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An otome (GxB/GxG) visual novel about love, friendship, college and coffee!
An otome (GxB/GxG) visual novel about love, friendship, college and coffee!
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Update 33

Posted by M Beatriz García (Collaborator)

Hi there! It’s time for a new update! :D


New background time!

We only have one background remaining for DoraKone (that we forgot the first time around when we first ordered the backgrounds, oops) There's going to be a little bit of a delay on it, but in the meantime, we'll be working on the other parts of the game!

Speaking of which, we have all Honorée’s ending CGs and cut-ins sketched and ready to be inked! Brin’s CGs are currently on queue for inking and we should have some sneak peeks of those, hopefully, by next update!

We have also resumed directing, which is a painfully slow process. ^^;;

Our GUI is currently in the design phase, so hopefully we’ll have more to show on that front in next update :)

Caramel Mokaccino

No new CGs for CM yet, but the next batch of five from the common scenes will start next week!

Secondary sprites' flats and inks are done, including the professors, a familiar face from another of our games and two others that we’ll keep hidden for now~

With these done, inking and flat coloring of cameo sprites will start next week! Our goal is to have most of them done by next update, so we can start with the proper coloring of all these sprites (there are 20 in total!)

We’ve also resumed minigame coding, which still very very rough (and not much to look at yet), but so far everything works as intended!

We’re really happy with our progress so far on both games, so we hope you are too! Thanks for the support as usual and see you again in two weeks!

- Deji


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    1. Trudy on

      @ M Beatriz

      Thanks for the update! Really can't wait for this game to be released. :)

    2. M Beatriz García Collaborator on

      Our voice director is handling that front! We've only gone through blind picking (unnamed files to avoid any bias) for all the secondaries. We hope to be given a list of VAs when the rounds are over :)

    3. Trudy on

      Do you have any information on the voice acting front? I know you requested auditions when this project first started production, so I'm curious to know who's been cast for what role.

    4. Missing avatar

      Shawn Heatherly on

      Rough version aside, I like seeing the minigame coming along. The secondary sprites are looking nice too.