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Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting
Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting
Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting
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    1. Jerry Bocci on April 13

      @Ed Healey: Try contacting Antony Evans via email, either through this Kickstarter (there should be a link to contact the creator), or or One of those may work.

    2. Ed Healey on April 8

      So I missed the Moss because I figured that I would have eventually received what I pledged for. What do I do about this now?

    3. Dion on March 12

      So I just wanted to let let everyone know that I was able to dispute the charges with my credit card company for the Orbella Moss. The first plant I received had no scent, and I was promised (in email) a replacement that never came. The credit card company found in my favor and refunded the charge. Obviously there's nothing to be done about the money lost for the Glowing Plant (that's the downside of crowdfunding), but if you've not received your Orbella plant you can dispute it.

    4. Luke Halpin on February 24

      Wait wait wait, $80 and nothing in return almost 4 years after the estimated delivery date. I really think you should offer your backers something tangible in lieu of the seeds and plants promised. I suggest maybe a nice poster, showing that you backed some research, or a book as mentioned by others.

    5. Luke Halpin on February 24

      $80 and nothing in return.

    6. Dion on February 16

      @Creator - Why is the Orbella site still active? It looks like I can still pay for and purchase an Orbella plant? I was able to go all the way to the payment page for $79.00. It would be wise of you to shut the site down if you are no longer in business. Just a suggestion.

    7. Dion on February 2

      I truly wish Kickstart would include a report button for posters. There should be a way to silence the trolls.

    8. Jerry Bocci on January 31

      @Albert Wong: You DO realize, of course, that it is yourself who is displaying themselves to be truly pathetic, degenerate, and inferior.

      Antony, et al, did something that you could not - genetically modified not one, but several species of plant, in an attempt to bring something into this world which did not yet exist. They were SUCCESSFUL in creating a plant that glowed! Not as brightly as they wanted, not as strongly as would be practical, but it DID glow. They also created a plant (several, actually) that produces an aroma which that species does NOT produce in "nature". Their research forwarded biological sciences considerably!
      Were they completely, 100% successful, in creating a plant that glowed well enough, on its' own, to be able to read by? No. But, they got closer than anyone ever had! And, their research is available for others to continue! It is accessible, not locked away in some institutional safe. What they've done can be repeated by others, or even by Taxa again, and, perhaps, some day, a truly self-propagating, glowing plant, with a practical level of luminosity, will be created.

      Besides complain, on nearly EVERY PROJECT YOU'VE BACKED... what have YOU accomplished?
      Go back to your hole.

    9. Missing avatar

      Disillusioned Backer on January 18

      How are you enjoying homelessness and realizing how pathetic you are? Please post an update! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Antron d Carey on January 1

      The creator is pathetic. Rot in hell fucker!

    11. Mark Buffington on December 26

      Good try, @Anthony. Science is built on successes AND failures. Keep your chin up. I’m glad I backed science research. �

    12. Missing avatar

      Disillusioned Backer on December 20

      @Anthony #epicfail ha ha! Hope you enjoy your pathetic life and being proven how inferior you are. Well, the silver lining is your taught so very many of us what scammers are like on gall to go back a second time with the moss...that takes some sort of true degenerate. Kudos!

    13. Missing avatar

      tesseract on December 15

      Yes, I see someone beat me to the MIT article on their glowing plants

      So this validates the original idea here on Kickstarter...

    14. Dion on December 15

      @Antony - While we didn't receive anything for the glowing plants, I do believe it was money well spent. You were attempting to advance since. It was worth it to see the journey.

      That said, I am still miffed at the scented moss. For months I was trying to get a replacement moss from you because mine had absolutely no scent whatsover. Numeruous times you told me my moss would be shipping soon. Clearly it never did, and I was feeling very strung along by you. At one point I tried to reach out to Orbella via your email, FB, Twitter and the Contact US on your website. Definintely unhappy with the outcome here, and because of that I am disputing the charges for the moss with my credit card company.

    15. Joe Little on December 13

      I never received anything from you guys $40 and 4 years later....

    16. Michael Thome on December 12

      It is a pity to see it end in utter failure like this. I have to say, however, that while it is fully understandable that the science was difficult, the actual product (fragrant moss) was awfully darn amaturish and the product support was deceptive and non-existent. Oh well, I don't regret my pledge or investment - I just wish it had turned out better.

