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Greed Monger Crafting Focused Sandbox PC/MAC/Linux MMORPG Featuring Player Owned Non-Instanced Housing, PVE, PVP and More.
Greed Monger Crafting Focused Sandbox PC/MAC/Linux MMORPG Featuring Player Owned Non-Instanced Housing, PVE, PVP and More.
667 backers pledged $90,132 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Roman Ondrus on

      Hey Jason, so if I missed the sign up for refunds (I guess following stale projects is not my hobby) I can't get on the list anymore?

      $25 backer - backer number 315

    2. Missing avatar

      TsiL on

      Got my $50 back, thanks.

      (Happened in around June 5th, but I forgot whole thing.)

    3. Meestor on

      Backer 459, pledged 500.00, if anyone is taking legal action I would love to be involved. I don't believe a refund is coming any more than a tee shirt is coming. No other game investment has ever left this bad of a taste in my mouth and Jason has not inspired any sort of trust whatsoever.

    4. Missing avatar

      SQiRL on

      Hey Jason, I would just like to say that I took you up on your refund "offer" and Filled out the document very early on. At least , well before you closed it down. To this end, i have not heard anything back from you regarding this at all and the document itself has not been updated it appears either.

      I think the reason people are frustrated is that in this update -, You posted a link to the document so that people could verify refunds were in fact going through. That link is posted here -

      I have been periodically watching this sheet and aside from a couple of updates very early, this document has not been touched since that I can see.

      This is what led to the speculation that you may be getting upset at. You Offered these refunds at the end of January and cut off applying for it in march.

      For those of us who have been on this list since the end of January, 5-6 weeks has come and gone already and your reasoning is, paypal wont let you do it.

      However, Paypal has the ability for us to send you an invoice. You stated that Paypal froze your account because of larger than normal deposits (you cant make that up right?) so it was understandable that there might be a slight delay in this process. Most of us assume however, that generally in our dealings with issues like this, these things generally get resolved reasonably quickly so I am assuming that your issues have of course been taken care of appropriately.

      With that said, I think the best way to handle this right now, would be for us to send you the Invoice to you. This allows you to complete your "offer" for refunds that I am sure you no loner wish to linger over your head.

      I would think that any continued negative impact from this promise might continue to follow you around to other avenues like youtube and twitter and what not and this might show all of the media that you are in fact a stand up guy and keeps to his word.

      The last thing that anybody needs is negative press following them around especially when they are producing a video show. You never know what the internet is going to do sadly :(. Too many trolls that like to review bomb others for no good reason.

      I appreciate that you "Offered" us the change to get a refund after this project failed and continue to appreciate you efforts as you continue to update the spreadsheet so we can continue to track that you are attempting to clear up your reputation in this matter.

      Don't let the Haters get you down man, we believe in you and wish you continued success in your future endeavors. Until then, we will be waiting patiently as you move forward with your career in cryptocurrencies.

    5. Jason M. Appleton (F&AM) 2-time creator on

      BloodDoll, I said in my original posts, after many years since this project failed, that refunds would come to those who filled out the form within the 5 or 6 weeks provided, in 2018. I do not have the time to post every day to keep reassuring people.
      I have a LOT going on right now and no easy way to refund everyone in bulk, which I originally thought I would be able to do.

      I am likely going to have to pay someone just to sit here for a couple days sending refunds. As for the refunds, the money is the least of my concerns now. Its the time, of which I have very little of for the next couple of months. All people coming here dropping their pants is going to do is make sure you are either the very last person to get a refund or none at all. A part of this games failure was the self fulfilling prophecy of the haters, trolls and flamers that loved to hate everything about it. Now, some of you are doing the same thing to yourselves. I dont HAVE to give you refunds. I have chosen to. I will not give refunds to people adding to my stress or creating more problems for me. Simple as that.

      It's 1am EST and I still have another hour of work at least before I can think about sleep. Just relax and wait patiently. It's been years. You aren't in any hurry. I'm doing what I can with the time I have.

    6. Missing avatar

      SQiRL on

      As for paying with paypal, I guess we could just send you an invoice from paypal. Then you can refund is that way.

