Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy

by Matthew and Mark McLachlan

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    1. NialP

      I am grateful for the information.
      I must say I am still very sceptical about seeing any rewards ship before Xmas or for quite a few months after. I have been on this ride many times and know exactly how long it takes to get factories on board and tooled up ready to go and then make, package and ship 1-2 Million units!!!
      The only way it could be done is by using a very quick factory in China that will result in a poorly constructed item made from inferior parts.
      As many have said, I would rather you took till sometime next year and have a great product than you rushing and the QC getting lowered to get more cubes out quickly.
      Take your time, we all know how much this project has expanded and understand that it will obviously take longer now that you have 100k backers and 1000%'s of percent more than expected.

      Finally I have to add, I think it is SERIOUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE to endorse and actively encourage someone getting a tattoo of a toy that they will have to live with FOR LIFE!! More so that you are even offering a reward to do so which will encourage a rush of people to run out today and quickly get a Tattoo done without putting any thought into it...

      I have both arms and my right leg fully sleeved and have been working with 2 tattoo artists over the past 20 years to get exactly what I wanted. It is a personal thing and no one should ever be pushed or encouraged to rush into doing something like that.
      There are obviously a large number of young backers here alot of whom have said they suffer from compulsive disorders etc who could easily jump into having a Figet Cube Tattoo just because it sounds like a good idea right now without considering that they will have to live with what is essentially a toy tattooed on their body for the next 60-80 years!!! Also the grand majority of young backers have likely never had a tattoo and are now thinking of doing this to prove something to you and get a free gift.
      Finally it could encourage under age people to get a tattoo which could result in a whole lot of trouble for a commercial company telling backers of all ages that it is a good idea and that you will reward them!

      I think this is highly irresponsible and you should remove the endorsement!

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      Elizabeth Jayasuriya on

      Temporary tattoo with the FC image!! Just sayin'... You guys rock!! ♡♡♡♡

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      Michelle Spencer on

      I know you are incredibly busy right now, and that is so exciting. I'm an elementary teacher and the fidgit cube is an interesting prospect for many teachers. One concern is the noise, as many elementary students would have difficulty not using the clicky sides of the cubes.

      In the future, when you get your breath back, would you consider a cube, or some other shape, that could be a silent fidget?



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      Airic McPherson on

      So I am curious, for a tattoo how many free Fidget Cubes are we talking. I have 8 kids that we have adopted and they loose a lot of things? Would a actual size tattoo be worth enough to keep my kids supplied for a while? What do you think a tattoo is worth in FCs


    5. Libby on

      Thank you so much for the update. I'm really excited about the pouch idea. I find the tattoo idea pretty amusing. Lol. Just to make sure I'm getting this straight. If we want to add a couple more to our pledge, we have to wait until the survey goes out? We can't add them earlier? Thank you

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      john karpis on

      Will we get a chance to request the colour of our cube? For my job the black on black works a lot better than the more colourful options.

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      Corey Luczak on

      I was wondering if there Is any intent to ensure that the Fidget Cube will be "Made in the U.S.A."?

    8. Libby on

      I have another question. Sorry. I know you have the color schemes for the cubes we get to choose, but is it going to be possible to choose those colors with a black body instead of white? Or gray instead of white? I REALLY don't want a white body, but I don't want to get five of the same colors.

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      Desi Olson on

      If we pledged, how do you know which color of the 8 to choose from that we want???

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      Amanda Imperial on

      Hi! I'm happy to have pledged early! So excited for your growth! I work for an international e-Commerce, supply chain corporation (HQ in US), which specializes in timely order fulfillment during the peak holiday season and thoughout the year, PFSweb, Inc. Check us out if you need more help! We are a complete end-to-end service, but can take on just the fulfillment piece if that is your need.

    11. Jon Raymond on

      "We’re excited to announce that when we reach $5.5M, each Fidget Cube will come with its own carrying pouch!"

      Wow a carrying pouch! Pretty impressive stretch goal considering that is 367x the amount of your original goal. /sarcasm

    12. Angela Leach

      I appreciate that you aren't going to put a hole in the cube and just toss a keychain on - but perhaps you could do one of those neat d20 spiral necklaces ( or a handy dandy polypro cocoon snap open box to attach the keychain to? I would totally buy a good quality snap keychain box for every single one of the fidget cubes I've backed.

    13. Ami

      @ Desi Olson - once the project ends, a survey will go out to all the backers, and that's where you'll be able to choose your color(s).

      @Dirty Engineer - we're entitled to nothing more than what we pledged for, stretch goals are a bonus. It doesn't matter if they make 3,000x their goal, we're owed only our pledge/add ons. Because of the scope of the project, I feel like the potential of adding a carrying pouch (designing it, manufacturing it, possible packaging changes, extra handling, hit to shipping cost) is incredibly generous.

