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A tactical stealth game for 1-6 players with ninjas trying to outsmart the guards! Based on the acclaimed video game. 40+ Miniatures!
A tactical stealth game for 1-6 players with ninjas trying to outsmart the guards! Based on the acclaimed video game. 40+ Miniatures!
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Shadow Tactics - the Board Game



NEW! Solo and co-op mode introduced with Ronin add-on (1-5 players). See more below.

Based on the acclaimed video game, Shadow Tactics is a fast-paced tactical stealth game for 2-6 players where you can take control of 5 unique ninja characters with vastly different skill sets or you play the role of the Daimyo, an evil mastermind who relies on superior numbers of soldiers and samurai, each with their own plastic miniatures. Immerse in this hide n’ sneak game with engaging story-driven missions in an ever-changing, non-linear campaign structure.

  •  An immersive, beautiful world. Our design goal was to convey the feudal Japanese world of Shadow Tactics the video game. With familiar characters, story and missions, we transformed it into an exciting tabletop game with streamlined mechanics.
  •  One versus all. The Daimyo is more than a mere AI replacement or a dungeon master. He's an active player, allocating resources, trying to figure out the ninjas' strategy and on some missions, having his own figure on the table.
  •  An intriguing mindgame. Ninjas are allowed to talk around the table, but they must do so audibly so that the Daimyo can hear them. This allows them to share some strategy, but they should not share all the information, otherwise  they'll meet some very prepared guards on their way!
  •  Replayable campaigns. Winning a battle is not the same as winning a war. In the game's non-linear campaigns, ninjas can choose which missions they want to tackle before the final challenge. In this uphill battle, they weaken the Daimyo with each successful mission, stripping him of valuable resources. On the contrary, the Daimyo has to allocate resources between missions, fortifying them in case of an attack.

2 new cool game modes: Winter and Night, which can also be combined.

With snow, you will need to develop new tactics, for your footprints will reveal your whereabouts. But you can also use them in a clever way, to lure guards towards yourself!

In Night mode, you will have lit and unlit areas on the map, giving bonuses to ninjas or guards respectively. (More details about the Winter and Night game modes in this update.)

With the Samurai pledge, you can enjoy 3 exclusive missions, where everything turns around and it's now the Daimyo's turn to fulfill his mission and chase the ninjas!

Ronin add-on is a new game mode that allows for fully co-op or solo play as Ninjas without a Daimyo player (1-5 players). We have added the Ronin expansion due to the overwhelming demand. This is a work in progress will consist of cards, tokens and markers as needed.

Add 19 € your pledge to get this add-on! This add-on does not affect the 1 vs. many gameplay.

The Tanuki expansion features:

  •  Kuma Character - Kuma is Takuma’s trained tanuki. With this add-on instead of just being a card Takuma can play, it becomes a separate playable character with it’s own resin miniature. Kuma has his own set of action cards. He does not kill guards, but messes with them in all kinds of fun ways. Takuma also gains alternative action cards instead of his abilities that use Kuma.
  •  Ninja Aiko Character - Aiko can switch between her geisha costume and her ninja appearance, this allows her to take different actions. With this add-on you get a new playable character for when her disguise is not available.She will have an alternative set of unique skill cards and a resin miniature showing her ninja form.
  •  Bird calls - Ninjas can communicate important bits of information in secret with a set of birdcall cards. This gives a noise penalty, but you can keep the Daimyo guessing.
  •  Flocks of birds - The ninjas make noise if they move through a flock of birds. As the flock flies away, the Daimyo player can place them on another junction, setting a trap for the ninjas. The flock is marked by resin miniatures.

Just add 25€ to your pledge to receive this add-on!

This add-on is available as a bonus for backers of the board game pledge levels. Just add 5€ to your pledge to receive the video game.

(Note that this add-on purchase is limited to one per board game included in your pledge.)  

Be a charitable Lord and unlock the miniature for ALL BACKERS!

Become one of the conspiring masterminds: choose a Daimyo character and have it modeled after you with custom 3D artwork! It’s also a perfect gift, you can choose anyone as a model for the character.

The three characters to choose from:

  • Lord Yabu: An influential official, minion of Kage-Sama, controlling secret prisons and weapon transports. Main villain of the first Chapter of the board game.
  • General Okkoto: A tall-physiqued, fearsome samurai in command of Kage-Sama’s armies. Main villain of the Ruthless Winter Chapter of the board game.
  • Kage-Sama: The mysterious mastermind behind the conspiracy against the Shogun. Main villain of the second Chapter of the board game.

(Backers may choose in a first come, first served fashion.)

You can customize the character’s face, posture, gender, age, race, physique, clothing, with respect to the game’s original era and setting (17th century Japan with no supernatural elements and respecting copyright laws.) In addition to the full Samurai pledge box, we will make a high quality 3D print of the miniature, have it painted for you by the amazing István Bertyák and send it to you separately in your exclusive game box with alternative artwork!

(Note that General Okkoto belongs to the Ruthless Winter Chapter, so this character will be unlocked for all Samurai pledge backers and up.)

1 to 5 players will be playing as the loyal shinobis of the Shogun, trying to put an end to the evil schemes of Lord Yabu and other conspiring Daimyos. One of the players will take on the role of the Daimyo, who controls the guards.

Each ninja has unique skills with a specific set of action cards. Across several missions the Ninjas have to hide in the bushes, sneak around and eliminate guards trying to remain unnoticed.

