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An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
154,926 backers pledged $6,465,690 to help bring this project to life.

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Some Behind The Scenes (And Other Fun Stuff!)

Posted by Matthew and Mark McLachlan (Creator)

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Shipping and Stretch Goals - Another Important Update

Posted by Matthew and Mark McLachlan (Creator)

Fidget Family,

Two weeks ago, when we launched Fidget Cube, we had no idea what the following days and weeks would turn into. 

We knew we had made a product that we personally loved, but we were unsure if we would be able to convey just how fun and helpful Fidget Cube has been for us. Your trust in us and Fidget Cube has gone well beyond what we could have imagined. We don't take this lightly. For the past week we have been working hard to put systems in place that will help us manage this burst of love for Fidget Cube. 

For example, there was once a time where we had planned on shipping your order personally, packaging up each reward with a small team made up of us and any family members who would accept payment in the form of pizza. As this doesn’t appear to be possible anymore, we are partnering with fulfillment companies that will assist in making sure your Fidget Cube gets to you, no matter which part of the world you’re in. All of these details add up to one conclusion: we are ramping things up at Antsy Labs!

We have read your concerns regarding shipping and whether or not we will be able to ship by December. What we can tell you is it's STILL our goal and will remain our goal until we are proven otherwise. We plan to have a much clearer picture in the coming weeks and will keep you posted. That said, we do appreciate the countless comments saying that quality is more important than an earlier ship date. We agree and are glad to hear we are not alone!

Which leads us to our next point: we would rather under promise and over deliver. For this reason, we are going to be making a new set of reward tiers with a ship date of March 2017. If you have already pledged, this will not affect you. However, we will be closing off current tiers so there will be no more pledges allowed on tiers with a December ship date. This is a common practice among projects that get a little bigger than planned ;). 

This change will take place tomorrow, September 14, at around 7pm EST.

Many of you have been asking about our next stretch goal. The wait is over...

We’ve been very intentional about our stretch goals for this project, as making Fidget Cube is of course our primary focus and we want to be careful to not add too many peripheral tasks that would take time away from that.

It’s incredibly important that each stretch goal we announce adds actual value to Fidget Cube and satisfies a need/desire that has been voiced by the community.

One thing we’ve heard repeatedly from many of you in the Fidget Family is that you’d like something to protect your Fidget Cube. Whether that’s because you’re planning on throwing it in your pocket along with keys, or just want a storage solution, we hear you!

We’re excited to announce that when we reach $5.5M, each Fidget Cube will come with its own carrying pouch! We will post pictures as soon as we have them, but we think you’ll like it!

The FAQs on the project page are a helpful resource, but we have been super impressed to see the interactions taking place in the comments. Community members are stepping up and truly helping answer questions. Thank you! We have put together a few questions you may have and have answered them below.

Why are you standing by the December ship date? With how many Fidget Cubes you have to send, there’s no way your backers should expect their Fidget Cube by the holidays.

The logistics of this project are immense but we are approaching it with the deadline of December in mind. This will drive us to not settle for a later date this early in the campaign - we truly are still doing our best to get you your Fidget Cube ASAD (As Soon As December)! That said, you have our commitment that we will be keeping you updated as soon as we have solid projections.

Now that you are locking the current tiers, can I change my pledge amount? 

Of course - once the tier is locked, it doesn’t mean you can't change anything. It just means any new pledges will have to be done in the new tiers. This change will take effect tomorrow, September 14, at around 7pm EST. 

I want to hang my Fidget Cube on a keychain, is this going to be possible? 

This has been the ongoing debate, and there are backers that fall on both sides! We are designing a solution and you should expect to see this solution before the project is done ;).

I want to add one, two, or three+ Fidget Cubes to my pledge, but don’t want to pledge for the next highest reward tier.

Not a problem! Here’s what to do:

1) Pledge for the reward tier that is closest to the quantity of Fidget Cubes you want.

2) Once the project is finished and we’re ready to ship your rewards, we’ll send out your backer survey. As we’ve mentioned before, you’ll be able to choose your color scheme(s) and provide your shipping address in this survey. You’ll also have the option to add (and pay for) additional Fidget Cubes to your pledge at this time.

Some notes on this:

Adding additional Fidget Cubes at the time of filling out your backer survey will not change shipping costs or the order in which your rewards are shipped.

Finally, some of you may have already customized your order by adding additional Fidget Cubes to your reward tier (and have already been in contact with us). If this describes you, there’s no need to change anything! 

Perhaps the most important question is being asked by fellow Fidgeteer, Will H. 

The answer is YES! Yes, we believe we'd owe you a few actually. 

Updates are an essential part of our communication. We see it as the best way for us to disseminate information effectively and efficiently. Because we put a lot of effort into our updates, we plan on doing them once a week - and more frequently if time permits.

Thank you!

Until next time, Fidget On!

Team Antsy Labs (Matthew and Mark)




We Are Speechless - Important Update (Please Read)

Posted by Matthew and Mark McLachlan (Creator)

No, seriously, we are speechless! The last 72 hours have been such a blur, and for that we want to thank our Fidget Family. 

Thank you for sharing Fidget Cube.

Thank you for the kind comments.

Thank you for the inspiring stories.

