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An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
154,926 backers pledged $6,465,690 to help bring this project to life.

Communication, Shipping Updates, and Fidget Family Spotlight!

Posted by Matthew and Mark McLachlan (Creator)

Hello Fidget Family!

We hope you’ve all been well. Let’s just jump into today’s update!

Updates, communication, and timelines.

We wanted to update you all on our shipping progress. As you know, we had hoped to have shipped all December tier rewards by the end of last week. We know that this doesn’t get you your Fidget Cube(s) any faster, but the timelines that we have communicated to you came directly from our manufacturing partners, and at the time were conservative. We are doing all we can as Antsy Labs to get all Fidget Cubes shipped as soon as possible. Of course, we are shipping incredibly large amounts every day.

This plays into why we do not post updates every week, as we are taking special care to make sure that any information we communicate is accurate and backed by reality. That said, it’s evident that even when care is taken there can be unforeseen shipping delays.

Since our campaign has ended, we’ve posted an update approximately every 12 days on average. As the campaign came to a close, we let you know that our post-campaign updates wouldn’t be sent out as frequently as they were during the campaign. The reason we bring this up is to set expectations regarding our update schedule. It has always been and continues to be our goal to communicate well and as often as makes sense with our community. That said, our daily workload is making it a challenge to communicate as frequently as we would like (as frequently as we did in our first week on Kickstarter). We are sincerely looking at outside resources that we can partner with.

Again, we understand that this doesn’t make anyone who hasn’t received their rewards feel any better. We are working overtime with our partners to ensure that the remaining December tier rewards that haven’t yet shipped are sent out ASAP.

At this point, the information given to us from our partners is that all remaining December tier rewards will be shipped to you by the end of next week. We have high confidence that this is the case and between now and then there will be daily shipments going out. We have just shy of 100,000 backers in the December tier, so we appreciate your patience as we work through the less than 10% remaining rewards. On that note, we also appreciate and understand your frustrations.

What backer number are you currently on?

We've heard this question being asked, and we wanted to take another moment to reiterate that the answer to this is fairly irrelevant, due to how rewards are being sent out. As mentioned previously, rewards are being shipped in order of backer number and available stock (meaning we have surpluses of certain color schemes and shortages of others, and are only able to fulfill rewards as availability allows). In other words, we are at a very high backer number in the December tier, but that information alone would suggest that we have completed the tier entirely. 

March tier lockdown.

As you probably know already, last week there was an error that locked down certain March Tier Backer Surveys. Those of you who were affected by this received an email directly from BackerKit explaining what happened and what steps to take (if any). We want to commend BackerKit for the speed and professionalism with which they handled this situation.

As a reminder, if you have any questions regarding this, please get in touch with the awesome BackerKit team here.

March tier surveys.

The following is a message from our partners over at BackerKit:

“At 10pm PST on Monday March 6, we will lock down all remaining March orders in BackerKit. This will prevent any future changes, and we'll be pulling all order information out for shipping and fulfillment after lockdown. If you need to add any additional Fidget Cubes, make any changes to your add-on items, or update your address, head over to your survey here.


If you’re a March backer and your tier is showing as locked, please contact BackerKit through the link above.

Email response times.

To be completely transparent, we have had a difficult time keeping up with emails we’ve been getting. We’ve heard backers in the Fidget Family express agitation over slower than usual response times for emails.

We are not ignoring emails, we’re currently receiving upwards of 2,000 emails daily, and this has caused a backlog. In the last week, we have added 2 additional customer service members and as of this weekend will have a team of 6 more. Rest assured, if your email is one that needs a response, our team will shoot one your way once they’re able to!

Packaging adhesive.

Just a quick note for those who have received Fidget Cubes that aren’t mounted on the platform in the packaging. This is something we are working on. In drop/shake tests, Fidget Cube stays attached perfectly, but we are now beginning to think that the extreme temperatures experienced in a plane might be interfering with the integrity of the adhesive. We are working on this, but unfortunately it’s not a quick fix (which is a real bummer, as we spent a lot of time designing the packaging to play a large part in the Fidget Cube experience).

Fidget Feedback.

We mean it when we say we that we value feedback from our community, and so we want to hear from those of you who'd like to share your thoughts. We've put together a brief survey that can be found here, which we're interested in seeing your responses to. Please be candid (whether positive or otherwise) - we will take it to heart. 

Fidget Family Spotlight.

We couldn’t help but share a couple more Fidget Family posts we came across recently that made us smile.



Fidget Cube nonprofit program.