Action Programming

Ninjas use actions to move, distract or eliminate guards and accomplish the mission objective. They program their action cards secretly, but before they are executed, the Daimyo player may interfere by playing his Order Cards potentially moving, alerting and spawning guards. Then the ninjas will execute their actions one by one, possibly failing them, depending on the actions the Daimyo took.

Vision Based Combat

The success or failure of an action or attack is decided by 3 factors:

  • Ninja action type (card color)
  • Guard vision
  • Guard state

Guard vision is represented by their viewcone bases. They can either look inwards at the yard or outwards at the two neighboring hexes.

Ninja action cards can be of three types: direct, stealthy or hidden, representing their visibility.

Also, alerted guards are quicker to react than calm ones, thus can cancel the actions they can spot.

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In this case Mugen has programmed an attack and a hide body action in secret. However the Daimyo suspects where and how Mugen will attack! The Daimyo always plays a few order cards before the ninjas execute their actions: in this case he uses one of them to turn the guard around. Mugen has used a direct (red) action card to attack, so if any guard sees the attack, the action fails. Since the guard has turned around and sees Mugen’s attack, it fails. The guard is not killed and is alerted. The Daimyo also receives a noise marker. Mugen’s second action, hiding a body will also fail. The Guard will make more noise, and since he is already alerted he will wound Mugen.   

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An alternative way for Mugen to attack is for him to first move behind the guard. In this case the guard is not watching the yellow intersection and Mugen can move behind the guard. For his second action Mugen kills the guard from behind. (Please note the symbol matching the “yellow” intersection on the board and the tile graphics are not final and will be updated to be clearer.)

The miniatures in the game are planned to be about 30mm average height, but we are still adjusting the exact scale. Check out our profile on Sketchfab to see the 3D models of the miniatures.

The game is played through several missions which are organized into chapters (campaigns). Not only will the map and objective be different each time, but the difficulty changes according to the outcome of the previous Mission. Both the Daimyo and the ninjas can upgrade their characters between missions,  by getting rewards and purchasing items.

Together with the expansion you will get three chapters plus one exclusive chapter with 18 missions altogether. Each mission is already highly replayable, but campaigns add a lot to this. Chapters have a non-linear structure with some optional missions to choose from.

 Feel free to ask questions, make comments etc. Please note that this is a rulebook still work in progress and will be different in some parts from what you see here in the campaign, and some further changes are expected, see FAQ. We still plan more work and testing on the rules. (The layout and graphic design will be completely reworked of course.)

Check out the official rules video by FunWithGeeks:

(Note that the rules used in the reviewer videos are of an earlier prototype version. You can refer to those rules here.)

Shadow Tactics is a language independent game with no text any components, except the rules and mission descriptions. We want to make as many languages available to you for download as possible. For this purpose we are looking for community translator volunteers! See FAQ to apply.

Currently unlocked translations: (English), Hungarian, German, Italian, Polish, Croatian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Russian.

We are also currently working to give you printed localized versions of the game in German, French, Italian and Spanish. We will display it here if these options are unlocked. If they are unlocked you will be able to choose which language version you want your game to be shipped in!

Read the full review here

Ready Steady Play has a total of 8 videos about the game, including detailed playthrough. Check out the playlist

 Brettspielhero's rules video in German:

USA, Canada, EU and Australia: 9€

Rest of the world: 15€

Hungary: 9€, 

Personal pickup in Budapest: FREE (See details in FAQ)

We offer customs-free "friendly" shipping in the USA, EU, and Canada. For Australia and Rest Of World, we ship tracked packages but we cannot be held responsible for customs inspections and fees.

There is still significant development work to do for the final product before manufacturing, such as game mechanics and balance issues, the new chapters and missions, a few missing miniature models, and of course we hope you will unlock many stretch goals. We expect you to have your games delivered in 2019.

The project may be delayed due to special circumstances (e.g. developing stretch goals or add-ons made available during the campaign) and external/third party delays (manufacturing or assembly taking longer than quoted, holidays, customs delays etc.). We will do our best to mitigate these, but nonetheless delays may happen.

Antler Games is an indie board game developer and publisher funded by three enthusiastic long-time friends.

Shadow Tactics is our third Kickstarter board game project. Our previous games, the post-apocalyptic Saltlands and the bunker survival Critters Below were successfully funded and have already been delivered to all backers.

Originally we are engineers, so you can imagine how meticulous we are when it comes to arranging details that make manufacturing, fulfillment and shipping possible, affordable and sensible.

We are from Hungary and are based in Budapest. Our company is Antler Games Kft and this campaign is run by our subsidiary Antler BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Risks and challenges

Antler Games is a team of three enthusiastic guys. We all have a masters degree in engineering and therefore, are very meticulous and elaborate when it comes to arranging little details that make manufacturing, fulfillment and shipping possible, affordable and sensible.
We have done the following to mitigate risks and make your support a 'safe bet', that you will surely receive your reward:
- Three people can specialize and concentrate on separate fields: Gergely Kruppa does design and art direction, András Drozdy handles testing and manufacturing, while Gergely Gombos arranges business, shipping and marketing details.
- We've set up a BV (LLC) in the Netherlands so that we can conduct business more easily. This helps us with tax and customs issues as well. For example we make sure that you are not charged additional VAT when receiving your reward.
- We have a detailed budget with multiple scenarios, so the project's funding goal is sensible and it is definitely possible to accomplish the project from this amount of funding, including getting quotes for the stretch goals.
- We have been discussing manufacturing details with Panda Games for months and expect that we will be working with them because we think they can deliver a high quality product on time.
Nevertheless, shipping and manufacturing delays may occur.

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    Additional Exclusive Chapter with 3 new missions
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