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An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
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    1. Daddy Warbucks Esq. 2 days ago

      I have used mine to distract body guards, thus allowing me unfettered access to the people they are supposed to be their peril..

      Thank you Antsy Labs for an incredible covert ops tool.

    2. Missing avatar

      Adam 5 days ago

      @Courntey AS IF Walmart pricing FC at $1 is Antsy Lab's fault. lol

    3. Hippoeater 6 days ago

      Same ones by antsy labs at toys r us - 7 bucks!

    4. Lead Fidgeteer Collaborator on February 9

      Hey Lori! You certainly should have received your rewards by now. Please send us an email to with your order info (email address used on Kickstarter, full name, backer number if you know it, etc.) and we will look into this for you!

    5. Missing avatar

      Lori on February 8

      what can we do to hold these guys accountable for a very, very delayed shipment.. ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Courtney on February 3

      Just saw the cubes for $1 a piece in Walmart. This discourages me from backing future projects by Antsy Labs.

    7. Missing avatar

      Haley R.
      on January 30

      Finally got it, and the packaging was bad and the cubes felt different from eachother... atleast I got it though.

    8. Infantry Co. on January 29

      still havent got anything after one year of the expected shipment date

    9. Elizabeth A Ziegler
      on January 28

      Adding my voice to the chorus-

      Having backed many KS campaigns, and this one was the worst.
      For all the first time backers, no- this wasn't a typical campaign.
      It was borderline predatory.
      I for one will avoid supporting the McLachlan's in their future endeavors.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kennedy Rafael on January 27

      Finally arrived. Tks Antsy Labs

    11. Jerome on January 25

      OMG just received the 3 Fidget Cubes I was meant to receive last APRIL. Never ever lose hope.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michal Hadari on January 20

      this was a ripoff. never got mine. ordered 3

    13. Missing avatar

      Arvi LEFEVRE on January 20

      I'm fucking pissed. I just saw antsy lab fidget cube in the supermarket for 10 Euros. That's because of projects like that one people don't like kickstarter (and mines are not even that good, I got 5 but only 1 works really well)

    14. Missing avatar

      Naomi Taub on January 19

      Just came back to say I still love my fidget cube! Make sure you check for the email if you haven't gotten it yet. I kind of didn't see mine for several months

    15. Sam Marcus on January 17

      Just came here to say this was a massive waste of money. It's an overpriced piece of plastic. Cannot believe I was duped for something of this quality.
      For those that haven't gotten theirs yet, you're not missing much,

    16. Jane Goh on January 17

      I finally received my 2 cubes in Singapore after an exchange of emails with Samantha of “” since 9th January 2018. It was a Long wait but I finally received them.

    17. Becky Duncan on January 15

      Are we not getting these or what? would love an update - or my money back.

    18. Missing avatar

      Yasteel Ramsuran Sitaram on January 15

      Still don’t have cubes. Would rather my money back than receive it now. Ridiculous.

    19. Christien Saunders on January 13

      Why did we all pay more than retail now.

    20. Hamza Khan on January 8

      Its been nearly two years, and I've yet to receive my cube..

    21. Missing avatar

      Henny de Vries on January 6

      They promissed better communication lol but so far they dont dare to react. Guess they realize their real faults???,

    22. Missing avatar

      Tim Roberts on January 5

      So where are they?

    23. Missing avatar

      Henny de Vries on January 5

      Yehey the team is back. Lets float and drink some more wine. @Jazz. The good old times in comments section. We floated we laughed and had some fun. Lets back their new journey only if they promiss us a good chatbox where we can enjoy eachother company lol. .

    24. Missing avatar

      Sharini on January 5

      Oh WOW! Instantaneously received a mail from Samantha regarding my 'undelivered' fidget cubes only after a year when you are embarking a new project? How CONVENIENT! Our voices would be unheard if they have nothing in the pipe-line. Those millions $$$ starting to deplete, eh? Courier's failed to deliver? Want me to pay $5 for redelivery if my address is wrong? Don't blame the courier man as I read in the comments here that there are loads of backers who have yet to receive theirs. How about giving us our refund instead of delivering something that is already outdated and we could get cheaper here and everywhere now, inventor?

    25. Noraki Ellera on January 4

      I received a mail about a new product and I want to express my dissatisfaction. I found the fidget cube for the price of 9.95 euros in "El corte Inglés" a store of spain. I do not want to pay almost twice for a product in a kickstarter and then find it (the fidget cube of antsy labs, the original) super cheap a few months later, it's embarrassing and a disrespect for the backers.

    26. Darren Tobin on January 4

      I've still not received my fidget cube, very disappointing it's been over a year at this stage. You've already launched a new project. Either send a refund on ship my cube.

    27. Deborah Alton on January 3

      @Jazz I totally forgot about the golden cubes! Ahhhh memories! I wonder if the winners even care about those perks anymore?

      If nothing else the experience was worth it, not because of the cube or Antsy Labs, but because of the time spent with the rest of the backers floating aimlessly on the rafts to nowhere, writing haikus and changing up song lyrics to fit our predicament. Trying to keep each other sane by sharing in our insanity. Those were the moments we will remember fondly, Antsy will be that bitter taste in your mouth you just can't quite cleanse your tongue of. The rafts didn't have enough wine to drown that out.

      They had such potential. *sigh*

    28. Missing avatar

      Jazz on January 3

      Hey, Deborah. Great to connect with you again. I’ve seen a few familiar names and it makes me want to quote the Blues Brothers, “we’re putting the band back together!” I’m smiling, reflecting on the songs, haikus, and imagined adventures we kept ourselves entertained with. I honestly had way more hours of fun reading these comments than I did from the darn cube.

