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App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
App creation has become the new art form for our generation. This is the story of the cultural phenomenon that touches all our lives.
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Recent updates


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Watch the latest rough cut now


We're ready to show you an updated rough of the film! Here’s the plan:

-The viewing window to watch the current cut of the film online is now open (shout out to our friends at Odeum for taking care of the stream).
-The viewing window will stay open until Tuesday, January 3rd at 11:59 pm pacific time.
-We will email you today with a unique link to view the film one time within the viewing window.
-We just exported this cut last night, so subtitles are not available yet. If you'd like to watch this rough with subtitles, please let us know.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback. As always, we are incredibly grateful for your support.

Happy Holidays and much love from Jake & Jed.


On another note, if you have been keeping up with the project at all, you are familiar with Ish Shabazz. We follow his story through the length of the film and hopefully get across what a great guy he is. On Twitter and in the greater Orange County, Ish is a beloved member of the development community. He is incredibly generous with his time, knowledge, and friendship. Tragically, Ish's wife was just diagnosed with oral cancer. Within the next six weeks, she will need to have surgery to remove the mass, along with some of the adjacent bones in her face. You can read Ish's posts about it here and here.

On a beautiful note, some of Ish's friends have started a GoFundMe campaign. Originally setup to treat the Shabazz family to a pre-surgery Disney trip, it has transformed into an outpouring of support from the developer community. Knowing how generous all of you are and how much you care about the community, we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity as well. If you feel inclined, please give what you can as Ish and his family start down this long and difficult journey.

A New Cut & Festival Submissions


Hey beautiful Backers!

We are still chipping away making daily progress and we wanted to show you a new cut! Look for an update next week with further details.

As we've mentioned in previous posts, we are currently submitting App to film festivals. We have submitted to 7 total at this point, with SXSW and Tribeca being the two most prominent. Once we have a premiere date from a festival, we can start setting firm dates for rewards!

-Jake & Jed.

Rolling Toward SXSW Submission


Hello everyone!

Just a quick update today...

As we shared, we had some formidable setbacks earlier this summer, mainly around funding. Also our Mac Pros were grinding to a halt with the edit. The good news is that it looks like the worst of that is behind us.

In our last update, we put forth some ideas we had for fundraising—thanks to those of you who responded with ideas and feedback! We've continued working on fundraising efforts while moving the edit forward. We're currently surviving by doing side work. A special thanks to Randi Pugh for graciously helping us with grant submissions, Melanie Hurt for her help putting together a promo video, and Loni Schumacher for lending a hand with editing.

We adjusted where we could and took leaps of faith where we needed to and it's paying off. For the last two months, we've been on a bit of roll with the film. We're hoping to submit a significantly updated rough cut for the SXSW submission deadline the middle of this month.

Editing Note:

As we mentioned above, one of the big hurdles we had to work through this summer was updating our editing rigs. We've both been long time Mac users, but our 2013 Mac Pros were struggling to the point we had to do something drastic—can you see where this is heading? Our good friends at JLOOP took on the challenge of custom building us PC editing rigs for the price we could sell our Mac Pros used for. Chris Stevens, one of JLOOP's developers hit it out of the park for us. He put together a write up of how he approached the problem and a list of parts in case you're in the market for a budget editing rig. For us, it's definitely been painful to be in a new OS but the silver lining of Windows is that we don't really want to venture out of Premiere all that much and it feels so good to have productive editing sessions.

All the best,
-Jake & Jed

Nearing completion. Looking for help with finishing costs.


Hello beautiful backers,

This is a bit of a packed update, but if you can spare a few minutes to read it through, we would greatly appreciate it.

As many of you know, we've been self-funding the film through part-time side work since about the middle of last year. As we're nearing the completion of the film, we now need to raise a goodly chunk of money to cover finishing costs:

  • travel and expenses for coverage pick-ups
  • final visual effects/motion graphics
  • errors & omissions insurance
  • professional editor
  • audio engineer
  • composer
  • colorist
  • 20 cases of ramen noodles (we kid)

Total: $30k-$50k

Granted, we can handle most of the above list ourselves, but in order to make the film the absolute best it can be, we would be elated to get some help from a few specialists.

With that in mind, we've been kicking around some ideas for raising funds. As you have been with us since the beginning and have been so wonderfully supportive, we wanted to share them with you to get your feedback and ask for your help:


We've been working on a sponsorship pitch deck (more on that below) and are really happy with how some of the designs turned out, so we're considering making some posters from them. The designs are built around screen grabs from actual footage, so these posters would be in the range of about 9.5x5.5 inches when printed. We think they would make a great set of three. 

Future Isn't Fixed
Future Isn't Fixed


Pay It Forward
Pay It Forward


Just In Time
Just In Time

If we did a run in the range of $10-$15 per poster, is that something you would be interested in?

We're also considering offering a full size (27x40 inches) movie poster that would likely sell for around $25. Here's a mockup of how that might look:

Please let us know via or in the comments if you'd like to see these offered!

Corporate Screening Pre-Sales

Here's another idea: after the film's completion (aiming for early fall), one or both of us will travel to your company's headquarters, screen the film for you and your co-workers, and host a live q&a following the screening.

It's a great opportunity to offer a special event to your team that brings everyone together around a common theme. Not to mention that the two of us would love to meet you and your team in person.

Corporate screenings will sell for around $10k-$15k, but we're going to pre-sale the first 4 screenings for $5k + travel and expenses. Please let us know via if you might be interested.


We've also put together a shareable sponsorship pitch deck. You can grab it here. If you work at or have a friend who works at a company that might be interested in coming on board as a sponsor, we would be so grateful if you could pass on the pitch deck or make an introduction for us (

We have also added some lower entry point sponsorships if you'd like to pitch in on a personal level.

Here's the whole line-up from the pitch deck (please get in touch with us at for more info):

• (Exclusive) Presenting Sponsor: $30,000
    - Logo card with "Presented by" at the beginning of the film
• Corporate Sponsor: $8,500
    - Logo, video and link on
    - Logo in the end credits
• Executive Producer single card: $7,500
• Executive Producer shared card: $3,750
• Associate Producer shared card: $2,250
• App Supporter credits: $1,000
• Special Thanks To credits: $500

Other Ideas?

Do you have any other suggestions for how we might raise the remaining funds? Are there any mementos of this journey that you would love to have? Please let us know!

Much love,

-Jed & Jake

Subtitles now available for rough cut

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Subtitles have now been added to the rough cut currently screening on Odeum (check your inbox for an email with the subject Your Unique Link to Screen App: The Human Story).

Special thanks to Thomas Alvarez for volunteering to help out with the subtitles.

Note: All speaking is subtitled in this cut, but there's only sparse captioning to describe actions—less than we're ultimately aiming for. As this is a rough cut and Thomas was volunteering his time, we decided to go ahead and put them out as is. Rest assured, the final cut of the film will be meticulously captioned throughout. We welcome your feedback on any specific aspects you'd like to see covered in the final captions.

Much love,

-Jed & Jake

p.s. We used the wrong link when embedding the WWDC 2016 mood piece in our last update. Our apologies. For those of you who didn't get to see it, here it is again: