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pledged of $25,000pledged of $25,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 20 2013


In RARRR!!, players build monsters (kaiju), each with its own set of terrifying powers. Then they battle each other until only one monster remains to rampage through the city! Cities are worth victory points, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins! Strategy is required in every aspect of the game, from building the monster that best suits you to drafting power cards (see the gameplay video below for details on how to draft) to picking which cities to battle for. 

RARRR!! is a family game for 2-6 players, ages 8+, and can be played in under an hour.

It was designed by Michael Brandl with art by Bob Canada. You'll learn more about both of them in future posts.

We're really stoked about launching this Kickstarter. We had such a great time putting RARRR!! together, and an even better time playing it. While it's a simple thing, we find it's an amazing amount of fun building the monsters. 

Stretch goals make the Kickstarter world go around, and we've got them!

Word is getting around about RARRR!! See what people are saying!

Father Geek

RARRR!! won the Father Geek seal of approval! This means that Gamer Geeks, Parent Geeks AND Child Geeks all gave the game a thumbs up!

"..the game is highly replayable, but it’s the same type of game play throughout. No special powers, no special victory conditions, and no surprises. Ever. The game will not shock you with a turn of a card and force you to completely reevaluate how you play the game. A player’s opponents will, however. Especially when a specific City card suddenly becomes highly contested over. Second, building the Monster with just the right Katakana cards is crucial. Players should either seek balance with all the power types or focus on no more than two. This will guide them with drafting Power cards which will lead to stronger card plays during battles. Failure to do so will cause the player to be terribly ineffective with victories being more based on luck rather than smart card plays."

See the full RARRR!! preview on the Father Geek website.


Nick Sharps from Hugo-winning sci-fi blog SFSignal did an interview with APE's Kevin Brusky about RARRR!! Questions focused on the development process more so than gameplay.

See the interview on the SFSignal site.

Note that Nick Sharps is also working on a giant monster anthology on Kickstarter right now called Kaiju Rising. See the bottom of this project for more details.

RARRR!! comes with 8 different monsters - each with it's own katakana (syllable) and powers.

At the beginning of the game, each player gets one of the monsters, then drafts katakana cards to completely form the monster's name and powers. The monster and katakana cards are combined  in any order to create a number of awesome names! RARRR!! contains 24 different katakana cards.

After building your monster, draft a hand of power cards. Power cards fuel your monster as it battles others for the privilege of rampaging through cities. There are four different types of power - electrical, fire, radioactive and toxic. They range in value from 1 to 3.There are 72 Power cards in the game.

Players spend their power to battle other monsters. Each player gets a Battle Dial to track their monster's power level (not final art).

Cities are the game's victory points. In the advanced game, collect cities of the same color for bonus points, but beware - each city has a resistance to a certain power type! There are 24 different cities - 4 each on 6 different continents (more or less).

Click the video below to learn how to play the base game.

RARRR Full Rules and Print and Play

For more information, find the full rules on

You can also find a print and play demo version of RARRR!! on the APE Games website

We have had feedback that the game's math is harder than the standard 8-year old can manage. We have heard that, and are working on basic game rules, which will make it into the full rulebook.

In case you missed our previous three Kickstarter projects, you can add them to your pledge!

$20 - Kill the Overlord

Get our hot-potato passing party card game for 4-8 execrable scoundrels, ages 10+. Add Kill the Overlord to your order and get a free Gravedigger promo character card!

We're also making available the Kill the Overlord exclusive character promo pack. Add $4 to any pledge $20 or higher to get all four promo characters. Note that if you also get Kill the Overlord base game plus the promo character pack, only one Gravedigger will be included.

Add $8 to a pledge of $20 or more to get the Kill the Overlord third character set. This is a set of eight more characters and three new 'badge' cards.

$30 -  Island Siege

Island Siege is a two-player game for ages 13+. Players are governors in 17th-century West Indies. Build forts, buildings and ships, then lay siege to your opponent's colony! Island Siege comes with a set of 13 metal coins created by Campaign Coins. 

Add $7 to any pledge $20 or more for the Coquina expansion - 6 more cards and 5 pink 'coquina' cubes.

Add $8 to any pledge $20 or more for the Rampart expansion - 24 additional cards.

Coquina and Rampart can be added separately.

Add the Island Siege coins to any pledge of $20 or higher for $12. Get 13 coins (eight x 1, three x 5, two x 10).

Rolling Freight

Add Rolling Freight to your order for an additional $70. This price includes the exclusive 2-player Texas map - back for the first time since the Kickstarter back in 2011! Note that for shipping purposes, Rolling Freight counts as 4 games.

Add just the Texas map to any pledge of $20 or greater for an additional $15.

