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A short film about a collegiate fencer who has to confront her doubts days before a crucial competition.
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That's a Wrap! / BTS

Posted by Armen Perian (Creator)

Hey backers!

Apologies for disappearing on you. I assure you we didn't run off with your hard-earned money and blow it all on a fancy vacation or anything of the sort. No, we were busy exposing celluloid to light and, more importantly, telling the story of Hayley and her little (big) predicament.

On that note, I'd like to say we've officially wrapped production! The shoot was an amazing 5 days of collaboration, blood (real & fake), sweat (definitely all real), tears (no comment), and an amazing effort by all those involved. I am literally awe-struck and cannot thank everyone on the crew enough - and that includes you for giving us the opportunity in the first place.

So from the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of the whole cast & crew of FENCER: thank you!


We still have a long road in post-production with the film (digital intermediate, ADR, mixing, etc.) but one of the most rewarding & fun aspects is BTS - behind the scenes!

Our wonderful set photographer, Erin Audry Hoffstetter, snapped some amazing photos of the cast & crew hard at work - and it's ready for your viewing pleasure! I've also attached a nifty poster our graphic designer, Richard Morales, made on the spot off an iPhone photo. Check it below & please 'like' us on facebook to keep in the loop of things - enjoy!


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