    17. Antony Evans Creator on December 12

      Mitchell: Several people have requested some kind of book/authorship describing the journey behind this project, what we learned, what we got right, what we got wrong etc. I think it would be valuable to people, but I need some time/distance away from the project before can commit to writing that.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Johnson on December 12

      Thank you for all the updates over the years. Contrary to some of my fellow backers, I do not believe you've scammed us. The Bio-Sciences are notoriously difficult and patience-testing; I studied Computer Science; in that field, we never die wondering.

      I backed at the level that would have given a Printed Photo Book. Although that would have been cool to get, I always understood it as an "IF this project succeeds, THEN you will get this reward". Chemiluminescence was a topic with which I was intrigued in High School, and I really wanted to see this project produce results, and learn about it in the process.

      Don't be ashamed that you've failed, and pay no mind to the people who funded this project with the mentality that they were buying a product. This was always an experiment, you made no secret of that.

      I hope you will find the time to write a postmortem, and maybe compile and detail for the layman the processes, research and results you obtained throughout this project. I'd be happy to proofread such a publication, if it came to that.

      Good luck with your future projects, and never stop dreaming!

    19. Joyce Bell on December 12

      So sorry to hear this, I learned so much and as an artist I could imagine the glowing world, hopefully it will come to pass..Best of luck to you in future endeavors..

    20. Matt orr on December 11

      Its wonderful that you tried. We all learned from you!

    21. Dion on December 11

      Anthony Evans, I wish you the best of luck in the future. You had a great idea behind the glowing plant as well as the scented moss. Admittedly I feel a little strung along by you concerning my replacement moss. But I suppose that doesn’t matter anymore.

    22. TC on December 11

      Unfortunately another kickstarter project to receive nothing in return. I will never invest in a kickstarter project ever again. People would be better off burning their cash in a fireplace to keep warm.

    23. Antony Evans Creator on December 11

      Counter Culture Labs ( is taking most of the equipment and leftover reagents. We are also coordinating with them to get our DNA constructs into Bionet ( so they can be generally available to anyone who wants to work on them. There will be some pruning of the constructs as we have too many parts to keep storing, but all the main/important ones and building blocks should get stored there. Hopefully someone uses them productively one day.

    24. Missing avatar

      Disillusioned Backer on December 11

      @anthoy May you end up penniless and homeless and alone. Karma is a bitch.

    25. Missing avatar

      Disillusioned Backer on December 11

      Sigh. Some people will never see what is right in front of their eyes. Keep on believing the lies. I, for one, live in the real world where a scam is a scam.

    26. Tyler Pruce
      on December 11

      @ creator- First of all, I’m sorry it’s the end of the project for you, but it was a great ride. Your idea was ahead of its time and hopefully will be completed at some point.

      I agree with the other voices here who enjoyed this project for the scientific goals it pursued and would like to see it continue maybe in another form. To that end, I agree releasing the research you’ve done to the scientific community would be a great move to one day realizing this amazing goal.

      As for the equipment, please don’t try to liquidate it to pay us back. Much better to donate it to another scientific pursuit.

    27. Missing avatar

      Damian Kaczmarek on December 11

      Will you release your research as open source for others to pick up?

    28. Matthew Zimmer on December 11

      Disappointed. But not surprised.

    29. Missing avatar

      The Chili Mac on December 11

      I enjoyed this one as well. Hopefully someone will continue on with this very worthy experiment.

    30. Missing avatar

      SteveC on December 11

      Thanks for the fun ride. I feel I received my money's worth from this project. No regrets.

    31. Ken Nickerson
      on December 11

      sadness. this was beyond interesting as a project. hopefully the equipment will be donated (photos, update) to a hacker lab, bio-curious lab or school vs. sold off for a meager return.

    32. Missing avatar

      David Jacobitz on December 11

      Based on everything I've read, they had huge hopes for the project, and went to great lengths to keep it alive and make it work. It didn't, but that's *science*. This was bleeding-edge stuff, and if it had worked, it would've been an advance. I'm sorry you're frustrated, and I get it. But there were 8500 the likely used-market value of their equipment, we'd be getting back maybe $5 each? Meh. Maybe somebody at the DIY place they donated their gear to will figure it out someday.

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris McBride on December 11

      Albert Wong, what case have you made that these guys are anything but a scam? Do you have evidence that they weren't working on the problems?
      As far as liquidating and repaying investors, it sounds like they are doing just that. But KS backers are at the bottom of the pile.
      Did they screw up? Maybe? Did scam us? Unlikely.

