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Explore a new Planet, exploit its resources and trade them in a 2-4 player game. But, beware of cataclysms, the Planet might be living!
Explore a new Planet, exploit its resources and trade them in a 2-4 player game. But, beware of cataclysms, the Planet might be living!
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The bonus surprise offered is finally revealed...

Posted by Boelinger Christophe (Collaborator)

(En français ci-dessous)

Hello everybody,

This time there is no long text to read but a video explaining everything in english.

Here is the link:

enjoy ;)

----------------------------------------------- FR

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Cette fois pas de long texte à lire mais une vidéo à regarder en français qui vous explique tout.

Voici le lien:

Bien à vous,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Boelinger Christophe Collaborator on

      Merci à tous pour vos commentaires, ça fait vraiment chaud au cœur.
      @stephane Boissieres: Space Hulk - que de souvenirs. Avec Full Métal Planète et Blood Bowl ensuite, ce sont les deux qui m'ont fait plonger dans les figurines. Ls premiers sets de figurines que j'ai peint hors JDR. Je ne sais plus si c'était mon full métal ou Space Hulk que j'ai peint en premier.

    2. Missing avatar

      boissieres stephane

      Merci pour ce super bonus
      Une idée géniale
      J ai encore mon Space Hulk ☺️

    3. kakiman on

      C’est top, merci beaucoup j’ai hâte d’avoir mon exemplaire pour pouvoir jouer via ce SAGS

    4. Alhuxis on

      J’aurais jamais du regarder cette vidéo....
      Comment vais-je tenir jusqu’à la réception du jeu ????????
      Merci, merci, merci, merci... mille fois merci.
      Tu nous régales Christophe.

    5. Dominique Delepine on

      Merci beaucoup, pour cet énorme bonus... je suis déjà fan 😉

    6. Missing avatar

      Maxime Maurer on

      Sympa! Bonus super intéressant!

      Hâte de l’avoir entre les mains!

    7. Missing avatar

      Boelinger Christophe Collaborator on

      When you will be invited to the pledge manager you will be able to transform your order by adding or removing items. It's simple and easy. Wait a few more days ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Boelinger Christophe Collaborator on

      Thanks everybody for all those very nice comments.
      It's very motivating to read your positive reaction.
      If you can't wait to have the game on your table... I can't wait to read your feelings and experience after you will have played this SAGS and read the story of the crazy planets you explored ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Boelinger Christophe Collaborator on

      ER is still in my heart, believe me.
      After we are done with Living Planet and all the backers have their game we will make a big announcement concerning Ludically, and propose to you something quite revolutionary if I can say so. It will concern ER of course, if not I would not be saying that here, but also some other of my games. I really cannot say more right now because we still have lots of work to do on that BIG crazy idea of mine... and there is no way I can really dedicate much time to it now that most of my attention is focused on Living Planet, but once Living Planet goes to print, my hands are free because it's too late, there is nothing I can change in the printing process. So while you guys will expect the game and I hope enjoy it after, I will be able to concentrate more on the future... and I like the future we chose for Ludically ;)
      Sorry to close a surprise by opening a new one, but that's the way love goes ;)

    10. Missing avatar

      Boelinger Christophe Collaborator on

      @Everybody: For the PM, here again, this is less my part and more the one that is totally managed by my partner. Last time I checked he was talking to me about 72H. I just sent an SMS asking him the actual ETA for the opening of the PM for everybody. I know they are correcting this HTTPS and password thing....

    11. Missing avatar

      Boelinger Christophe Collaborator on

      @Justin Boehm: I don't have a cooperative mode so far, although I have a solo mode. So a cooperative is probably easy to do. I don't think I would have the time to create that right now since we are already on the rush for production though. If we come up with something afterward we could always post a PDF of the rules on Ludically's website for everybody to play ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      Boelinger Christophe Collaborator on

      @Jedit: We are receiving the last pieces of artwork. Things should go quite fast now. For an ETA and progress schedule to come about production, this honestly more the part of my partner, since I'm more concentrating on game design, rules, artworks and universe cohesion, playtests and so on... So he either will post news about the production side directly here (he never had accessed as a collaborator here so far) or I will report the information he would give me... I agree that from where we're at and the steps we still have to go through, Christmas might be a real challenge. But then again, my partner's experience in this field is far superior to mine.
      So let's see what his forecast is as for today's situation ;)

    13. nico

      Merci beaucoup pour ce bonus extraordinaire c'est vraiment magnifique on va pouvoir rejouer rejouer encore tu es vraiment très fort c'est une très belle surprise

    14. Jedit on

      So if this isn't finished yet, there's no way the game gets out on time. Do we have a new ETA?

    15. Missing avatar

      Marc_W on

      This is absolut amazing! I’m so looking forward 🤘

    16. Julien Barruet on

      Bonus énormissime, merci Christophe

    17. Justin Boehm

      Also, now all we need is a cooperative mode with scenarios!

    18. Justin Boehm

      This is a very cool addition, thank you!

      Any word on the PM? No rush, just curious.

    19. Guillaume Corneau on

      Tellement cool
      J’ai vraiment hâte d’avoir ma copie chez moi et pouvoir y jouer !

    20. Thupamart

      That‘s amazing. But when will there be a Kickstarter Campaign for an Earth Reborn Expansion. I love this game. In my opinion it is one of the most creative board games on the market.
      Thanks Christophe

    21. Missing avatar

      Jesper Klyve on

      Sounds super cool! Now just the waiting.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Crewe

      This is becoming my most anticipated KS now, well and really looking forward to it!

    23. METADNA

      @Christophe Boelinger Absolument géniale... enfin, enfin un jeu millésimé qui sait renouveler ces bulles de champagne en promesses pétillantes de saveurs... infiniment rafraîchissant... milles merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    24. Llez

      Yeeeeessss~ i love this kind of thing. Randomness and variability for days on days on days <3 Keeps the game from feeling stale after however many plays.

    25. Chuck Hurd on

      Absolutely fantastic! Love the SAGS! Very classy move to include that. Thank you!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew S

      That's an exciting update. Really interested in the scenario generating system.