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An otome (GxB/GxG) visual novel about love, friendship, college and coffee!
An otome (GxB/GxG) visual novel about love, friendship, college and coffee!
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Update #38

Posted by M Beatriz García (Collaborator)

Update #38

Hello, everyone. First of all, I owe a big apology to everybody for not updating in the past couple of months. Your frustration for the lack of updates on my behalf is completely justified, and I can only apologize profusely about it.

And no, we’re not cancelling the project, or anything of the sort!

This update, though not long, is a bit on the personal side, so if you don’t want to read about all that, the quick summary is that DoraKone should be finished and released within the next few weeks, and Caramel Mokaccino production will resume right afterwards. You can skip to the end of this update for some nice in progress screenshots of the DoraKone in game menus!


The reason for the long development delays, especially this year, is a personal one. “Life got in the way,” I’d usually write on my updates--in this case, sadly, it's true.

Nobody foresees having health issues, yet sometimes they show up, despite our best plans. And as you try to ignore them (a terrible idea, really), they keep getting worse, until it reaches a point where things are way too bad already, and the idea of even get treated in the first place becomes terrifying--after all, how could you let things get this bad?

I’ve neglected updates because I had nothing to update with during these bad times. I kept waiting to have something to show everybody, telling myself, “It’s okay, I’ll work on this a bit more and update once it’s done, just wait a bit longer...” but I couldn’t make anything worth showing. This kept up for months. Since I’m the project lead, artist and programmer, everything ended up halted because of it; the rest of our small team couldn’t continue working on their assigned tasks if I wasn’t telling them what to do, and since Art and Coding comprise the bulk of what’s needed for both DoraKone and Caramel Mokaccino at the moment, the production kept getting delayed.

That’s the gist of it, really.

Along with my sincere apologies about how my personal situation affected the production of both games, I’m glad to inform that these issues are being treated successfully, and I’m finally back to being able to work on both projects for good. The team is also glad to be back on track and have the workflow restored.

Again, DoraKone will be finished in the next few weeks and we’ll keep you posted about it. regular updates will resume and comments won't be left unanswered anymore.


For now, I’ll leave you with a look at the cute GUI that is getting finished as I’m writing this.

Apologies once again, and I can't thank everyone enough for sticking this through with us. Your support really means the world. As always, if you want to know more about our progress, or have any other concerns, feel free to drop us a line at any time and I'll make sure to reply to it as soon as possible.

- Deji


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    1. June

      I'm relieved to hear that your health and the situation has presumably improved, and do genuinely hope to see some nice progress going forward. Not that what you guys have shown us so far isn't amazing and lovely in of itself, of course, but the proof is in whether it will ultimately culminate in a good, solid set of games. Delays won't matter in that case, so just keep on truckin' guys! While DoraKone is next up, I still look forward to Caramel Mokaccino the most. <3

    2. Missing avatar

      J Lag on

      I hope you get well and I understand that health is important. I'm very excited to play DK once's it's finished. Thank you for all the hard work and I hope you get better soon! :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Aarni Ilvonen on


      A big thank you for this update. Like mentioned before the lack of updates has been bit frustrating but I completely understand that prioritising your health comes first and I am glad to hear you're feeling better and taking care of yourself. It is also nice to hear that things are getting back on track and I can't wait to finally get my hand on DK.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tysken on

      It's great to hear that you are feeling better! :-)
      You've already poured a lot of soul and hard work into both projects (or that is what the updates and screenshots suggest, anyway). I will be looking forward to the results whenever they are ready, and keep my fingers crossed for your health to keep improving.

    5. Dana Addams on

      Hey, delays happen. I don't think I've seen a single kickstarter that hit its target, so I don't even keep track. =P
      Your health is way more important; I just hope you're looking after yourself and feeling better! Don't wreck yourself to get this done; it'll be done when it's done. <3

    6. Missing avatar

      Kaze1981 on

      Thanks for the update Deji.

      I don't comment very often but just wanted to say that a delay for health reasons is completely understandable and that I am very glad that you're doing much better.

      I am looking forward to playing both DoraKone and Caramel Mokaccino but please take care of yourself - your health comes first.

    7. Missing avatar

      feralphoenix on

      i'm excited to get to play dorakone when it's all finished, but much more importantly i'm glad you're doing better!

    8. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heatherly on

      A delay for health reasons is perfectly acceptable. I'm glad to hear these issues are being treated, and it's nice to know DoraKone is nearly finished.

    9. Xolf

      The project where everything went smoothly and to plan and on time feels like it'd make for a rather unrealistic and boring story, so don't beat yourself up TOO much over things going slightly less than super-smoothly.

      And for me at least, I tend to back on Kickstarter, and not really pay attention to the target date, as it'll be done when it's done and a nice surprise whenever that is.

      In short - take care of yourself first, the visual novels second, and we'll be waiting for our coffees whenever they're ready. :)