      I agree with you. The post could have said, “Lessons learned-none, but we have some new stuff to sell you.” These comments were filled with feedback and this new post is the same rhetoric they fed us all along.

      One major disappointment that backers voiced was that we expected to be part of the process and not just be used for our money and ignored. Recall, they intended on sharing an update to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the ups and downs and lessons learned from this process? While I was curious about the “hiccup”, this update didn’t fulfill that “promise” either. Moreover, they certainly didn’t learn how to make their backers happy. At this point, there is no reason any backer should be wondering where their cubes are. Antsy could be “proactive” and email anyone who has incomplete backer surveys or whose cubes they know didn’t ship for any reason. It’s unforgivable that they still ask backers to email into a void. They say they apologize for poor communication but they don’t act sorry.

      On a side note, do you think the golden cube recipients will get all of Antsy’s spinners, character collectibles, etc?

    29. Deborah Alton on January 3

      @Jazz Hello old cohort! I'm with you...shameful.

      It is nice we finally got the "reason" for delayed production, the explanation we expected almost a year ago. Unfortunately it seems as though it was only necessary to communicate these details to us when there is another business venture we can throw more money at. I will just wait until Walmart has them for $5. When my kids were little and would tell me that I am the best mother in the world, they wanted something. When Antsy tells us how sorry they are for the past communication (or lack thereof), and we are wonderful backers they want something too. The apology would have carried more weight if it were not immediately followed by a fidget cube infomercial.

    30. Missing avatar

      Paula Agius on January 3

      BUY IN STORE - it's much cheaper! After receiving my fidget cubes, I almost immediately began seeing them in store - RETAILING FOR *LESS* THAN I PAID AS A PROJECT BACKER. Quite the slap in the face! #WishIdNeverBackedIt

    31. Missing avatar

      Donna Cheifetz on January 3

      i was supposed to get my cube over a year ago- what is going on???? Refund please.

    32. Missing avatar

      daniel miller on January 3

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    33. Missing avatar

      Tom Karbowski on January 3

      This product didn't deserve the hype anymore.

      1, people still haven't received their cubes yet

      2, I go to Target and Walmart and I see their fidget cube everywhere. With designs not offered here.

      3, they apparently made fidget spinner too.

      4, wish they would have told us about the new designs in stores.

      5, sad how they promised to get to all backers first. Yet they sell them in stores first, before helping the people.who helped fund this.

      Anyone who hasn't received their cubes yet just go to a Walmart or Target and you can get then cheeper. And it's not knock offs it's their products.

      Idc how disorganized this comment is. Just stateing a point

    34. Luis Cardenas on January 3

      A year and a half later I still have not received my fidget cubes yet Antsy Labs wants to send me email about their new product... you guys are the worst company I have ever delt with in my entire existence. I hope your organization crashes to the ground

    35. Philip DeLuca on January 3

      Too noisy. Never again for us, but good luck and I was *really* sad to see the IP ripoffs. Lesson learned, and who knew this would be as explosive a fad as it was?

    36. Missing avatar

      Cameron on January 3

      Really cool you guys came out with a new product when you couldn't even fulfill the previous orders. I was an original backer and never received mine. Absolutely atrocious customer service.

    37. Eric H
      on January 3

      Walmart has official Antsy Labs Fidget Cubes for $5 (or less) on clearance. For all of you who never got yours ... what's an extra $5?

    38. Patrick Tillman on January 3

      Yeah thanks for the email, but it would have been nice if you actually sent my the fidget cube I ordered. Still haven’t gotten it.

    39. Stephen Hines on January 3

      I never received my two fidget cubes, and now you're sending me emails about your next plans? Not impressed, Antsy!

    40. Missing avatar

      Liam Ryan on January 3

      On 21 October 2016 I pledged $38USD.

      In March 2017 I received an email telling me the fidget cube was on its way.

      I am still waiting....

    41. Dan Cass
      on January 3

      My recommendation is to buy the cheap knock off on eBay for half the price instead and it's delivered in 1 week

    42. Dan Cass
      on January 3


      Like everyone else this is pathetic!

      Still haven't received my paid for product and no one responds to emails

      It's a year overdue!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Jody Kisbee on January 3

      Great that I keep getting thank you emails and updates and never actually got the fidgit cubes! Like a few others I see here have sent several emails and never hear back. Makes me want to never support anything on here again.

    44. Missing avatar

      Arrie on January 3

      Don't make me laugh! I still haven't received my Fidget Cubes after pledging on 7 Oct 2016. I haven't even received replies to the multiple support requests sent. So much for delivery and communication, I guess.

    45. Missing avatar

      MARY GERALDINE BILBAO on January 2

      Under promise, over deliver? More like never deliver.

      It's already 2018 and I still haven't received my fidget cube.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jazz on January 2

      Let me be the 1st to comment on the latest update. It’s just shameful.

    47. Missing avatar

      Carie Wright on January 2

      I pledged in 09/16 and received my order (2) in 12/16. We really like them, but our main complaint is how loud they are. There is no way I can fidget with this under the table at work (or even on a conference call) and no way I can send my Son to school with this. I like the on/off switch, but the clicking would drive people crazy (including myself). I've pretty much stopped using it because I can't stand how loud it is. Please work on a quieter version.

    48. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Shirey on January 2

      And, in addition to my question, are there replacements available?

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