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An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
154,926 backers pledged $6,465,690 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. David Lewis on

      I'm really looking forward to having something that will replace all these rubber bands I keep about my desk, just for fiddling purposes.
      The biggest downside with rubber band fiddling is, after a while, the rubber starts to break down and become rather sticky...
      Hopefully this cube will put an end to such inconveniences!

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      Anne Slater on

      For my money, DON'T RUSH. Best product is the most important thing.

    3. Hugh on

      We have confidence in you guys. Here's to hoping there's no big snags in figuring out how this is all going to work out.

    4. Scott on

      please focus on making the shipping cheaper!

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      Kimberley on

      Midnight and berry would be beautiful. I love fidget cube and can't wait to get mine. The only side I don't think I'll use is the flat side. I wish that side was something I could pull and then retracted

    6. Kara on

      I love the idea of a stretchy silcone "cube edge frame" with tab for attaching a keyring / lanyard / retractable holder as proposed by Maija and Charles. It would hold the cube securely but would still be small enough to keep the cube "pocketable". It would be a totally worthwhile accessory that people could get if they wanted / needed to have a cube with attachability.

      As for the people asking for a built in retractable thing in the cube - those mechanisms break all the time which would in effect break the cube. Leave the cube as it is as its function meets its design and vice versa.

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      Rachel on

      Can't wait to receive the fidget cube my son has Tourette's syndrome so he is looking forward to getting this as he had to keep his hands busy or he keeps touching things and ppl which in some circumstances is difficult for him as he can't control what or who he touches so really looking forward to getting the fidget cube well done guys great idea thankyou

    8. Rebecca Miller on

      My husband shared this with me and I couldn't back it quickly enough--where has this been all my life? I might survive TV now.

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      Prakash Raman

      Can we have a rubber/silicone frame around the cube edges thick enough not to damage the other fidgets as a SG....want to see if I can roll it around like a dice

    10. Missing avatar

      Prakash Raman

      Keychain aside appreciate if you have a small slot at one end to attach a lanyard. Talents we get to fidget as-we-go.

    11. Elizabeth on

      I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for not changing the design. I am very happy to wait for fulfilment, even if it surpasses the December mark. I love your product so much and look forward to receiving my cubes xx

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      joy ann loney on

      My grandson is Autisticking and is soothed by plastic held in his hand, like legos. I wonder if you are aware this may actually be an important tool of calm for kids with brain differences. You guys are awesome.

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      Rowan Green on

      I would happily wait a year or two in exchange for the certainty of this going well for you all. If you make one batch of a hundred and then another batch of a hundred and I don't get mine until batch #10 when you've scaled up to ten thousand per batch, that's fine. Take your time, don't ever let the pressure of "infinite backers, all due at the same time" overwhelm the realities of commitment, and give people clear and early warning (before the campaign ends) that you may not meet the commitment date for all of us backers at once. You promised a date without realizing demand would exceed that date. Stagger us out and make it great, rather than failing quickly. It'll be okay. There's no one else making this object. Do it well, in whatever batch size you can do.

    14. MM on

      I planned on a "next December" ship date before backing. Not my first rodeo.....

    15. gareauk on

      I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Looks like a well designed product. I really like the thought that has gone into each side. The guys at work are going to freak out when they see me playing with this!

      This is a first for me as a Kickstarter Backer and so far the experience has been awesome! Great communication guys!

      My two cents...
      Gather up all of the suggestions and start thinking about a Fidget2 for the next generation of fidgets. Keep the design you have and don't change a thing. Personally, I like to play with my rings, especially the spinner rings. A flatter, poker chip style fidget with an outer ring that spins but yet can be moved along your fingers like a poker chip would be really neat.

      Again, thanks for bringing this project to life!

    16. littlecheese on

      I love the idea for this! For someone like me that has to fidget around, especially when trying to do art, I feel like something like this could really help. I showed some people at work this, excited about it and I was told that I didn't need this, I needed pills to help. This made me pretty sad to hear that people rather put me on pills than talk about how a small little device could help about the same. I hope this will help a lot of people!

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      Charles on

      The silicone holder would be better around the edges and corners. But what Maija said is exactly my first thought when a key chain with no holes was mentioned.

    18. Missing avatar

      Julia Burke on

      I think an easy way to offer a keychain feature would be to make a soft silicone "frame" that stretched slightly to put the cube inside that included a keychain loop. Same idea as the rubber guard they sell for the Amazon Tap.
      They could be different colors for people who wanted to change the look of their cubes.

