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An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
154,926 backers pledged $6,465,690 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Theresa on

      Where the hell is my order I donated to your project and I still haven't received anything

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexa Donnelly on

      Hi just wondering when this will be shipped?

    3. Lynn

      I think white on navy would be elegant.

    4. Missing avatar

      Carolyn Umpleby on

      If I pledged for the $19 pledge will I get the Kickstarter exclusive?

    5. Joe Casadonte

      What will be the cost of additional FCs? My group is up to 23 FCs -- should I get two x 10-units or just one x 10 and add extras? In other words, am I adding them at $19 each or $13 each?

    6. Coeurl on

      I love all of Kristen's suggestions. Also, if one of the last two suggestions (A hinge with a magnetic closure or a snap closure) gets added to one side, whatever hinges out could also double as somewhere to attach a keyring, for those who want to be able to do so.

      As for me, I love the clean style of the cube as is.

    7. Josh "Panda Cub" on


      you can always change your order until the end of the campaign. Since you are in the UK you will need to move up to the 5 pack pledge level in order to receive free shipping.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michelle grant on

      I've ordered 2 initially to the uk if however I want to buy more nearer shipping dates what's the chances I won't be charged extra shipping and can add more on ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Shelby on

      I'm liking the idea of putting a superstrong magnet on the inside and having a magnetic keychain attachment, but at the same time that might cause some real issues with things like credit cards and phones being close to it.

      However, the idea of a "dice bag" keychain comes to mind... that way you have a handy storage case for your cube that doubles as a keychain, doesn't affect the original cube, possibly comes with a mini-caribiner for the cube bag that means you can attach it as a keychain, or on a belt loop, or on anything else handy. Just a little drawstring or zipper pouch might work for this.

      And I am now amused that I just realized that a comment made earlier was by someone else who does renfaires and had a similar thought. ;)

      However, I'm thinking that if there's a stretch goal with a mini pouch with a caribiner on it, it might be nice as an extra.

    10. Kristen Demeter on

      I’m in the “please add a keychain hole camp”. Note – not a permanent keychain. That’d be awful. Just a small connection point in the side.
      Don’t get me wrong, I backed it without a hole. I will still LOVE this product even without the ability to attach it to things. However, my reasoning is that I want to be able to wear it on a cord around my neck. I don’t usually carry a purse and women’s clothing usually doesn’t have pockets that would be friendly to a cube. I wouldn’t really be able to easily carry this with me. Even if I did. I’m the type that fidgets for a few seconds, then stops. Then fidgets, then stops. Having this around my neck would allow me to easy access the cube to do so without having to get it in and out of my bag. I currently have a necklace with various tidbits on it that I use (it has a tuft of fur, a leather strap, a caribiner, some metal beads, an electrical clamp of sorts, and a medallion on a hinge) that works okay. I’d love to be able to add this to the collection.
      A small attachment point like what old cell phones used to have for charms at one of the corners would be perfect for me because then I could throw the cube onto that necklace or its own cord and fidget with it that way. A pouch or silicone bands like some others have suggested would not give me that option because they would either block the functions of the cube or be stretchy and thus resting my hand on the cube might cause them to stretch too much or make me lose the cube. A magnet connection sounds dangerous – I’d lose the cube too easily. Those that don’t want it on a keychain wouldn’t have to use the attachment point.
      PS to those wanting pouches – I know my local Renaissance Faire sells small leather pouches for $3-$5 that would be perfect for this cube. I’m sure there are sellers on Etsy for similar price ranges. Pouches are things that are easily attainable without having to make these campaign owners handle those logistics.
      Congrats on the huge success. Backers will understand delayed fulfillment. I really think you should heed others’ advice below and either post really large on the main page about delayed fulfillment for later backers or close the current tier and make a new one with a different expected delivery date.
      I worked at a toy store once upon a time called Learning Express Toys. Your team should really consider contacting them (and others with similar goals). This is a product they would LOVE to place right up front by the cash register.
      --- I totally agree with Jo below – a squishy side (like the sand in a balloon feeling) would be amazing. Much better than just a flat side.
      --- Something to spin that will spin FAST like those spinner rings people wear. I like that I can spin something and it move extremely quickly. As a bonus, it’d be neat if the spin ring had numbers 1-20 on it. Something to activate your brain. You could just look at the numbers to satisfy curiosity, use them to make decisions, use it as a dice roll in a game, or challenge yourself to quickly multiple the next two numbers you land on, etc.
      --- Something that retracts. I love playing with my badge leash by pulling it out and letting it retract. I can tell by others’ comments that I’m not alone there. Instead of a cord on a spool thing it could also be like a shifting in shape of the cube (like the two halves slide halfway apart then back together when you release the pressure).
      --- Textures that make noise when you rub a nail over them – think like the edge of a bottle cap.
      --- Buttons that won’t pop back up again until you press another button.
      --- Colorful options that don’t have a white base. I’m going to choose “Retro” on this round because I’m worried the oils on my fingers will cause the white cubes to look grudge-y fast.
      --- A hinge with a magnetic closure
      --- A snap closure

