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Explore a new Planet, exploit its resources and trade them in a 2-4 player game. But, beware of cataclysms, the Planet might be living!
Explore a new Planet, exploit its resources and trade them in a 2-4 player game. But, beware of cataclysms, the Planet might be living!
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Make way for Industry!

Posted by Lumberjacks Studio (Creator)

Accéder à l'update en français

Hey! I believe we have a great news for you! The campaign is going on faster than we planned! It means we can unlock Stretch Goals that were only “hypothetical” or “Wow, it would be so cool”!!

From the campaign beginning, we made you discover a nice set of buildings and their additional rules. Industria encourages you to optimize building exploitation. It’s in a way a (huge) scenario you have been unlocking all campaign long, with its rules and dedicated components!

Today, to close Industria’s updates, a new 5 pipelines set is unlocked, to add to the 15 previously unlocked ones (as there were a lot of buildings unlocked, you’ll need more pipelines…) In the same time, that makes a whole living Planet expansion. To answer expectations from a lot of backers, pipelines will be improved giving them an hexagonal section. Our manufacturer makes it possible for us taking up this financial challenge!
It looks much more like “pipes”,we agree on that :)


Furthermore, a new packaging as been design for Industria Expansion. Thanks to your participation, we would be able to commercialize this expansion, and not delivered it ‘loose’ in the game boxes :) .

What does it mean?
A proper box with a new cover artwork (WIP) and a dedicated rules booklet!

Will be regrouped rules for buildings and pipelines used with Industria.
Don’t make me wrong, everything will fit in the Deluxe Edition box! You’ll just receive a box full to breaking point, now it's a fact! I can assure you :) for the owners of the Deluxe version everything will fit in the box !

As a reminder, INDUSTRIA Expansion component list:

20 x   pipelines
  4 x   Electricity Storage Units
  4 x   Pharmacological research units
  4 x   Oil Refineries
  4 x   Stell Foundries
  4 x   Weaponry Research Units
  2 x   Industria Map Tiles
  1 x   Rule booklet

Wishing you a great day or evening to all of you!

So, what's next ?? 

The Bearded

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    1. Cécil HM Collaborator on

      It’s is include with the deluxe edition!

      Ukranian isn’t planned to be supported, sorry :-/

    2. Yuri Scherbyna on

      Hm, next goal looks like a booklet. I am translating the rules in Ukrainian right now (yes, I know it is not a final version), So, is a chance to see more localisations from the start? Any chance for Ukrainian?

    3. Missing avatar

      Manuel Mais

      So do i need to add another 20 Dollar to my Card or is this included?

    4. METADNA

      That's nice ^^

    5. Lumberjacks Studio 4-time creator on

      Bonjour Banansplite.

      Cette extension est gratuite, nous avons simplement décidé d’en faire une extension à part entière avec Boîte et livret de réglé dédié !
      Vous n’avez rien à ajouter, vous la recevrez directement !

      Bonne soirée

    6. Missing avatar

      Bananasplite on

      Bonsoir. J'ai un peu de la peine à comprendre cette nouvelle extension: le contenu a été débloqué avec les Stretch Goal mais n'est pas compris d'office dans une édition Deluxe? Il faut prendre l'extension Industrie pour profiter de tous ces ajouts débloqués? Merci d'avance de votre réponse :)

    7. Julien Barruet on

      Very nice expansion, Thank you Lumberjacks's guys !!