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Super fast charging power pack that fully charged in 20 mins, playing and working anytime and anywhere with no worry about charging
Super fast charging power pack that fully charged in 20 mins, playing and working anytime and anywhere with no worry about charging
Super fast charging power pack that fully charged in 20 mins, playing and working anytime and anywhere with no worry about charging
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel S. about 3 hours ago

      @ElectJet, work forced a move I wasn’t ready for. I need to change shipping address. Can I resubmit the survey?

    2. Missing avatar

      Héracles Araújo 3 days ago

      I'm from Brazil, should I be waiting for the wall charger before the power bank? Can you provide some info about it?


    3. Missing avatar

      Tamer Amara
      3 days ago

      Is there an eta for my shipping my order? Thanks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Syed Anas Ahmed 5 days ago

      Which shipping company are you using to ship it to United Arab Emirates ?

    5. 2-time creator on

      @Qualified backer Hello, you can google "Power-Z", it's good :)

    6. 2-time creator on

      @Martin Bergvill hello, backers of Norway will be shipped power bank and charger together.
      @orzels the power bank will be shipped in some days, the tracking # will be sent to your message inbox.

    7. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      Can any of you (or @Elecjet)
      Recommend a watt meter for USB A / USB C ?
      I would like to test cables, the Apollo and my phone.
      Watt and effect would be nice.
      But it needs to be able to take nearly 90W

      If any fellow backer or @Elecjet knows a reliable tool, please post a link.

      Thank you :)

    8. Missing avatar

      orzels on

      I received 60W AC charger with USB-C to USB-C cable, Magsafe adapter and.. no powerbank. Where's my fruits?

    9. Martin Bergvill on

      According to the latest update shipping will begin in 10 days or so. I pledged for the 60W charger too. Should I have already gotten the charger?

    10. 2-time creator on

      @Strikeryuzz if you did not ordered a 45W/60W charger, please use yours.
      @Robert Juarez We sent you message, please check it.
      @Jonas Forsberg It's not support, we didn't design this function, because it very fast in charging power bank, so you don't need to wait too much time.

    11. Robert Juarez on

      I received wall wart and USB-C to USB-C cable but no battery. When do I get battery?

    12. Jonas Forsberg on

      Does it support pass through charging?

    13. Strikeryuzz on


      Can do I have to use my very own USB-C cable or do you guys provide it for us?

    14. Strikeryuzz on


      Can do I have to use my very own USB-C cable or do you guys provide it for us?

    15. Strikeryuzz on


      Can do I have to use my very own USB-C cable or do you guys provide it for us?

    16. 2-time creator on

      @Khaniff Lau Hi, as @Alex said, you need to use USB-C to lightning cable to get fast charging.

    17. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      @Khaniff Lau for iPhone X fast charge, you need a USB-C to lightning cable. A normal cable won't fast charge your iPhone X

    18. Khaniff Lau on

      Hi guys, will it still charge my iphone X just as fast if I use the normal usb to lightning cable?

    19. 2-time creator on

      @Sebastian Smith @Jorge Calvo @Gary Merinstein @backers
      Now Apollo Pro is on the assembly work, we can finish it in this week. We will post update to inform you the latest process. If you have any question, please send mail to

    20. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Smith on

      Can we get an estimated shipping date? The email was a little vague about how long the delay is going to be. I’m fine with waiting but would like to know a date I’m waiting for instead of just waiting indefinitely.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jorge Calvo on

      For the record I'm backer #19, I know how these crowd funding projects work, and I'm OK with being patient so long as this project does not become a lemon.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jorge Calvo on

      Just sort out the kinks and get the job done right, that's all I care. The delays to fix this battery do matter and I'm glad Apollo team is putting extra care and dedication to create a solid product

    23. Strikeryuzz on

      $5000USD to be a distributor. Promised by June 2018. Lol so funny. I bet it'll probably going to be given by Dec2020.

    24. Missing avatar

      Gary Merinstein on

      This is not my first campaign, and it is beginning to feel like those campaigns that never shipped.

    25. Strikeryuzz on

      To Creator: we were promised as Super Early Bird and even other backers that the earliest you would ship would be on March. And with many delays with whatsoever that is, its almost July. Is there any way you could compensate to us for the lost of big gap from March to July? And FYI if you think its not that long, think of the backers who backed this project when you juwt launch it. I'm pretty sure this project was launched last year.

      I dont mean to sound demanding but atleast you should give us the Anywatt as compensation for the long delay of the product

    26. 2-time creator on

      @Tom Karbowski Thanks for your understanding, we really wanna make our product better.
      @all backers It's getting closer and closer to the date of shipment. We will send all of you Kicksater message with the tracking# and tracking site. And it's Apollo pro (87W/9000mAh).

    27. Missing avatar

      Dewi Kartika Chandra on

      Understand that they are legit. Maybe one day they will send the powerbank to me. But there is also some of us (or maybe just me) in need to have this for our trips. All i asked is timeline so i can manage what i need

    28. Missing avatar

      Kadham V Sudeep kumar on

      Sear John korbowski it's not for the first time for kickstarters they loved almost all the projects

    29. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on

      people calm down over shipping, you get mad when they set it back to fix something, and you beg them to hurry and just ship it.

      BUT say they didn't fix the errors and just shipped them out. you would get the product, find something wrong, then come and complain that about a defect, and give them crap that they didn't fix it.

      just be patient, im excited too, just want it to be perfect.

    30. Missing avatar

      Gary Merinstein on

      so, when are you shipping. Not interested in the case color or polish. what is the shipping date and shipment tracking number.