Add the India/Great Britain expansion to any pledge of $20 or more for an additional $20.

Order of the Stick

APE Games was also involved in the Order of the Stick Kickstarter project that was so successful in 2012. We're offering the Order of the Stick Deluxe game for $55 with free exclusive Sticky Shticks. 

If you already have the base game, then add just the Sticky Shticks to any $20 or larger pledge for just $6. 

Whew! Thanks to everyone that's helped back our Kickstarter projects in the past!

Stretch goals are the grease that make the Kickstarter wheels turn, and we've got 'em! 

In addition to the normal post-funding stretch goals that Kickstarter backers are used to, we'll be offering FREE pre-funding progress rewards to backers!

$8K Progress Goal - MO Papercraft

MO the gorilla is the first of two progress goal papercraft monsters that we'll be giving away for free to all backers. MO sports a jet in one hand and like all of Bob's monster art, killer eyebrows.

$16K Progress Goal - Building Papercraft

Of course monsters need a city to rampage, and the $16K pre-funding progress goal offers you just that! All backers get the building papercrafts for free. Art TBD.

$20K Progress Goal - GO Papercraft

The second pre-funding progress goal monster is GO, the giant reptile! GO carries a train and spiky bits all around. Don't let that bored expression fool you - GO's radioactive powers can level cities with the vicious of monsters! 

$26K Stretch Goal - Bonus Monster - TO

TO is far from your average sewer rat. Like rats of the Middle Ages, TO spreads the plague, with a hefty dose of radiation poisoning.

$28K Stretch Goal - Bonus Monster - BO

BO takes man-eating plants to a whole new level as it chomps entire buildings with a single bite.

$30K Stretch Goal - Bonus Monster - RU

RU adds a second giant robot into the fray. Now you can do robot vs. robot!

$32K Stretch Goal - Bonus Monster - WA

WA will swoop in and set the city aflame!

Help MO climb the building!

We'll update MO's progress regularly.

This is the largest Kickstarter project we've run, and we know it's going to take the support of far more backers than we've ever had. We're offering some exclusives for backers that won't be available in stores.

First, ALL of the Kickstarter backer monster cards will be tarot-sized rather than poker-sized cards in the regular game. This is not a stretch goal - if the project funds, then backers will get exclusive bonus over-sized monster cards (in addition to the regular monster cards)!

Look for more exclusives when we hit our stretch goals!

Internationally, your order may ship in multiple boxes, to save you shipping costs. If we can ship your order via First Class mail, you'll save huge money, but it needs to weigh less than 4 pounds.

Please add the indicated amount to your pledge. Note that a 'game' counts as RARRR!!, Kill the Overlord or Island Siege (including any promos added on). Rolling Freight counts as 4 games.

Shipping in the U.S.

Shipping is free in the United States, regardless what rewards you pledge. 

Shipping to Canada

1-2 games or each set of 1-2 games: $7. As an example, 1 game costs $7 shipping, 4 games cost $14 and 5 games cost $21.

Shipping Internationally

1-2 games $26, 3-4 games, $52. 5+ games $74.

Retailer Shipping

Retailers pay actual shipping costs to their location. Costs and shipping methods will be negotiated with each retailer separately before product ships.

We're not the only giant monster project on Kickstarter right now!

Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters Anthology

From the project's introduction by creator Nick Sharps:

In an age of stunning CG animations, it’s easy to be inured to special effects. I've seen all manner of impossible things brought to life on the big screen, but rarely have I witnessed anything as awe-inspiring as Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. The sheer scale of the movie is breathtaking. It invokes the same glee I experienced as a child watching Godzilla movies. Pacific Rim brought all of that back to me in a surge of geeky joy. It’s not a perfect film, but it sure is fun; so fun, in fact, that I wanted more. And that is why I approached Joe Martin with the idea behind the anthology we’re calling Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters. 

Watch for a cross-interview between Nick and me on SFSignal in the next couple of weeks. 

Click over to the Kaiju Rising Kickstarter project for more info!

Risks and challenges

APE Games has successfully run and delivered all of our Kickstarter projects. (Actually, our latest project, Island Siege, is arriving from the printer while this RARRR!! project is in progress.)

The biggest problem that I foresee is an increase in postage prices at the beginning of the year, since this project won't ship until early 2014. The price increase at the beginning of 2013 hurt a lot of Kickstarter projects. While APE wasn't immune to the pain that caused, we were in a better position to handle the challenges since we've been in the mail order business since 2007.

APE Games is also equipped to ship a large number of pledge rewards to backers, as we were involved in the phenomenally successful Order of the Stick Kickstarter, and handled all of the shipping for the almost 16,000 orders there.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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