Thank you for your patience as we try to catch up on messages.


Thank you for believing in us and Fidget Cube. 

All of this said, we realize that you all are needing more communication from us. This update is going to focus on answering the top questions we are receiving in messages and comments, so we can hopefully start to catch up. We truly appreciate the work of the community. The discussions to answer each other's questions have been a MASSIVE help. Kickstarter is new to a large portion of our backers, so show some love and welcome them! ;). 

We wanted to address some of the top concerns and questions that we have been asked over the last week. Hopefully this helps...

There's two of you - how the heck are you going to make and send out so many Fidget Cubes?

We have been dedicating much of our time over the last few days to building out our team in manufacturing, fulfillment, and communication. These individuals and teams will be instrumental in making Fidget Cube a reality on this large of a scale. There are many of you that haven't received messages back from us. At this point, we are receiving messages faster than we can respond to them. As our team expands, our hope is to catch up!

Is Fidget Cube's design finalized?

We are loving the suggestions we are reading in the comments about how you'd like to see certain changes in the design. The mini think tank that's starting to form is phenomenal! At this point, we have decided to stay with the overall design of what you see on our campaign page. 

But I really want my Fidget Cube to be attached to a keychain.

We put a lot of time into making sure the design of Fidget Cube was something we were proud of, which might be why we are hesitant to put a hole in the side for attaching a keyring. That said, we are continuing to work on a solution for attaching a keyring that doesn't include putting a hole in Fidget Cube. Once we have this ironed out it will most likely be offered as a stretch goal.

I know this has grown to a level that you weren't expecting, will I still be getting my Fidget Cube in December?

This is the point that keeps us up at night. Fidget Cube is a finalized product that already has the kinks worked out, so we never expected to have issues with meeting this delivery date. However, at the time of writing this, we have about 60,000 backers - a thought that deeply moves us and motivates us to not let you down. We are working tirelessly on getting some concrete answers. What we can tell you is that we will be transparent about everything, especially the ship date. Please don't perceive silence on any one issue as unwillingness to communicate (we're working overtime on such issues so that we can provide solid answers, not just best guesses).

I haven't given my shipping address yet.

Not to worry! Kickstarter doesn't ask for shipping details when you back our project, because there's a chance that certain backers will have different addresses by the time we are ready to ship. We'll ask for your shipping details when we send out our backer survey, which will be emailed to you after the project ends and shortly before we ship.

Will I get to choose which color(s) I get?

Of course! You'll be able to choose from our list of available color schemes (backers who have pledged for multiple Fidget Cubes will be able to choose each Fidget Cube's color scheme individually). Similarly to getting your shipping information, we'll ask for your color choice(s) when we send out our backer survey, which will be emailed to you after the project ends and shortly before we ship.

If your question was not answered here, please check the FAQ section at the bottom of the main project page.



Until next time,

Team Antsy Labs (Matthew and Mark)





Posted by Matthew and Mark McLachlan (Creator)

Fidget Family,



We just wanted to post a brief update to highlight this momentous milestone.

This could not have happened without this incredible community, so thank you.

We are amazed. Shocked. Beyond excited. Your support continues to inspire us and push us to make Fidget Cube even better.

Until next time,

Team Antsy Labs (Matthew and Mark)

P.S. We are being totally inundated with thousands of comments, messages, and emails each day, and we are doing our very best to answer as many as possible. If you have any questions, be sure to check out our FAQ on the main project page. Also, a special shout-out to Nate, Mike Kabala, and others in the community who have been helping us answer questions in the comments section! It’s much appreciated.

Announcing Our Second Stretch Goal!

Posted by Matthew and Mark McLachlan (Creator)

Fidget Family,

PHEW! You all are just flooring us, thank you so much for your continued sharing - it's what is making this project! We are one week into this campaign and are truly excited with how this community is growing. We know you're probably anxious to hear the next stretch goal. This is a two part stretch goal that will be achieved at $500,000

Part 1

We have received many requests regarding a Kickstarter specific Fidget Cube, a way to commemorate that this product was born here, on Kickstarter. Well, we will be fulfilling this request as a thank you for your support and the amazing community you're building!

Show everyone that YOU made Fidget Cube a reality
Show everyone that YOU made Fidget Cube a reality


Part 2

We have also received many requests for stickers. We have 2 designs that we are considering, but we want the community to make the decision on which one we should use. At this point, we can say that each pledge will receive at least (1) sticker in their shipment. The sticker will be about 2 x 2 inches. More to come as we figure out pricing! Please see the two options below and follow the link to cast your vote - please vote only once ;).

Which one will prevail? It's up to you. Vote now!
Which one will prevail? It's up to you. Vote now!

By the way, we haven't forgotten some of the bigger requests that are being made... we are working on solutions every day, so stay tuned.

Before you go... 

We have received a few messages lately asking how one can specifically make a difference with getting the word out. You can do it whichever way you choose, but here are a few quick options (just click the button - it'll redirect you to the platform) that would make a huge impact:

1. If you're a reddit user...



2. If you tweet...



3. If your Facebook friends could use Fidget Cube... 


Without further ado, your ballot: CLICK HERE TO VOTE 

Until next time,

Team Antsy Labs (Matthew and Mark)