Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy

by Matthew and Mark McLachlan

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    1. Elizabeth on

      @Ray - Haven't you heard? They need time to find the right .gifs to put in their update ... that takes time.


    2. Matthew Edwards on

      December backer, and waiting patiently. I only stopped because when I backed and hoped for shipment back in 2016 I had no plans on moving. Well, now we are and while I can get mail forwarded, depending on how this is shipped, I'd hate to miss my cubes. Since my address is locked in, I can't update. So it's mildly frustrating...

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      Vickie Feist on

      September 7th I made my pledge- the first week of your launch. I have heard nothing- received nothing- and am 1 week away from 6 months since I pledged and several months since you collected my money. Are you actually shipping any products? Too late to give cubes for Christmas or Valentines Day gifts. Will they arrive by St. Patrick's Day? I worried about making a pledge as I have never done so before.....

    4. Alexa Deasley on

      If I can't have my cube yet can I at least get a damn update without these STUPID GIFS

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      Michael Huang on

      nothing received and nothing response from you. Does anyone could inform the Cube ETD schedulw if it is still not a cheat

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      Brianna Cain on

      Just got my fidget cube and I looooove it!!!! I'm always fidgeting when I watch tv and this has been a godsend for me. I'm usually trying to calm my nerves by playing games on my phone but it's hard to do while watching another screen. Thank you so much Antsy Labs for sending me such a great product!(:

    7. Erik Oliver on

      Feeling a bit antsy that it's now about a month since the last update which claimed "December" backers should basically be fulfilled and nothing, no notices of shipments, no updates, etc.

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      Courtney on

      Backer 92,xxx. I ordered 10 cubes, one in each color. I was going to use them as stocking stuffers for my kids and myself; since they were supposed to be shipped in December. I have now had to take multiple college exams without having anything but a Rubber band or my worry rock and it showed in my scores. Some of us backed this project because we saw the real good that it could for us and our children. If you are not going to actually honor this agreement then please refund our money. Also, please don't announce plans for donations to help teachers when you are not filling orders that have already been paid for. Where is the 23rd update? We were supposed to get our cubes by last Saturday and I still don't have a shipping email. At this rate they probably won't get here before Christmas of 2020.
      This was my first Kickstarter and will be my last. The communication from antsy lab is severely lacking and is leading to a bad reputation. I will never buy from them again.

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      Darin Bolyard on

      I have mostly refrained from commenting amid the negativity displayed by many here. I am definitely a bit "antsy," as I pooled together with several friends and colleagues and pledged for 30 cubes in a variety of every color. I anticipate being among the last to receive cubes, as I unfortunately pledged less than a week before campaign end--backer #155,605 :(
      But I am hopeful :), hearing about so many who have received cubes. I hope a little positive energy from someone at the end of the line can cheer up those who're getting frustrated. For what it's worth, this was my second Kickstarter of all time, though I'd read up on how it works before committing. Additionally, I informed all of my colleagues and friends that the March date was merely a hoped-for date, and that it would likely be later. I've studied other campaigns and saw that it is more common than not for shipping dates to be later than anticipated (sometimes much later). Not one of my many colleagues has hounded me about their cubes. Can you imagine the backlash I'd receive from them if I started freaking out and bashing the campaign, leading them to think they'd been duped? To those who're angry, try to be positive instead for your own good. It's not worth sacrificing your quality over a fidget cube (...or 10).

      In the meantime, have you ever tried a mini Rubik's cube (my current fidget of choice)? Not a bad alternative in the meantime :)

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      Aimee Sorelson on

      Backer 10,XXX here. Still no cube. No shipping notification. No backer survey, either...

      I remember that update that stated there was no need to contact them if the survey didn't come through. Is the survey crucial?

      Given that Antsy Labs apparently doesn't respond to e-mails, I haven't bothered.

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      Steve Hungsberg on

      Backer #65,549 here. I pledged in September for two cubes. Just got my shipping notice last night. I'm due to receive them 3-11-17. For those who haven't received them yet, I know it really sucks, but hang in there and good luck!!

    12. Carrie Lynn Elliott on

      December backer 52,161 - not my first Kickstarter campaign so I realize stuff happens. This though is the first campaign that is literally radio silent. Updates and communication would go a long way. We all get that life happens, but you guaranteeing all December orders to be shipped by last month and still zero updates through now is just unprofessional. It shouldn't be "by Thursday night" as soon as you knew you were going to miss what you had communicated, you should have let us know.

