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Explore a new Planet, exploit its resources and trade them in a 2-4 player game. But, beware of cataclysms, the Planet might be living!
Explore a new Planet, exploit its resources and trade them in a 2-4 player game. But, beware of cataclysms, the Planet might be living!
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Pretty pictures

Posted by Jim Gaudin (Collaborator)

Hello everybody !

It's time for a brand-new update, with shiny pics of the game !

The team has been hard at work to wrap up the final design of all the components, and then take the time to produce some "pack shots" so you can see how it looks on the table. Besides sharing our enthusiasm with our faithful backers, these shots will also be used to advertise the game to press and retailers, illustrate the rules and the back of the game box.

Depicted here are (in order) : the  game box on its own (standard edition), a "spread" (picture showing all the components that will be in the core game), the set up of a game, a global view of the board mid-game, and a more immersive close-up view of the game. 


As you can see, all these pictures are from the standard edition of the game. Most of you have pledged the Deluxe edition, which includes exclusive components : the box, the punchboards, the Mega Credits... So it will look even better ! We needed to produce the standard components first before "upgrading" it. It also allows us to provide all the informations ahead of time for our partners (press, distribution networks...), as they will only get the standard edition.

Concerning our progress : the layout for all the cards and punchboards for the base game and the expansions is done. Rules, scenarios, Campaign book, SAGS, are all written in english (fun fact, Christophe writes his rules in English BEFORE translating it in French). That leaves the French rules to write and the layout for both languages to do. 

We are still on track for a delivery during Q1 of 2019, as the files will leave for the printer pretty soon. Chinese New Year could slow the timing of our printing process (all factories take a break at that time of the year), so the shipping might take place by the end of the quarter rather than the beginning. That's why we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, and we'll give you a more accurate shipping date when we'll be sure of it.

More updates coming soon !

Set Up / Mise en place
Set Up / Mise en place

Bonjour à tous !

Voici une petite mise à jour avec de jolies images :)

Toute l'équipe a bossé dur pour finaliser la maquette de l'ensemble des éléments du jeu, et produire des "pack shots" afin de vous permettre de les visualiser mis en scène. Du coup non seulement on peut partager notre enthousiasme avec vous grâce à ces jolies images, mais en plus nous utiliserons ces dernières pour illustrer les livres de règles et le dos de boîte, communiquer sur le jeu dans la presse et auprès des boutiques.

Voici donc, dans l'ordre d'apparition de cet article : la boîte de jeu seule, un "spread" (image montrant tous les éléments du jeu, bien rangés), la mise en place d'une partie, un aperçu d'exemple de partie en cours, et une vue plus immersive (gros plan, angle différent) de cette même partie.

Mid-game / Milieu de partie
Mid-game / Milieu de partie

Comme vous pouvez le voir, toutes ces images sont réalisées pour l'édition standard du jeu. La plupart d'entre vous a pledgé la version Deluxe, donc certains de ces éléments seront évidemment différents et de meilleur qualité : boîte magnétique, plateaux de jeu, Mega Credits... Le look final n'en sera que meilleur ! Nous devions produire dans un premier temps des images du jeu "de base" avant de passer à une version deluxe. Cela nous permet également de commencer à communiquer des visuels à nos partenaires (presse et réseaux de distribution), car eux n'auront que la version Standard à se mettre sous la dent !

Petit état des lieux de notre avancée : tout est maquetté, cartes et punchboards, pour le jeu de base et les extensions. Les règles, scénarios, le livret de campagne, le SAGS... ont tous été écrits en anglais (eh oui, bien que Chris soit Français, il rédige toujours d'abord dans la langue de Shakespeare). Il reste donc à "traduire" les règles en Français, et maquetter tout ces éléments de texte.

Nous sommes toujours dans les clous pour une livraison au premier trimestre, car les fichiers devraient partir chez l'imprimeur sous peu. Le nouvel an chinois pourrait en revanche ralentir un peu le processus, vu que les usines prennent une pause à cette période de l'année... Ce qui veut dire qu'on estime une livraison vers la fin du premier trimestre, plutôt que le début. Nous préférons ne pas annoncer de date plus précise afin de ne pas nous avancer sans avoir une timeline ferme de la part de l'imprimeur, mais bien sûr nous vous tenons au courant dès que possible !

C'est tout pour le moment, nous revenons bientôt avec plus de news !

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    1. Petr K.

      The game looks good. I personally am a supporter of the original graphics of the game fields ... more inhospitable landscape. This is more like Disney land :-)

      Player card graphics come to me as "off topis" and do not fit into the graphics of the game.

    2. Gerald Gronier on

      Merci pour les info, bon courage et à bientôt...

