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A fast-paced, co-operative party game from the inventors of Fidget Cube.
A fast-paced, co-operative party game from the inventors of Fidget Cube.
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Fidget Factory is a fast-paced, chaotically fun co-op game in which you and other members of a small startup will scramble to make and deliver a product before time - and your coffee - runs out.

Deluxe Edition

Fidget Factory™ is a co-op game, meaning you and your co-founders either all win or lose together. 

The objective of Fidget Factory is to build a full Fidget Cube (all 6 sides) before the shipping deadline. You lose if you run out of time or coffee.

This is a 3D printed prototype. The final colors will be closer to what is shown in the renderings (light grey) throughout this page.
Your Fidget Cube die will become more powerful the more assembled it is.
Jiles The Troll is determined to steal your productivity - will you be able to defeat him?

In addition to being a part of the Fidget Factory story from day one and being able to say that you made this game possible, there are a few goodies that we’re including specifically for Kickstarter backers that will not be available once the project comes to an end.

These extras are not necessary for the core gameplay experience in Fidget Factory - rather, they’re our way of saying “thank you!” for being an early adopter and believing in this game from the start.

  • Exploding Kittens hat (Kickstarter exclusive)
  • Fidget Factory Jiles The Troll meeple (Kickstarter exclusive) 
  • Fidget Cube meeple (Kickstarter exclusive - included bonus for Fidget Cube backers from the Fidget Cube project, available in pledge manager for all Fidget Factory backers)
These meeples are 3D rendered. We'll be sharing images of the prototypes as they're available.
  • Your name printed in the rulebook for Fidget Factory (Kickstarter exclusive)
  • Access to unlocked stretch goals
  • Be one of the first in the world to receive Fidget Factory!

Fidget Factory is loosely based on our experience making Fidget Cube - except in this version of the story, you and your co-founders will be undertaking the endeavor in space.

The Taskmaster 3000 is at the core of your startup's factory, and holds the key to manufacturing Fidget Cube.

You and your team’s factory exists in a space station set in the future, where the galaxy’s population is experiencing decreased productivity and increased antsy-ness. Determined to combat this, your startup develops a small, handheld tool that you believe will help, and it’s met with higher than expected demand.

You were not prepared for this, and you'll need to rapidly ramp up operations to rise to the occasion.

Deluxe Edition

How To Play Fidget Factory (Explained In 90 Seconds!):

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The Fidget Cube you’ll be assembling isn’t just a cool artifact to look at. It’s your team’s primary die, which becomes increasingly powerful over the course of a game with each side that’s assembled.

You and your co-founders will need to decide upon the resources you’re most in need of, which will influence your choice of which sides will be assembled first.

We’re super excited to share this design with you, as we’ve worked incredibly hard with our manufacturing partners to make a die that is totally modular and provides a new gaming experience unique to Fidget Factory.

So you’re ready to build Fidget Cube - great! 

In order to do so, you’ll have to spend your valuable resources (time and cash) to tackle tasks and collect 3-of-a-kind sets. 

You’ll then turn in each set for a Fidget Cube side that can be assembled.

Tasks are separated into six different categories, made up of essential areas of business (Public Relations, Shipping, Manufacturing, Legal, and Customer Service) as well as Home Life. 

Your team’s job will be to do your best to balance your top priorities, while making sure that tasks don’t pile up too quickly.

Coffee. The lifeblood of any smoothly functioning startup. Also, it’s what powers the Taskmaster 3000. 

As long as your team still has coffee in the tank, the Taskmaster 3000 will continue generating tasks for you to complete.

Be careful, though! If you let too many tasks pile up, they’ll begin filling the overflow spots spouting out from the coffee tank. Once those overflow spots are totally used up, any duplicate tasks that come out will cost your team one cup of coffee. 

Run out of coffee, and your dreams of building Fidget Cube will come crashing down harder than a caffeine-less, mid-afternoon slump.

You’ve heard the adage that entrepreneurs wear many hats. 