Since the launch of our nonprofit program a couple of weeks ago, we’ve received a staggering amount of applications. As we continue to reduce the backlog of emails we’re receiving, part of our team will be addressing these applications and getting back to those of you who have submitted requests. The ones we have personally reviewed are exactly the kind of requests we had in mind (small schools with limited budgets, mental health programs, etc.). 

We hope that you don’t get tired of hearing us say this (we feel we can’t say it enough!), but we sincerely appreciate the support that this community continues to give us as we’ve taken this idea from something intangible to reality. As always, thank you for your encouragement, feedback, and energy - stay awesome!

Until next time,

Team Antsy Labs (Matthew and Mark)






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    1. Felix Kaiser on

      Should have gotten my products in march. Got an email two weeks ago that said my cubes will arrive on 12th july [10 days ago]. Still nothing. I'm not even suprised anymore. Worst.Kickstarter.Campaign.Ever. Fraud. :/

    2. Felix Kaiser on

      Hello, still nothing. No products, no helpful information. Matthew and Mark McLachlan obviously commiting a fraud here.

      By far the worst kickstarter experience ever.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Morgan on

      I have been a backer since September of '16. I have tried to receive my product to no avail. Other communication is not helping. Do not recommend this product.

    4. Felix Kaiser on

      I wrote so many mails, comments and messages.. now i get the same bull**-answer on every channel.
      "We’re expecting some large shipments to our warehouses within the next week which should allow us to fulfill all remaining orders"

      Copy+Paste-Text which is absolutely not helpful. No shipping date. No reason why they sell the products everywhere but the backers don't get their payed cubes. Nothing.

      Worst kickstarter experience ever. Shame on you Antsy Labs

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Kim on

      STILL have not received mine. Fraud

    6. Felix Kaiser on

      I got that email today, after I wrote so many times via kickstarter etc..: "" Fidget Cube Customer Service replied: Hey, Thanks so much for reaching out and for your patience! We’re expecting some large shipments to our warehouses within the next week which should allow us to fulfill all remaining orders. While we don’t have an exact date that your specific order will ship out, we will send a shipping notification as soon as your package is on its way! Likely within the next week or so! Have a great day and Fidget on! Megan"""

      How is that even possible???? The fidget cubes can be bought everywhere! Everyone has these cubes, but the backers who payed a year ago haven't got anything! And they can not give me ANY more information??!

      That's such a shame. Worst-Kickstarter-Campaign-ever :-((

    7. Felix Kaiser on

      Hello guys, was this campaign just a big fraud? You can buy the product everywhere but the backers don't get their paied products. I'm really disappointed. By far the worst kickstarter expirience ever.. :-/

    8. Yong Sheng on


      I have yet to receive any news for 1 month plus ever since your side agreed to re-ship my order... SINCE 19th APRIL!!

      Is it that hard for past backer to get any information on our shipping status? I backed the project early on and now it's commercially available and yet I still have not get my cubes since February.

      It's extremely disheartening that you chose to product your product to the market first rather than to fulfil remaining orders that you have.

      I still hold small faith that I will get my order though, so I hope you can do something about it.

    9. Felix Kaiser on

      Hi guys,
      I wrote two emails and never got my product. As a crowdfunder from early summer 2016 I never got my fidget cube.
      This is so rude and dishonest to your backer community!

    10. Alex Fox on

      Still haven't received your pledge? Angry that AntsyLabs are arrogantly selling FidgetCubes that BELONG TO BACKERS to retail outlets?
      Complain to the Federal Trade Commission:
      Complain to the Better Business Bureau:
      Report the project to Kickstarter: (Scroll to the bottom of the Campaign tab and report for post-funding issues)
      Phone Mark McLachlan: (720) 287-1743
      Don't allow AntsyLab to continue to make millions of dollars from dishonest practice.

    11. Linus Liu on

      still waiting

    12. Nicola Tysoe on

      Been trying to contact Antsy since this update but everything goes ignored.
      These are now available in local shops yet I still haven't received a shipping notice and am just being ignored. If they would let me know what is happening I'd be happier. I ordered extra being sure friends would want them when they saw mine as they are so unique. Ha. I have thrown money away, money I didn't really have to spare. Lesson learnt. Idiot me for trusting them.

    13. Karsten Rechnagel on

      As others have mentioned, it is now possible to buy the Fidget Cube on the open market (just do a Google search and see how many resellers turn up), but as a backer I have yet to receive the two I ordered in October, that is a bit sad :(

      Any news on the remaining cubes that needs to be shipped?

