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Nomadic duo to finish debut LP after 19 months of non-stop touring and transcontinental recording. Read more

Chicago, IL Indie Rock
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This project was successfully funded on September 17, 2012.

Nomadic duo to finish debut LP after 19 months of non-stop touring and transcontinental recording.

Chicago, IL Indie Rock
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Welcome to our Kickstarter page!
You Made it!
We Love you!

*This is a really great written description, but if you can't read (or you're lazy) just click play and we'll lay "the scoop" on ya...

By now you’ve probably seen our snazzy video, and have a general idea that there are people on the planet who are all about making Hot-Stanky-Nomadic-Jungle-Funk.

Now, before we really dig our heels in, we want to clarify a couple things:

This is Daphnie:

Isn't she pretty?

As great as she is, there just isn't enough space inside to fit all the people you saw in the video. In fact, when it comes to bedtime there isn't room for much more than two. In this case, these two!

That's us!

Jake and Ilan, the two long-haired gentlemen who get the distinct pleasure of speeding down highways to share their patented brand of Jungle Funk with the masses. 

It's great to meet you!

(Or, if we've slept on your couch before, it's great to see you again!)

Now then,
Some people call music art (people like us), but we here at Aotearoa also consider it the most vital, life-affirming, soul-bonding force one’s likely to stumble into............. AND OURS MOVES BOOTIES TOO!

This notion is the driving force behind our relentless approach to touring.
It’s why we know exactly where to find the bathroom in countless Wal-Marts in over 38 states across the country.

After 19+ months of non-stop touring, we’ve amassed a collection of songs that are straight funk-on-fire and we think it's time to share them with the world.

Although we have recordings from four-corners of the country, we haven’t laid one track in our hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

After such a long voyage, we can't imagine a better place to finish our 15-track Junk-Funk extravaganza than in the familiar waters of a happy homecoming.


We’re taking 6 unreleased tracks from sessions in Nashville and New York City, along with key selections from our first 3 Ep’s and weaving our journey into a cohesive Longplay Record. This album will be as much a chronicle of our voyage as it is a document of our return.

With the money we raise, we'll produce the physical copies of the album to spread across the US and beyond as our travels continue. (If we raise more than we're asking for, we might even have enough for vinyl!!!)


Kickstarter let's us reach out to all of the amazing folks we've come into contact with along the way, and even more through the people YOU choose to share this page with. ::wink wink::

But all of this effort is in the hopes of accomplishing a SPECIFIC goal. In this case finishing an amazing record. This isn't charity.

The catch with Kickstarter is that if we don't reach our goal when the time runs out, we don't receive any funding at all.

We don't have the means to complete this project on our own, so our album will sink or swim based on YOUR support.

But what we’re looking for is more than a simple donation. We see your support as an investment in this record and this band. No matter where you’re from, these songs are just as much yours as they are ours. They were written on your stages and your streets and are influenced by all the interactions we’ve had along the way. We don’t just want you to be a part of this album, you already are whether you like it or not.

But unfortunately engineers don’t get paid in poetry and funk-nation unity.
They prefer exact change...

After mapping out the costs, crunching the numbers and tickering the tape
this is what we’ve discovered:


  • Estimated studio time…............. $3,000 - 4,000
  • Mastering..............$600-800
  • Estimated Manufacturing Cost...............$1,400 - 1,700

We take our songs and sound seriously and we’re trying to make something that our fans deserve, an album that's alive with as much of the heat and motion that we see on dance-floors across the country.

We’re trying to bottle that special booty-sweat and put in on a record that you can keep in your car to get you through those long stretches of congested highway.

The only way we can make this album happen and still get back on the road (and back into your town) is with support from people who believe that this kind of thing is worth it.

Whether you choose to donate $50 or $5,000, EVERY BIT HELPS.
With each dollar raised, it moves us one step towards making this album a reality.

Now, aside from the fact that you are supporting the arts and that you will get a nice warm fuzzy feeling for helping sincere musicians on the long road to boogie-town...


Everything from live studio-updates and pre-release packages to house shows, hand-painted guitars and even pancake breakfasts are up for grabs. You could even get your face on our kick drum.

We're also rolling out a line of limited run Aotearoa pocket notebooks available with donations from $50 and up:

We tried to make the rewards unique and personal. We feel close to everyone we’ve met on the road and would love nothing more than to hand them a copy of the new album along with a hot steaming mess-o’ pancakes.

All the details are listed in the descriptions on the right side of the page.

Any questions, comments or compliments can be directed to us at:

This is an exciting time for the band and we want to thank you for your support over the long road that brought us here. But the best is yet to come! Hotter songs, funkier grooves, more delicious pancakes!

Thank you from the bottom of our groove-soaked hearts for being a part of Aotearoa!



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    Digital Copy of the Album

    Exclusive live updates from the studio as songs develop (samples, videos, lyrics the whole sha-bang!)

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    Exclusive Live Updates + PHYSICAL copy of the album + 2 free tickets for our next tour. + The Aotearoa Pocket Notebook + A personalized video thank you + a hand tailored compliment from the band on your facebook wall. (Emoticons included.)

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    ALL ABOVE + We'll cover a song of your choosing, funkify it and dedicate it to you in a video post + The Aotearoa III EP and an Aotearoa T-SHIRT + A typewritten letter & original artwork from a member of the band. + The Daphnie The Van postcard pack. + A song dedicated to YOU at a show.

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    ALL ABOVE + We'll write a song about YOU (or a topic of your choosing) and send you a recording. + Your name in the liner notes of the album! + If we're passing through your city on our tour...THE SUPER-FUN AOTEAROA HOME CONCERT PACKAGE! Which includes:
    A house show for you and all your pals! A joyride in Daph to your very own morning-after pancake breakfast in the park.
    If you don't like pancakes....A batch of homemade fancy mustard!

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    ALL ABOVE + Make reference to YOU in one of the songs ON THE ALBUM!!! + Free tickets for LIFE to any of our shows anywhere in the U.S. + At a show we'll put your face and a "This Person is Funkier Than You" sign on our kick drum. - You'll also receive a t-shirt that says "My face is on a kick drum somewhere" And we'll be wearing shirts that say I (kiwi) yr name on them. + The broken crash cymbal OR The broken snare drum that’ve been with us since the very beginning; hand painted and signed by the band with yr name on it!

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    Signed and designed by the band!

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    You just funded this entire project.
    We love you.

    (within the legal limits of the state,
    the fiscal limits of the band,
    the spatial limits of this universe
    and the creative limits of your imagination)

    Estimated delivery:

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