In Fidget Factory, you’ll experience this firsthand as you’ll have the ability to swap out your hat throughout the game, depending on what play style you prefer and what your team needs at any given moment.

Each player’s hat offers a unique ability, disadvantage, or requirement that will affect how you play, as well as how many dice you’ll be able to roll in addition to the Fidget Cube on your turn. 

Some hats in Fidget Factory are based on roles you’d expect to find in a typical startup (e.g. The Visionary), while others get a little crazier (e.g. The Conspiracy Theorist).

Included in each Kickstarter Deluxe Edition copy of Fidget Factory (once unlocked)

Most startups encounter trolls in many forms: mean-spirited critics online, individuals and companies that counterfeit products, journalists publishing pieces without fact-checking, users within their own communities, and even individuals in their own personal lives. 

Anyone who has been on the internet for more than a few seconds has likely had their fair share of encounters with trolls, too. 

One thing most of us can probably agree on is that trolls are just no fun at all.

In Fidget Factory, the Troll - named Jiles - will hinder your ability to progress (by stealing dice) and tempt you to spend valuable time dealing with defeating him instead of important tasks. 

Each Jiles miniature is made from PVC, and stands 40mm tall (upgrades in height may be unlocked in stretch goals).

You and your co-founder(s) will have to choose how to spend your resources, and how much energy you’ll give to Jiles.

Friendly PSA: No one likes a Jiles. #slowyourtroll

Grab your own copy of Fidget Factory before Jiles snatches your chance away!

Click here to view a PDF of the current rules draft!

We're also happy to let you all know that we've teamed up with the wonderful folks over at Dized, and Fidget Factory Rules and Interactive Tutorial will be available on their platform!

G4MER Fidget Cube Die (G4MER faces included with Deluxe Edition)

We’re keeping it simple for this project. 

There are two reward tiers you can back at: Base Edition (for anyone who simply wants the core Fidget Factory experience) and Deluxe Edition (for anyone who wants an expanded Fidget Factory experience that includes additional hats and components).

So how are points earned? By completing achievements. 

Some achievements involve growing the community on social media, whereas other achievements incorporate photo challenges involving elements of Fidget Factory, such as hats and coffee.

And as you've seen, a big part of Fidget Factory involves overcoming the antics of Jiles The Troll.

Resist Jiles and his coffee-draining vacuum (The Trollspresso)!

Therefore, some of our achievements involve counteracting the negativity of real-life trolls and being a force of positivity on Kickstarter and elsewhere on the internet.

So go forth, post some crazy pictures (the crazier the better!), and please remember: #slowyourtroll

For the achievements involving posting comments to other Kickstarters and creator platforms/social media, please still take a photo of your post along with the handwritten note including #fidgetfactory.

 You can share our Facebook Announcement Post for Fidget Factory here:

and you can retweet our Twitter Announcement Tweet for Fidget Factory here: 

 and you can find us on Instagram here:

 and on Board Game Geek here:

For the Community Hat Suggestions achievement category, we want to hear from all of you if you have any hat ideas of your own! A Community Hat Suggestion should consist of a hat name + a player ability/challenge that the player wearing the hat will have to abide by during gameplay. While we already have hat expansion packs planned for the remainder of this project, we may be able to incorporate Community Hat Suggestions in future expansions!

We'll be keeping track of all of your posts (please make sure they're public and not private) and will update the achievement board as they come in. We have a TON of stretch goals planned this time around, so once we start unlocking these, we'll update the community with the next round.

We can't wait to see what you all come up with! ;)

*Please note that the social media goals such as Instagram/Twitter followers and Facebook page likes are for our total count on each of those accounts. In other words, we're not expecting you all to get us 29k NEW followers for the first IG achievement - rather, that achievement will be unlocked once we hit 29k total followers.

We are incredibly fortunate to be working with a team that is made up of some of the most talented, kind, and all-around fun people in the tabletop gaming industry. Each individual on the Fidget Factory team has made the game even better than we could have ever hoped when we started on this journey.