    19. Maija Plamondon on

      I was thinking about the keychain idea. What about a holder (silicone is a good material, it's strong and flexible) that can attach to a keyring? I drew a quick example here:…

    20. Michelle Godfrey on

      ''At this point, we have decided to stay with the overall design of what you see on our campaign page'' I'm glad about this because I love the current design and I don't want anything about it to change, lol. This is the first kickstarter campaign I have backed. Personally I would prefer my cube without a keyring hole, however I can see why this would be appealing to some people. Maybe in the future you could offer both design options (one with a keyring hole and one without). I wouldn't mind seeing more colour combinations (maybe themed ones... Blues for the ocean, greens and browns for nature etc. Mostly I just really want a green and brown one, lol). Also, I'm confused about which colour has the red buttons, and whether you can get that colour without the buttons being red?

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      Kristen Chapman on

      Yours is the first Kickstarter campaign I've ever supported, and I did so because this is the perfect, age appropriate fidget item for my autistic son. To get something that won't draw excessive attention to him, that is pocket size, that anyone neurotypical and his age would be using, and find it reasonably priced has me so incredibly excited! I (and other special needs moms) have shared this as many places as (we) can so that our different but not less kids can put your cube to good use.

      Once this whole campaign is over, I strongly recommend you market to special needs toy sites, support sites, etc. Just please don't jack up the price 200% when you do, as some manufacturers have been known to do.

      I can't wait to see how this goes over at my house. Well done!
      --And thank you, sincerely.

    22. Samuel A. Castañón III on

      This is gonna save my ADHD in meetings and phone calls. Amazing idea. What about a Red and Blue cube called Kaneda!? I hope you don't do a key ring. On the desk,in a pocket,etc that where it should be (for me that is) I can't wait to get one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dana Ham on

      Thank you for your candid emails. My 9 year old son, Nate, has ADHD. He struggles with sitting still every minute of his precious little life. He will totally benefit from your product.

      Regarding your production and marketing... Have you thought about applying for Shark Tank? Or reaching out to ELLEN? All of these wonderful folks would be more than elated to help you promote and financially back such an amazing product. You have NO IDEA how many grade school kiddos could benefit from your product. Good luck you guys. I know your family must be really proud of you.
      Dana from Kansas City

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      Terri Atwell on

      This fidget has so much potential for use as a therapeutic and self organization tool for individuals with autism or sensory organization issues. Also for individuals with dementia and for individuals with hand injuries. As an Occupational Therapist I see endless possibilities how this may help clients. It will go much further than a novelty, or individual plaything once it can be brought in to the broader market. The retail price of $25 may be prohibitive for families, individuals and therapists; I hope down the road the price can be dropped. I look forward to receiving the five I ordered.

    25. Missing avatar

      Valerie Shade on

      Ooo! Midnight cube with Berry switches! �
      But really guys, thanks so much. My oldest son was considered borderline ADD when he was in 2nd grade. Instead of medications (I'm not down on meds if needed, it was just that he learned to self-soothe). So we had to meet with teachers and let them know if he seemed a bit fidgety, that he was allowed, so long as it wasn't disturbing others. He is in 9th grade now and things are new and anxiety can be high. I look forward to presenting him with this so he can discreetly fidget all he needs to in order to keep focused. A very cool idea.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kym George on

      I wanted to say that i think this will also be fantastic for those with anxiety issues who pull their hair out or pick their skin or chew their nails etc.....this is something that will really benefit the mental health field as well!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

    27. Guy Raz on

      @Creator: many have spoken for and against a keychain hole. I would like to propose, if it's not too late for this revision of the Fidget Cube, then your next version, a novel way of executing the keychain feature:
      Attach a standard key ring to a cord, and wind the cord around an internal spiral spring-loaded spool. This way, we could use use our index finger to pull the ring and let it retract, which would emulate one of my favorite fidgets: stretching a rubber band between my thumb and index finger, not to mention cycling a measuring tape. Only instead, the Fidget Cube would be held in my hand while my index finger extends and retracts the ring & cord.
      Just my 2c.

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      Tom LaMantia on

      This is great!

      Is midnight block with red fidgets under consideration for the backer color option?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jorge E. Zevallos on

      How about screw/snap-on modular faces? Buy the base, collect the fidget faces. Great work!

    30. Missing avatar

      Cale Okamoto on

      I'm so, so excited for this project!

    31. Missing avatar

      John Mitchell on

      This is the invention that forced me to finally become a kickstarter backer.
      Thank you so much!

      (Also this exponential growth of backers is incredible! What have you two done?!)

    32. Rees Maxwell on

      @Creator First thing to do, shut down the current pledge levels and add more which are identical but with later deliveries...if you think you will have an issue meeting Dec for all of the thousands to come!

      I'm really looking forward to this for my son (and one for me).

    33. Missing avatar

      Haley R.

      One thing I was wondering about is for the color options, will this include the one voted for from the contest?

    34. Mathieu Morissette on

      On behalf of the neuro-atypical community and especially the autistic and ADHD communities, THANK YOU for making this. Thank you so much.