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$65.00 pledged of $6,000 goal

Copy of an Anderverse Blog.

Over the last few days, while promoting Death By A Thousand Paper Cutsit has been said that it was a “conservative political thriller”. It was never my intention to write a “conservative” story. In fact, in my opinion the story is not a “conservative”  story. Although others will see it that way. It’s no more  “conservative” than 24. I had the pleasure of discussing this in length with a fellow artist who was very interested in the new book.

The story it self has been called “controversial”, but was Red Dawn controversial? I don’t really think so. Yes, some of my political views made it into the story, however that was one character. Not all the characters in the story share the same belief and ideology as I do. I won’t reveal who that character is as I largely want my personal views to stay personal.

This story is not political. This story is taking a look back at history, and looking at our present. I equate the current state of The United States in the story, to that of the fall of Rome. I did a lot of research.  From that point (after I finish the set up) I use the economic downturn (Not blaming it on the left or right) as the back drop. The Union splits and Al Qaeda invades, followed by China (In all likely hood Korea is more likely to invade).

China, in the story, can not afford to loose the United States, and invades to claim the resources it needs to sustain it’s population. The story takes place around the year 2016. It’s post apocalyptic, it’s Red Dawn, it’s history, and it’s an analysis of our current state.

What inspired the story were Four things:

  1. A news article from the Washing times. It can be found here.
  2. The strategy of Al Qaeda known as “Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts”, which is now considered a rumor..
  3. The Economic downturn.
  4. *Writers edit* The comic DMZ also partly inspired it.

So I took something, not controversial and accidentally created something that was. I’m very proud of the work, and hope that it will not be viewed as a “right-wing comic book”, but just as 24 is and viewed as entertainment.


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