In 2016, we launched our invention Fidget Cube right here on Kickstarter. 

We had planned on needing to manufacture about 1,000 Fidget Cubes and ship them from our living rooms with the help of friends and family, who would have been paid handsomely (with pizza). 

What actually ended up happening (instead of getting several hundred backers, our community grew to become the second largest in crowdfunding, consisting of 155,000 backers) was a dream come true - but that dream ended up coming with a slew of obstacles we had to navigate, such as manufacturing issues, a global wave of counterfeiting, and relentless trolls online and within our own community.

We set out to capture this rollercoaster of a story in Fidget Factory (without all the non-fun stuff), and we can’t wait for you to experience it!

Throughout the project, we’re looking forward to sharing glimpses of the design process for Fidget Factory with all of you - from the original iteration through countless playtests to arrive at the game you see today.

The Antsy Army 🐜 is a special group within the Antsy Labs community that has agreed to receive infrequent SMS messages and be the first in the world to find out when we launch a new product (including any further expansions to Fidget Factory). You'll also be included in special promotions and events that are exclusive to the Antsy Army.

When the Antsy Army receives an SMS message, each 🐜 will have the option to tap the included link and share the news on their social platforms. 

By being a part of the Antsy Army, you're a part of a team that can make a huge impact in getting the word out and achieving something that can only be done by a larger community.


🐜 + 🍃 = 🚫

🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 + 🍃 = 😃 

Want to join the Antsy Army 🐜? 

Just text ANTSY to 900900

Terms and Privacy Policy can be found here.

You may receive up to 4 msgs/mo. Messages and data rates may apply. Reply STOP to end.

We know that a good portion of our community lives in Canada, the EU, and other large international markets, and we are working with our shipping partners to ensure that this project is as accessible as possible to all backers, regardless of where they live.

Customs and duty free:

Please note the shipping rates for Fidget Factory below:


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Shoot us a quick message or post a comment and we’ll do our best to get back to you right away!

This project is proudly supported by HoneyBrandger™, a passion project of ours that was born out of the many lessons learned over our previous Kickstarter campaigns. HoneyBrandger™ is a team of awesome people - or Brandgers - that are super knowledgeable about Kickstarter and Fidget Factory, and are ready to help answer any questions you may have! If you’re reaching out to us, there’s a good chance you’ll be getting a friendly response from a Brandger on our team. So be nice! (They won’t bite... promise).


Have an idea that you think would make Fidget Factory even better? Let us know! We want our entire community to be involved in this journey! Due to the current development stage of the game, we may not necessarily be able to incorporate any suggestions into the initial printing, but there’s always a chance we can use these ideas in future expansions!

Supported by:

Game designers:

If you're a game designer and have a game you're looking to get published, we'd love to hear from you. Head over to our submissions form here and let us know what you've been working on. It may just be a good fit for Antsy Labs!

The following images show our most recent prototypes of Fidget Factory:

A glimpse of Antsy Labs HQ

A final note:

Please note that as Fidget Factory has not yet been sent to print, aspects of it (including rules, artwork, dimensions, 3D models, materials, colors, etc.) are subject to change from what is displayed on this project page, video, renderings, and images/GIFs.

Risks and challenges

This is our 7th Kickstarter campaign together (with a total of 9 projects between the two of us), so we’re no strangers to the ups and downs that come with the territory.

In our experience, no matter how well planned and thought-out a campaign is, there is always the chance that something unexpected may pop up in the process of finalizing a product and getting it ready to ship. What we can promise is that if and when something of this nature occurs, we will work like crazy to resolve it in order to ensure that we can get the highest quality product to our community as soon as possible. And throughout any moments like this, we will do our best to update the community with any relevant information.

Over the course of our last two projects - Fidget Cube and PIXL - we've learned more than we ever expected regarding manufacturing and how timelines can stretch without warning. Wanting to make sure we limit the potential for issues to arise, we've been careful to not overpromise on the delivery date for Fidget Factory, and have been intentional in keeping the stretch goals directly relevant to the game itself.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
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