    7. Madeline "Shimmer" "BloodDoll" Valentine on

      You're saying you're going to "reward" us with our own money you have with refunds? We rewarded you with our money and believed in your game and the game finished should have been the actual reward we got. You admitted yourself that the game didn't turn out as intended and thus these refunds were announced long after the fact, which showed us (or me anyway) that you realized you made mistakes that don't need to be discussed here, and were willing to pay everyone's money back to them who believed in your vision and your game. I wouldn't call my money being refunded back to me a reward, that's really not right. It was mine to begin with.

      The main problem is there's no communication unless someone gets angry. Why not just post every now and then that are you still working on it so we know it's at least happening. The lack of communication unless someone calls you out makes one think they aren't getting their money back. In a world where everyday there's tons of videos of games scamming us for whatever reason through loot boxes, paying for character slots, psychological manipulation and so forth, it's easy to not trust people.

    8. Jason M. Appleton (F&AM) 2-time creator on

      You guys...and gal. I guess you think by being nasty and spiteful you're somehow going to inspire me to "speed things up" just because you think its how things should be...

      I said from the beginning, in 2018 the refunds for those that filled out the form properly would be complete. Is it 2019 already?

      Have any of you found me a way to perform mass refunds since I can't with PayPal? Every time one of you post a comment threatening me or trying to make me out to be a liar, you are moved to a special page in my excel sheet. I've dealt with the trolls, lies, accusations for years and I won't reward them now.

      "I didn't get MY refund yet so its all fake and I'm telling everyone! WAAAAAAH!"

      Jesus...some of you are just so terrible. lol

    9. Madeline "Shimmer" "BloodDoll" Valentine on

      no refund still. it won't be happening like it never was going to anyway. I'll make sure the news articles change their story.

    10. Missing avatar

      SQiRL on

      and still no refund. i guess he stopped

    11. Missing avatar

      SQiRL on

      still nothing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Glenn Ferguson on

      Just got my refund. Wasn't sure if it was going to happen, but nice to see that Jason is working on resolving this.

    13. Dermott

      @ Ken

      He said it may take some time and will happen throughout 2018 or something like that. So keep calm and hope it will happen, like i do!


    14. Missing avatar

      Ken L Cossell on

      Thank you Dermott, I found my backer number, but now I can not find the refund page to place my information. Can you or anyone help me find how to bring that back up? thanks in advance!

    15. Madeline "Shimmer" "BloodDoll" Valentine on

      I filled out the refund page and sent a message and I never received a refund at all. My friend did the same but I don't think they're really happening.

    16. Dermott

      go to your profile and show all supported projects. Search for greedmonger and klick on it. An Overlay will occure and at the bottom you find your backernumber.

      Hope that helps.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ken L Cossell on

      I tried to fill out your form to get a refund with this Project for Greed Monger but it requires a account number. I have my original email showing that I gave a $100 but it does not have any reference number. Can you help? I am receiving your notices to fill out this form.

    18. Justin Snyder on

      You and me both. I was trying to get some family to back me to buy a bulk order of ASIC miners and every one of them thrown this in my face as responds. I had a deal for 20 units at 1.2k each back when they were selling like hot cakes for 4-6k each. Each one I went to brought up face I had back investment skills just remember when I invested over 3500 in that game. Oh what ever happen with that investment was pretty much there words.

    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher Alonso on

      Here's hoping I can eat my words and Jason proves us all wrong. Feeling hopeful for a happy conclusion to this wild story.

    20. Missing avatar

      Christopher Alonso on

      Yet another failed project. I guess some people truly have no shame...

    21. Missing avatar

      Christopher Alonso on

      Why am I not surprised >.>

    22. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Zempa cancelled. Coins are now worthless. Jason = Zempa on here:…

    23. Rhys Kendrick on



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      Fridthor Smarason on



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      Christopher Alonso on

      Backer # 274

      I Equally backed a second time (when you did your 2nd round of crowdfunding) one of the crafting stations. Though I honestly can't remember the total pledge on that one.

