Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy

by Matthew and Mark McLachlan

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    1. Kristian Mortensen on

      I got an email in April saying it would be shipped shortly - i have asked three times when it would be sent - i got three answers saying - shortly! But still not packed for me. Could you help figure out where my order is?

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      Daniel Williamson on

      Still not got tracking info dispite survey completed. However, I need to change my shipping address. Please contact me to get my shipping address changed.

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      Kenneth Yoon on

      I have sent three emails regarding my order which I placed last year... my little brother went to the store and got his cube... where the hell is my order? what's the point of backing a project when the rest of the world gets their cubes first?

    4. Einav Izack on

      filled the survey and have full address. Sent multiple email to you, sent private massages and nothing. I have no fidget cube, I have a really annoyed list of friends who ordered with me and are waiting.
      So where the hell is it?!?!? just ship it already and give the tracking number!

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      Patrick on

      ive kept messaging you and i finally got a response asking if i had gotten my order, but no, I havent even recieved tracking info or anything arrived at my home adress. In my backkit it says its been shipped 06/02/2017 xD but where the hell is it ?

    6. Fergus Maximus

      Like many others here I received a notice months ago (April) that my cubes had shipped but the DHL tracking link didn't work (and still doesn't). I am still hopeful that they will arrive and do believe that Antsy Labs are overwhelmed by the staggering success of the campaign and struggling to manage logistics rather than actually perpetuating some kind of deliberate scam. Having said that, their communication has been very poor (I haven't had any response to my follow up emails beyond the 'Thanks for your message' autoresponse) and I can understand why people feel hurt and ripped off when they can walk into a store and purchase Antsy branded Fidget cubes in stores at a fraction of the Kickstarter cost.

      It's a harsh lesson for some backers in the nature of Kickstarter projects (we take risks when we pledge and some of them don't turn out the way we hope; that's what risk means). Hopefully everyone will get their cubes in the end (me included) and we can feel like we have some sense of resolution if not satisfaction. And hopefully Antsy will actually learn some valuable lessons about the way they manage customer expectations and communication.

    7. Eric on

      " Currently, we are about a week out on returning emails. "

      Another lie...
      One week after you said that, I still have no response to emails I sent months ago.

    8. Hunter Thomas on

      The survey thing doesn't register my email. At this point, I could care less about what color or anything like that. I just want it sent to me soon. Please, and thank you.

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      Shari Campa on

      I still have not received my Fidget Cubes as the 8,455 backer. I have sent private messages, comments, contacted BackerKit, and Kickstarter...the message on BackerKit says it was delivered, but the tracking link is a dead link with no information on who to contact. PLEASE advise as to how to get the product or to get my $80 refunded.

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      The goods have not arrived. I want you to deliver or return money.

    11. George Mihai Bitlan on

      Hi there, I still did not recieve my 10 cubes. Please do something !

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      Oren Bar-Lev on

      Same here. No response in any communication method. Feeling disappointed. I ask you to give me my money back

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      Jenni Juvonen on

      According to Backerkit, my order was shipped over a month ago. How long is it supposed to take?

    14. Michelle Davies

      I received 4 of the 12 cubes that i ordered, so i have filled out the survey and the address is correct

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      Haley R.

      Backer number under 3,000 and no cubes.

    16. 泰加 on

      Hi, want to know where is your email, I still not yet receive anything from you.

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      Marius Posthumus on

      Still having a little bit of hope Im going to receive my cubes, seeing how fellow Dutchmen have received them.
      But I gotta admit, you're running a shitty business AL, a shitty business indeed

    18. George Mihai Bitlan on

      Where are my cubes ? I've sent numerous emails. Someone answer...

    19. John Coyne on

      never received and now i've moved and survey won't allow address change. major bummer

    20. Eric on

      A "friendly reminder"
      Because you never replied to my emailSSS I sent you another one on July 5. So you have one more day to replied to this last email (based on your statement about the time you need to reply to emails: one week).

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      Michal Frys on

      these guys thought about running a business but then realized that scamming people has better margins, so no. no cubes are coming

    22. Eric on

      " Currently, we are about a week out on returning emails. "

      When will you stop lying??

    23. Alessandro on

      A bunch of liars...

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      Clifton Lo on

      emails are missing! When your team will reply where is my cubes going!!!!!

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      Chris Chance on

      Guys....I know you're all frustrated....but I'd like to add a positive comment to this thread, if you don't mind?

      I received all 5 of my cubes only 3 days after the "promised" delivery date of my pledge. 2 of them had faults (one was slight the other was damaged in transit, I think). After a couple of E-mails and providing a video of the fault (which they asked for) I have since received the replacement cubes as well.

      I'm not sure what's happened to your orders or why things are going so wrong for some people....but I can assure you that they have been delivering the product, replacing faulty ones and replying to E-mails.

      If it's any help, the address I've been communicating with is:

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      hibiki on

      I'm waiting backer 95.121 what's happening???

