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An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
154,926 backers pledged $6,465,690 to help bring this project to life.

Checking In!

Posted by Matthew and Mark McLachlan (Creator)

Hello Fidget Family! 

We just wanted to take the opportunity to send out an update and touch base with our awesome backer community. There’s a couple FAQs we have been getting and we wanted to publically answer them for clarification. 

Where’s my order? 

If you haven’t received your order, please ensure that you have completed your “survey” through Backerkit. You would have received your link via email - however, if you can’t find the email you can always request a new link from backerkit by clicking HERE. Without the survey completed we don’t know what colors you are wanting and where to send it. Once you complete your survey, it will be exported by Backerkit and uploaded to our shipping partners on an interval basis. 

If you have completed the survey and still have not received tracking info then it’s possible that your address is on hold. An address may be on hold based on non-english characters being used or an incorrect or unverified address. This has not affected a large percent of backers (<1%) at this point but based on the large backer population, it is affecting some. We currently have team members working through these to clear them, but it is manual and tedious work. You may even receive a follow up email from them asking for further clarification. 

What’s next for Fidget Cube? 

As some of you know, Antsy Labs has entered into a licensing agreement. Please click HERE to read more about this. 

As there have been a lot of inquiries for Fidget Cube, we must admit that we are working through a large inbox, which is taking longer than hoped. Currently, we are about a week out on returning emails. If you have sent us an email but have not heard a response, please know that your email will be answered by our customer service team. Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope you all have a great week! 

Until next time, 

Team Antsy Labs (Matt and Mark)


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    1. Kristian Mortensen on

      I got an email in April saying it would be shipped shortly - i have asked three times when it would be sent - i got three answers saying - shortly! But still not packed for me. Could you help figure out where my order is?

    2. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Groenheide on

      This is idiotic. I can walk into a store and buy one of these off the shelf. Why havent the backers got theirs yet? What was the point of backing?? First thing ive ever kickstartered; hope they arent all as crappy.

    3. Missing avatar

      Emily Rose on

      Received entire order I placed 10/16/16, around the start of June 2017. The moderate to severe ADHD diagnosed 23 year old recipient is very pleased with it and said it keeps them from picking at the skin on their thumbs.

    4. Kar Fedosh on

      I've been trying to clear up address change issues throughout the extended shipping timeline and only heard back from Backerkit (unable to help), never Antsy Labs. My cubes are listed as delivered but I never got them. I don't even have a tracking number to contact a shipping company because the only email related to shipping had a broken link. Could somebody please respond and help me get my cubes or a refund?

    5. Henry Wong on

      The tracking number was sent to me on 3/3, and the lastest information I received is in 27/3, so what the fxxk is my fidget cube ?…

    6. Dopefer on

      at least you got a reply. I havent gotten *****

    7. Missing avatar

      Xinyi on

      After multiple attempts to contact AL via KS, FB and their website, I finally heard from "Keera" on 13 June, replying to my email dated 3 May; their "1 week to respond" promise is rubbish. I informed her that I had received an email from AL saying that my order was shipped on 12 April 2017, but the DHL tracking number didn't work. She stated in the email that since I hadn't yet received the 5 cubes I ordered, AL would consider them missing and would reship the package. I confirmed my shipping address and until now, have not heard from Keera, or anyone else, about a new tracking number or when I can expect my package. This seems to be their MO, where they apologise, make promises to sort things out, and then radio silence. AL is really lacking in their customer service, after-sales follow up, and sorely lacking in integrity.

    8. SkylarWan on

      finally got my fidget cubes.shipped in Feb,received today.

    9. Patrick Tillman on

      Yup. Still haven't received one. And the backerkit link doesn't recognize my email soooooooo I guess you guys are just taking my money?

    10. Missing avatar

      Violet Lowe on

      Waited 7 months for my order. Finally received 3 fidget cubes. Opened one and was disappointed with it. It too big and noisy to use most places. I emailed to return the two unopened cubes and was told that the return policy states that the order has to be returned within 7 days of being shipped!!! So ridiculous! The email that was sent to me from Ansy Labs said your order would be received by a certain date that was well beyond 7 days! I live in Canada and the order took 15 days to receive. This whole experience was a big disappointment and a waste of time and money!!!! Big scam to get your money and horrible customer service!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott Henderson on

      Yeah I have seen lots of other people selling something that looks like the fidget cube and I have even seen it in the mall kiosk here in Houston.

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick A. on

      Well, one of my 10 KS cubes (December, received in March) was defective. The rotating dial is pushed in and does not turn. I sent an email about 3 months ago, and also sent several messages through KS, and still have yet to get any kind of response. So...a week out!? A week plus 3 months maybe? Anyhow, I would appreciate a response to get help arranging a replacement and me returning the defective cube if you want it.