    14. Jodi Blakeley on

      Good lord some of you are super ungrateful and rude. Getting mad at them for offering a stretch goal when they really don't even have to. I'd rather get a quality product in the time they need to do so than all the extras in a rush leaving us with a lackluster product. Show a little faith and support.

      I'm super excited for the success of this KS, as I know it will be a welcome help to me and many people like me. I can't wait to gift my spare one to someone who I know will greatly benefit from it like I know I will. You guys are awesome, and have this backer's full support for whatever decisions you make.

    15. NialP

      @Corey Luczak - Do you know how much more it is to have something like this manufactured in quantities of~2Million units in the US vs China oe leswhere in Asia...?
      I do... Its about 500% more and thats if you hunt around and find a shop where there will be no rush etc...

      Manufacturing plastic toys and such as well as electronics is really only viable for businesses these days to use Asian shops to both manufacture and prepare, pack and ship on this scale.

      Smaller scale and weirdly the US becomes more viable but big projects like this... its China or Taiwan all the way!!

      The quality is no different and materials are the same so it really doesn't make a difference.

    16. s00j on

      This message made my day. Thx for putting out such clear, respectful communication, Fidget Team! I have every faith in you, no matter how things end up happening with fulfillment and all. You rock!!

    17. NialP

      @Jodi - No one is getting mad and everyone here aggrees we would rather wait till next summer and have a decent product then a rushed one that is crap but arrives quicker...

      But also everyone has the right to say what they want as long as they don't start being abusive towards other backers or the creators or using lots of colorful language. It is (for now) a free country and the freedom of speech. If you dont like what someone says just ignore it rather then fuel a fire resulting in pages of arguments.

    18. Jodi Blakeley on

      @Nial Pearce I wasn't looking to start anything or telling anyone not to voice their opinion. Simply stating my own and saying it'd be nice to see more support as opposed to nit-picking.

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      Eric Odeen on

      @John Karpis Yes:

      "2) Once the project is finished and we’re ready to ship your rewards, we’ll send out your backer survey. As we’ve mentioned before, you’ll be able to choose your color scheme(s) and provide your shipping address in this survey. You’ll also have the option to add (and pay for) additional Fidget Cubes to your pledge at this time. "

    20. Joe Casadonte

      What will be the cost of additional FCs? My group is up to 23 FCs -- should I get two x 10-units or just one x 10 and add extras? In other words, am I adding them at $19 each or $13 each?

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Lewis on

      I like the idea of a zip cord to attach to a keychain. And I don't see why a hole would be such a bad idea, either. But I don't see why a hole is even necessary for attaching to a keychain. There could be a chamfered corner with a rounded metal wire slightly protruding to where the corner would be. Or perhaps a chamfered edge with a rolling fidget rod that could double as a keychain holder.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jason Peter Pujo on

      Good to hear you guys got a system to order more. I want to add a few to my purchase, but don't need ten at this time. This is great news. Thanks, guys!

    23. Missing avatar

      Zasse on

      Stretchgoals is fine. But I'd rather have improvement of the quality on the product. Quality - always for great design. Like make the buttons in a good silicone/plastic that doenst wear out too fast or get easily greasy. Or make sure the switches last long enough. Quality assurance testing - like IKEA has on their product, like pulling a drawer in and out XXXX times and still make sure it works. Those kind of things.

    24. Libby on

      @joe. I just emailed them asking what to add for a couple extra cubes and they told me to add 18$ for each extra cube

    25. Liam McBey on

      I am really excited about this project, awesome news to hear that carrying pouches might be a thing. Also loving the helpful updates it's great to get as much info as possible. Like others have said I do hope the extra money is also being used to make the cube high quality. Like the cube sides wearing out after a lot of use.

    26. jay mckinney

      Regarding putting it in your keychain, you probably wouldn't have to drill a hole or anything if you put a small loop on a corner edge right? I think that would be a great idea

    27. Elizabeth on

      @jay - That's been suggested and the @creators are still going with the original design ;]]

    28. Paul Taylor

      Excellent update, I haven't read any of your previous ones as in having a hard mental health time at the moment but I like your style of writing.
      Thanks for keeping us informed, I've shared it with friends on Facebook, but your Twitter share button doesn't seem to work properly on an iPhone 6S using the Kickstart app. Twitter opens but no link to share!
      Twitter is surely the best way to get this out, and I have a lot of friends who are gadget journalists! Cheers

    29. Missing avatar

      Patrick Randles on

      The first task I will use Fidget Cube to help me accomplish is putting the carrying pouch in my trashcan. Just make a great fidget cube!

