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Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting
Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting
Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler's software - the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dedra Garrett about 11 hours ago

      I was looking forward to the glowing plants' seeds in which I pledged $40.00, way back in 2014.Hopefully, this will not turn into a class action lawsuit!

    2. Sandra Shepard on September 11

      Hi Luke - not yet, BUT I've had a cold. I'll keep you informed! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Luke Simon on September 8

      Both Sandra and Ahmed have mentioned that they have received their moss and that their moss does not generate any noticeable scent. It will be great to hear from them again after several days to see if their moss has started to produce a scent.

    4. Sandra Shepard on September 8

      Hey all! Not sure if anyone reads these, but I did see that a bunch of backers haven't gotten their Orbella yet. I did receive mine - wanted to give my experience:
      1. It's really packaged well. I appreciate the "mushroom" packing material (which does compost like a champ).
      2. When it arrives (or, at least, when MINE arrived), it comes with a ziplock baggie that has a lot more of the "gel" in it than I think that they had planned. We all got an update about this - it has to do with trying to get shipping to work in higher temperatures.
      3. Not being a huge video watcher (so sue me), I actually followed the WRITTEN directions on the "how to put your Orbella together" page. One thing MISSING from this page (but in the video) is that you need to peel the little plastic round off the back of the moss. I put the whole thing together as per the written instructions (as supplemented by the "there is more gel" email), and then watched the video. Then (ahem) I had to caaaaaarefully get the moss back OUT of the Orbella, peel the plastic circle off the back, and put it back in. My bad - but I put that here in case anyone is like me, or if Orbella reads this and wants to "annotate" that part of the written instructions.
      4. The written/video instructions say to put the stones and the gel into a cup, add a teaspoon of water, then swish them around to mix, then put in the terrarium. Because you get SO much gel now, it's actually easier to just put the stones into the gel that you get in the ziplock baggie, swish it around in there, and then squeeze it back out into the terrarium. FWIW, if you cut a bottom corner off of the ziplock, you can squeeze the gel/stone mixture out of that hole into the terrarium and it's WAY easier than having to spoon it back out.
      5. My Orbella is the "lightest fragrance" one (the "rose" fragrance), and so I knew that it might or might not smell. I don't smell it, but I do know that when the scientists figure out how to make the fragrance stronger, they will. As such, I might suggest buying one of the "smellier" ones. That said, it really does look cool anyway, fragrance or not, and "caveat emptor," I was warned that this was the one with the least noticeable fragrance. It might develop in time, etc.
      Not sure if this will be helpful or even read by anyone. I'm pretty excited to have the Orbella! I know that those of us who have been receiving updates since '13 when we originally backed the "Glowing Plant" are intrigued by this sort of stuff - I'm excited that a product did come out of the lab (even if it was a little "sideways" than what was originally planned) and that we will be notified of the great stuff developing in the future.

    5. Missing avatar

      on September 7

      I have no problems with shipping being slow so long as there's updates as to why. That second half of that statement is pretty important, though.

    6. Antony Evans Creator on September 6

      Luke/M.G: we've shipped about 100 units of the moss, which is less than the 400 we expected to ship in August. This is due to contamination and excessive heat killing some of the moss, we've fixed those issues though and currently have about 750 units plated which will ship once the moss is mature enough to survive shipping. This means our weekly shipping volumes should increase soon, thanks for your patience as we try to scale up.

    7. Antony Evans Creator on September 6

      Jerry: it grows pretty slowly unless you grind it up and grow in liquid for a period first. That's what I would do if I wanted to expand to a larger container, otherwise it's going to be pretty slow. You can also divide and replant as you suggest, but this is slow. It grows in something called BCD media which you should be able to find the ingredients for online.

    8. Missing avatar

      m.g. marciano on September 6

      I haven't yet, Luke. I also placed my order in late July and haven't seen any change or update regarding shipping. It would be great to get some kind of confirmation that the moss is actually going out and if so, when we could expect it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Luke Simon on September 1

      Has anybody received their Orbella moss yet? I ordered back in July and still have not received anything.

    10. Jerry Bocci on August 28

      If the moss were to be replanted in a larger container, say, one with a circular growing area of 1 m^2, how long would it take to fill the container (assuming the moss were replanted in the center of the container)?
      Does the moss need any particular, specialized medium on which to grow?
      Can the moss be divided and replanted across the new container, to speed overall growth?