    26. Missing avatar

      hugbubble on


      Thanks Jason! Ignore the haters!

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      Chris Davis on


    28. David Crone on


    29. nick sykes on


    30. Missing avatar

      Jesse Read on

      Backer Number: 323

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      GM Imports on



    32. John Paul Larson on

      For me I have apologized to myself and also J.A. and even James P. before he took his final exit stage left. Life is hard when times are down. Perfection is only a heartbeat away from infinity. If you reach for perfection when life is hard, then you will be down to an infinite number of ways to reach your goal. The only perfect way has no excuses.

    33. John Paul Larson on

      O.K. I paid some good money to (TMI) for a list of expenditures by J.A. into the Project of Greed Monger for Electric Crow Games, LLC and also the pre-MMOI team of Proctor and friends. The facts are supported by the reality that the money was spent that was raised here. How well and to which actions were causing the worst leaks are not apparent. A small book to attempt a short accounting and description of the path of Greed Monger from start to finish and beyond will be my hobby now. If I am wrong about anything it is how easy I find it to think about giving up under the circumstances.

    34. John Paul Larson on

      Who's Responsible?

      Jason M. Appleton (F&AM)

      The doctrine known as "res ipsa loquitur" shifts the burden of proof in some product liability cases to the defendant(s). Translated, this Latin term means "the thing speaks for itself," and indicates that the defect at issue would not exist unless someone was negligent. If the doctrine is successfully invoked, the plaintiff is no longer required to prove how the defendant was negligent; rather, the defendant is required to prove that it was not negligent.

      He must prove he did nothing wrong for everyone to see. If he can not. The matter will be referred as a possible marketing scam and the FTC will do an investigation and an audit of Electric Crow Games, LLC records and relevant other histories.

      The second rule that helps plaintiffs in product liability cases is that of strict liability. If strict liability applies, the plaintiff does not need to prove that a manufacturer was negligent, but only that the product was defective. By eliminating the issue of manufacturer fault, the concept of no-fault, or "strict" liability allows plaintiffs to recover where they otherwise might not.

      This "Rule" protects James Proctor from being named as "Being held responsible" mismanaging partner as he has been so named by Jason M. Appleton (F&AM), where in fact he was under a contract of employment to manufacture elements of Jason's project.

      This over inflated information "balloon" is ready to pop.

    35. John Paul Larson on

      Ho yeah last links of the day for product liability, what constitutes a sale, and what is a product.

      Jason is the defendant not the judge. Jason is a fighter by profession. That is what he feels best at I suppose after all the reactions to this by himself to the community at large. Do not allow this person to bully your psyche any longer with his negative past decisions. But if you are still seeking justice this information can be handy and absolutely empowering.

    36. John Paul Larson on

      BTW I started the seemingly viral forum discussion about minting coins and making my own money as in game currency. I was a supporter until the lights went out on the forums. To be called a hater after I spent years supporting this project was a bit low but it revealed Jason whole to me. He is that selfish. He didn't even know who I was. I have my beef. And I laugh a bit on it but I am confused why if I support a game that fails the way it did and look like a fool to my friends and family for supporting such an idea. And then the cherry on the cake. When I go seeking answers from Jason I am dismissed as having been against him entirely which is bad enough. I was not before but I am now. Must I always have been against him then? I was not.

    37. John Paul Larson on

      Offer Refunds ----- I do not think this will happen.

      (other actions to satisfy backers) ------ This was attempted but not even by the creator which is not part of the agreement between the creator and Kickstarter.

      (detailing exactly how funds were used) ------- This has not been done either. This would be the best option I suppose if the information still existed it would at least show a real wound for Electric Crow Games, LLC. That is on a lot of minds. J. A. claims to be driven mad over this "ordeal" and if it stands to be valid I believe him. It still remains his sole responsibility as a business representative of a digital firm in any and all internet business to "come correct" with reporting and planning. Being transparent is clearer than getting fed up and throwing in the towel without a reason that sticks.

