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An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
154,926 backers pledged $6,465,690 to help bring this project to life.

It's Finally Time For The Backer's Survey! (And Some Other Exciting Updates)

Posted by Matthew and Mark McLachlan (Creator)

Hello Fidget Family!

We hope all is well! This is a BIG update (perhaps the longest we’ve written in this campaign) so let’s get started…

Counterfeits and Scams.

First, with the not so fun stuff. Within the first couple weeks of launching Fidget Cube, we saw other “sellers” trying to encroach on the Fidget Cube brand, claiming to sell it as their own. While this is nothing new for products that see success, it is disheartening - for us, and for our loyal backers. We have a press release/update we will be sending soon with more info about the steps we are taking to stop this through legal action, but in short, we expect to drastically minimize the presence of these in the coming weeks. We appreciate those who are taking the time to notify the proper channels and marketplaces that these listings are fraudulent and should be taken down. If a Facebook video leads you to a website selling Fidget Cube and it’s not Antsy Labs' website, please take note that these are counterfeits.

You may be thinking, “But I’m so frustrated to see that cheaper Fidget Cubes are selling on another website, and before I’ve even received shipment of mine.”

We understand that this is annoying and frustrating, but we want you to take heart in some simple truths. These are not Fidget Cubes! Many listings are simply just using our images, Trademarks, and marketing material illegally - something that any fraudulent seller has the ability to do. There are countless hours that have gone into achieving the right feel of Fidget Cube. 

All backers might already have their Fidget Cubes had we just started full production without considering every part of the Fidget Cube experience, down to a granular level. This is not something that can be replicated from stealing our pictures and making a cheap counterfeit. Fidget Cube is about carefully designed tactile feedback, and we have taken the development of this very seriously. We cannot overstate the importance of this. There are a few tweaks and additions that have been made and not yet released to the public, something that counterfeiters haven’t seen. We have been disappointed that we couldn't share these fun things with you, but are glad that we can keep your Fidget Cube orders unique. Don’t worry, we didn’t change Fidget Cube, we just made it more special.

Again, we will be going into more details about our steps to rectify this in an upcoming update. Thank you so much for being patient and understanding.

Ok, phew, now that we got the heavy stuff out of the way, let's get on to the fun stuff.


As we started out on this Kickstarter journey it became very clear to us that many backers wanted a way to attach their Fidget Cube to their keys, belt, bag, etc. This was a function that would require putting a hole in Fidget Cube, something that we were not wanting to do, as we felt it would have taken away from its aesthetics and design. There were many heated debates in the comments regarding whether or not this should be something that was added.

At times, the battle between those who wanted a keychain attachment and those who didn't may have felt like this. ;)
At times, the battle between those who wanted a keychain attachment and those who didn't may have felt like this. ;)


Parallel to working on Fidget Cube, we have brought on additional resources in order to introduce a companion to Fidget Cube. 

Meet Prism.

Prism is a solution for those who want to take their Fidget Cube everywhere they go. It is a silicone case that holds your Fidget Cube tightly but can be removed when desired. Prism includes a removable keychain with small carabiners on each side for quick and easy detaching. Prism can protect Fidget Cube from scuffs and scratches as well! There is definite utility in this little product, but the reason that WE like it… it allows for customization. Our personal favorite combinations are the Midnight Fidget Cube w/ Red Prism and the Sunset Fidget Cube w/ Sunset Prism, but the sky's the limit when it comes to the possible color combinations.



The colors available correspond and match the color palette of Fidget Cube and are as follows: 

  • Black
  • White
  • Red 
  • Aqua 
  • Sunset 
  • Berry 
  • Fresh 

For those who may be wondering, the introduction of Prism has not and will not slow down or impact the timeline of Fidget Cube fulfillment. We are currently only offering Prism for sale to you, our backers, and most likely won’t be pre-selling it anywhere else until all rewards are fulfilled. You will have the opportunity to add Prism on to your order for $3.99 each and this won’t increase your shipping cost or slow down your order delivery date. Which leads us to our next and very important announcement… THE BACKER'S SURVEY! 

Backer's Survey


Just a reminder, the backer survey is ultimately the way you tell us what colors of Fidget Cube you want, if you want to add any to your order, where you want it sent, etc. It is a very crucial step to ensure you receive your Fidget Cube(s). 

As we’ve mentioned before, we have partnered with BackerKit, a respected organization within the crowdfunding community that has some awesome tools to make the survey a breeze. The team at BackerKit has been a key partner over the last month and will continue to play a huge role. With that said, Tommy Hall, Head of Sales at BackerKit wanted to prove that he really had “skin in the game”. This was not something we requested of him, but you can see the dedication present in this project.

Tommy figured out a way to take Fidget Cube with him everywhere he goes.
Tommy figured out a way to take Fidget Cube with him everywhere he goes.