    13. Nate Berry on

      I never received my cube. I've also never received the other project I backed on Kickstarter. There seems to be no easy way to resolve this issue. In responding to the email I received with the 'survey' to complete the survey is telling me that my email is wrong. Well, since I backed this like a million years ago I don't have access to that email anymore. In light of my experience with Kickstarter, and I know it's not just you guys, I will never back a project ever again. The other project 'Paradise Lost: First Contact' I was so excited about I pledged over $75. I'll never see that money again or the game for that matter. Really really disappointing and lame.

    14. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update, i have been enjoying my Fidget Cube

    15. ARVIND TIRKEY on

      Hello again,
      Just like the previous comment by Michael, even my address changed last minute and my package got stuck with DHL eCommerce. Untill you guys will call them and have my new address added to it, they will not ship it to the new address.
      I emailed you multiple times through kickstarter, posted comments here, messaged on your website but none got response.
      Just like Michael, I also tried changing my address on Backerkit but that address is not changing even though I saved it several times.
      I just don't know how to have the package shipped to the new address?
      Please read this comment and reply.
      Thank you.

    16. Michael on

      Hi, it has been so long since I ordered that I have changed my email address, and backerkit demands that I use my old one. This is not possible. How do I proceed? You have constantly ignored all emails and messages for the last 4 months... hopefully you respond to this one.

    17. 劉亮吟 on

      hello, I've got my cubes. My order is 5xFidget cubes.
      But sadly found that only 4 cubes in the broken, wet paper box.
      I thought one of it might fall out during the shipment. I should get 5 cubes.

      Is sending the lost cube to me again possible?
      I've sent 2-3 mails(video included), hope i can get responses.

    18. 劉亮吟 on

      hello, I've got my cubes. My order is 5xFidget cubes.
      But sadly found that only 4 cubes in the broken, wet paper box.
      I thought one of it might fall out during the shipment. I should get 5 cubes.

      Is sending the lost cube to me again possible?
      I've sent 2-3 mails(video included), hope i can get responses.

    19. NialP

      @Virginia Magary - Actually there are... I bought 2 OFFICIAL AL cubes in the new design box 3 weeks ago from Toys-r-us.
      They are also currently available in a few other toy chain stores and I heard from a few people that they purchased branded AL cubes in Walmart!

      Antsy Labs and Zuru are profit over satisfaction companies!

    20. Missing avatar

      Mani Nabavi on

      Hi I still have not received my Cubes (5 of them) I have emailed you multiple times and even gone on your site and sent you a message there. These were supposed to be xmas presents and now its almost July. I understand that things are busy but at least acknowledge us. Im starting to believe that I will not be getting these any time soon. If I don't hear from you in the next week, I will have to contact my credit card company and file a fraud report on this transaction. Really want to get these. This sucks.

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon Bell on

      Survey doesnt work, wont recognise my email address. Just a woeful company. No reply ever to emails, facebook messages, anything. "Waiting a week" to reply to emails is not my experience. Its more like waiting forever. People - we have lost our money.

    22. Missing avatar

      劉醇正 on

      Hello,I want to know When can I receive my cube?I Live in Taiwan.Thanks a lot.

    23. Missing avatar

      Virginia Magary on

      Congratulations on your Zuru collab.

    24. Missing avatar

      Virginia Magary on

      To Anna-Maria Fabbricante: There are currently no stores that sell the Ansty Lab Fidget Cubes, so you are just admitting you committed fraud by "returning" to a store items that you did not buy at that store.

    25. Anna-Maria Fabbricante on

      Your company is a piece of crap with your piece of crap service. I was told back in October/November that I would have my order way before the end of January. Which is when I needed them. As it got closer no site of them. No answers from any email or message I sent you. It took me at the beginning of April when I disputed the charge on my credit card to get you to magically send me a tracking number for my order! Amazingly 1 week after I reported the dispute! Then I get my order, which was incomplete. I asked if I could return and was told no returns accepted!! What kind of policy is that, if I'm not happy with my order?!

      Well guess what the jokes on you guys because I found a store that sold your piece of crap cubes and returned them for my full money back!! And I went to five below and bought for that was so much better then the ones you sold me. They didn't fall apart!! Asses!! You should learn to A make a better product and B learn better customer service.

    26. Missing avatar


      I want to know when my reward is shipping. - 20 Apr 07:26:37am PDT

      I do not receive it...

      DHL say "GM275330688000266420 (Not found): No result found for your DHL query. Please try again."


    27. Justin Olson

      Love my fidget cubes, thanks Antsy Labs! Good luck!

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. Voodoomancer on

      PS: I've heard of people who have received their orders, and so suspect that this isn't a case of fraud, but a massive failure of infrastructure. It would be nice of Antsy Labs to admit there is a problem, and focusing their efforts on getting already paid-for orders answered and delivered, instead of smiling and giving us this one week response time nonsense.

    30. Voodoomancer on

      I received an email, in early april, telling me my order was ready and already shipped, on it's way, with the estimated arrival period being before the end of the month. It has yet to arrive.