    11. Antony Evans Creator on August 26

      Ahmed: yes the moss needs light to make the scent. It does need some time to recover after its journey. I recommend covering the hole to accelerate the accumulation of scent. This moss doesn't grow that big so probably won't out grow.

    12. Antony Evans Creator on August 26

      Ahmed: yes the moss needs light to make the scent. It does need some time to recover after its journey. I recommend covering the hole to accelerate the accumulation of scent. This moss doesn't grow that big so probably won't out grow.

    13. Ahmed Jaber on August 26

      Another question: Should I expect my Orbella to outgrow the glass ball at any point? A quick Google search on growing moss says that this category of moss grows outward as opposed to upward and it's already touching glass on all sides.

    14. Ahmed Jaber on August 26

      Shower thought: if one were to ingest large enough amounts of glowing plant, would he have glowing excrement?

      Also, I just set up my Orbella. It doesn't smell like anything yet, but I had to wait a couple days before unboxing so it may just need some sunlight.

    15. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on August 23

      @Jerrry Just telling it how it is. They are an unrepentant bunch of scam artists who have now, as evidenced by the people who unfortunately bought into the moss, continuing to scam people.

    16. Jerry Bocci on August 23

      @Albert Wong TROLL TROLL TROLL

    17. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on August 20

      @Anthony SHAME SHAME SHAME

    18. STooGE$$$$ on August 20

      $79-$65=$14 + $10 Shipping .... so an extra $24? No thanks....I don't like paying for shipping anything. I'll stick with the satisfaction I backed a science project but I have other stuff I can spend the money on right now.

    19. Missing avatar

      Luke Simon on August 19

      Has anybody received their Orbella moss yet? On July 25th, I redeemed my GLOWINGPLANT80 code and still had to pay roughly $7 for shipping for the Orbella moss. I still have not received anything, and I am getting worried that this is a ponzi scam.

    20. Jerry Bocci on August 18

      I backed at the $80 "Vase II" level, but I want to order two Orbellas (one for me, the other for my sister). I understand that I'll need to pay $160 (2 Orbellas) - $80 (discount from KS pledge) = $80, but do I pay $20 to ship the two units, or just $10 total for shipping? (I'd try to place the order now, but I'm at work, and the site is blocked by our proxy.)

    21. Antony Evans Creator on August 17

      JTP: I don't have a shareable schedule at this point, after missing all our other estimates I think it's better not to make predictions.

    22. Missing avatar

      JTP on August 17

      @Antony - So, what is your schedule for the Glowing Plants project that I funded? This talk about the other project, moss, is fine but what is the project schedule for this Kickstarter project. Should I expect seeds in 2018? 2019? A laid out schedule would be fantastic at this point so I would know when to expect delivery.

    23. Jordan York on August 15

      @Antony - please get your team to respond to messages via Kickstarter or Facebook. It's been impossible to get a response from anyone, aside from your odd comment here on Kickstarter.

    24. Antony Evans Creator on August 14

      John: Two reasons, first it's to do with the way the shopify system works that we can't take both the fee and the discount with a code. Second we are very short of cash and so we need to cover the shipping costs.

    25. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on August 14

      @Dion I will when they eithe refund my USD 150 in full or, as a suggested in the past, liquidate all holdings and distribute the proceeds pro rata to all backers. See below, Dion, even their current moss endeavor is a fiasco for backers.

    26. Dion on August 12

      Albert Wong - Go be a troll elsewhere.

    27. Missing avatar

      John on August 12

      Still waiting on an answer on why there is a shipping fee on even those of us who pledged at the higher tiers.

    28. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on August 8

      Or tock. Silly spell checker.

    29. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on August 8

      Tick rock you scammers.

    30. Jordan York on August 8

      @Antony - Still waiting for a response via Kickstarter's message system. Thanks.

    31. Dion on August 8

      @Creator - any updates on my order of the moss? My wife's birthday is now 3 days away.

    32. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on August 6


    33. Missing avatar

      Chuck Lunney on August 6

      Still waiting on the higher level codes to be corrected. My $250 pledge still only shows a credit of $120 on the Orbella order page. I’d love to get two (or even 3) mosses, but there isn’t enough to cover more than one - and If I use the code to purchase a single, I can’t re-use it for more later.