You should expect your survey to be sent out to you within the next week. Following this update, the surveys will start going out in waves. Please don't worry if you haven't received your survey, even in the next few days (it's on its way!) - so no need to email the team about this. Without further ado, we’d like to hand off some words and instruction from BackerKit:


It's about time for the backer's survey so that you can finalize your color choices, address, and any add-on Fidget Cubes.

Once the BackerKit survey is sent out, you'll all receive invitations from Matthew and Mark McLachlan. These invitations will be sent to the same email address that you used to pledge with on Kickstarter. When you get your survey, click on the "Click Here to Respond!" button and you'll see a page that looks like this:

​You'll see a few important details here: The Pledge Amount is the total amount of money that you contributed on Kickstarter, including shipping fees. The Pledge Level Selected shows the specific reward package you selected on Kickstarter. Then, choose the country you're living in, so we'll know where to ship your rewards, and click the huge, green "Get Started!" button:

The whole thing is pretty straightforward, but you'll go through four steps:


1) QUESTIONS You'll be able to choose the color(s) of your Fidget Cube(s).


2) ADD-ONS You'll have the opportunity to purchase any additional Fidget Cubes (and other add-ons) in the Add-Ons section. Each add-on Fidget Cube can be purchased at the same cost per cube as what you paid at your pledge level. There will be no additional shipping costs for any add-on Fidget Cubes, as they'll be shipped at the same time as the ones you pledged for on Kickstarter. If you over-pledged on Kickstarter, you'll be able to apply any extra funds to more Fidget Cubes within the Add-ons section of the survey.


3) SHIPPING You'll give us your current shipping address. If you choose any add-on Fidget Cubes, you'll be asked to enter a credit card number to pay any remaining balance.


4) CONFIRM Once that's done, you'll see a confirmation screen, showing that we've got your order, and that you're all set.


If you run into problems, make sure to check the Fidget Cube Kickstarter FAQs first, and if you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to BackerKit here.


Until next time,

Team Antsy Labs (Matthew and Mark)





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    1. Missing avatar

      Jennifer A Middleton on

      Received an...empty box! Somewhere someone opened my box and took it out then resealed it with only the packing slip. I really looked forward to receiving it, this sucks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew James Riemer on

      Here's a link one of my kids found for a bogus Fidget Cube. They're calling it "Comfort Cube":…

    3. Missing avatar

      Kate Blaser Dienel on

      Perhaps we need to contact the attorney general or BBB? You have had our money since November and no cubes yet?

    4. Laurel Flechtner on

      I never received a survey either. Have they been sent?

    5. Mia Mingle on

      I never received a survey... Has it gone out?

    6. Missing avatar

      Benoît Monet on

      I never got the survey. Is there a chance it just hasn't been sent to me yet?

    7. Missing avatar

      Topper Harley on

      I'm getting nervous. Need my Fidget Cube now ^^

    8. Missing avatar

      Michelle Chlan on

      Is the color called fresh, the same green color used on the special edition black and green kickstarter cube? Wondering if the fresh colored silicone skin will match the green on that black and green special edition cube or not?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kary on

      Even if y'all are running late with shipment, we'd at least like to know.

    10. Missing avatar

      Albert Piong on

      Survery done 3 weeks ago, money taken from me. But no signs of any fidget cubes yet?

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Saw some people concerned about the "fake" sites and their legitimacy. Thought i'd share some website domain info showing when they were created/registered. First is the Antsy Labs website created 2 years ago. The rest I have copied their domain creation dates so you can see how recently they were set up.…
      (Creation Date: 2014-10-07) (Creation Date: 2016-09-20) (Creation Date: 2016-10-29) (Creation Date: 2016-11-02) (Creation Date: 2016-11-11) (Creation Date: 2016-11-11)

    12. Senchaholic on

      What bicman said. I've never believed that they'd be able to deliver in December.

      And just as so many other Kickstarter, they go into silent mode. Same story over and over. You'd think that some creators would learn from other projects and think about why Kickstarter has the special recommendation about backer communication.

      I'm sorry for you new backers, but this is generally how projects work. There are many exceptions, but in general, this is how it is.

      Welcome to Kickstarter.

    13. Steve Wong on

      any update about the December delivery schedule? Wanna make this as a great Christmas gift to my friend.

    14. Matt Hoffmann on

      I have not received the email for the survey yet. Could someone contact me to help resolve the issue?

    15. Shannon Strutz on

      To the others who are having issues getting the survey completed.
      Once you have requested the survey directly from backer kit, you may get an e-mail that doesn't have any actual hyperlinks. Just reply to this asking for the real link. You should get ANOTHER separate e-mail within a couple days with the real link.

    16. 陈尔彪 on

      Hello, when will you start sending out?

