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pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, August 6 2019 3:43 PM UTC +00:00


Review of Crazy Zombies vs Happy Ants from Casual Game Magazine:

In Crazy Zombies vs Happy Ants, you take on the role of running a zombie or ant colony. You will need to acquire Food and Water Pods with your Workers, capture your opponent with your Fighters, and, most importantly, protect your Queen from being captured by your opponent’s army.

During the game, each player may move either their Worker OR Fighter tiles. Move the Workers towards the center of the board to collect Water and Food Pods, then move them back to your Queen to redeem for Energy Pods. Your Fighters will face your opponent on the field of battle. If you win, you get to lock up your opponent’s fighters or workers in your dungeon and force your opponent to rescue their army. To win: capture your opponent’s Queen first.

At first you fail miserably, try again and use zombies. This is our newest prototype of the game. The videos are from the first prototype.


Halftime Show   --  A funny short video (done with stop frame animation).

Game being played  --  A video of the game being played on the actual board and game pieces using stop frame  animation with sound track, computer enhance special effects, and voice over commentary.

Game Tutorial  --  A short computer generated video with tiles explaining game play.

Highlight Video  --  A short highlight video of the Ant Swarm Game Board being played

Web Site:

Board Game Website 

Game Rules:

Rule book (Summary-2 pages)  


Shipping is provided by the USPS using large flat rate game box ($19US Only/$34 EUR).  Insurance and tracking is included.

Risks and challenges

Packaging and shipping our are great challenges. But we shall rise above it and delivery every game to every backer.

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    Board Game Size: 29" x 19"
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