      I know I am not the only one who has loads of questions from a lack of fiscal clarity. I bet you don't know you can't sue J.A. for money. He may become liable for refunds if his activity before leaving is in conflict with FTC guidelines and business LLC laws. There is also IRS reporting and employment conflicts possibly that could lead to a judgment on the Kickstarter as misleading and will then directly be ascended to wire fraud which could also lead to possible restitution to people who believed that Jason Appleton was a digital industry ready professional ready to produce a video game instead of a "washed up" MMA fighter who dreamed of being an angry uncontrolled CEO of a indie video game company.

      If you see this post and feel you are ready for some answers, just read a bit on mass tort claims and marketing liability. I plan on being the CEO of my company as long as I can manage. This whole thing has personally been worth it for all the education I have discovered to protect myself from this possibility of negligence.

      This is a real strong firm with a good ethic toward younger generations justice practices and pro bono case work.

      Here is something for you international folks to lean in on or anyone not flush on law terms.

      Also as a business mister Appleton was not protected by any US law proclaiming him use of an LLC to have fiscal gains and produce nothing. That would make him liable for marketing fraud based on his campaign of "land parcels" as "digital property" that could be managed as well as sold. Nothing was created to even compare to that order. The ZANO failure at least had a prototype that was real.

      James Proctor was already producing a game for PC and tasked as being his personal MMO project called Rise of Heroes. This project knowledge came to me eventually as the internet trickles things out way too late.…
      This is absurd. I guess Jason did want to sue his patsy. Or he wanted to sue the business traitor and having made such a amazing fail be public would have been more than "salt and vinegar" from the community some would have publicly crucified him. We can not know that now. Too much time has passed. If we could know it it won't matter Jason has shown that in that business platform he was incapable of overcoming simple industry bumps.

      Instead you all know the history. He was still crucified by most backers. I just want to know really what happened for myself. This needs to happen for the people who don't have answers who want to trust in our american system not being so flawed that marketing liability can not be so readily breached and thrown away like a bad idea.

      This is the root of this issue which is why I post my information here. I will try this right and refuel the collective hope of a lost Kickstarter sub-community of generous people.

    38. John Paul Larson on

      Steps could include offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used, and other actions to satisfy backers.

      Nothing has been done. And any thing claimed to be done is false. Some people got shirts but they were not rightly anything near a quality response. This was done through James Proctor and his friend who was not working for electric crow games or Jason Appleton. I have spoken with all parties. James P. and his partner have backed off from accepting a role in this scamw4re project. Jason Appleton is still responsible for over $100k in unexplained capital loss as well as unexplained. Things that Jason bought for James Proctor Lead programmer for electric crow games, LLC. (BTW an LLC does not allow someone to commit fraud legally)

      Atavism engine (A multiplayer rpg structure and design platform for early concept feature development and small single server environments. (Like space engineers or minecraft)

      3D models and assets for unity

      3 hosted servers for small lengths of very early pre-concept design flow environments
      These are not complete worlds at all. The last world to be output by James Proctor under the financial misdirection of J. A. was a single server with a small starter town. This was equal to a first alpha test of an Ever Quest version one clone. It showed dedication to the media by the programmer but the designer was missing altogether. I would have left a review if I knew it would matter. I was not convinced that James Proctor knew he was being pushed by a mad person into a flaming pit. Thankfully for mister Proctor he understood what is happening and abandoned mister Appleton to his own legal responsibility.

    39. John Paul Larson on

      In case you are wondering why I may be flip flopping. I am NOT flip Fricken FLOPPING. I was against James Proctor. Like I suspected in the end James Proctor was set up to be a scam proxy or in legal terms a "Patsy". I thought James was capable of knowing right from wrong and I was wrong. I admitted my anger was misled and now I am after the real target. Now that the prospected due date has passed I may file a class action for this for everyone. I will post more information as this trickles down the pole of life.

    40. John Paul Larson on

      I tried to reach out to Jason Appleton considerately before and after the fail month happened.. Jason Appleton respectfully declined responsibility and claimed no responsibility was to be had by himself.