    11. Charles Lord

      an idea for your keyring issue, why not place a metal plate on the inside and then have a very strong magnet on the keyring, that way you don't change the original design, and add another thing to fidget with.

    12. Erin Anderson on

      @Nial Pearce Nice warning, I agree. In any case, it is an awesome deal!

    13. Missing avatar

      A Cartwright on

      Posting to agree with Lana, not interested in a key chain attachment. And to Nial's comment....I hope not, but that's the world of Kickstarter.

    14. Heather L Sederlin Holston on

      YES!! Just backed you for two. I'm hoping my autistic son will like this. Thank you.

    15. Lana Karpyk on

      I'm not even a little bit interested in a keychain, I certainly hope this isn't going to be a change you make.

    16. NialP

      This is an awesome product, however... There is NO chance any rewards will be produced, shipped and received before Christmas with so many units required and the shear scale of the operation to produce, pack and ship 60,000+ rewards (well over 100,000 units) to all corners of the world and that amount is predicted to increase by at least another 30,000 or so backers!!!.(90k-100k backers total)
      It doesn't help that there is still over a month to run and that time cant be reduced now and Kickstarter wont release any funds till 14-21 days after the project ends that leaves about 4-6 weeks from receiving funds till Xmas...

      This was obviously designed as a simple small scale enterprise, but has exploded as some great ideas here do, into something massive.
      From past experience and watching projects over the years I would say that summer 2017 is a more realistic goal maybe longer... That's the downside of inventing something awesome but not realising its potential! And as a kick in the teeth (as its not patented) some a$$ with a plastics manufacturing company will likely steal the idea and prob produce them faster (using cheaper methods and parts) and release onto ebay before these get to backers... It has happened many times before and its nasty unfair... 3Doodler Pen comes to mind and that even had patents on it!! (eBay actually had trouble taking patent infringing copies offline as quickly as they were being duplicated)

      They will have to outsource this to a massive plastics manufacturer in China or elsewhere in Asia to produce this product on this scale and a logistics partner to cover packing and shipping. That alone will require multiple trips to view different factories etc where ever they decide to use and hiring numerous full time staff to oversee areas of production and logistics.
      It doesn't matter if the design is finalised, its going to require 1000's and 1000's of man and machine hours to produce and ship these.

      I would suggest that the creator cuts off current pledges and opens up a second (and likely third) shipping date to lighten the load, but TBH its so far past what can be done in a few months now that it really doesn't matter.

      Do NOT assume that these will be with you for Xmas (this year at least). But stick with it and just be patient. Kickstarter isn't a shop and you are backing this to launch a company and a great idea in a new product and it takes time on this scale.

    17. NialP

      @Those asking about addresses and selecting colours etc... It does say in the above update what will happen.. You will be sent a survey via email once the campaign is over (likely a couple of surveys - one for colour info etc.. to get numbers for manufacturing and a second for shipping as it becomes time to start sorting out logistics) to collect details. No need to worry till the campaign is done.

      The project creator wrote in the update :
      "Kickstarter doesn't ask for shipping details when you back our project, because there's a chance that certain backers will have different addresses by the time we are ready to ship. We'll ask for your shipping details when we send out our backer survey, which will be emailed to you after the project ends and shortly before we ship."

    18. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on

      @Miles Bruegger: Shortly after the campaign ends, the creators will send out a survey to get your choice of color(s) and your mailing address.