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      Kevin Sefton on

      OK, according to the last update(22), we were told all December backers would be shipped at 100% by Feb 24 or thereabouts. It is now March 2nd and some December Backers have still received no word. We are coming up on a week past that deadline. It is not unreasonable to expect that un update would have been issued when the Feb 24th deadline was missed. Certainly an update should have issued no later than Feb 27th. What is going on? I get not issuing updates when there is no new news, etc. When you are late in shipping, however, and miss stated self imposed deadlines, subscribers deserve to know what is up, and what the new plan will be.

    14. Perry B on

      I mean, I know this kind of thing happens, but why haven't you kept us updated more frequently? Don't you think the people that handed you cash for your product deserve a little transparency? As a backer in the 8,000s I find it worrying that we don't have updates and frankly, it's a little insulting to look on your twitter page and see that you're starting to fulfill preorders from your website when the majority of us backers haven't seen an email or anything...

    15. JuJu Bē on

      Backer # 139,778 does that mean I should expect my cubes in 2020?

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      Renee Shawn Barratt on

      I'm backer #4,659 and I'm still empty handed. Good luck with #139,778

    17. Caylin Murray on

      When will you start discussing money back. This is embarassing. It left me without Christmas gifts for friends and now I feel like I am being purposely mislead. Money back time!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Melinda Gittleman on

      My order was shorted. So disappointed.

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      Nyasha on

      Received shipping information today. Backer number 62,241.

      Backed one midnight & one kickstarter edition.

      Added on two prisms one sunset and one fresh.

      Shipping to Seattle area via Fedex. Should be here between the 6th and the 13th of March.

    20. David Taylor-Klaus on

      I am backer #45,414. I signed on in the December Tier at the "10 x Fidget Cube" reward level. I'm way past Antsy to receive my fidget cubes!

      I see below in the comments that backer #65,549 got a shipping notification. I have NOT received my shipping notifications. Are you not doing fulfillment IN ORDER? I am getting frustrated.

      When will you deliver?!?

    21. Missing avatar

      Charles Abraham Mah on

      I'm in the 44,000s and have not received a shipping confirmation. If I were in the unlucky few who's shipment has not been logged, will I simply get the package in the mail without any email confirmation?

    22. Elizabeth on

      Backer 32k December tier - 7 cubes 7 Prisms - hard earned money - NO SHIP NOTICE- not happy not knowing why.


    23. Missing avatar

      Susan on

      I was so impressed by the original updates and thought they had it all under control. I'm backer 72,866 and see those before me receiving them. I'm in Seattle area like them. Sigh. It would be less frustrating if the damn thing wasn't advertised in my facebook feed all the time and I could buy one NOW. How did those companies get their act together so quickly? I understand that they are allegedly "inferior" to the original cube.. but at this point.. I'd rather just have the damn cubes whether or not they don't "feel as smooth" or whatever is supposed to be better about them. I could smooth them out while worriedly fidgeting with them waiting for muh damn kickstarter order.

    24. Alexa Deasley on

      After weeks of complaining, backer #67,696 got my shipping notification, should be here next week lol. Hoping all of yours come soon too!!

    25. Diana Sharpe

      @Perry B, where do you see preorders being fulfilled? I don't see that in the Twitter feed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Adam Bairos on

      You can't just LIE to your customers. Please contact me via email. I want a refund.

      I have absolutely zero faith in antsy labs as a company I've encouraged people to seek alternatives for fidget cubes. I will continue to bad mouth you at every chance I get. You should feel ashamed that you've made promises you cannot keep. When you tell someone something, that's it, it should happen.

    27. Missing avatar

      Susan on

      Per your website for Pre-orders" "Estimated delivery: Orders placed now will ship early/mid March 2017. We have hundreds of thousands of Fidget Cubes to deliver first to our Kickstarter backers. Orders will be shipped out in the order they were received.

      So would I be better off pre-ordering? I'm so confused. And they are $25?? I could buy 10 "inferior" ones on amazon right now for that price. Sigh

    28. Missing avatar

      Susan on

      Why are they even taking pre-orders with a March delivery promise?