      Could you fix this please? I really want these to demonstrate the possibilities of genetic engineering to my students!

    34. Dion on August 6

      I bought the moss for my wife's birthday which is August 11. I backed the moss pretty early. Will I have it in hand before Agust 11?

    35. Jordan York on August 5

      Thanks for the response Antony. It'll be rushed timing. I'll message you for the details and hopefully you don't mind working it out from there.

    36. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on August 4

      Jordan - August 2034

    37. Antony Evans Creator on August 4

      Jordan: I looked at your place in line, I would expect yours to ship maybe the week or August 14th but more likely the following week. Message me if that's bad timing and we'll work out what to do.

    38. Jordan York on August 4

      How soon can we expect our fragrant moss to ship? I will be moving in a few weeks. I ordered one almost immediately in hopes that mine would be shipped in early August. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kelly Boyett on August 3

      This is a rip off. I have to spend more money to use the money I already spent to get moss. I product I wasn't even backing. I was backing a GP project not a moss project

    40. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on August 3

      Yet more excuses and BS. Par for the course with this "team".

    41. Missing avatar

      JTP on August 2

      Soooo, instead of working on making a glowing plant, they digressed and found it easier to make smelly moss and decided to go down that path instead of honoring the agreement to work toward a glowing plant. That is exactly bait and switch.
      /beɪt ænd/


      1. the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods:

    42. Antony Evans Creator on August 2

      Jerry: that's a great summary of where we are at, thanks.

    43. Dion on August 2

      @Kelly- your money is long spent - there are no refunds.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kelly Boyett on August 2

      I just want my money back. I don't want any moss. Specially when the amount I payed for with my pledge won't even cover the cost of the moss. How do I just get my money back

    45. Jerry Bocci on August 1

      Just my two cents here, but,

      1) The Fragrant Moss (FM) is being offered because it's (a) the Glowing Plant (GP) isn't ready yet (and may have many more months/years to go before it is - science is hard!), and (b) FM *is* ready to be shipped.

      2) FM is *not* a substitute for the GP seeds or plants (+books, planters, biohacker kits, etc.) that we backed, so this is *not* a "bait and switch" project as has been suggested. *When* GP is ready, we'll get it, based on what we originally pledged.

      3) The additional cost for shipping above-and-beyond what you may have pledged is .... actually, you got me on that one. At a guess (because I'm not with Taxa/Antony, and don't know the answer), it's because THEY have to pay shipping, and don't have the funds to do it. (Okay, this is an *educated* guess, based on a reading of the previous updates and comments from Taxa/Antony over the last year or so.)

      4) The "spirit of the agreement," for that those who pledged $40, was that you would get seeds, not a living plant. FM is a living plant, with a planter (the Orb). As Antony said a week ago, Orbella Fragrant Moss "is equivalent to the higher reward levels in this Kickstarter that came with the planter, not to just shipping the seeds." He also said (in that same comment), that at some point in the future, Taxa "might make just the moss available, but without the orb and other components it's a bad user experience so we aren't doing that yet." There's nothing that says you MUST order an Orbella, this is just being offered so that you have *something* while they continue to raise funds (through Orbella/FM sales) to return to bioengineering the Glowing Plant.

    46. Jay Mutzafi on July 30

      If I can redeem the bioluminescent moss in the future then I think that's ok. When it said the offer will expire it sounded like this is the last change to "use" my pledge

    47. Missing avatar

      John on July 29

      If I pledged $150 why am I having to pay another $10.28 for shipping when the moss is $79???

    48. Missing avatar

      David Gerding on July 29

      Agreed - 40 dollar credit to buy something more expensive doesn't meet the spirit of the agreement. If you are shipping something you should figure out a way to ship something the $40 backers.

    49. Missing avatar

      JTP on July 27

      It is not the length of time that is the frustration. Agree with SR and many others that it will take another $50 to get anything out of this backing and not by our choice. At least give the $40 backers the minimum offered item being as we did back the project and waited patiently. Heck send me some killer marijuana seeds instead and we'll call it even. It is bait and switch projects like this that give Kickstarter a bad reputation.

    50. Missing avatar

      SR on July 26

      $79 seems a bit expensive for smelly moss. Even with a $40 credit, it's not worth the money being ask. It seems the starting retail price should be $40.

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