    19. Rob on

      Like many have said... I'd like to see the colored gears with the black cube

    20. Missing avatar

      Joscelin on

      I love this. I am so excited. I honestly wish u had it now because i fidget so hard all the time and even end up pulling my hair out while i fidget... this will be a anxiety saver and a hair saver for me. Thank you guys so so so much for inventing and making this happen. Just seeing the picture of the fidget cube makes me want to fidget lol! Love you guys!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jessie regulski on

      Also I do have one question. With the different functions, what is the durability/ life expectancy? If I am clicking, rolling and gliding for 8 hours a day is the "plastic blend" strong enough for constant "abuse" use?

    22. Missing avatar

      Jessie regulski on

      I love the idea and the design. I'm tired of biting nails for no reason, flipping/dropping pens and calfs sore from leg bouncing. I agree with not adding a Keychain. It fits in pocket easy. Marija Plamondon had a decent but not over the textile devices, defeats the purpose. But a silicon wrap around the corners could work, as an additional add on after main device and concept complete.

    23. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      First kickstarter I've ever backed, I'm forever clicking my pen or fidgeting with my keys both when im in deep thought and when I'm totally relaxed, so I just need to have one of these!

    24. Libby on

      @celine. I agree!

    25. Missing avatar

      Miles Bruegger on

      How do I get custom colors once I've pledged ?

    26. William Bruchert on

      As to the keychain hole, perhaps something very small across a corner that one could slip a loop of thin nylon string through with a keyring attached to that (like a really small ring that would then be attached to a regular keyring).

    27. Dave on

      If it is going to have keychainability, it simply has to be magnetically attached to the keychain.

      1) Because fidgeting with magnets is already a thing.…

      2) Because a silicone case/sleeve/condom is just a gross filth collector.

      I second (or third?) the suggestion for midnight/black with red fidgets.

    28. Missing avatar

      Celine O on

      I love the colored working options, but I'd love to see them on a black cube rather than a white cube--much akin to the kickstarter color scheme!

    29. Matthew John Zeigler on

      For the keychain... what about a silicone "skin" that the cube can fit into that has a keychain on it, akin to those hand sanitizer keychain holders or a bumper case keychain. So pretty much the keychain skin wraps around the cube at the edges, leaving the faces exposed.

    30. Evie on

      I would love to see the colored gears in the darker cubes.....I'm hoping that graphite/aqua or midnight/aqua is an option by the time it goes to manufacturing. ^_^

    31. Missing avatar

      Kayleigh on

      I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on these, I suffer from anxiety and right at the moment things have been going poorly making things worse and I have a big move coming up on top of that to a more populated location, so I really think the fidget cube will be a massive help. After reading a few comments I'd say a pouch would be a good bet, I don't like the idea of it being a key chain because that could throw off the ergonomics and texture of the fidget cube, however backers could easily find or make a pouch themselves, then there's no worries about material etc. I saw mention of leather in another comment and I have an issue with leather so I could see it being an tough to please everyone without making it just an option. Thank you, and congrats on this success!

    32. Missing avatar

      Lori Ellis on

      As a backer, how can I help you? I work with children who would benefit from this cube and I would consider ideas from you on how I could help in any way to help you be successful. God bless you, Matthew and Mark!

    33. Missing avatar

      Chayo Gomez on

      As a school Social Worker, I can't wait to introduce my students to the fidget cube!

    34. Kane Harrison on

      Coming up for 3 million Dollars! I'm now concerned that I won't get mine for Christmas. Please shut the current pledges and start a new line of pledges that complete next year otherwise none of these will be delivered on time.

      As for changes and keyrings, forget it all. Just concentrate on getting product complete and out to customers. The fidget cube 2 can have these things built in from day 1.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ramon Nolan on

      Fidget Cube upsell ideas:

      Keychain / bagcharm solution - have a nice strong magnet (maybe with a ball-shaped recess drilled into it) at the end of the Keychain- you could then simply 'dock' it with the Cube's metal ballbearing.
      It could be called a Cube-dock

      Pouch solution (for the keychain-averse) - small range of designer-fabric / leather pouches with a carabiner to attach to belt / lanyard / handbag etc

    36. Douglas Scott on

      Hi! I'm a teen with High functioning Autism, and I'd just like to say that this tool is going to be so useful to me. Whenever i need to fiddle with something, I normally pick at my clothes or, if I brought something to use, for example a stress ball, it normally gets torn up. But having a durable item designed specifically for distraction is so brilliant. Thank you so much!

