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Resistance. Revolution. Standing up and demanding to have your space, your say, your right to be.
Resistance. Revolution. Standing up and demanding to have your space, your say, your right to be.
1,104 backers pledged $26,875 to help bring this project to life.

Three days to go! Let's get STRETCHY!!!!

Posted by Lesley Conner (Collaborator)

We're coming down to the wire! Only three more days in our campaign!

Last night we hit $23,000 and unlocked four additional stories for the anthology! That means Jason and I will select two more stories from our open submissions period, plus Russell Nichols and Dee Warrick will be turning in a story each!

We're already well on our way to unlocking the $24,000 stretch goal (we're at $23,358 as of when I'm writing this). If we hit this, poet and editor Bianca Lynne Spriggs will select eight poems to be included in the anthology - one of which she will write herself!

Think we can do more? I think we can!

Here are our final stretch goals for Do Not Go Quietly!

$26,000 - A one cent per word pay increase for all of our authors! Hitting this goal would also allow us to pay our cover artist and our editors more!

$27,000 - Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner will sign tip-in sheets in the Kickstarter hardcover editions of Do Not Go Quietly, giving our Kickstarter hardcover backers an exclusive signed copy! (Remember, you can upgrade your copy to the hardcover edition for only $10 with our add-ons!)

$28,000 - Another pay increase for our authors! We'll increase author rates another cent per word, bringing the total up to 8 cents per word!

$50,000 - Keep the resistance going! At $50,000 Jason and Lesley will start planning a second anthology of resistance fiction! Let's go for it! Because one collection isn't enough!

We still have some amazing stretch goals to go for and only three days to unlock them! How are we going to do it?

First, tell your friends! Share the Kickstarter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever and you and your revolutionary friends hangout. Make sure they know about Do Not Go Quietly, and encourage them to jump in on the Kickstarter before it is over!

Second, don't forget about our add-ons! We have everything from personalized 'thank you' postcards from editor Lesley Conner, upgrading to a hardcover edition, buying additional copies of the anthology, adding patches, and getting a 12-month digital subscription to Apex Magazine! Even bumping your pledge up by $3 and getting a postcard from Lesley can make a big impact. If every current backer did this, it would unlock the $24,000 stretch goal AND the $26,000 stretch goal!

We have three days remaining in the Do Not Go Quietly Kickstarter. I, for one, want to make the most of them! It isn't the end yet! Let's keep going and unlock those stretch goals!


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    1. Lesley Conner Collaborator on

      Hi, Marissa! Great idea! We'll do that!

    2. Marissa on

      Can you send out an announcement about what lower-tier pledges can add on? I'm in for the e-book, but would be happy to add on for a patch or a postcard!