    30. Missing avatar

      Kenicy Kim on

      If I pledged before September 14th but want to adjust my pledge to get more cubes will I not receive them until March? Or will I still get them in December because I technically pledged before the date? Thanks!

    31. Harrison Bolin on

      Thanks for the update! I will definitely be getting more cubes when the surveys go around

    32. Jordan Welch on

      I'm quite excited for my cube! Ever consider a metal option? Would love to have a copper body for all my fidgety goodness, not to mention that the copper would patina nicely on the worry stone side!

    33. Senchaholic on

      @paul the twitter sharing works fine.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ryan Suppes on

      Dang, I was 2 days late on changing my pledge. I am pledging 79.00 and want to change it to 129.00. Is there anyway at all I can still get it shipped in December and get it changed?

    35. Nicole C on

      What about a boxy and slightly larger than the fidget cube sized carrying case with a keychain loop on it? Just so you don't have to put hole on the product itself. :)

    36. Nathan on

      I can't wait to get my fidget cube! I actually made a button for people that like to fidget on the computer all day, inspired by fidget cube! -

    37. Missing avatar

      Titan Tsui on

      I pledged 35$ for 2 fidget cubes that would have shipped during December 2016. However, my friends wanted fidget cubes too, so I updated my order to 5 fidget cubes. However, all 5 will ship during March 2017. Since I'm giving my friends the fidget cubes as a christmas present, is there a way to get the cubes earlier? Thanks!

    38. Missing avatar

      Benji on

      "Fidget Cube is available in 8 different color schemes:
      Dice, Graphite, Midnight, Aqua, Sunset, Berry, Fresh, and Retro." Aren't there 10 color schemes? 8 + Kickstarter Edition + Backer Designed?

    39. Balazs Oltvai on

      LOOOOOL This is so funny, but why don't you just click on the HS and amaze your friends?

    40. Missing avatar

      DaniKa KK on

      I can't imagine using the pouch, would have much rather a stand.

    41. Libby on

      If anyone wants to pledge after the cutoff, but keep the December release, just wait until the survey is sent. They said you can add cubes and keep your date that way.

    42. fr on

      I'd rather you don't do stretch goals at all. Historically on KS adding that has always wrecked shipping dates. Use your extra money now to handle fulfillment issues. You yourself have admitted you did not plan that. If you didn't plan it you are coming at it new. Better to have cash reserves on hand to deal with it. Me. I just want the product I asked for. No dilly dally. If people want extra. They can pay after KS fulfillment.

    43. Elizabeth on

      @creators - Can you solidly confirm what is said below:

      "If anyone wants to pledge after the cutoff, but keep the December release, just wait until the survey is sent. They said you can add cubes and keep your date that way."

      What is the difference between changing your pledge level and losing your pledge date and just waiting until the end of the campaign to add more cubes? I find this very confusing because of everyone does this then it could double the December order at the end of the campaign making fulfilment even harder for you. I was under the impression that 14 September was a hard cut off date for anything new - to allow room for said fulfilment. This needs to be clarified in black and white on your next update or here please.

      If you answered it in the comments and it fell down the stack, could you reiterate it here?

      Thanks guys x

    44. Missing avatar

      Keneil Buchanan on

      Hi, we're we supposed to send you shipping information? If so, where do I send it to?

    45. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on

      @Keneil Buchanan: At some point after the campaign is over (in a few weeks), the creators will email a survey to you, asking for address information, as well as for your choice of color scheme for each cube.

    46. Missing avatar

      Rachel Conley on

      Congratulations on all your success! I'm am very excited to get my hangs on this! Also thanks for keeping all of us in the loop! That goes a long way in my book!

      Quick question : I saw in a recent update that you said, once you raise 5.5M that a carrying case would be included for the new batches of FC. Will the backers who ordered before you reached this goal and should receive this the FC in December still receive a carrying pouch? Thanks for you time, I know y'all are quite busy.

    47. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on

      @Rachel Conley: The carrying case would be for all backers, regardless of the shipment date.

    48. Missing avatar

      Aashrai Ravooru on

      Wow really awesome to see you guys getting backed so much, is there a chance the shipping charges can be reduced now, the shipping charges to my country is 19 dollars same amount as my pledge :( which kind of sucks.

    49. Missing avatar

      Ashley on

      Please no one yell at me.. I just want to clarify the adding a cube. I pledged 1 and am in the December tier.. If I get my survey and add one more, will that push me back to March? I read the update, but I guess I'm confused.

      I also saw a comment giving the creators crap over people getting tattoos of the cube, who cares? It's not on your body. They are excited about their product, if someone wants that tattooed on them, what's it to you? Don't be mean.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jennifer nguyen on

      I was wondering how I check the status of my order? I made purchase in September and have not received anything or confirmations of any shipping arrangements.