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App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
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Backer Survey Results, New York Trip, WWDC 2015

Posted by Story & Pixel (Creator)

We take the prospect of dropping 2,000+ emails into inboxes pretty seriously, so we ran a little survey in our last update to see how often you would like to receive updates (our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took a moment to respond).

The results are below. To sum them up: over two-thirds of you don't wish to see update frequency change, so we'll keep updating at the current pace.

For those of you who would like more frequent updates, please check out our Twitter and Instagram accounts and our blog.

 *If you’re curious how we abused Google Analytics to build the survey, look for an upcoming post on our blog. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when we post.

Thanks to your generous backing, we had the honor of heading to New York for a couple of interviews at the beginning of last month.

Our first interview was with Marco Arment in the sleepy town of Hastings on Hudson. Both of us (Jake & Jed) have been following Marco’s work for a long time and so it was a real treat to sit down at his home with his family and talk apps and life.

After capturing Marco roasting some coffee, we sat down and talked about how he got into programming, how he and his wife Tiffany met, working for Tumblr, creating Instapaper, his podcast ATP, Overcast, the app industry and myriad other topics. Marco and Tiffany were incredibly gracious with their time and access.

The next morning we met Marco at the train station and talked about the commute he used to take into New York City every day while working for Tumblr. He recounted how it was this train ride that led to the inception of Instapaper and his move to being an independent developer. It was a really fun moment and we think you’re really going to enjoy it. It’s of a substantial length so we’ll be sure to turn it into its own App Story for you to download.

After shooting with Marco, we had the opportunity to shoot with Douglas Rushkoff who is also based out of Hastings on Hudson. Douglas has written 13 books and made several documentaries about the effects of technology on society. Add to that the fact that he’s a really funny guy.

For the last two trips, Jake has been fighting a cough and we had a great moment in Douglas’s interview where Jake couldn’t hold his cough in and Douglas totally let him have it. We're pretty sure Douglas was joking. It still cracks us up every time we watch the clip. Fair warning: the clip is NSFW.

To wrap up our trip to Hastings on Hudson, we shot some coverage footage of the trains with the drone until the cops were called. Fortunately, we were packed up in time and drove right by as they were arriving. We felt like kids skateboarding all over again.

From there we headed into Manhattan. We were able to capture some fun coverage footage of people using their phones and tablets in Times Square.

As we were wrapping up our shoot, we were passing by a human statue and Jake handed him his iPhone 6. Something beautiful started to happen. The statue started to pose as if he was taking selfies or getting lost in Twitter. As his act transformed from performance art into social commentary, the crowd started to engage and grow. With each new pose there was an audible reaction as we all were confronted with how ridiculous these devices can make us look.

Before we headed home, we had the chance to go spend the day at Keezy in Williamsburg. Keezy is co-founded by Jake Lodwick and Pasquale D’Silva. These two gave us amazing, insightful interviews and the vision they share for Keezy is equal parts ambitious and beautiful.

It was a very productive and enjoyable trip. That said, it was a rough production trip. New York is a monster when it comes to getting around with gear on a budget.

Since we’ve been home, we have been cutting like mad trying to find out what we have and don’t have as we prepare for WWDC 2015.

Thanks for all the love and backing. We’re so excited for you to see the film that is coming together.

<3, Jake & Jed

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