    41. John Paul Larson on


      You act as though you are innocent for taking advantage of hundreds of people.

      this will not be over till it's over and you are going to lose

      Just like no legal ceiling for wire fraud this falls into that same mess BTW

      (This is were I started my crusade)…

      (and here is where it ended)

    42. John Paul Larson on

      Messages from John L. to Jason Appleton.

      Information from and to Jason Appleton about the due date of Greed Monger MMOrpg.
      Jason Appleton has not fulfilled even one single term of his contract with us through kickstarter and is now void of professional integrity by claiming others are now responsible. The terms of Kickstarter do not accept transfer of an incomplete project as a means of taking responsibility for failure of his promises.

      MAY 22ND, 9:23PM
      Honest services fraud - Wikipedia
      Honest services fraud is a crime defined in 18 U.S.C. § 1346 (the federal mail and wire fraud statute), added by the United States Congress in 1988,[1] which states: "For the purposes of this chapter, the term scheme or artifice to defraud includes a scheme or artifice to deprive another of the inta...
      Just give me my money back and I'll sign an NDA for your fappin dickass agenda at present, but all white mail aside I would much rather continue my crusade.My cousin in the FBI thinks this might be something If I can contact enough affected people and carry out something with at least 50 of them. They will address you for the proof of purchase on the mistake or whatever. I would be half surprised even if you plea out because if this hammer comes down you will look like qusi motto to funds dude.
      I never give up
      I just keep coming back
      or you can pay me what I deserve and I'll move on
      I gave a felony amount for a reason
      so I could help my self
      I have to say the scheme was a good try
      but it was not a good one in the end and no one can be sure why
      because there is no proof otherwise
      which makes you very guilty
      and the other one well he was more ambiguous thn guilty
      but still guilty by assosiation
      for the money I fed to you through YOUR
      Greed Monger Scheme
      and I'll sign and place an NDA in your hands at the Seattle airport on the date and at the time of your choosing
      On the last note
      I might not be the big cat in the yard but my interior is solid like Rocky Balboa
      metaphorically that is
      I am not stupid
      nor am I too brave
      but I got endless heart
      and I won't ever give up on a good fight
      $300 for an NDA
      NDA is for others I think you understand
      Don't want cause following you down
      My mother is a lawyer and I understand this from her only
      have a wonder day tomorrow
      Oh and just so you are certain. There is no statute of limitations on time for this charge.
      MAY 23RD, 9:31AM

      Jesus, you're a bit crazy aren't you? First of all, there is no charge. There were no illegal actions, schemes or whatever you want to call the situation. You DONATED/PLEDGED funds to support a passion project that could potentially fail. I worked on this stupid project for years and sunk thousands of my own money into it after the KS funds were used. All while being harassed by all of you internet crazies spamming me and everything I did with hate and driving any potential for me to attract the proper development support for the project away. You were all a self fulfilling prophecy and then blame me in the end claiming "you told everyone so". You nutjobs played a major role in making sure the game wasn't able to be finished on a very limited budget and I got tired of working against the grain at every turn. Whats more, I signed all assets to James and his partner and as such they signed papers accepting all pledge responsibility. I didn't sell them all of the assets and software we bought, I gave it to them to complete the project as they saw fit. If your life and time after all of these years is only worth $300, then maybe its time for you to do something with your life. I dont expect you or anyone else to understand what I dealt with or even care because frankly I dont think many of you know what its like to put yourself out there to try and accomplish a dream and not only fail, but have a hateful and spiteful community of people plague you with hate constantly. Seriously, you went about this all the wrong way. I don't succumb to threats and have nothing to fear. I did nothing wrong. Seeming as you have nothing better to do with your life but "Crusade" against me for $300, have your fun. I assure you, one way or another it will all be for nothing. Good day.