    14. Missing avatar

      Lee, Steven on

      7 months........

    15. Missing avatar

      yariv inbar on

      I put $54 on two Fidget cubes on October 2016 and didn't get anything or any information. It will be lovely if you can update me because I've watched your sponsored ad's that you're already selling these cubes on free market. now I can buy it in every store, HOW RUDE !!!

    16. Missing avatar

      José Antonio Herrera Alamillo on

      Hello, im still waiting, i live in México; and didn't it come; in DHL comments that there is no delivery order from you. So what happened? i just read that there is many people like me, still waiting ... :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Mike Fishell on

      Starting to feel like this is never going to deliver... Maybe karma will pay them a visit and remind them to answer emails...

    18. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      Does anyone work at fidget cube? numerous emails with no response

    19. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      Make good on your promise as i did on my pledge! Ordered 6 months ago

    20. Dee R on

      still waiting, sigh

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Backer 125,8xx estimated March. 5 cubes. No survey, no nothing...waiting for my cubes to arrive to Mexico...hopefully before 2017 ends

    22. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Backer #150,054, just got my cube today. Really like it, just running my thumb over the buttons helps with my fidgeting tendencies. At the moment, I think the "Roll" side is my favorite.
      A few people I've talked to bought the knockoffs, and they've told me my cube feels nicer and feels like it will hold up longer.

      A small issue I've noticed is that the seam on the "Worry" side is raised, causing a bump when running a finger over it. The adhesive was still stuck to the cube as well when I pulled it off, but it wasn't hard to take care of.

      To anyone still waiting- while it is annoying that it's taking so long, it is really, really worth it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Rui Martins on

      I am March-backer #130,xxx and got my shipping notification today.

      Says it's via Royal Mail International Standard, and is estimated to arrive April 20, 2017 - April 24, 2017 in Portugal, Europe.

      1x Dice
      1x Midnight
      3x Graphite

      No tracking number. No idea if estimate time of arrival is accurate.

      Just leaving this comment here to let people know they are still shipping cubes.

    24. Missing avatar

      Lisa Ely on

      Am I ever getting my fidget cubes?

    25. Whimmery on

      I am backer #22,412 though I was late in getting the email survey for shipping address

    26. Whimmery on

      March 23, Email arrived from Antsy Lab saying my 2 fidget cubes could arrive March 27 through April 14. It's April 16, the tracking number does not work and I do not have a clue if the cubes will ever come. Crossing fingers they are late and will come tomorrow, but I can only hope

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      JaNeil on

      Anyone who has Received their fidget cube have a problem with their analog stick?

    29. J.C. Caparas on

      Backer number 146,518 and still not received my cube.

    30. Missing avatar

      Lucas Larson on

      Backed this product in September and backer number is 21,633. People are now getting their fidget cube that were in the 100,000's. Wondering whats going on with mine.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sue Pree on

      You sent me the wrong fidget cube color. I've tried Twitter and Facebook. How do I resolve this?? No instructions on invoice. Really disappointed to have product but leaving it in box because it's wrong.

    32. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Received mine (backer #103,822), March tier. Not going to pay $ 38 bucks though for this again lmao, quality is ok, the switch is waaaay to loud imho and doesn't have enough "oemff". Overal decent I guess ?

    33. Missing avatar

      Nancy Gibbs on

      Just received my Midnight (all black) Fidget Cube, as well as my Fidget Cube Prism (Silicone Skin) - Berry and I am backer #114,099. I'm pretty pleased with it!

    34. Missing avatar

      Mike Fishell on

      Not getting replies to messages on what the status of this is....

    35. Teri Petrillo on

      They came! THEY WERE DELIVERED! Awesome! Worth the wait. I hope you were able to block out social media negativity and stay focused on the task at hand. I confess, I was getting a little nervous (having backed 5) However, they are beautify crafted! 10x more superior than the knock-offs (that was difficult to get past)
      Super excited to finally get to share these with friends and family, whom I will be SURE to point out the differences between and ORIGINAL and a knockoff.

    36. Missing avatar

      August Stabauer on

      Im waiting since SEPTEMBER 2016!!!!! What happend?

    37. TheCLion on

      I got an email a week ago saying:
      "Your order was shipped via Royal Mail International Standard, and is estimated to arrive April 10, 2017 - April 12, 2017."

      It didn't arrive yet, I'm hoping there's no problem, but just another delay!
      I filled out a backerkit support query.

