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An otome (GxB/GxG) visual novel about love, friendship, college and coffee!
An otome (GxB/GxG) visual novel about love, friendship, college and coffee!
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DoraKone! - public release

Posted by AppleCider (Creator)

Short and sweet update: DoraKone has now been officially released to be public! Be sure to get the word out and share it with your friends :)

Available here:

Thank you once again for your patience and support! We'll be back with more updates on CM super soon.

- Deji

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    1. Lily on

      I love this game so much! I'm gay and I love girls and I love THIS and I love you guys <333333
      I have a few lil things I picked up on while I was playing, though, and I just wanted to share them for fixes ^^

      I noticed that there were a lot of glitches w/ Dulce's sprite not disappearing from the text box when she wasn't speaking, it keeps flashing up in between text box changes when she isn't even speaking and it absolutely shouldn't be there... I tried to get a few examples but it happens a *lot*, but for one example it always happens in the level 5 celebrations in the ice cream shop

      also, just a small thing - "MotherofDragons? I never seen this username before." - I've!

    2. Missing avatar

      Tysken on

      Thank you once again! It's beautiful and cute, and the soundtrack is looping perfectly now (in the areas I checked). :-)
      The phone-style UI is particularly neat.

      On my system (Linux) the default font (Quicksand) has broken kerning, though. This isn't consistent with your screenshots and disappears when I switch to the OpenDyslexic font (thank you for including the option!), so it is probably system dependent (so if anyone else is having that issue, here's your workaround...)

      Anyway, I hope that you're celebrating the release! Have fun, and good luck with Caramel Mokaccino and your other endeavours.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gianni Barbera on

      Looks cute, sounds cute, but the .exe triggered my anti-virus as a Trojan/SONAR so that’s... A thing

    4. Xolf

      That was fun, cute, and really polished feeling - loved the phone UI design elements. Think I saw a single misspelling in the whole thing (or wrong homophone or something) - wasn't really stopping to pay attention to that sort of thing though because I was just enjoying the story.

      Main problem with all routes is that you hit an ending and then the story ends, rather than continuing on and being super cute...

      (there's actually really something about those little vulnerable moments from Honoree/friendship).