    17. Missing avatar

      Ashley Conley on

      Facebook ad had another fake knockoff seller. The entire website is shady so can't really report it within, but for when you pursue legal action, here is yet another link:

      On the bright side, you know your project is already well loved when so many scammers are trying to join in! ><

    18. Missing avatar

      Bicman on

      Wow...I think there are some very unrealistic expectations for those who are supposed to get their Fidget Cubes in December. If you're expecting to have your Fidget Cubes in hand before December 31st, then you might want to start making some alternative plans. I've backed several KS projects, and all have been/are currently late. Not one has been received during or before the month that was given in the campaign. Even if backers want to be optimistic, the Fidget Cube campaign stated "December 2016"; not "early December 2016" or "before Christmas 2016." And if they show up at your door before 12am on December 31, 2016 (which is still unlikely for a project of this size), then the project still met its stated goal.

      That said, I would expect the developers of this project to provide more regular status updates on where they are. In fact, it would behoove Kickstarter to be in communication with the developers to make sure the project is making positive steps. If a lot of people ultimately end up getting burned on a project of this size, it could impact KS's bottom line going forward. Personally, I know I would think twice before handing over any more money to KS.


    19. Shannon Strutz on

      The backerkit survey e-mail I received when I went directly to them does not have a link.
      In the email, it states "follow this link" but there is absolutely nothing linked.

      Anybody have a solution for this?

    20. Missing avatar

      Susan O'Bryan on

      Please give an update on December delivery. Our office party date depends on the cubes' arrival. Thank you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Sandra Coronado on

      Hi, when do you gonna start send it?

    22. Missing avatar

      Lauren Purnell on

      Another facebook ad, in case you are tracking these:…

    23. Sam Beckett on

      Should of purchased a fake one. Cheaper and faster...


    24. Chalt2 on

      I find it interesting that a project that a project that had such overwhelming success is such heavy attack with completely unrealistic expectations. The last update was about 2 and a half weeks ago it said that it might be possible some might have cubes by November 30. On December 1 people start clamoring for their "product", I can't imagine that all the Ink is dry on the surveys yet, 154,000 plus.
      Then the nightmare of beginning the shipping process of 400,000 cubes to 154,000 backers all over the world.
      Let's give them 30 days from the last update to see where they are before we light the torches on the lynch mob .......

    25. Muhammad Aiman on

      My heart aches seeing so many counterfeits online

    26. Talia Kornfeld on

      Any news on ship dates?

    27. Paula Saring on

      When can we expect the delivery? hoping to have it for christmas!

    28. Missing avatar

      Julianne Tucker on

      Part of me wants the keychain because I know I'll loose it but the other part of me for some reason hates that idea even though it's the only logical choice

    29. Missing avatar

      Jared on

      I have pledged for one and and it says delivery November still no sign of it

    30. Missing avatar

      Christopher on


    31. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on

      @Monica Diaz: If I were you, I would send a direct message to Antsy Labs, rather than waiting until (and hoping that) they see your question here.

    32. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on

      There are a ton of fakes on Amazon. My husband saw one & sent me the link to share, but when I looked at it the "customers who viewed this item also viewed" section is FULL of scammers. :(

    33. Monica Diaz on

      Just filled out a survey and almost immediately, three separate transactions were made on my credit card for $1. I am hoping this is from you guys, Matthew and Mark McLachlan? Please let me know, so if it is not, I can call my credit card company.

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul Pehrson on

      I can't believe the gall of the company selling 'Cube'. When you look at their contact information, their address is "123 Main St., Los Angeles, CA". Really? 123 Main? The address of the Los Angeles Police Department?! Wow. What a bunch of losers, liars, and cheaters. I can't wait for my REAL Fidget Cubes from Ansy Labs.

    35. Monica Diaz on

      I also haven't received the survey. Please update us on it. Thank you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lucas Sullivan on

      Ditto what Christopher Allen Hicks says. Still no email. What can we do?

    37. Christopher Allen Hicks on

      It's almost December and have not gotten the email with the survey.

    38. Brenna J Sullivan on

      Another fake site I just saw on FB. I reported it, but here's the link... they're calling it "CUBE". Jerks. Also with stolen photos, etc. Jerks. Good luck!!…

    39. Hanneke van Dijk on

      Geek and Wish are full of fake Fidget Cubes! Stolen photos and text and all.
      I am baffled...

    40. Tina Anderson on

      Here's another counterfeit if you don't already know about it:… It says but when you click on the link you find out they call theirs clicky cube

    41. Missing avatar

      Cody on

      If you haven't received the survey try going directly to BackerKit and entering you email. If there is a survey ready for you it will tell you there and give instructions to fill it out.

    42. Raphael Pohl on

      I got mine too, almost two weeks ago, and I'm not even in the December batch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Check your Spam folder, maybe?

    43. Kinshiro Shimochi on

      Haven't received a survey yet. :/ Hope it gets sorted soon!

    44. Missing avatar

      Jordan Lee on

      What happened to "the surveys will be out within the week"?

    45. Missing avatar

      Tyler Hawkes on

      I did not receive a survey