      No not crazy. Everything I do is for a reason, this response you made was a good business response you made. I don't really "crusade" like the Catholic Church but having the same opinion for more than a few years makes me think, oh that seems like a "crusade". I can't say what kind of person you are morally but ethically I don't see how you about softening the community. You are a good biz dev. I would like to say I have been a little stalkerie in the past. It only let me know you do have sense. That is like saying everybody fails sometimes. It happens. I can understand. But selling is what it seemed like. Digital land is what it sounded like. And you convinced a lot of people of the same thing. I would necessarily call this a crusade unless you consider that you have it coming. If you don't believe I am right, prove it! But like you said you claim innocence which from hindsight is really selfish since you could have involved more people but then there would be more witnesses too.
      MAY 23RD, 7:04PM

      You called it a Crusade, I was using your words. And, more witnesses? You dont think I tried to get "more witnesses" as you call them. A number of you lit your pitch forks on fire and chased me everywhere screaming "scam!" before the Kickstarter campaign even ended and little did I know it would only get significantly worse as the months and years of development continued making it impossible for me to get the help I needed outside of James and a few others. Nobody wanted to be caught up in the mess everyone was making for me. Those I did manage to get were chased off by James which is why if you remember, when even he tried to bail, I held him accountable as best I could. Had I been actually trying to scam people, I wouldn't have stopped the after KS campaign I had begun and started using my own money. It was at that point I was starting to sincerely doubt Jame's ability to see things through and used my own money for as long as I could stand it until finally giving up and letting all of you win. I could go into great detail explaining every little thing but what you need to understand is that with a limited budget, every mistake made was money lost and the noose tightened with no more funds to start over. Every day, week and month being hounded and harassed by the community, some who were jealous I was able to accomplish what I did on KS and wanted to see it all burn and others who were just following the rest. I spent years swallowing all of that while making every possible effort I could to see it through. You lost $300, I lost thousands over a year not to mention getting what seems like an endless number of web stalkers threatening me and harassing me at every turn to this day. I'm done here. Believe what you want. Do what you want. Its time to move on or do whatever you feel you need to.
      What should creators do if they're having problems completing their project?

      If problems come up, creators are expected to post a Project Update (which is emailed to all backers) explaining the situation. Sharing the story, speed bumps and all, is crucial. Most backers support projects because they want to see something happen and they'd like to be a part of it. Creators who are honest and transparent will usually find backers to be understanding.

      It's not uncommon for things to take longer than expected. Sometimes the execution of the project proves more difficult than the creator had anticipated. If a creator is making a good faith effort to complete their project and is transparent about it, backers should do their best to be patient and understanding while demanding continued accountability from the creator.

      If the problems are severe enough that the creator can't fulfill their project, creators need to find a resolution. Steps could include offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used, and other actions to satisfy backers.

      Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

      Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

      Are you seriously that retarded or just a straight up con artist?

      you were under contract from KICKSTARTER you fool

      I will definitely be holding you accountable

    43. Spider3 on

      After years, i still suffer the loss of months of spares to put 2'000 fu***ing $ for this vaporware. Appleton is a big scammer and just run away. Internets, be Aware, never trust this Person if you read his Name in ANY Projects.

    44. Missing avatar

      Arto Laakso on

      Kerbox - Utherous

    45. John Paul Larson on

      Yah!?! It is not a dead horse after all. But if the available active community with development experience or interest can make this a global success. I would give freely of whatever I can create in order to revive not only the community but also the idea we all dreamed of when this project went up.

      I rescind all statements toward my tolerance stance.

      I said some harsh things in my questioning of things. I was searching hard for answers, and I wanted to blame someone. I guess I should blame myself first for giving in to failure.

    46. John Paul Larson on

      I am not risk tolerant of these circumstances and everyone should be aware of all information being passed on the topic of this project.

    47. John Paul Larson on

      According to Jason Appleton you are not an investor, instead in his description you are out of luck since the company is no more. And the IP transfered to James Proctor. I am persistent. I refuse to be subjected to summary abuse.

    48. John Paul Larson on

      I am an American who doesn't take this kind of stuff from people and this is what happened from that.