    31. Missing avatar

      Philipp Weiß on

      Ok how about some more details regarding shipping? Or is there another designflaw you have to fix?!

    32. Missing avatar

      Faraz Yousufzai on

      update on shipping and tracking details???

    33. Missing avatar

      Dewi Kartika Chandra on

      Sorry mate for keep bugging.. I see you pretty much settle everything includes the packaging etc. Change of address shouldve also closed few days back. Only need to know when delivery gonna start.

      If there is still issue with the address.. Please just send it to few people that hasnt give any hassle (those that never change address since the day 1 of pledging). I am still here.. Waiting. I missed this powerbank for my 2 trips already. I have few coming and it is quite a hassle for me as my old pb died. Im not sure if i should for this or buy new one..

      Appreciate the good stuff man. But i am fine with the one i pledged for even without the terrific upgrade if this cause so much delay...

    34. 2-time creator on

      @Lee Bohay and other backers, sorry for the late shipping, thanks for your support.
      We also received a couple message about there are some credibility gaps occur in other Kickstarter project and ours.
      But we are a reliable seller, may be some backer does not know our last project AnyWatt, we did it and we are improving it. Now we are doing a same work. Apollo is our 2nd project.
      We are not some team that never do something and just want the money in your pocket.
      If you wanna update your address or add some special note for your rewards, please send mail to, if you wanna ask question in technician, please send mail to

    35. Lee Bohay on

      Don't bother reading the new update guys. It A) says that there have been last minute design changes to the painting process and even the specifications of the project itself. I mean BIG changes that really affect the usability of this product and dare I say it, bring it nearly on par with other non 'graphene' batteries on the market. B) We have been told that a lot of the backers 'need to change their address' for some reason and I am assuming that little line in there will be used as a liability shield when we all start emailing and asking where our product(s) are. C) they indicated that they had to make last minute asthetic design changes (the color, the entire painting process???) and I have no idea how it could be possible to manufacture 1,461 batteries within the extra ten days that they recently quoted as the expected delay. D) gave us another update with just enough information to keep us hoping that we will finally get our product and prevent us from forgetting the likely reality, that the creators took our money, generosity, and enthusiasm, will keep the majority of the money, and either send us an inferior, cheap product or nothing at all. I just want the creators to respect us enough to write an update with the TRUTH. "We tried our hardest and could not produce a product like the one we promised, but we will send you the best we could do" or "we really have no idea how long this will take, could be this year, next year, or the rest of our lives to produce this." Sorry for the long rant, I just want someone to write a comment for the other backers who are probably like me, waiting, hoping, and trusting that we are being told the truth. This, I believe, is the truth that I have gathered from watching this project progress, communicating with the creators, and the experience I've compiled dealing with creators who have scammed me. I see a pattern and if there is ANYONE considering becoming a backer of this project as of now, DON'T! Other than that have a great day everyone!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jarret on

      Also, since the input now accepts 87W, will the PD adapter be increased from 60 to 87W also? Will we need to buy a new PD adapter that does 87W?

    37. Missing avatar

      Jarret on

      There's been a lot of changes. Will the portable battery only output 40W? A lot of laptops require 65W including the one I have.

    38. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      The creators posted an updated on 13th June. Yes there are delays, but I’m happy with their progress.

    39. Missing avatar

      Carl Khoueiry on

      Can someone please give us any information about the project ?

    40. Bhargav Labishetty on

      Hello Team, any updates please!!

    41. Jeremy Berven

      Hoping this project doesn't go the way of Ossic X. Likely won't be backing anymore tech on KS if it does...

    42. Missing avatar

      Philipp Weiß on

      so, what about the timeline? will you guys make it?

    43. Bhargav Labishetty on

      Thanks Lee for updating us..!!

    44. Lee Bohay on

      Alright so for everyone who is wondering what is going on, I have a vague update. I emailed them asking for any information at all on a timeline and got a reply saying that they would post an update yesterday and announce a delivery time around June 10th to June 15th. I have no idea if that is the truth or not but that does seem awfully soon considering there has been no update/announcement saying that. Honestly, at this point I am not really expecting much out of this project but maybe they will surprise us.... have a nice day everyone!

    45. Lee Bohay on

      I am going to have to agree with Dewi Chandra. I also understand/can’t imagine that it must be incredibly difficult to design such a novel concept like a graphine battery. I just would appreciate a general timeline, I mean even if you can give us an idea of how many months you would need in the worst case scenario to start for fulfilling pledges. For example, I would like to know if there is any chance that these are going to be shipped during this year or if it is going to take another year. If you can give an idea of how many months it is going to take to do so that would be even better. I am not trying to be mean, I would just like to know more about how production is moving along than the ultra-specific information you have provided about the problems you’ve encountered and the solutions you found. Thanks and have a nice day.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dewi Kartika Chandra on

      I understand that there are a lot of complication during production.. That i dont really understand.. But if i may.. Can you just give us a timeline for delivery please. Thanks

    47. Jonathan Blake on

      When entering my survey, I paid an extra £20 for the anywatt adaptor extra.

      Since that time I have now upgraded to MacBook Pro 2017 and was looking to see if I can get the usb c to usb c MagSafe cable instead.

      Awaiting your reply

    48. Nashru Isnanto Abdillah on

      it is start shipping now?

    49. Missing avatar

      Peter Malek on

      I'd love to be a tester for you.

    50. Missing avatar

      Krisztian Neukum on

      I'm as an electronic engineer, I'd like to get an old shell version for testing, and I'll able to replace the shell with a new one when it's ready...

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