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Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting
Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting
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Title III equity crowdfunding is here - Invest Today!

Posted by Antony Evans (Creator)


Exciting news to bring you. TAXA Biotechnologies (the company behind the Glowing Plant) is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder where it will be raising up to $1 million on the same financial terms as our existing accredited investors. Today anyone, not just the already wealthy, can invest in startups and we wanted you to the be first to have that opportunity.

Visit the campaign now at

We decided to pursue Title III equity crowdfunding for our next round for two reasons. First we wanted to give you, our Kickstarter backers, the option to invest in our company alongside our existing accredited investors. We believe that the financial returns possible from startups shouldn’t be only for those who are already wealthy, that promotes inequality, everyone should have equal access and opportunity with choosing investments just as they should have access to biotechnology. Second we hope to build a community of shareholders who can support and evangelize our products and we think such an engaged community will be a powerful strategic resource to help build a successful company.

We're excited to see how this goes.

The Glowing Plant team

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    1. Antony Evans Creator on

      Bryan: Thanks for your support and the reminder of why we are doing this.

    2. Bryan Coffey on

      Love the updates on the project, so keep them coming. You got two firsts out of me, you were my first Kickstarter and now my first WeFunder. I'm a big fan of your mission and hopefully you can help lead the way to showing that we shouldn't be afraid of all GMOs!!

      And for those skeptical folks out there - it is an investment and it is a bit risky because untold startups do fail, but imagine getting in on the ground floor of those other companies that thought outside of the box (e.g. Apple, Amazon, or Air BnB). How much fun will it be watching Antony and his team grow this company!!!

    3. Antony Evans Creator on

      KEI: There is no 99 investor limit, we have more investors than that already. We are certainly not Kicking any Kickstarter backers out later if we are oversubscribed you'll be first in the list. Also note that WeFunder has a promotion through producthunt to waive the fees so take a look at that if you want (I just tweeted it)

    4. Kjell Ims on

      WeFund's are limited to 99 investors... your minimum target is 400k, that implies that on average, each investor needs to put out 4040 usd plus fees for you to even hit your minimum target.
      ...OR did I missunderstand the meaning of that 99 limit?

      If I am right, lets say, for sake of argument, that I invest 200 + 20 fee. I'm later kicked out because my investment was so low.. Will I get refunded 220 or 200?

    5. Antony Evans Creator on

      Dion: I understand and appreciate where you are coming from. We wish we were shipping by now as well.

    6. Antony Evans Creator on

      Wilson: I answered your question here: (SEC rules say questions like that have to be answered on WeFunder)

    7. Wilson Wong on

      So guys, I don't see when the campaign ends... how to find out? Lol

    8. Dion on

      Sorry, but I can't in good faith provide provide more funding, even if it is equity crowdfunding. If the seeds were sucessfully done and delivered to all the backers, I'd consider it. But We're two years after the start of this Kickstarter and we are still waiting for completion. It's been an interesting journey, I'll give you that, but for me, the product itself needs to be done before I'll consider this.

    9. Antony Evans Creator on

      BJ: Thank you, we truly appreciate that.

    10. BJ Tomiko

      Thanks for this opportunity, I love the work you guys are doing and am glad to be a part of it. I invested an amount that I'm willing to lose if things don't work out, but hope will be able to help turn you into a profitable company making awesome stuff.

    11. Antony Evans Creator on

      John: This is a financial investment and you would get a financial return if/when the company exits through acquisition/IPO.

    12. Antony Evans Creator on

      Kyle: I wrote about why we chose WeFunder in this post:

    13. Missing avatar

      John on

      What's in it for the investor? Like will I see an actual return in $$$ to me on an investment or is this pretty much a donation? Thanks.

    14. Kyle Haines on

      This may seem a bit off topic and you can PM me the answer if you'd like, but why WeFunder? I'm generally interested in the equity crowdfunding space and have to ask.

    15. Antony Evans Creator on

      Hereward: WeFunder has been up and down all morning, we are hoping they fix the site soon - I guess they aren't used to the traffic.

    16. Antony Evans Creator on

      Kalpesh: At this stage we aren't using CRISPR, most of what we are doing involves inserting new pathways into plants and CRISPR isn't a great help for that, it's more useful for editing shorter sequences in the plant.

    17. Missing avatar

      hereward on

      I think the link is down guys

    18. Missing avatar

      Kalpesh Solanki on

      Massive advances have happened since you guys started this project like CRISPR. As I have heard its cheap and easy to create GMOs with it. Are you going to use it ?

    19. Missing avatar

      Kalpesh Solanki on

      >>Exciting news to bring you. TAXA Biotechnologies (the company behind the Glowing Plant)

      Where is the Glowing Plant ? At this point you should only be talking about seed deliveries not more funding.

    20. Missing avatar

      Adam Lensenmayer on

      Why on Earth would anyone give you money when we're still waiting for our product?
      What a waste!

    21. Antony Evans Creator on

      Brian: SEC rules require answering questions like that on the WeFunder portal site, we aren't allowed to answer here. I answered your question there:

    22. Brian Roush on

      I couldn't find the answer in the FAQ on the WeFunder site. Can you change or update your investment? For instance if you do the minimum $100 today, can you change that a few days later?

      Also, can you explain a bit about the equity raised? April 2014:$120,000; December 2014: $323,000; and now this round is for an additional $400,000? Is that correct such that total equity at this stage would be $863,000?

      Given that, how much time does that give you to work given current and expected staffing? What product are you targeting for first sale that would actually generate revenue? What's your expectations or estimates of when you'd look to be acquired or position an IPO such that there would be a return on investment?


    23. Antony Evans Creator on

      Kyle: yes there is a minimum like Kickstarter and it's all or nothing until you pass that minimum.

    24. Missing avatar Schneider on

      Same Here. Why should I send even more money after receiving zilch? I feel like I am being cheated. All kinds of promises and windy statements. At times I wonder if this isn't a rip-off.

    25. Kyle Haines on

      How does WeFund work? Is it like kickstarter with a timeline to reach your goal and it doesn't happen if you miss the mark? Or is it indefinite until you reach your mark and then shares are issued? How do I know how many shares or what percentage I have purchased? Their own site doesn't seem to convey any of this, at least not that I can tell.

    26. Antony Evans Creator on

      Rebecca/Taylor: I totally understand where you are coming from. We are launching this today because it only became legal to make these offerings today, there's no obligation to participate if you aren't interested. As we discussed in our February update we are still working on the plants but we also need to raise additional investment to keep doing so.

    27. Rebecca A Smith on

      I'm trying not to be negative, but I feel where Taylor Wolfe is coming from. We've been given the choice to hold off on early experiments for later, more promising versions, but this is... interesting timing since we are still waiting for the product at all. Any update on expected delivery at this point? Are we going to get the seeds at all?

    28. Missing avatar

      Taylor Wolfe on

      So as a person who's already backed this project based on a proposed delivery date of two years ago, I get the amazing opportunity to give you more money with no promises of being delivered an actual product?