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App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
2,165 backers pledged $163,990 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Lots of Updates


Thank You!

This week, sales of the film crossed the break even mark for our immediate debt on the project! We unknowingly launched the film during what would become an uncharacteristically frantic iOS news cycle and ended up getting very little press. It's safe to say that almost all of App's sales have come from your grass root efforts on Twitter, blogs, and podcasts. Thank you!

The First App Story is Live

If you backed at a reward level that included App Stories, check your inbox for an email coming from a address. The first App Story features Craig Hockenberry. If you're not familiar with Craig, he is an iOS and Mac developer living in Laguna Beach, California. He might be best known for creating the first Twitter app, Twitterrific for macOS in 2007. The iOS version of the app started on the original iPhone, long before 3rd party apps were allowed, and would go on to win a much coveted Apple Design Award for the Iconfactory. He's beloved in the indie community for his alt Twitter persona CHOCKLOCK and for sharing his hard-won secrets on his blog at 


Special commentaries for backers who raised their support by $15 are still going to happen, though it may take a little longer—it's a busy time of year to be syncing schedules. My director's commentary for deluxe film level backers will be out by the end of next week hopefully. Apologies for the delay. In Addition, it looks like there will be at least one cast commentary from some of the featured cast that will be included in the deluxe version fo the film. 


There has been some interest from a few people on the iTunes editorial team to feature the film on iTunes.  We are doing everything we can to get the film on there. iTunes requires indies to use an aggregator which in turn require fees. Vimeo pays net 30 so we're working through a cash flow issue. If you're interested in sponsoring this process (~$1,500) please reach out and I would be happy to put together a package. 

T-Shirt Sale + DVDs, BluRays

We are opening up t-shirt orders for the next week at a discounted rate and pushing hard to get all physical goods out by the end of the month.  

Title Card Sponsorship

The title card sponsorship for the film is still available. Your brand could be the first thing everyone sees for the wide launch on iTunes in early 2018 and the streaming platforms in the spring. Contact us 

Discounted Screening Rates for Dev Meet-Ups:

If you're part of an established Dev meet-up, you can screen the film at one of your meet-ups for $150. The screening needs to be public, free, and not billed as branded or sponsored by any company. The $150 can be covered by donations or sponsorship, though again, the sponsor cannot be promoted in the billing. There is one other stipulation to get the discounted rate—after the screening you need to take an informal poll about something. We can't tell you here as it is part of a skunk works project that we've teamed up with Brent Simmons on. With your screening package we will provide 3 deluxe download versions of the film for you to distribute as door prizes and a custom discount code for your groups mailing list/social channels. To get your discounted screening, contact us at and please include a link to your meet-ups page. 

Jake & Family

Loose Ends


Thank You!

Thank you for a solid launch! Thank you for the tweets, the blog posts, and the podcast shout-outs. It's been so fun to hear the reactions to the film. 


If you backed at a reward level that includes the film and you have not received a link via email, please email us a 

If the link you received does not bring up a confirmation screen you may need to disable your ad blocker or login to Vimeo before hitting the link. If that doesn't work, email us for a new code. 

Other Rewards

The director's commentary will hopefully be released next week and the first App Story around December 7th. From there one or two App Stories will be released a week. Thank you for your patience on these. 

Press (help :)

If you watched the film, please write a review and share it. Also, with all the iOS issues of the last week the film has gotten very little play in the press. If you have any contacts with the press and would like a screener to pass along just let us know. 


Vimeo Bug


Quick update! If you used your link to watch the film and Vimeo told you to come back tomorrow at noon to watch the film, don't lose heart. Dismiss the dialog and you will be able to start playing and downloading the film immediately. 

It's Time!


Thank you so much for your patience and support.

Keep an eye on your email over the next hour or two to get your link to watch and download App: The Human Story! The email will be coming from If you haven't received the email by this evening please let us know.  

If you enjoy the film, you can help it reach larger audiences in a few key ways:

  • Tweet about it with the handle @appdocu
  • Write a review on your blog, on Facebook, even the comments on the Vimeo VOD page. 
  • Recommend the film to you favorite tech writers. Press can get a screener by contacting us at
  • Share it with your favorite film critics. 
  • Sponsor it! We're still looking for a worthy Title Card Sponsor to grace the beginning of the film before our wide release tomorrow at noon! 

Jake Schumacher
Director (!!)

Title Card Sponsorship Cyber Monday Sale


Tonight I'm proofing closed captions while Jed is starting to build the S3 fulfillment system. We're down to days, if not hours, before the film is delivered! 

As you know, this film was incredibly ambitious for being made on an indie budget. I could not be more proud of what all of us have made together. The film says some hard things to some powerful entities in an honest, heartfelt, and respectful way, all while highlighting the spirit that makes our community so special.  

If you're in a place to promote the values of this film, we could use your help. We have some awesome contractors to pay, some debt from the project, and more coming from the S3 bill. It wouldn't be prudent of us to rely on sales alone to cover these expenses, so we are selling a title card sponsorship for the film. It will be the first thing that anyone who watches the film will see on any platform: "Brought to you by...". Over the last few months IBM, AT&T, and Microsoft have looked at the sponsorship to the tune of $35k. It's time for a big sale. If you or your company is a positive force in the community and interested in being App's title card sponsor, hit us up at as soon as possible. We're getting ready to ship this thing!