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App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
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The Current State of the Film... See for Yourself!


Stream the most recent cut and watch the WWDC screening panel discussion!

As you read this, emails are being sent out with a unique code for you to stream the current cut of the film! Please send your notes to

If you love the current cut and want to support the film by booking a private screening for your company, please reach out as I'm still working on putting together finishing costs. More on those below.

Also, you can now watch the panel discussion from WWDC here (PW: wwdc2017). Sadly, in the moment I was running back to get the camera dialed in, I forgot to connect my recorder to the PA so there is only crapy audio from the camera's mic. A thousand apologies. Even with the bad audio it's well worth watching for the panelists' insights.

Current State of the Film

Besides minor polishing of the edit, here are the big things I'm working through to reach the release with the help of some awesome subcontractors.

Sound Mix: Enoch Kim, the film's talented composer, has come on board to mix the film. This will be Enoch's first film mix but fear not, everything Enoch touches turns to gold. Also Caleb Sexton, the incredibly talented mixer of podcasts like The Talk Show, has graciously offered his oversight and advice to ensure Enoch has what he needs to succeed. 

Visual Effects: Charlie (Clutch) Davis is about 1/2 of the way through the visual effects and they are looking so much stronger than when Jed and I were creating them at our snail's pace.

Color: Tanner Hall is a friend of the project and a talented colorist who is working on the project. 

Legal: This is the largest hurdle. I need to come up with a $5k retainer for a lawyer to review and give us a Fair Use assessment that in turn allows us to purchase our Errors & Omissions insurance (~$4k) for the film that we must have before the film is released.

Marketing: Not much of a plan here yet besides producing a great trailer and a strong poster. If this is your world and you have some ideas feel free to hit me up.

Next Update

I'm working on some fundraising ideas and hopefully will have those in an update for you soon. If you have any ideas, I'm all ears.

Best, Jake

WWDC Screening Re-Cap


The early pre-release screening of App at WWDC was a huge success! The primary goal was to raise some money for App Camp for Girls. We brought in around $7.5k in ticket sales, but that wasn't enough for Rob Elkin from AltConf who generously stepped up and made it a nice round $10k!

After the film we had an all-star panel discussion that was terrific. I'm working on putting together a stream of the current film cut for you to enjoy along with a video of the panel discussion!

A Sponsor Saves the Day

The response to the screening was better than I could have imagined and it feels like we now have the momentum needed to finish strong. A big part of this momentum in the project is thanks to who sponsored the screening just days before the event. Because of them there is now funding in the project for a down payment on the sound mix and funds to keep our other sub contractors moving forward! Paddle, in their own words, "We’re software developers, we love software developers, and this is an honest documentary about what it’s like to build software used by millions of people for a living".

Paddle's mission is to make selling software easy; allowing developers to focus on building products they love. They handle all of the hard stuff (like payments, licensing, taxes, trials, in-app purchases, analytics & customer engagement), so developers don’t have to.

Don't miss Paddle's great video featuring some devs you might recognize.

Important Thanks

I also want to thank Rob Elkin and Anna Crook from AltConf, Jessie Char from Layers, Jean McDonald and Grey Osten from App Camp for Girls, the volunteers at the screening, and the incredible cast of the film that were able to lend their voice to the panel discussion. Also a big shoutout to John Gruber for the link on Daring Fireball that really helped bring awareness to the screening.

The film is moving forward quickly! I will have a full update for you in the next week or so.


You're a VIP at the pre-release screening of App: The Human Story this Sunday!


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

WWDC Screening!

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TLDR: We're screening App at WWDC. Buy tickets here. If you can't make it we're gauging interest in a stream of the event here.

I'm thrilled to share that we will be showing an exclusive pre-release screening at WWDC this year to benefit App Camp 4 Girls! A special shout out to Rob and Anna at AltConf for making this a reality. 