    29. Missing avatar

      Susan on

      First Trump and now this?? I'm so disillusioned.

    30. Ray Bowers on

      I guess they are making progress... I finally got my shipping email. A week plus and we'll see if I get my 3 cubes. Still no real communication from the guys.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Well, the comments certainly aren't encouraging. I ordered 2 fidget cubes in early October and other than mass updates, have heard nothing from mgmt. Hopefully they can get their act together and provide expedient updates. Good luck to all.

    32. Missing avatar

      634 on

      When can we get Fidget Cube?

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Jaco on

      Backer 53,650 I have received nothing

    34. Missing avatar

      Joshua Jaco on

      Number 53,650 and I have received nothing

    35. Missing avatar

      Joshua Jaco on

      Backer 56,560 and nothing yet

    36. TCD1317 on

      Backer 50,422, received FedEx Tracking number yesterday!

    37. TCD1317 on

      @Susan, you really don't see to have a clue about the KickStarter or manufacturing and fulfillment process.

    38. Missing avatar

      Liz Robertson on

      I really regret backing this project. I have tried multiple times a month to contact the project and have received nothing in return. I just wish I could get a refund. I backed in October 2016 and was told I would get it my Christmas. It's now march 1st and I haven't received any shipping info.

    39. Jontae Bowers on

      Fidget cubes finally shipped, had my change of address in with the post office so it would be forwarded to my new apartment, still delivered to the door of my old I'm out about $100.00 between my fidget cubes and my prisms.....with the shipping so delayed would it have been so hard to let us change our mailing addresses....? All this is gonna cause is a whole lot of claims for lost product.

    40. Missing avatar

      Joseph Ho on

      I backed back in September 2016....when can I expect my cubes? Can't believe it's taking so long.

    41. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      This has been, by far, one of the worst experiences I've had. I backed in December and still nothing. This is taking FOREVER! Like most of the comments have said before mine, a little communication would go a long way.

    42. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      @Laura, don't feel bad - Antsy should have another GIF-filled Update for you any day now!

    43. Missing avatar

      captainrex7675 on

      Backer #151,278, March Tier. THE CUBE HAS ARRIVED! THE CUBE HAS ARRIVED!

    44. Felix Kaiser on

      Hello guys, was this campaign just a big fraud? You can buy the product everywhere but the backers don't get their paied products. I'm really disappointed. By far the worst kickstarter expirience ever.. :-/

    45. Missing avatar

      Lucas Bueno de Oliveira Leite on

      Worst experience ever... I got an email on March 16 that reads:
      "Your order was shipped via Royal Mail International Standard, and is estimated to arrive March 27, 2017 - April 5, 2017."

      But since then.. nothing. No proper tracking number, no response to any of the several messages I sent.. and certainly no cubes.

    46. Felix Kaiser on

      I got that email today, after I wrote so many times via kickstarter etc..: "" Fidget Cube Customer Service replied: Hey, Thanks so much for reaching out and for your patience! We’re expecting some large shipments to our warehouses within the next week which should allow us to fulfill all remaining orders. While we don’t have an exact date that your specific order will ship out, we will send a shipping notification as soon as your package is on its way! Likely within the next week or so! Have a great day and Fidget on! Megan"""

      How is that even possible???? The fidget cubes can be bought everywhere! Everyone has these cubes, but the backers who payed a year ago haven't got anything! And they can not give me ANY more information??!

      That's such a shame. Worst-Kickstarter-Campaign-ever :-((

    47. Felix Kaiser on

      I wrote so many mails, comments and messages.. now i get the same bull**-answer on every channel.
      "We’re expecting some large shipments to our warehouses within the next week which should allow us to fulfill all remaining orders"

      Copy+Paste-Text which is absolutely not helpful. No shipping date. No reason why they sell the products everywhere but the backers don't get their payed cubes. Nothing.

      Worst kickstarter experience ever. Shame on you Antsy Labs

    48. Missing avatar

      Sergio Lenza Morillo on

      Today at June 23 (2017), since October 20 (2016) and with contributor number 132.534... I'M STILL WAITING FOR THIS GADGET.

      How can it be possible?? I don't understand it.

      I understand that it can be delayed a little, but so long?
      I'm starting to think it's a scam because I have seen the product on Amazon and who sell it are you, at a much cheaper price obviously...