    38. Missing avatar

      Julie Kerr on

      Any shipping updates? It's been a while since the last update.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joseph Robinson on

      I know that the wait is frustrating at times, but, after receiving my cubes today, I can safely say it is worth the wait. I broke down and got an imitation a few weeks ago off Amazon. The difference is crazy. The imitation "spin" side was useless - it wouldn't turn. The "glide" was laughable - only slightly redeemed by the fact that it clicked up and down. The "flip" was listless and the ball on the "roll" side was off center and didn't roll in all directions.

      By contrast, everything on the Antsy Labs version is better. Most notably, the "spin" side is a MAJOR upgrade. Here's my rating of each on a 10 point scale for the following (click, glide, flip, breathe, roll, spin):

      Imitation: 8, 5, 5, 10, 5, 1 OVERALL 34/60
      Antsy: 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9 OVERALL 51/60

    40. Missing avatar

      Juliet Landeck on

      March tier backer here, still haven't received my cube. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that I ordered it to be shipped to my college, and I leave for summer break on May 5th. If my cube arrives after that date, I won't be able to pick it up until September, and it'll most likely be sent back by then, seeing as we have a 21 day period to pick it up, after which it is returned to the sender. How can I ensure that I get my cube when it arrives? Can I change the shipping address this late into the process? I ordered expecting delays, but hoped it would at least arrive by the end of the school year.

    41. Missing avatar

      Luke Persaud on

      Please update as I do not yet have my cubes and no recent email.

    42. Missing avatar

      Eeva Niklander on

      December backer 54,5XX here, I just got my 10 cubes yesterday here in Finland. Definitely worth the wait! All cases were intact, but most of the cubes had detached from the base, not that it made any difference. I really like to look of the cases, the cubes and the prisms. Despite the wait, would back again. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Anthony Hall on

      March backer 137,xxx here, two cubes (Backer and Gamer), arrived at my place in Australia yesterday, 10 days after the DHL shipping notification was received. My fidgety daughter was thrilled to receive a very late Christmas present, she knew exactly what it was as soon as she saw it, to my surprise, and compared it very favourably with her best friend's generic knock off. I have kept the gamer edition for myself and I like it too, but it isn't notable superior to the knock off I bought while waiting. Overall, I am happy (good things come to those who wait), but I understand the frustration of those who are posting here, and I don't understand why AL don't take 10 minutes to post some sort of update here.

      Oh and by the way, the sticker on the bubble wrap is on the money too! ;-)

    44. Missing avatar

      Carly Roman on

      I ordered one fidget cube in the December tier and got it early February. It is amazing quality compared to the knock offs I have tried. It is worth the wait! I ordered another one in the March tier, backer #65445 and have not received it yet but am anxiously awaiting for the confirmation. It may take 3 months to get here but it will be worth it!

    45. Joe Sewell

      Oops. Need to apologize. I had signed up for updates from DHL, but never got any. Checked the link, and my cubes are nearby, with delivery estimated for the 12th.

      Since I did some research on the imitations, I plan on making a video comparing the 4 variants I've seen to the "real thing." I'll post a link when I get it up.

    46. Joe Sewell

      Notified of shipment, but it seems to be lost in DHL Hell. I've had a number of mysterious delays involving them.

    47. Everett Vinzant

      Got my cube. It is exactly what I expected. I wish I could buy some more, but the color scheme isn't available anymore...

    48. Missing avatar

      Jacob Riedel on


      Yes I work quite a bit actually :) and now I'll be able to work with a fidget cube in my hand because it arrived today!

      Accusing Antsy Labs of not delivering? Well I was backer 150,000-something and I'm holding a fidget cube as I type this soooo I'm fairly certain deliveries are being made.

      Cancellations? There hasn't been a single one. Delays? There's been a whopping 1 delay and that was to fix a product design so we could get a higher quality product instead of being sent crap products.

      Unreasonable? I'm a march tier backer (meaning the ESTIMATED delivery wasMarch) and I'm holding my cube a little over a week into April which is mind-numbingly fast considering the volume of orders this campaign got. (Remember how this isn't a retail website and this is a website intended to collect funds to create things that DO NOT EXIST YET?)

      And expecting 100,000+ people to understand what the website is they made an account for and understand what the word "estimate" means is "bordering on a social experiment hoax"? Tell me more :) Please do, I'll read it while I, and thousands of others are enjoying their fidget cube.

      Antsy Labs if you read this you're doing a great job. Don't like people like Brad get you down!

    49. Missing avatar

      Joellyn Jaeger on

      So very happy I backed this project. All eight are perfect ! The kids are going to love them !!!