      Now, I understand. shipping services can screw up sometimes. But it is now two months later, and I've sent multiple emails. And none have been answered, beyond the immediate automated server response of "We've received your message!" The quote week-long response time apologized for above is blatantly false, and I feel left out in the cold. I've taken to making myself heard here, because it's clear at this point none of my emails are looked at.

      Still holding out hope, but with all due respect: At this point, I wouldn't recommend to anyone doing business with Antsy Labs.

    31. Missing avatar

      Melinda Matthews on

      It maybe a good product but I cannot comment as I was supposed to have received my pledge in April and am still waiting. Forget emailing to ask for a delivery status, 7 weeks and over 12 emails later I have only received one email from Antsy Labs that did not even address my query; they let me know I will get an email telling me when my order will be sent! Antsy Labs are great at marketing their product but their customer service and follow-up after they have made the sale and taken my money leaves a lot to be desired.
      First and last experience using Kickstarter!

    32. Missing avatar

      Andreas Sturm on

      It has been said that negative experience motivates more feedback than positive. Well, I guess that's true. We paid way more than the going rate for these fidget toys and had to wait for months to get them with minimal feedback. Interestingly, it took so long for the original fidget cube to arrive that the fad had pretty well passed by the time they arrived. It will take a significant event to restore the faith we had in your budding company once-upon-a-time. I hope you can do it.

    33. Jonathan J. Tavira-Alcaraz on

      The status says it has been shipped. It's been months and I never received anything

    34. James Taylor

      Please respond to my email!!!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Darcy Clissold on

      Fraudulent. Emails take months to respond to and provide irrelevant canned responses. You've clearly lied repeatadly in contact, as contradicted by subsequent contacts and do not intend to supply. First experience on kickstarter, most likely the last.

    36. Sharon L. Andrews on

      That survey crap does nothing! I want my fidget cube! This experience had put me off kickstarter!

      I have written numerous times. I moved
      January 1st from Maryland to Indiana, due to
      Retirement. I never received my Fidget Cube,
      I had been assured I would receive it by
      Christmas. It shows delivered, but I had
      Put in an address change. My grandchild
      Is aware of the cubes now and wants one.
      I have paid for an original, and would really
      Like to receive it.

      Sharon L Andrews
      10402 Sun Gold Court
      Fishers, IN 46037

    37. Missing avatar

      Effie Thackee on

      Backer 123,364
      I would guess by these comments that more than the reported <1% have not received their ordered and paid for cubes! Absolutely worst customer services ever! A week behind on responses not even! I sent like 5 emails and Facebook messages a mont to six weeks ago and no response! Awful . Just tell us the truth!!

    38. Lee Sweeney on

      This "company" should be banned from KS.

    39. Emma Barnes

      Hey guys, I got an email saying mine was shipping back in Feb, but still no sign of it. I've e-mailed you, Twittered you etc - just want to know a status update. Disappointed because I know other people who have them who didn't even back the KS!

    40. Missing avatar

      Alex Inman on

      This may have been a coincidence, but after I made a comment threatening to report the kickstarter if I didn't get mine by the end of April, I got an email a few days later saying it had shipped.

      Take that as you may, fellow backers.

    41. Missing avatar

      Elyzabeth on

      This was such an awesome idea. But I was so disappointed that identical products came out before I even received mine. I waited forever. I didn't receive it in time for Christmas as promised and I could have easily just purchased the same product at a local store.


    42. James Brown on

      Absolute frauds, send me an e-mail back ffs

    43. Rebecca Weibert on

      I've been waiting for an answer to an email I sent in at the end of April on a question about my Prism ripping within the first couple weeks of using it, and I was asked to send in a video, which I did, and it's been over a month and I haven't heard anything back. I've emailed twice since then asking if I'm going to get a response and nothing. I get that you've got a lot of emails coming in, but why have I waited over a month to get an answer to a simple question of if you'll replace my Prism? I'm really frustrated.

    44. Missing avatar

      Suzy Zarifa on

      The "click" on metal ball has stopped clicking. On the 'gamers cube' that was mailed out. This was one of my son's favorite features on this fidget cube! Now he doesn't want to play with it....� very sad....� We waited such a long time.....

    45. Kyle Harpster on

      Fuck off!! Give me my money back!!

    46. Missing avatar

      sumeyra on

      i am tracking my shipment from DHL. it is in first stop for moths. i had written several mails to you but had no answer. can you pls do something.

    47. Chun Hom on

      I have also not yet received my cubes and the accessories that were paid for.

    48. Gabe Sustal on

      I got your shitty cube and I am done with you.

    49. Missing avatar

      Or Dekel on


      I bought 5 cubes and still didn't get them.

      I sent you guys more then 5 emails but I didn't get an answer.

      Your survey said I received them on 17.3.17, yet the tracking number is proof that I didn't because the status at DHL isn't "received" and I can prove it.

      Please get back - I paid 80 dollars and still haven't got my product.