the paypal transaction if necessary.

      Total Pledged: $356

    37. Andrea Silvestroni on


    38. marcin gaber on



      Best of luck with everything.

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      chorizo on

      Backer #60

      Thank you Jason

    40. Elliott Smith on



      Backer #653

    41. Trueman Muhrer-Irwin on


      Backer #709

    42. Ole Erik Skare on

      Backer #138

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      Michelle on

      backer #109

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      der.dachs on

      Backer #106

    45. McSerious on



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      William Troutt


      $140 Kickstarter Backer #61

      $145 post-KS Add-on (items)
      $ 50 post-KS Add-on (land only)
      $335 total

    47. David Brough on


    48. Mike Leitch on

      Backer #728

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      Pagonakis Panagiotis on

      Backer #390