      I messaged Jason Appleton on Facebook to get some answers.
      (11/04/2015 1:31PM
      I need to know in your opinion did Mr. Proctor embezzle money from your project to build assets for his own personal use? I will make a complaint to the FTC. I just want to know if you think there was fowl play on the part of the lead programmer who seems to have way less knowledge and ability than he can prove to know over time. Contracts aside I want to get all the work either made public, so what is available now can maybe be worked on by an open community. A real open source game, maybe, or sue the gov. for Mr. Proctor's possible misuse of capital funds. Did he report the money he got from you to the government? If not that is social security fraud to top off the list of fuck ups on his behalf. I hope you can help me settle this feeling I do appreciate the energy you came with this idea. Too bad it is that someone decided their personal ideas were better and worth stealing for.)

      All of what I said is based on the minor bits of info that I was able to scrounge for.

      And this is Jason Appleton's response.

      (11/08/2015 11:55AM

      I would suggest just leaving it alone. James mislead me quite a bit and lead me to believe he could get this game built using all of the technology available including Unity and I ended up sticking my neck out to the world on his claims. No, he didn't embezzle money but he directed me to waste a lot of it on licenses for things he could never get working, but he would tell me they just didn't do what we needed and suggest something else. At one point I had a full team of people, but James pushed them all away with his bad attitude and insults to those who didn't do things his way.

      James didn't steal anything really. He was just very incompetent and had me really believing in him. I spent so much money on things and lost so much based on his claims and promises but because our funds were so limited, the more we spent, the less options I had to replace him with someone else and at a certain point, I had no choice but to not only keep pumping money into new engine licenses and other assets, but my own personal money as well.

      Then after all of it, he ultimately told me to give him and his new business partner Joel everything or he would walk away and take his custom work with him. So I gave them everything but not before getting a contract signed stating the two of them would take over all responsibilities to the backers including all pledge rewards, which they both signed.

      This whole Kickstarter game has been the worst decision I've ever made in my life. It stressed me out to the point of getting on blood pressure pills and other health issues and I'm honestly just over it.

      Nobody stole money or embezzled or anything. It was just a very limited amount of money (most MMO's have 7 fgures) and my options were limited. James doesn't have anything to take. I had to send him money for oil every winter if that tells you anything. Everyone really just needs to move on and find something else to focus their energy on. It's been years now, I lost more than any backer for the game and while it sucks for everyone, it's just time to move on and leave it alone.

      I wish you well.)

      I don't see how some one can lead you to waste money on things it shouldn't have been spent on. That sounds like you just wasted the money is all. So you wasted the money and no more project from Jason Appleton. I seek my claim of this incomplete project.

      And so I messaged this to Jason Appleton today.

      just letting you know that you can't give me that answer and expect me to just go away

      In fact I gave you Christmas to think on it and your none change of heart suggests you may have complete knowledge of what I was suggesting and suggest i not care about the $300 of mine you ganked me for. Your not some shady snake oil salesman, you are a game company CEO that messed up and doesn't want to take legal course to ending the business and the accountability for the kickstarter. You can't just hand off responsibility at the last moment to someone who doesn't even have a legal business entity. Whether you like it or not I as an investor of the IP have been pricked and I will fight you down to the last penny.)

      And he sent this message as a response.


      John, first of all, if you were an investor, as you put it, the company failed, it no longer exists and assets were legally transferred to another party, I.E James Proctor and Joel. I am no longer in the picture. If you were a donor, such is the term used for those who donated money through Kickstarter for the games development, the same still applies. James has been secretly working on the game this whole time and has a lot of cool things going on, but you'll have to talk to him. I've seen some of it, but Im done dealing with it all and James hasn't said anything openly until he has a beta version ready to launch. Hopefully, James ges the game finished and you all enjoy it, but I have nothing to do with it. Please direct all questions and concerns to him from now on. Thank you.)

      And then he blocked me from further messaging him.

      So I guess maybe James is maybe still making the game, or Jason Appleton fancies himself as a mastermind criminal.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ronald Finch on

      I spent 150 dollars on to get scammed. Nice

    50. Andrea Silvestroni on

      I want my damn money back. I know i only spent 20$ instead of the 300$ or 3000$ other people gave, but it's still the same principle: we were promised a game for our investment, the game is dead and now we want the money back.

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