    34. Missing avatar

      Disillusioned Backer on December 8

      I rest my case that this guy's have never been anything but a scam and should liquidate all remaining inventory, equipment, etc. and distribute the proceeds pro rata to backers. They should be working at a fast food location flipping burgers at best. At first people said I was trolling. No. I sincerely mean this and I think this latest moss debacle has only proven me ever more correct. They went back to the proverbial well for more money and some people bought into it. Thankfully I did not. The proverbial fool me once and all....

      Anyone care to still disagree with a straight face?

    35. Ross Heran on December 8

      This entire experience was such an incredible disappointment. After not actually accomplishing what it was we pledged to support, they make us pay more money to get an unrelated product that by all accounts also didn’t work. Then, without any warning and after months of waiting to hear about my moss, they shipped it while I was out of town for work. By the time I actually got back to set it up, it was dead.

      After four years of waiting what an incredibly lame conclusion.

    36. Missing avatar

      m.g. marciano on December 5

      No response on kickstarter, twitter or the Orbella website. Crazy. Why go through all the trouble of designing, producing and assembling these kits only to drop the ball when it matters most?

    37. Yulan Wilson on December 4

      Plain and simple I haven’t received a damn thing, no moss, no plants. As I said before I want my damn money back!! I like all have waited long enough for these scam artist Kickstarter needs to step in too, I know they have their liability waivers and limited responsibility but how many of these scammers are they really going to allow to get away with our money.

    38. Dion on December 4

      Just to document everything - I had purchased a Linalool Fragrant Moss on 7/26. On August 12, I received the moss. My wife and I could detect no scent whatsoever. I reached out to Antony Evans and have been waiting almost four months for a replacement. In the past few weeks I've received no responses for my request for a status update. As of today I have opened a dispute with my credit card. I paid $50 (in addition to the Orbella credit) and what I received is a normal piece of moss. As a consumer, I am now done with Orbella. I invested in your idea of a glowing plant, and even when that did not work out, I invested in your idea of scented moss. I am now done.

    39. Dion on December 3

      @Antony Evans - I was one of the first purchasers of the scented moss. I resided the moss back in the beginning of October. The moss has no scent whatsoever. You told me replacement moss would be shipped to me “soon”. I followed up with you multiple times. In November you gave me a code to enter on your website for a free replacement. The site charged me shipping which you said was incorrect. I’ve asked for a refund on the shipping charges. That never happened. A few weeks later and I asked what is the status of my shipment. Never received a response. I’ve tried reaching out to you through email, facebook, Twitter and now here. I would appreciate a response. I’m very close to doing s chargeback.

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris Matthes on November 28

      I didn't have a nutrient gel in my setup. I am assuming this was recently added??

      The how to says to use the petri dish gel.

    41. Missing avatar

      m.g. marciano on November 27

      I'm thinking that my moss is also not doing well. It was good the first week but since then has seemed to suffer. It's surface is slimy not mossy and a less rich, more olive green. I'm concerned that the very thin moss that was sent out is just not robust enough to survive.

      I really love this product and I want to see Orbella succeed, but I don't think rushing out the orders is helping even with people complaining about delays. If my moss dies I'm left with an $80 glass full of gravel.

      I'll see how it looks in the coming week and keep updating.

    42. Josh
      on November 26

      I’m fairly disappointed in the Orbella. I’ve had mine for a week, maybe two. And there is a patch of brown in the middle.

      Plus when I water it, and then go to pour out the water, a few rocks tend to fall out, and today when I did it, the entire thing slid and now everything is messed up.

    43. Rosely on November 21

      Reading earlier comments, my next question is- I already set up everything in the terrariums. I used the hardened gel in the Petri dish and not the extra one provided. What should I do now? The moss was really thin and I’m afraid of removing everything to add the nutrient gel. Any suggestions?

    44. Rosely on November 21

      I also contacted Orbella a week ago and they haven’t contacted me. The moss were both very thin and one seemed like it was not healthy. Also I did not know what to do with the gel packs and used the gel in the Petri dish. I hope that doesn’t affect my moss.

    45. Missing avatar

      Luke Simon on November 20

      I ordered a second Orbella, and was disappointed to find that my second order contained the wrong fragrance. I ordered patchouli, but they sent me linalool. I emailed the support email address last week, but I have not heard back yet.

    46. Missing avatar

      Luke Simon on November 17

      Yes, the packet contains nutrient gel. You are supposed to use the packet of gel as opposed to the gel in the petri dish.

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