    3. Camille Froulin on

      Nice! Much better than my prototype :)

    4. Jim Gaudin Collaborator on

      @Dirkjan82 the next update is about the campaign, we'll reveal everything then ;)

    5. Dirkjan82 on

      I find it difficult to compare the images at these small sizes, but I did like the previous version of the trade board better. However, I appreciate how you take the effort to make sure the game looks like what the designer has in mind, combined with good readability and easy to understand graphics to make the game more accessible to more people.

      The Standard edition on the pictures, especially in the Spread, looks so small and limited in what it contains! I'm glad I went for the all-in deluxe version and I am still very much looking forward to the campaign book.
      Just out of curiosity: I checked the campaign page again and saw that the Exclusive Kickstarter Campaign book has at least 5 linked scenarios. Does that mean this game is kinda like a Legacy game but with replayable campaigns instead of destroying and permanently changing pieces like true Legacy games?

    6. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      i dont say that i dont like at all the new artwark... i just say that it is unaspected.
      it seems that the artwork has switched to "cartoonish" .
      and I am convinced that this is not suitable for the game, a game of a bad planet that wants to destroy and remove the players. I'm wrong?
      looks like the gameplay and mechanics are really really far away from the artwork. that's the point.

      PS: from the artistic point of view I appreciate it and I really like it. congratulations to the designer.

    7. Missing avatar

      JDFriis on

      I have to agree with Tobasco and Danilo - The graphics here on the cards, the trade board, leader board and building tiles, are a long way off from what was depicted in the campaign - Not just small adjustments but a completely different graphical style. That has nothing to due with personal preference, thats a fact.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tobasco on

      Thanks for the pictures. I must admit, that Danilos comment has a point. Especially the Trade Board looks cheap on your pictures in comparision to the first sketches made in the campaign. To finally say something about the player cards and the buldings the pictures shown are not enough. But the first impression tends to the same - die ones in the Campaign looked more thematic and less "childish". I hope that its looks better if watched in live. But there are some doubts. Still: Thanks for the update and your work. Have a nice Christmas time

    9. Jim Gaudin Collaborator on

      @Danilo If some of the graphics have been changed, many elements remains the same : the box cover, the player screens, and even the tile are the ones displayed during the campaign (the tiles' new art was shown while the campaign was still running). A few buildings were changed but most of them are the same. We redesigned the player cards as the original version was very dark and hard to read, and there was also room for improvement on the tracks.
      We know graphic preferences are personal - it's hard to please everybody - and we're sorry that you feel this way, but we believe to have remained true to the original design and intent of the game.
      We cannot know what Living Planet could have been with the previous owners, as it was still very much in development. What we know if that we took the game in our own hands - the designer's hands - and are doing the best we can to provide for this game, and its backers, the deluxe experience that should be expected.

    10. Wojciech Golowkow on

      @Jim Gaudin

      Oh my, please disregard my comment!
      I wrote it because I've read the text twice in english (in chrome) and only after seeing it again on the phone i realised the second version is written in french. My chrome must have auto-translated it :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Danilo Di Maio on

      you have completely distorted the graphics of the game. also the market board, the player's action card and all the drawings presented during the ks.

      I personally saw the previous ones more immersive.

      from there was the change of management this ks lost all my interest. what a pity

    12. Jim Gaudin Collaborator on

      @Wojciech Golowkow : Did you see this draft before it was published ? Weird... But thanks for mentioning it, I'll keep an eay out for this kinkd of things next time :)
      These are renders ;)

    13. Jim Gaudin Collaborator on

      @chapelier : ça peut être plus tôt (on l'espère), mais on préfère prendre des pincettes :)

    14. Wojciech Golowkow on

      Wow, a double update update! ;)
      It's always fun to see a draft and an edited version of a text. We'll keep making fun of you, but do appreciate the effort of actually editing it (not all companies do that)!
      Great pictures though :)
      Are these renders or pictures of the pre production copy?

    15. Missing avatar

      chapellier on

      Fin mars... Bigre... Attention je ne râle pas le moins du monde, j'ai plein de jeux ;) Mais je suis toujours aussi surpris des retards abyssaux des KS, pour Living Planet 6 mois de retard. Dans mon métier cela serait tout simplement rédhibitoire. Je le répète je ne râle pas le moins du monde je n'ai pas vu un seul KS à la date, mais j'avoue ne pas comprendre surtout quand il s'agit d'un délai de conception. Encore une fois l'industrie ludique est comme cela, peu voire pas fiable du tout sur les délais. En tant que joueur cela m'importe peu, mais travailler comme cela doit être quelque peu usant nerveusement. Bon courage pour la suite !