    27. Kenji Tokura on

      Date Tracking Details
      04/12/17 GM275330688000263849


    28. Helen Hegedus on

      Numerous emails requesting status. No response. No fidgets.

      Backer 122,196.


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      Belguese Ashwal on

      This is ridiculous. I never received any email about this survey before and now you're asking for it? And for some damn reason they can't find my email?!!!!!???? No I want my fidget cube now, idc what color just send it to me. Backer #114,206

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      Saki Matoba on

      DHL is horrible shipper.
      My address was correct, but they sent the package to a different country twice.
      Antsy Labs is nothing bad.
      I will never use DHL again.

    31. xiaoo on

      Where are my cubes ? I've sent numerous emails. Someone answer...

    32. Cindy Compton

      For all the folks calling scam, I'd like to add comments from my experience, both good and bad. I hope you all eventually get your cubes. They really are quite good.

      The product: I received 5 cubes. Two of the colors were wrong, none of them were attached to the glue dot on the packaging, and two of the plastic package "shells" were badly damaged (as in broken, with lots of small pieces of sharp plastic in the box which led to a couple of minor cuts on the helper child). I really wanted to return/exchange those, as they were meant for gifts. The quality is so much better than the cheap cubes being sold at retail stores. The $5 ones might be ok for kids who are just going to lose them, but for adults and more responsible kids, these should last a long time. The silicone covers are just wonderful! They fit great, lend a bit more color to the cube, and make it easier to both hold/play/fidget with it and also secure it with the clasp so it doesn't get lost. Only complaint is that one of the colors was wrong there as well. The little bag was worthless to me, since I got the silicone covers for all of them. The packaging was a mess. I get what they were going for, but it's a massive fail when none of the cubes were attached, the plastic shells were cracked or broken, and they couldn't be stacked. It would have been much better, and likely much more cost effective, had they put the cubes in a nice biodegradable cardboard box and saved the money spent on the crappy plastic ones.

      The customer service: I emailed customer service twice but, like so many others, received no response. It's been several weeks, so I'm not holding my breath. I guess after seeing so many reports of people not receiving their cubes, I should just be happy I got something, even if the items were partly incorrect and damaged.

      Comments for Antsy Labs about how to improve things: 1) Spend money on product, not packaging. 2) Use the money saved on packaging to hire some dedicated customer service people to respond to your backers. 3) Keep your backers updated. Happy backers will be much more likely to spread the word and back future campaigns.

    33. Stryker Wang on

      people are waiting for your reply about missing cubes,but you told me your next fraud plan?

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      Kayla on

      Have not received my cube, but I did see an antsy lab cube at Walmart for $10! cute.

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      Laura Gaddy on

      I got my cubes - two of them, so $40. So I got them. At least there's that. Except I just saw Antsy Lab Fidget Cubes in Target for $9.99. Swell. Thanks for completely ripping off people who trusted you. :(

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      kendy on

      I want a refund. It is a little too late to be asking me through the email what i would like to spend my money on customizing a fidget that never arrived to me for the past 8 months. Kickstarter need to either give me some credit back or they give me a full refund.

    37. KikiDoodle on

      Use the email to get in touch with a real person. My cube never arrived and after months of emails to Backerkit, Kickstarter, other platforms, that was the first time we received communication from a real person.

      Good luck getting your cubes.

    38. Leila Robles on

      Filled out survey and never received my pledge package.

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      Erbil Eren on

      Backer 115,697 and no cubes!

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      Donna Cheifetz on

      I have emailed 5 times. Apparently this was shipped in may but still haven't received and no one has responses to me.

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      Sebastien Chaumont on

      I emailed about 5 or 6 times about 3-4 months ago and NEVER got any answer back from you. I've managed to get an answer from someone called Keera on facebook, answered to her/him and NEVER got any confirmation of a reshipping, and that was JULY 5th!!!

      I can't understand why you guys are treating your backers like this...

    42. Matthew Moore

      If you haven't gotten your pledge yet ... you should be raising hell. These are literally $5.99 on Amazon Prime.…

    43. Jason Lheureux on

      True but they are the knock off ones. I have a couple of them and the quality is night and day.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kayla on

      Someone please contact me. I'm one of the 3000 waiting for their cube. smh

    45. Daniel Roos on

      Have yet to receive a fidget cube. I’ve reached out and received no response. I sent a message back in February and no response.

    46. Hardy Zeheng Wu on

      i really need help with my 800 dollar order, please respect and care your customer, contact me please

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      Kennedy Rafael on

      STILL have not received mine. Fraud

    48. Missing avatar

      Jelena Josipovic on

      Have not received my fidget cube, was not able to get in contact with the team even though I completed my survey and all other details

    49. Missing avatar

      Michelle on

      HI I'm wondering if I can buy the original G4MER cube from here again? I I don't see it on the official store. Lost mine recently. and I really really loved it :(