Screening Details

Presented by AltConf & Layers, the screening will kick off WWDC week on Sunday June 4th! Starting at 5pm, the screening will be followed by a panel discussion made up of cast members from the film, including Adam Lisagor, Brent Simmons, Cabel Sasser, Grey Osten, Ish Shabazz, Jay Dysart, John Gruber, Melissa Hargis, Steven Frank, and Windy Chien.


What: Exclusive pre-release screening of App: The Human Story + Panel Discussion.

When: Sunday 4th June 2017, 5pm (doors open at 4:30) 

Where: Susan & Phil Hammer Theatre Center, 101 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95113 

Who: Everyone is welcome - you don’t have to have an AltConf or Layers ticket to be eligible to come. 

Tickets: General Admission:$25.00. All proceeds go to App Camp For Girls. Tickets available here

Not attending WWDC? You still might be able to watch the event!

This screening will be really special and we know a lot of you won't be in town for WWDC so we have been working on a way for you to enjoy the event. Jed has put together a mini  kickstarter-esque page were we are raising money for a stream* of the event. As backers, the stream* will be free for you to view, so please help us spread the word about the WWDC event and the stream* by sharing the two linked pages. Essentially, anyone who pre-orders the film in the next two weeks will get access to the stream if we hit enough pre-orders. 

*Due to the venue's weak internet we cannot live stream the event. We will film the event and then upload it for immediate viewing. 


We have two sponsorship spots for the WWDC screening and for the stream. Please get in touch if you're interested! 

Thank you for your continued support!





It looks like things are coming together for an early June Premiere at WWDC in San Jose! Don't fret if you can't make it—we are hoping to be able to live stream the premiere. We anticipate having a firm date and venue within the next two weeks.

We will still hold premiere events in Los Angeles and in our hometown of Twin Falls, Idaho. If you backed at a level with premiere tickets, you are welcome to attend whichever event you would like to.


We will start rolling out backer rewards at the end of June and are hoping to have the bulk of rewards delivered by the end of summer.

Changes Behind the Curtain

As you know, we have been self-funding the film for what will be two years by the time we premiere in June. This has been a really challenging season for us and our families. Around the beginning of the year, due to some personal circumstances, Jed was having a difficult time getting hours in project. We have been working through the resulting issues and today we were able to reach a new arrangement. Jed will be stepping back from the project and taking a programing support role which will be critical for live streaming the premiere and the technical details of delivering rewards.

You learn a lot about yourself when when things get tough. For Jed, working on App has revealed that at his core, he is a programer. An incredibly talented one at that and I fully understand his desire to pursue that. Though I do wish we could have finished the project together or even transitioned a little more smoothly, I have a lot of empathy for how difficult of a season it has been.

For me, the journey of this film has revealed something altogether different. I have discovered an abiding, tenacious passion to create a great film. My desire to improve every part of my process has been stoked to an almost insatiable level. I want to ensure you I am committed to delivering your rewards plus some extras for your long-suffering patience.

Fresh Blood

Delivery for a June premiere is a big challenge. Luckily, I married incredibly well and my wonderful wife Loni has become a talented editor over the last few months. She has been onboard for a few months helping to finish the film. In addition, we are really excited to welcome Charles Davis, our VFX contractor. Charles is an incredibly talented artist and a clutch friend who is putting in hours even though we made it clear we're not 100% sure how we're going to pay him.


Sponsorship Level

As the premieres solidify, we will be looking for a streaming sponsor and a sponsor for each premiere. Closer to June, we can start booking corporate screenings for your company. Lastly, if there is interest in showing the film in your home city, we would be open to putting together a tour.

Individual Level

We could really use some in-depth story critique. The end of our second act is a bit bloated, as well as the finale, if we're being honest. If you happen to be someone who has a gift for critiquing and shaping story, we would love to show you the current cut of the film and hear your thoughts on how we can tighten it. If you can really get in the weeds and help us move forward, we would be happy to credit you in the film for your effort.

Warm regards,
Jake Schumacher