    37. Missing avatar

      Kristina Laber on

      If you decide to sell stock, let me know! The number of backers that have signed up in just one day show that you have created a product that fills an important need. Congratulations!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Katie on

      Matthew and Mark, there is a reason why this project is funding so quickly. We like the original design!! Don't change anything :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Anne M Broker on

      My son is autistic with ADHD, this is wonderful! I'm forwarding this to those I know within the autistic & ADHD communities. Thank you so much, such a "simple" object will make such a huge impact.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dorian Thiessen on

      I agree with Libby. A pouch to place the cube in which can then be used as a necklace OR attached to a key-chain would be amazing. Previously I was thinking keychain but necklace might be better:
      1) Not crammed in pocket with keys
      2) Easily accessible

    41. Libby on

      I was thinking, if you don't want to do a keychain or lanyard because you don't a hole; how about a necklace with a bag at the end of it and it could zip or just pull and tie close and we can wear it around our necks. When we want to use it we can pull it out of the little bag and put it away with ought worry of losing it.?

    42. Missing avatar

      jennifer kelly on

      I shared this with my son's former teacher and she showed it to her class of 20 gifted kids who want to design their own fidgets! I'll send them your way when I see them! When my gifted son who has ADHD left the gifted program to go to a performing arts school for ballet, we had to give up his Rubik's cube and origami, which proved too distracting for neurotypical classmates. He currently carries around silly putty and we can't wait to get your fidgets!

    43. Missing avatar

      Grant Amos on

      I'd like to add my congrats to the pool - fantastic idea well executed. Don't compromise on the current design but follow an early suggestion to shelve all the new suggested "bits" for the MK 2 unit. I'd rather wait until March or April to receive my 5 than have you compromise on quality or purity.

    44. Missing avatar

      Weston Lucretia Davis on

      Everyone wants a keyring, but you dont want to destroy the perfect fidget design. Partner with another company to make a silicone glove-thingy, the kind that hold mini bottles of hand sanitizer, and loop on to anything! That way its not just a keychain, but an anything chain, and the cube just gets pushed in and out of its silicone sleeve! *Mic drop*

    45. Missing avatar

      Sharon on

      I have been showing my students this page for the last few days as a preview for something they may like, but more importantly as an incentive to dream. We have had numerous discussions about what so many backers means in so many contexts. We will continue to watch and see how your story unfolds. These kids are super excited for you both!

    46. Jo Murphy on

      Hey you guys - congratulations on the success of your kickstarter - don't feel overwhelmed, just work out what you need to make it work - we need this product! I have a daughter with Asperger's who needs to keep her hands busy and I have Trich, and nail biting urges I'd love to soothe with something just like this. So... ok, I want it right now, but I'd rather have it later than not at all, definitely.

      I'd love the idea of a little squishy blob to push around as well - maybe more than the worry stone depression, as those have never quite done it for me. Think a little gel puddle, though I'm not sure how easy it would be to keep it secured. Thinking out loud as you mentioned you like people's ideas.

      I'll check the FAQ, but not sure why postage to Europe is so expensive. It costs ten dollars to send a book - why $19?

      I don't need a keychain, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose it all the time - for the future, I'd buy one if it had some kind of locater in it - something my phone could find like a tile, or even the old fashioned clap-beep function!

    47. Missing avatar

      James Martin on

      I think a keychain would be great, but be careful. MANY people have ruined their Kickstarter campaigns because they see Dollar Signs and they try to add too many new things while development costs spin totally out of control. If you have a finished product already, focus on that. As much as a keychain would be nice, it was never part of the original design that people signed up to back.
      It's easy enough to Photoshop a keychain attached or provide other product examples where there's a keychain or lanyard hole, but the internet doesn't know what you went through in designing it or how a hole may change the structural integrity of the cube (depending on materials used).
      I would much rather you use the money to focus on quality materials, do stress testing to make sure all the moving parts that you've already designed are rock solid and won't break down, and to ensure that what you've already designed will be the best version of itself. A keychain hole would be nice, but not if it sacrifices quality.

    48. Peter Lehwess on

      I'm with allot of other people on this. A rushed product is a crappy product!! Take your time and get it perfected!

    49. Missing avatar

      catherine ingram on

      I have no idea if there is a way to do this but some people, like me, would be happy to wait on cube delivery. If something like that would help...

    50. Missing avatar

      Greg Weston

      I'm not entirely sure what happened. I heard about this project two days ago when KS notified me that a creator of another project I had backed was backing this. Watched the video and decided to back it myself. Then yesterday at work three different people mentioned it. So you're getting buzz from somewhere.